To the Editor: BG man critical of 'cowards' playing 'knock-out' game
Written by Harold Chapman   
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 09:53
So you think you are tough?
Look up the word "tough" in any dictionary.
To all of these youngins' out there that think you are some kind of "man" or macho, by pulling this "knock-out" game on unsuspecting elderly victims; I've got news for you: you are the most despicable, lowest form of coward, this planet has ever witnessed.
And in interviews on TV, you laugh and think this is funny.
You are the sincerest form of pathetic. Do you also steal from your own mother?
As an ex-martial artist/ex-military type guy, I can tell you flat out that attacking someone from behind, when you have not been provoked, is infantile at best.
Growing up, I realized that that big old dude I saw beating people up at school, never fought anybody his own size, but always guys smaller than him; and he walked around telling all the kids how "tough" he was. He was just a bully.
To the Editor: BG parents pleased with education at Notre Dame school
Written by Jayne Tegge   
Thursday, 26 December 2013 09:26
Many families who read the Sentinel-Tribune are in the process of determining where to send their 8th grade daughters to high school next year.
I'd like to make the case for Notre Dame Academy in Toledo. Our daughter has had the best three and a half years so far at NDA that we can hardly believe it. I only wish that I had had the opportunity to attend such a fine school myself. The academic curriculum is superior, the atmosphere is nurturing, and the faculty/staff are kind and generous. If you want a school for your daughter where she will be appreciated as she already is, and have the opportunity to become a strong woman in the future; where she can explore many new avenues without gender stereotyping; and where she can be proud about her faith, then Notre Dame Academy is the place to go. Yes, private schools costs more than public school, and for us, it is a long daily commute, but in this case, the sacrifice has truly been worth the cost and it is totally worth the drive!
Jayne Tegge
Bowling Green
To the Editor: McComb woman loved BG's holiday parade
Written by Phyllis Martin   
Thursday, 26 December 2013 09:26
I want to thank/congratulate everyone who organized, sponsored, participated and in any way contributed to the success of the annual Bowling Green Christmas parade! What a wonderful production!
As an "enchanted," grateful spectator (and shut-in), this little "ole lady" (well, not so little) watched in admiration and awe from the warmth of my home in my comfortable recliner, as many Bowling Green and area residents braved the cold to welcome the beautiful Christmas season!
Clint and Larry added a lively, informative commentary!
I enjoyed every second, every float, every band - and hated to see it end!
I love a parade!
Phyllis Martin
To the Editor: Gun rights view expressed
Written by George "Bill" Davisson   
Thursday, 26 December 2013 09:25
Any gun control proponent should be well informed of his history and should be capable of discerning the merits of an argument based upon a prudent and intelligent evaluation of the facts as they relate the present day issues with those of the past.
To make a statement that AR-15's were not around during the authoring of the constitution and insinuating further that the founding fathers did not intend to include them in the rights guaranteed by the second amendment is narrow minded and irresponsible.
If the majority of people in this country supported that line of thinking, we would still be burning witches at the stake, women would not be voting, slavery would be prominent, and we would be using stocks and whipping posts as public punishment for crimes.
A well versed, level thinker has the ability to project the views and thought process of the past and apply that same matter of thought to the present day circumstances.
To the Editor: Veterans urged to get proof of service
Written by Dick Conrad   
Thursday, 26 December 2013 09:24
During the past couple of months, I have participated in at least two funerals for military veterans where the family could not find any proof of service for the deceased. For the military services (Army, Marine Corps, Navy) to participate in a funeral, proof of service is required. Also, proof of military service is required for you or your family to gain access to any of the benefits provided by the government for living or deceased veterans. The Wood County Honor Guard will provide a military funeral so long as it is known that the deceased was in the service.
If a military veteran cannot find their DD-214 or other proof of military service, I would encourage you to contact your local veterans service officer, or contact the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, Missouri (314-801-0800). There is a form SF-180 that typically needs to be completed with as much information as you can provide. SF-180 form is available online or you can call NPRC. There is generally no charge for basic military personnel and medical records provided to veterans.
To the Editor: Rudolph man offers 'food for thought' to help feed needy
Written by Fred Fisher   
Thursday, 26 December 2013 09:23
Helping those in need due to the season.
Toys, clothing, cash, food?
Consider this: every single day, not just during the holidays, neighborhood and the major grocery store chains throw away hundreds of dollars of groceries. Dented cans, bruised produce, torn boxes, and frozen meats. Our local stores want to make available to us the freshest meats, chicken, salads, fish, cheese, soups, pizza and sauces. After about four hours in the display case, it gets thrown away, and replaced with fresh! After all, who wants to buy four hour food? How often has anyone seen the following;
Customer: "I'd like a pound of ... (fill in the blank)."
Store employee: "Certainly, how would you like that sliced?"
Customer: "For sandwiches please."
Store employee: (displaying three slices), "how's this?"
Customer: "Thicker / thinner please."
Store employee: "No problem." Then throws the three slices in a garbage can.
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