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Written by DAVID DUPONT Sentinel Staff Writer   
Monday, 29 October 2012 10:00
Eric Eberly (Photo: J.D. Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
Eric Eberly has been active in getting the Libertarian Party off the ground locally since 2010.
"There's a need for a new direction in politics," he said.
He's furthering the Libertarian cause this election cycle by running for Congress in the Fifth District. "I've taken on this campaign to educate voters, to promote the party," he said.
Libertarians, Eberly said, want "government out of your wallet and government out of your bedroom."
That means they favor a reduction in taxes, and the smaller government that goes with it.
It also means that he believes the right of gays to marry is protected by the Fourth Amendment. Eberly is also pro-choice, though he said some Libertarians have a different view on the matter.
"It's really a matter of privacy between a woman and her doctor and her family."
Just as big part of his philosophy is reducing government's role in the economy. Both the Democrats and the Republicans favor "big government," he said.
Though the Republican incumbent Bob Latta is known for his strong anti-tax positions, Eberly goes significantly further.
He believes the federal income tax should be abolished as well as the Internal Revenue Service. In its place would be a national consumption tax, basically a sales tax. That change, he said, would be "revenue neutral." The proposal would have exemptions for food and other necessities, but also extend to internet sales.
Eberly does not see a role for the federal government in education. Those efforts don't necessarily equate to a good education.
"The 50 states offer different laboratories for education," he said. He conceded the current educational inequalities among states, do pose a problem.
"I'd like to see more involvement by local charities" to combat poverty, he said.
He also favors seeing the responsibility of environmental protection sent to the states. "The federal EPA has been intrusive," he said. "Now they're using the EPA to punish companies the current administration doesn't agree with."
Eberly cited the requirement for scrubbers in the smokestacks of coal plants. "They're not necessarily for quality" they're intended "to put local companies out of business."
States can have the power to hold companies responsible if they do damage the environment.
Global warming, he suggested, has progressed too far to stop. Seeking to ameliorate its effects should not come at the cost of economic progress.
Alternative energy sources, including something as esoteric as tidal wave energy, have promise, but it is up to private enterprise to develop them, he said.
Eberly conceded as a Congressman he would be an outsider. He's not a lawyer - he has a real estate license and works as a prep chef. "I believe I'm one of the working people ... I'm certainly not in with the establishment."
As a congressman he would not seek federal grants and projects for his district. Even if those bring back 43 cents for every dollar paid in taxes it would be better to cut federal spending by 43 percent.
The government needs to be more efficient, he said. The first step would be to take aim at fraud, citing the Medicaid program as a prime example.
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