To the Editor: BG councilman thanks citizens
Written by Daniel Gordon   
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 11:08
Dear residents of Bowling Green's First Ward,
Thank you for your support this past Election Day. I am deeply honored to have represented you on city council these past two years, and I look forward to serving for another two. I find public service to be immeasurably rewarding and meaningful, and I appreciate the renewed opportunity to give back to the community that has given me and my family so much. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Daniel Gordon
BG First Ward Councilman
To the Editor: Haskins area church offers free meals
Written by Donna Mertz   
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 11:06
I'm wondering if the folks in the Haskins/Tontogany area know that St. Paul Lutheran is providing a free meal on the third Thursday of each month. St. Paul is located at the corner of Forst Road and Route 582 about a mile west of Haskins. The meal is available from 5:30 to 6:30 and includes beverage and dessert as well as a delicious main course.
Eating alone? Come join your neighbors in food and conversation.
Don't feel like cooking? Let someone else prepare the food this time.
Running between work, meetings, practices, games? No obligation, no cooking, no cleanup, just eat, rest a bit and then run.
The next meal will be on Thursday, Nov. 21. Come join us!
Donna Mertz
Bowling Green
To the Editor: Guns don’t kill people
Written by Ray Olds   
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 11:04
Response to letter dated Nov. 6, 2013:
Why is it a mistake? Why would the writer of this letter believe that anyone who gives another side of a story is hate mail. In the letter that you used words such as gun toting low life, gun addicts, getting off on packing heat, and propaganda. You believe that these are not hateful? Think about it.
As a doctor, may I ask how many people have you treated that has been shot by a gun? Bet you will not like the answer. None they were shot by a human using a gun! Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Think about it.
Let's use your thinking, get rid of everything that hurt or kill people. Let's just use one, automobiles. I would venture to say many, many more men, women, and yes even children are killed in auto crashes. Please notice, I did not say auto accidents, as each crash has a cause, go far enough and each one comes back to human error. Think about it.
To the Editor: Fracking issue misrepresented
Written by Leatra Harper   
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 10:56
Really? Front page top headline of 11/6 Sentinel-Tribune says BG "sacks" fracking issue, like some quarterback was downed in some kind of game? This is just another example of how the ballot initiative was consistently attacked and falsely portrayed to misrepresent the good intent of the Charter Amendment. Instead of congratulating on a job well done, respecting the 1,194 voters who supported it and the hard work of caring citizens, and appreciating the value and quality of the educational programs, the article portrayed the ballot initiative as a criticism of the city's ability to provide the "best possible" drinking water and sewerage treatment. How did this issue get so horribly misrepresented when right along, the Amendment was simply an additional measure needed to protect BG citizens from a new industry coming into the area exempted from important environmental regulations and even zoning restrictions? City officials and the Sentinel-Tribune portrayed this issue falsely, misinterpreting it as an assault on a "pristine" city charter. Not only were voters seriously misled by those in positions of authority, the false threats of job losses or utility rate increases were never justified, nor could they be.
To the Editor: Thanking those vets leave behind
Written by Dick Conrad   
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 10:55
I know that Veteran's Day is a day that we honor our veterans. But, I would like to pay a special tribute to the wives and children left at home and especially my mother, Lucille Conrad. Dad was 25 years old when he went into the Army leaving my mother, who was 23 to care for me (age 4) and my 18-month-old brother, Jerry. Mother was also 5 months pregnant with my sister Cheryl. We all lived in a 21-foot house trailer which had been moved to my grandparents' farm on Potter Road.
Shortly after dad left, Jerry came down with polio and was admitted to St. V's Children's Hospital in Toledo. He would end up spending over a year in St. V's. In the meantime, my sister Cheryl was born in October and to add to her problems, mother had an automobile accident in the fall of 1944. So Dad's away in the Army, Jerry's in the hospital with polio, I have a new sister and the car is wrecked.
To the Editor: Fracking target countywide
Written by Joseph Terry   
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 10:54
The voters have spoken. There will be no amendment. That means now the hordes will come in and ruin the ground water and pollute the air. Wait. No they won't, any more than they would have if this matter had never been put forth. If the mysterious parties who first proposed this ill-conceived idea had taken the time to properly research the geology of Wood County, they would have known the proposal was a moot point. Note I say "Wood County", not "Bowling Green." The county is 621 square miles. Did the townspeople think that they would be an oasis in the midst of some huge destructive rush for oil?
That happened a long time ago, when wagons of nitroglycerin used to park outside the saloons, oil flowed unrestrained for days into ditches and streams, and there was little regulation on drilling, and few on working conditions. It's too late for the ground water. If you get city water, or water from the water and sewer district, then your water comes from the Maumee. Ask anyone who has lived south of Route 6 for more than 10 years and ask them about their wonderful, hydrogen sulfide infused well water. They have the oil industry to thank, but more importantly, not necessarily big oil.
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