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Wednesday, 10 February 2010 13:15
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To the Editor: Can we afford this Otsego project? TSMITH 2009-09-03 13:21:41 If any of you had read the newspaper you would have seen that this was discused at last meeting. The money is from OBOMA amd the plan to add teachers and all day kindergarden come from the state, at this point there is no requirment to meet eather of these If they are required every district in state will require additonial funding not just Otsego.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office unknown 2009-09-03 13:37:20 Sheep.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office me 2009-09-03 14:02:47 Acorn, SEIU paid hacks. Guess they don't reimburse you to make your own signs?
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse LT Friend 2009-09-03 14:41:59 Concerned, I agree with you. Neil Potter is an evil person. I have knowledge that Neil has physically abused her and she fears him. He has cut her off from her family and friends. People like Neil are master manipulators and very dangerous. I wouldn't put anything past him. If she was able to get away from him-I'm sure her family and friends would help her.
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse davejohnson 2009-09-03 14:54:45 Funny how the ones postings here are so similar. This is the same group of people who are jealous and hating on her. You guys are pathetic get a life
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse bg alumni 2009-09-03 15:02:50 I have been going to Huntington for years and will continue. This sounds very very fishy. If there were drugs, then why were they out? I dont buy it. Also how would someone have knowledge about her ex boyfriends ex wife and restraining order. The people posting here are totally in on this together you can tell by the style of writing. Probably the former massage therapist that got CANNED for being a cancer in the work place. Also she was fired because she kept bad mouthing her employer and staff. Rebecca is bad news!!
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse abc 2009-09-03 15:30:53 This story is one that is most unclear. If the two were on vacation, for a week, and someone was house sitting that had a secret dislike for the boyfriend, this has setup written all over it. I would challenge anyone here to put yourself in the accused shoes. There is reasonable doubt. The housesitter also had people in the house without the owners consent, also, to my knowledge,the only one who has concent to let the police or anyone in is the homeowner. which was gone? and there are drugs? Not buying it. Huntington Chiro has been around for years. Those of us who have had the pleasure of knowing her and her craft have to pass on this load of B.S. Sounds like a serious set-up. And were I her, would have some serious lawsuits against these people possibly city.....
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse 123march 2009-09-03 15:39:01 BTW----did some research. Restraining orders are public record. And the one was from a divorce, which in this case was dropped, with no further action on his "ex-wives" part. Which tells us several things. This was a messy divorce (which one isnt?) and they were being immature, and it was never contested. You better get your facts straight before you are looking straight at a lawsuit for a number of things. So i refuse to jump to conclusions and will be a patient for life. Keep up the good work!
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse 1980living 2009-09-03 15:44:48 what the heck is perrmitting drug use. this story and case stinks really bad. would have happened if it were just someone who lived in a trailer or painter. only cause she is a doctor, and a great one at that. look to the good of humanity stop this non-sense
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office brutus 2009-09-03 16:24:03 Where was Bob? Did he wimp out again? Great job people even though our congressman is afraid to hear different views. Gee looks like everyday people to me, me. The Republicant's have no ideas. All they know is no!
Portage $196,411 short by end of year concernedtownie 2009-09-03 16:47:08 the fiscal officer has alot to do with the problem. he is the one who put in the numbers that the auditors are going by. for how many years did the police take care of this village and them selves. money has been embarrassingly spent by the village administrator and the village clerk. hole punches, staplers, recording devices (that is now broke after questioned in council on the accuracy of his minutes), garage furnace, LAWN MOWER, phone system ( that only the village clerk wanted,) roof to the storage barn, $300 sweeper, coyne textiles for rug rotation, after we bought a sweeper, minute holder that is always empty, three ring binders up the waszoo, case after case of paper. need i go on. as to the police offiers that resigned, where they got their numbers on the writing of tickets god only knows. portage is losing their light, the controled speed limit, and our police. does the state want our first born also?
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse HHgirl 2009-09-03 18:26:41 Are you people all insane? Why is Rebecca being brought into this? The only "cancer" in that office is the Doc herself. This charge against the doc is her own doing nobody else. She has a mind and is a big girl and has always made her own choices. As far as this case, this is going to be the least of the doc's worries. Maybe the fact that is under investigation for other reasons not even related to this issue, you all should be more concerned about! Those of you who chose to stay with your "wonderful" doc that is your choice. However, those of you that have already left good for you! Its the best thing you could have done! As for this "monster" of a boyfriend, that she fears so much, why is it she still supports him and allows her children to still be around him? Yea, she is a real bright "bulb".
