To the Editor: Constitution modified to meet changes in nation
Written by V. N. Krishnan   
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 10:04
England's jurisprudence forms the basis of our Constitution and provides the legal validity for our Second Amendment. But England has neither a written Constitution nor anything similar to the Second Amendment. Its Constitutional history dates back to the Magna Carta of 1215 and the landmark Revolution of 1688 establishing a limited constitutional monarchy. It evolves through many reform acts of subsequent centuries. It consists of many written documents, court judgments, constitutional conventions as laid out in Erskine May and Royal Prerogatives. We could trace it down to the Crown Succession Act of 2013. Parliament is supreme and no law it passes can be declared unconstitutional. England went on to build an empire on the planet where the sun never set. Its citizens never had any reason to think that their Parliament was a threat to their freedom. In the early 60s cops in London did not even carry guns.  A country that stood up against the Nazis would be the last one to think of depriving its own citizens, their freedom.
To the Editor: BGSU should use in-house experts
Written by Jeffrey Gordon   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 10:16
Yesterday's "Timing of BGSU bonus wrong" suggested that $50,000 could have been saved. It also mentioned that "the price tag for the consultation was just shy of $500,000." This very large consultation expenditure could easily have been saved. As a BGSU faculty member since 1980, I have gotten to know many colleagues whose knowledge, skills, and accomplishments are truly impressive. Such consultation can, and should, be done in-house by our talented BGSU faculty who have the requisite expertise. Consequently, outsourcing such consultation is not prudent fiscally or collegially. That the BGSU administration does not choose in-house consultation is quite puzzling, disturbing and unnecessary.
Jeffrey Gordon
BGSU Assoc. Prof. of Geography
Bowling Green
To the Editor: BG school board limited by state
Written by Lee Hakel, Ellen Scholl, Eric Myers, Steve Cernkovich and Paul Walker   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 10:11
The Bowling Green School District must work within the parameters laid out by Governor Kasich and the Ohio State Legislature. These include the constraints of reduced funding and unrealistic, unneeded, and unfunded mandates.
In 1997 and four times since, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the current funding of public schools in Ohio is unconstitutional. But the Legislature still has not corrected this situation. Instead, they have siphoned millions of dollars from public schools to new charter schools that lack the accountability, transparency, standards, and achievement of public schools.
Some non-public schools do a wonderful job of educating students, but it is only fair that all schools, public and non-public, meet the same standards, open their books to the public, and disclose their funding sources, owners and management. For example, one nationwide organization, K-12 Inc., took in $81,591,503.56 Ohio tax dollars in 2012. The K-12 Inc.
To the Editor: Haskins man offers lessons on history of Second Amendment
Written by George "Bill" Davisson   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 10:10
The problem with gun control activists is that most don't know their history. The second amendment was included in the Constitution to allow the American citizen an opportunity to defend himself and his family from any oppressive action instigated by their government. The colonies had just won a war against England to free itself from oppressive taxation. The taxes were the result of the high cost of the French and Indian War. England determined it to be in their best interest to transfer that burden to the colonies.
Because the colonies didn't have the means to accept that burden, they protested. That protest turned into a war of independence. The right to bear arms is a constitutional guarantee that the federal government will not have the ability to oppress the American citizenry with unacceptable mandates similar to those attempted by England.
To the Editor: Opposition to Perrysburg SRO position questioned
Written by Paul Dobson   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 10:09
I applaud the recognition by Mayor Nelson Evans, Mayor-elect Mike Olmstead and Perrysburg City Councilmen Tim McCarthy, Tom Mackin and John Kevern of the importance of finally putting a School Resource Officer back in Wood County's largest school district ("Perrysburg Debates SRO Job," Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune, December 4, 2013). Superintendent Tom Hosler and I have spoken on this subject many times and I have always offered my wholehearted support of the idea. In fact, I challenge those council members who either oppose or question the concept to explain to the parents of the 4000-plus students attending the school district why a debate is necessary. Why, when the nation is considering arming teachers and janitors, there is a question over putting a trained law enforcement agent in the schools. Why, when there is a growing misunderstanding, engendered by the entertainment media, between our youth and law enforcement, a councilman "could go on for 20 more minutes" with reasons to not be part of the solution. Even more concerning is his issue with the fact that the program may be "successful."
To The Editor: Public invited to open house at Bowling Green park
Written by Peggy Schmeltz   
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 10:06
Often while I am traveling down Wintergarden Road between Wooster Street and Sand Ridge Road, I will look at the Wintergarden Woods on the east and wonder how many Bowling Green citizens have passed by every day and never turned down the road leading to the woods. They are not aware of the "hidden assets" to be found within the woods - in its midst is a rustic looking building with a nature library, a large community room with a cozy fireplace, men and women rest rooms, and a kitchen. This building, formerly called Wintergarden Lodge, was used by Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Youth Hostel groups for overnight camping and has now been converted to a Nature Center. It is also available for public use by organizations, families, and youth groups for a nominal fee. Beside this building, there are nature trails throughout the area.
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