To the Editor: 'Noah' story in Bible better than in movies
Written by Harold Chapman   
Wednesday, 02 April 2014 08:34
There is a new movie coming to the big screen soon called "Noah," but knowing Hollyweird the way I do, you can bet it will barely, if at all, be based on the Biblical account.
I'm sure there will probably be some form of allusion to the "unclean" animals going into the ark, by the twos; but they will probably not tell you about the "clean" animals that go into the ark, by the "sevens." (Gen. 7:2) I don't know why, but they never do.
They will probably not tell you that Noah and his family were on and in that ark, for 370 days, because they never do. (Gen. 7:11 and 8:14).
They probably will not mention that Noah's granddad, Methuselah, died the year of the flood. Exactly 969 years after he was born. The Bible does not specifically say he dies in the flood; but it's implied.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 April 2014 11:04
To the Editor: Drunk driving 'survey' lacks any substance
Written by Rick Busselle   
Wednesday, 02 April 2014 08:33
The story headlined, "Survey: 1 in 10 students drive drunk" is the type of reporting that misleads readers and causes groans and cringing among people who understand survey research. The survey of 124 students who happen to have attended a university activity ("Big Playground") and happened to have filled out a questionnaire for "Wood County Safe Communities" is based on nothing more than a convenience sample which is not generalizable to anyone other than the people who filled out the questionnaire. The respondents do not represent anyone. Not students in general, not college students, and not BGSU students.  In fact, unless they were randomly selected from the attendees at the event, they're not even representative of that group. So, despite claims made in the report, neither the survey nor the story contains useful information about drinking and driving as a social problem.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 April 2014 11:03
To the Editor: ODOT bridge plans for Waterville are all wet
Written by G.E. Thompson   
Wednesday, 02 April 2014 08:29
Having spent over two hours at the ODOT open house re: the Waterville bridge it felt as though I was attending an electronic gadget convention. Probably the greatest number of "used car salesmen" ever amassed under one roof (employed by ODOT) were hawking ODOT's wares but only the easily blackmailed and frightened were buying. The premise was to sell a $22 million bridge that is so unneeded that Wood and Lucas counties could go without any bridge for a year while a new one built of "fracture critical" concrete with a life span of 27 years based on past experience with the I-475, I-75 and now the Grand Rapids "new" bridge ODOT finds in need of replacement. By contrast, European steel truss bridges like the current Waterville bridge suggest it should have a lifespan of somewhere near the year 2170 if properly maintained.
As a matter of public safety none of the residents near the bridge or its approach intersections recalls an injury accident ... ever. Common sense dictates that line of sight straight bridges and their approaches along with laser beam level is the safest way to go.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 April 2014 11:02
To the Editor: Snow shovelers thanked for help
Written by Diana Bechstein   
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 10:11
I would like to thank the Snow Dogs or Snow Angels whichever they would like to be called for their acts of kindness this past winter and previous winters. These people are the neighbors, friends, or strangers who not only take care of removing snow from their sidewalks but for others as well. Thank you for weathering the many snows. We can measure the snow but we cannot measure the number of people because of your good deeds who plan to pay it forward in the future.
Diana Bechstein
Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 April 2014 08:34
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