To the Editor: Can we afford this Otsego project? Brad Anderson 2009-09-03 18:54:07 Well written, Mr. Dawson. Remember, you all have the chance to add some new blood to the board in November.
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse Your kidding me!!! 2009-09-03 23:07:22 As a two year client of Rebecca's and a former patient of Dr. Huntington, I am appalled at the attacks on Rebecca. She has been a complete and total professional. She apologized to me on one occasion while I was receiving a massage, we overheard Dr. Huntington screaming at her employees over patient scheduling. I'm sorry...I do not understand why Rebecca is being drug through the same mud as Heather Huntington. Rebecca did not do, or support anyone who does drugs. Rebecca has the guts to stand up for what is right. If she had been "CANNED" as it was so eloquently put, for spreading rumors, that would be defamation of charactor, or I wrong?? She is no longer there because she does not respect Heather Huntington...from what I have witnessed first hand, there is nothing to respect!! If I didn't know any better, I would say that comments 14- (15 & 16 same person???)is SOMEONE lashing out and the only innocent person mentioned in these comments! Throwing innocent people under the bus does not minimize the FACT that Heather Huntington broke the law. If she had nothing to hide why is her lawyer trying to supress evidence??? I am also troubled by people saying she was set up... Even if she was, she had drugs in her home. Facts are facts. Maybe we should stick to those... Ms Mary in BG
To the Editor: Country needs single-pay insurance plan General Custar 2009-09-04 00:27:34 Yes even when the lives of citizens are at risk, which they are not. No one is denied health care. They may be denied insurance, their claim may be denied but every hospital in the country will give them health care. The government is not our nanny, nor can we allow them to be and remain free.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office Marlene 2009-09-04 05:14:01 Um, "me"... none of us are a part of ACORN, nor the SIEU, and only *ONE* is a paid staffer, clueless one! When you sit on your fat Republican rear end on Monday enjoying the Labor Day holiday, I highly doubt you'll thank all of the Union members who fought and died to get the reforms (40 hour work week, minimum wage, safe working conditions, etc) you take for granted!
To the Editor: Country needs single-pay insurance plan brutus 2009-09-04 06:42:15 You don't have a clue do you General Custar about ER rooms. And why didn't you answer the question about whether insurance should have the right as to who lives and who dies? You can't get cancer treatment drugs at the ER. You can't get any proper follow up treatment at the ER. Get in the real world.
To the Editor: N.B. man: Obama travels too much entertained 2009-09-04 06:59:26 Useyourhead... don't leave now! It's great to have a debate going on. While I see your point that brutus is not worth arguing with, I think you should still comment!
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse LT Friend 2009-09-04 07:17:41 123march-thank you for validating my facts regarding Neil Potter's restraining order. Funny thing could you tell or know that it was a messy divorce and being immature? Public records tell facts not emotions! I know of a lot of messy divorces that didn't need a restraining order. Maybe the alleged anabolic steroids along with other drugs, police requested and received a search warrant for could be the cause of behavior that would warrent a restraining order! Sounds to me like 123march could actually be Neil.
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse huntison 2009-09-04 08:31:58 How would one know that the his ex wife is 1300 miles away, and restraining order, and "master manipulator" Some one did research on this individual. And it seems that the person someone is behind 11 and 12, which 13 pointed out. #22 is 100% Rebecca. WE overheard her screaming over patient scheduling? Come on, you can totally tell the negative comments are coming from the same person. Seeing how quick they are to defend Rebecca...maybe.....
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse 123march 2009-09-04 08:45:53 My previous statement is my opinion. People who file restraining orders during a divorce for whatever reason, then do not attend the hearing to follow through is immature. If you start off a divorce a restraining order my guess is its messy. Shall I go back and edit? My point here is keep to your own affairs. I go to Hunt. Chiro and will proceed to do so. Is that clear enough for you?
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse bphigh 2009-09-04 09:09:04 As for her claim that she is saying that it was not hers that it was her "boyfriends". Even if it was her boyfriends, why would a professional like she claims to be, even be around such things. She should be in trouble it still was in her house and she put her kids in GREAT danger
To the Editor: N.B. man: Obama travels too much brutus 2009-09-04 09:25:54 useyourhead doesn't like to debate. I talk about what is reality not what I think it should be. Doesn't have the courage to brings facts to the table. All innuendo. Just bring the facts son, just the facts.
