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Written by JORDAN CRAVENS Sentinel Staff Writer   
Tuesday, 06 November 2012 10:16
Chloe Clark, left, and Lily Murnen, representing the Green Party, enter during the start of Bowling Green Senior High's mock election. (Photo: J.D. Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
As goes Bowling Green High School, so goes the nation.
That's not how the saying goes, but it has proven true the last five presidential elections.
And by tonight, we will know if the nation agreed with BGHS's election of Barack Obama as the next U.S. president during a mock election on Monday.
The Obama/Biden ticket earned 297 votes, or 35 percent, while the Republican duo of Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan, received 269 votes, or 32 percent. The Green Party also has a good showing among students, snagging 26 percent, or 221 votes.
The tradition of selecting the nation's next president at BGHS through a mock election dates back to 1968 when then-social studies teachers Esther Hayhurst and John Quinn started the process.
"It helps students prepare for the real experience when they become adults," said Terry Mulgrew, an organizer of the mock election and a teacher in the Social Studies department at BGHS.
Leading up to the vote on Monday, students participated in both a debate on Oct. 30 and a rally on Friday in the gym.
Five political parties: Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Green and Libertarian had their presidential and vice-presidential candidates address the student body on Friday.
Amy Fan, representing the Libertarian Party's vice-presidential candidate Jim Gray, told students government has too much control over our lives.
"They are telling us what we can and cannot do," she said.
Green party candidates Lily Murnen (Jill Stein) and Chloe Clark (Cheri Honkala), were shoeless for their remarks and outfitted in green shirts.
They proposed a "Green New Deal."
"Green energy is the future and the United States should be leading the way," they said.
Hailey Clifford, representing Socialist presidential candidate Stewart Alexander, said it was time for Americans to find a middle ground.
"This two-party system is splitting us apart. No one can agree on anything," she said.
Mitt Romney (Steven Speck) accused Obama of "loosing as many jobs as he created."
He also criticized "Obamacare."
"This idea of his for government to take over our healthcare system signals to us that he doesn't think we are smart enough," he said.
He said the solution to the country's problems can be solved by the "ingenuity of the American people."
Last to take the podium was Jacob Kielmeyer, as Obama. He was flanked by Secret Service agents.
"I know that our country is facing many hardships today and I know we have a long way to go. But we also have come a long way," he said
Kielmeyer pledged to be there for the needs of the American people.
"There is not a liberal America or a conservative America," he said. "There is a United States of America."
In addition to the presidential race, students also voted on the congressional district race, state representative, state senate and Issue 2, Ohio's proposed redistricting amendment.
In the U.S Congress race, students elected Republican Bob Latta over Democrat Angela Zimmann and Libertarian Eric Eberly.
Democrat Kelly Wicks was the winner in the state representative race against Republican Tim Brown and Libertarian Nathan Eberly.
In the state senate race, Republican Randy Gardner won by a narrow margin against Democrat Jeff Bretz.
Students approved Issue 2 with 460 votes, or 57 percent in favor, and 349 votes, or 43 percent, against.
They voted through a web-based program during the school day Monday.
Mulgrew said mock election organizers tried to educate students on the importance of this civil responsibility and encouraged them to research political platforms for their stances on the economy, social issues, terrorism, natural resources and oil, the role of government, healthcare and foreign policy.
"Our election tries to parallel real life on issues that might be important to you and your life," Mulgrew said.
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