To the Editor: Writer emphasizes that equality is just not possible
Written by Harold Chapman   
Wednesday, 20 November 2013 10:22
No one is equal. Not you, me, my wife, or anyone.
Equality is an idealistic fantasy, that will never happen.
Maybe on paper - but not in this world. Or in the Kingdom of God.
Here is why: We are all different!
Mankind's attempts to legislate, or mandate equality, is a farce.
Consider my wife and I: We have both walked down seriously different paths, on our journey to "now."
Now me: I'm an ex-gymnast, martial artist, singer-songwriter-musician, writer/poet, cartoonist/still life and abstract artist, have been called a biblical scholar, am ex-military, body covered with hundreds of scars, ex-homeless man, with a criminal record longer than both of my arms and legs (Denver doesn't like homeless people and writes out a lot of tickets to prove it) and am generally just a nice guy. (But enough about me.)
To the Editor: BG woman asks for more courtesy and kindness
Written by Rita Eckert   
Wednesday, 20 November 2013 10:21
Where have respect, courtesy, kindness and tolerance gone?  My heart aches because of the vicious attitudes in today's politics and in our society.
In national politics, it seems that every action or statement elicits vile responses from persons with opposing views. Some of the letters in the Sentinel Tribune pre-election and after displayed this same disdain to those having differing opinions.
Now tonight, 11/13/13, I read Dr. LeRoy Lloyd's letter "disagreeing" with Dr. Feeman. His opposing view about gun rights did not necessitate a vicious posture and demeaning words ("baloney, so-called, ignorance, foolishness") toward the letter writer. Dr. Lloyd's last paragraph reflects the increasing prevalence of blowing statements out of proportion if it further reduces a person's dignity.
I say, lighten up, deal with others respectfully!
Rita Eckert
Bowling Green
To the Editor: Portage writer unhappy with deer ‘hunter’ in her woods
Written by Judy Yackee   
Wednesday, 20 November 2013 10:19
This letter is to the "hunter" who killed (or found) a buck in our woods, cut off his antlers and left the carcass to rot. All your "trophy" proves is that you are a trespasser, you break state hunting laws and you have no respect for nature. This creature you mutilated had more dignity than you will ever possess. I hope that everyone to whom you show those antlers realizes what a fraud you are.
By the way, was it you that killed a deer in our woods a few years ago taking the body and leaving the head and legs? That was a real class act.
If you are going to hunt, then hunt! Gain permission from landowners, follow the law and show respect for your prey.
Judy Yackee
To the Editor: Public schools have form of recruiting
Written by Marty Kralik   
Friday, 15 November 2013 11:41
This letter is in reference to a letter written Nov. 1 by a writer wanting to have separate public and private volleyball tournaments based on the fact the writer feels private schools recruit.
The writer forgot one aspect that most public schools in Ohio enjoy the option of, based off the Ohio department of education website. That being open enrollment, which in itself is the biggest form of recruitment.
Although the mentioned Perrysburg team's district does not have open enrollment other powerhouse Wood County teams do, including Elmwood, Otsego and Eastwood.
As long as there is open enrollment, maybe a new tourney format should be private, public, and public with open enrollment to make it fair.
Marty Kralik
To the Editor: Perrysburg schools questioned on use of tax money, buildings
Written by Phil Caron   
Thursday, 14 November 2013 11:25
Perrysburg Schools passed one of the biggest property tax incremental levies in the history of Perrysburg schools and other schools in Ohio.
This is a levy that demands more tax money every year, than the year before, regardless of the incomes of the taxpayers in the district (should be illegal).
Keep in mind, more than 80 percent of the money goes to salaries and wages of administrators and teachers.
Recent budgets show considerable surplus money over and above future budgets even though the schools have had a recent hiring frenzy creating new expensive non-teaching positions.
It is alarming to continue to see the schools increasing fees, not allowing field trips, and most recent the Robotics team who finished second but were NOT allowed to compete in the next competition level "Best" competition.
To the Editor: New appliances offer all the bells & whistles
Written by Norma Davenport   
Thursday, 14 November 2013 10:16
Have you bought a new appliance recently? Have you looked at a new appliance recently? If so, do some of them remind you of digital war machines instead of earlier models with simple dials and choices? Do I really need a dryer that comes with a shelf for steam drying my tennis shoes or an option for sanitizing my bedding? Today, deciding upon a new home appliance can require a Consumer's Report, a diligent on-line-search, and, or a PhD in Home Economics.
Disclosure: My first real job as an adult was managing the House Ware's Department at LaSalle's in the early 60s. Today, I continue to check out new kitchen gadgets, as well as, everything from coffee pots to vacuum cleaners. Despite the overwhelming amount of brands, stores, and on-line services that compete for our attention today, I do feel fortunate for all the updated styles and colors that can turn our houses into homes.
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