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(Editor's note: This is the third in a four-part series that will run through May 1. The intent is for teachers to use it in the classrooms. The series includes a Spanish translation of the story as well as in-class questions to ask students.)

Franny shows Alyssa her time-travel doll. (Photo illustration by Peter Burroughs)
Chapter 3
Alyssa and Fanny somersaulted across what felt to be a very hard floor. With her eyes still squeezed shut, Alyssa rubbed her forehead to fight off a looming headache. She felt extremely dizzy and queasy, too, like she did when she had the flu a while ago.
"Are you all right?" Fanny asked from across the room.
"Yeah. I know what Harry Potter must feel like," Alyssa mumbled, opening her eyes and seeing a confused Fanny Hayes just a few feet away from her.
Alyssa must have looked confused, too, as she glanced around an ornately decorated room. She noticed thick blue drapes, a small bed with a comforter and many decorative pillows. In a corner was a dollhouse-sized replica of the White House.
From her bedside table, Fanny poured Alyssa a glass of water and brought it to her new friend. "Here, water will help your head. Isn't this excellent, Alyssa? Mr. Edison taught me how to time travel when he visited us a few weeks ago. Pretty fun, right?"
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