To the Editor: BG needs to do better job cleaning streets
Written by Carl McMaster   
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 10:07
I want to address the letter from Mrs. Barcus. I totally agree with every word she said but I want to add they also do this on the non-snow streets. After this most recent storm I was clearing a path around my wife's car so I could move it, low and behold here comes the friendly traffic police, I told him I was cleaning up and would move it as soon as I had a place cleaned up. His reply was it needs to be off the street now so the plows can clean the streets. If he would have given me time I would have cleaned the entire area with my snow blower as I have always done and it would not have been an issue but he could not wait and went ahead and still marked the tires with chalk. I believe they are just after the money. They don't even clean the street properly when cars are not there. I snow blow clear to the curb, they plow 5 feet away from the curb. But go down some alleys they are perfectly plowed and so is the city park. Now come on city get your priorities straight. Clean the streets properly.
Carl McMaster
Bowling Green
To the Editor: Boyle thanks community for supporting marathon
Written by Joe & Katie Boyle and family   
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 10:06
On behalf of my family, friends, and the delightfully insane running community, I'd like to thank everyone in BG who made our marathon dreams come true Feb. 2. When my friends J.D., Elizabeth, Meghan, Brian, and I began to plot a race before I began cancer treatment, we imagined a few friends lacing up shoes, and hitting the sidewalks for 26.2 miles. We never imagined it becoming an event with more than 200 participants and spectators, most of whom got involved after seeing the story in the Sentinel days before the run. Specifically, we thank:
• The volunteers. At the last minutes, friends from all walks of life stepped forward to volunteer fruits, cookies, help at water stations, and direct traffic to appropriate parking. BGSU Athletics, Grounds for Thought, and Dr. Heather helped along the way. Dave's Performance Footwear jumped in with a finishing arch, drink jugs, and organized runners. Alex Hann brought his soundsystem to build atmosphere.
• Those who came out to cheer us on in the sub-freezing temperatures, including friends from church, school, and BGSU. Special thanks to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who lined Conneaut to cheer, leaving few dry eyes among the runners!
To the Editor: BG should try using less salt on snowy roads
Written by Jan Bell   
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 10:05
It looks like the snow is behind us, at least for a while. I gotta admit, I'm one of the few who loves it.
I read the statistics that were printed in the Sentinel pertaining to the removal of snow from our city streets. I wasn't so much upset by the labor cost, but I found it disturbing to read how much salt was used - many many tons!
As a society we've come to expect perfectly clear streets. But at what cost to the environment?
For as much as I like snow, I hate the use of salt. It turns it into a dirty sloppy mess - which ends up on our garage floor. Is it really necessary to salt small residential streets? I feel that plowing them would suffice. If drivers would slow down, and use some common sense, there wouldn't be a problem.
I grew up in a community that didn't use salt. Everyone went about their daily lives just fine. I feel the same could be true today - doing with less salt in Bowling Green would save a lot of money and conserve a valuable resource.
Jan Bell
Bowling Green
To the Editor: U.S. needs more honorable Congress members like Latta
Written by Larry Knudson   
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 10:05
I'm tired of the recent editorial attacks on Bob Latta by Obama Democrats who can best be described as uninformed voters. Thank God we have honorable people, like Bob Latta and his father before him, for opposing Obama policies that are contrary to the founding principles of this country. Why else would these uninformed Americans defend the policies of this president, the most destructive of all being Obamacare?
Obamacare was born on the foundation of lies. You can keep your doctor, you can keep your healthcare plan and you can save $2,500 per year, all of which are lies.
If the truth were told, you can't keep your doctor, you can't keep your current healthcare plan, it will cost you $2,500 more in premiums with a $6,000 plus co-pay, your work hours will be cut to 30 hours per week or less, your employer will stop offering health insurance so now you have to use taxable wages to buy insurance that could increase your taxes over $1,000/yr. for many families, Americans will be discouraged to work in order to be eligible for healthcare subsidies, this totally irresponsible health care legislation would not have been passed into law.
To the Editor: Pro-life stance not limited to Catholics
Written by Carol Tyson   
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 10:04
On January 23rd the Sentinel ran an AP article, Abortion Protestors Rally. In reading the article, I felt it gave the impression that being pro-life is solely a Catholic issue. I was part of a Catholic group at the March, however, at the March, I saw banners and signs representing other groups, including North American Lutherans for Life, Secularists for Life, and Episcopalians for Life. I searched the web and found many other groups who had pictures of involvement in the March for Life including Southern Baptists for Life and New Wave Feminists for Life. I also found websites for other pro-life groups, not necessarily participating in the March: Feminists for Life, Jewish Pro-Life Foundation, Pro-Life Muslims; Libertarians for Life; Pro-Life Humanists; Pro-Life Atheists and Agnostics, etc.
A common thread on pro-life websites is acknowledgment that a human being exists from the moment of conception; that he/she along with his/her mother has human rights; that society benefits when women are supported to carry their babies to term; and society must provide support and assistance to women so abortion is not an option.
To the Editor: Walbridge woman criticizes Latta, Republican Congress
Written by Joann Schiavone   
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 11:24
I want to thank our President for the State of the Union address. He pointed out how this useless Republican Congress voted down everything he brought to the table ... and yet Latta accused the President of the same "rhetoric and empty promises they we have grown accustomed to." Latta, you voted everything down, you and your useless members of congress.
I have to laugh at you and clowns who closed down our government and try to hold the affordable care act hostage. And in turn we lost over 38 billion dollars over your action.
Perhaps Latta needs to stop with the lies about the health care because over 8 million people now have health care. These people never had the health care during the Bush administration, but Latta never voted down anything that Bush proposed ... weapons of mass destruction that was never found ... no health plan in place ... poor job performance as leader of our country.
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