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Written by JAN LARSON McLAUGHLIN Sentinel County Editor   
Wednesday, 28 November 2012 11:32
Clockwise from top left: Richard Nixon, Ted Nugent, Donald Trump & Roseanne Barr
Sasquatch, Ted Nugent, Jesus and Satan tied in write-in votes cast for president by Wood County voters, getting one vote each.
They were all nudged out by comedian Roseanne Barr, who got two votes.
While the vast majority of local voters felt compelled to make their votes count in the last presidential race, a small percentage took the opportunity to make a statement by writing in fictional, deceased and far-fetched candidates - or even suggesting certain body parts be elected.
"Anytime you put a write-in box, people feel very anonymous in being creative," said Terry Burton, director of the Wood County Board of Elections.
In this last election, 91 votes were cast in the county for write-in presidential candidates. None of them counted, since a candidate must be registered as a write-in for the votes to qualify, Burton said.
The top write-in vote getter in Wood County was Tea Party conservative Ron Paul, who got somewhere between 36 and 41 votes depending on different vice presidential candidates votes tacked on.
He would have secured a few more votes, but three voters typed in a zero rather than the letter "o" in Ron Paul.
Several of the other write-ins for president were also politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Ross Perot. One was very specific, listing Colin Powell for president and Hillary Clinton for vice president.
Some write-ins, however, were deceased, such as Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon.
Some voters may want to brush up on their spelling before the next election, such as the two who wrote in "Conlisa Rice" and "Rudolf Guliani."
One voter seemed to have greater confidence in himself to lead the nation, writing in "me" for president.
Some appeared to want to try celebrity leadership, casting ballots for comedians Stephen Colbert, Roseanne Barr, business magnate Donald Trump, and musician and gun rights advocate Ted Nugent.
One voter preferred more animated leadership, voting for Mickey Mouse. Another seemed to want more action, fewer words, voting for Sasquatch.
Others garnering a single vote each were:
• Bad Kitty, the feline subject of children's illustrated books, who is the star of the latest book, "Bad Kitty for President."
• Dave Fife, who according to various websites is either a Canadian farmer credited with developing a variety of wheat, or a young worship leader.
• Marcus Hopson, a rapper from Los Angeles.
• Michael Chandler, an American professional martial arts fighter.
• Vermin Supreme, a performance artist and anarchist known for wearing a boot-shaped hat and carrying a giant toothbrush. He campaigned on a platform of zombie apocalypse awareness and time travel research. If elected, he promised to pass a law requiring people to brush their teeth, and to give every American a free pony.

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