To the Editor: Dog shelter full of furry friends
Written by Pat McCutchan-Vernier, M.D.   
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 10:21
I am a member of the new volunteer group at the Wood County Dog Shelter in Bowling Green. Everyday stray dogs are brought in to the shelter from all over the county. Almost all of them are very nice, adoptable dogs. I can't understand why, when owners realize their dogs have gone missing, they don't visit the shelter to see if the dog is there? I realize in some cases the dogs are intentionally abandoned on the rural country roads, and others are surrendered to or left at the shelter, but I would think most of the dogs brought in as strays have a family somewhere missing them. Please, if your dog runs away or is otherwise missing, please call or better yet, visit the shelter to see if he or she is there waiting for you.
To the Editor: Writer offers firearms facts
Written by Doyle H. Phillips   
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 10:20
I've been reading with amusement the sparkling repartee between Dr. Feeman and his numerous detractors; and while I'm not qualified to comment on his non-peer reviewed "studies,"I will take issue with some of his pronouncements on the issue of firearms. First he asserts that if our elected officials pass a stand-your-ground law, the streets will run red with blood. This inspite of the fact that states with this type of law have experienced no major bloodbaths to date. They have, however, experienced a drop in violent crime.
Dr. Feeman's asserts that, "many of the killers of our citizens are apparently stable people who, for one reason or another, just snap and if they have a gun in their hands will shoot someone..." This claim is particularly revealing. To a gun-ban fanatic, a firearm is not an inanimate object, but rather a living, breathing force of evil.
To the Editor: Politicians are out of touch
Written by Gary Brents   
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 10:19
People say the higher up politicians have lost contact with real life. Curiosity killed the cat.
So next time you talk with your favorite senator ask him a few questions. Do you know how much gasoline is a gallon presently? Do you know how much a Big Mac and fries are? Chicken nuggets?
What's your utilities cost on an average month? And most importantly, how much is a trillion dollars and if our government takes so long every year to "balance" the budget, how come we are several "trillion" dollars in debt? Surely an amount that we can never pay!
Gary Brents
To the Editor: Time for giving—blood
Written by Mary Lou Szabo   
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 10:18
Help can't wait. Participate in an American Red Cross bloodmobile.
We are called to live as family and community. There are so many things in this world today that are wrong. Won't you try to do something right? Help save a life. Help save three lives with your one pint of blood. Help save lives every 56 days.
The need for blood is constant, every two second someone in the United States needs blood. However, the number of people donating blood fluctuates because many donors are deferred due to serious medical conditions or travel in high risk areas. The commitment of new donors partnering up with community members who make donating blood a top priority is extremely important.
If you have a teenager, 16 years old, you could start to make giving blood a family affair. Bring many generations together to give blood. Think of all the love that could be spread to your family and others in the community. Think how many lives you could save. Give blood somewhere.
To the Editor: ‘Conversation on Race in America’ was worthwhile
Written by Rita Eckert, Paul Haas, Carol Kinsey, Faye Lam, Judy Miller, David Montague, Margaret Montague, Gloria Pizana, Ron Stoner   
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 10:15
Recently Dr. Jim Litwin and Dr. Jack Taylor offered to the BG community the four session class, "A Conversation on Race in America."  As a diverse group, we reviewed a historical perspective of racism, each shared stories of what shaped our views of race and explored ongoing issues of social injustice.  The conversations served to disturb, enlighten and inspire us to be more and do more.  We say thank you to Jim and Jack for creating this opportunity.  Now the conversations go on…..
Rita Eckert
Paul Haas
Carol Kinsey
Faye Lam
Judy Miller
David Montague
Margaret Montague
Gloria Pizana
Ron Stoner
To the Editor: Cholesterol concerns explained
Written by William E. Feeman Jr., M.D.   
Wednesday, 20 November 2013 10:25
I do not regard the letter from Mr. Olds as hate mail. People can disagree about matters civilly, though the slaughter of Americans will continue as long as guns are freely available to anyone with the money to buy them. I and all of my brothers served in the Armed Forces to defend the right of free speech, as did my father, who built bridges for MacArthur in WWII.  And by the way, I was not referring to the citizens of Wood County as low life's - I know many of them personally and know that they are the salt of the earth. I was referring to some of the people of the shoot-em-up Wild West a century ago.
The letter from Lloyd is another matter, and it speaks for itself. Lloyd refutes himself. However, I do want to clear up something. I never did a double-blind controlled trial on my patients.  I did a presentation on the prevention of atherothrombotic disease (ATD) when I was in medical school at OSU in the late 1960s. That spurred my interest in ATD prevention. So I started reading and trying to prevent ATD while I was in the USAF and I continued to try to do the same when I got to BG in 1974.
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