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse HHgirl 2009-09-04 09:31:02 I think you all are focused on the wrong thing here.. The set up theroy does not have any standing as these drugs not only had been sent to the boyfriend from overseas in his name and addressed to her home and narcotics were found in her home that had been perscribed to both her and her boyfriend along with other peoples names. This is why they are trying to suppress evidence. The evidence is what it is! As for you all bringing Rebecca into this, she is a victim of circumstance. Yes, I to have been in the office while Dr. H has verbally abused her staff and I found her behavior very unprofessional and I discontinued going to her. Rebecca has always been respectful and was "CANNED" for bad mouthing is very incorrect! Your morally and professional doc is a huge hypocrite!
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office Adrianne 2009-09-04 10:36:27 Every other Friday for the last 2 months or so Bowling Green residents have been standing in front of Bob Latta's office, in agreement with his refusal on the socialized health care plan. It would be nice to have this side of the issue reported as well. Ex: video
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse lewisjon 2009-09-04 10:42:20 Rebecca.....I mean #27, you have gone around recruiting people to go on here to badmouth her. Including me. WHY do you want to hurt her. Everything you say here, you have been heard saying in person. This is everything you've told your clients and the staff. They even comment about how much better it is "sans" Rebecca. Rebecca was fired after numberous warnings about her attitude and being a negative. She didnt "GO OUT ON HER OWN." which she first told me. Stop the games, let people get on with their lives.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office BGer 2009-09-04 10:46:59 Bob Latta already supports socialized medicine, only we call it "Medicare". If he doesn't support socialized medicine, ie, Medicare, he should come out and say so clearly and plainly. That way those who rely on Medicare will know where he stands.
To the Editor: Gay-to-straight therapy should be an option jminard 2009-09-04 10:49:15 Two should be come one and what that means is one man and one woman. If you put a same sex couple on a deserted island, could they conceive a child together? No! Same sex relationships is wrong and un-natural. What can Pastor Boggs, myself and other Christians do about it? We can pray for those people who are in that lifestyle that they see God’s love and accept the fact that what they are doing is against God’s will. Will I force Christianity on them but will provide them with my beliefs when asked.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office Concerned and Real 2009-09-04 10:54:41 I think how "Adrianne" copied and pasted "Marlene"s comments. It sums up nicely the lack of any analytic or personal thought by health care reform opposition. Folks who want the status quo fall into a couple camps by my PERSONAL experience. One, they have never been without the resources, nor has anyone they cared for, to acquire health care. Second, they haven't thought about how we spend more per person than any nation in the world, yet we cannot get care for all individuals. "Ditto Heads" seem to take it as a point of pride that they can copy and paste, and not have to think, and in general they seem to tap into anger and darker emotions in their defense and their actions. They shout down, they preclude from debate, and in my estimation they are generally exploited. See the 2004 elections, and what went wrong in Kansas. How is it you can get people to vote for policies that hurt their pocket book and their health? Well, it seems you keep them from thinking by repeating standard non-analyzed and often just false assertions. You also need them to believe in these assertions blindly so you tap into darker emotions. Personally, I believe we as Americans of modest or little income, share a lot more in common then hateful idealogues would have us believe. So why can't we have a debate, instead of making it death panel boogeyman, and using scare tactics just short of calling anyone who believes ALL citizens have a right to health care a, wait for it... dreaded Socialist. We need to think and we need to care for each other. It took Brittain being brutally bombed by the Germans to get them to realize they are all related in their citizenship and care. Is that what it takes? Or can people feel empathy. This is a process and all voices should be heard. I want to thank the volunteers who are fighting for refrom. This is from someone who has been at the wrong end of needing healthcare and wasn't able to get it. A friend posted about this on facebook, and I've come here to lend my support, because I do care. And I do believe healthcare should be affordable.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office Adrianne 2009-09-04 10:58:07 They are not copied and pasted, the comment posted twice by accident. If you notice, the person's name is posted above the comment. I love the pre-printed signs by the way.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office czf19 2009-09-04 11:10:15 this was not acorn this was not a stunt it was people from all over our district looking to show bob latta we care about health care and the future of our country
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office Tom G 2009-09-04 11:10:39 Isn't free speech wonderful? To the Topic. A public option is the only to keep the insurance companies honest. My family has a small business from the early 50's until the retired in the late 70's. We were able to provide our employees with Blue Cross-Blue Shield as a very reasonable rate, as were most businesses in this area. With all the other insurance companies 'cherry picking' the insurance pools, the rates began to rise and a rate that far exceeds what many companies are able to deal with. Can I give my employees a raise, or must I give them a raise and take it back in insurance premiums or should I cut them out and let the try to find insurance in the 'open market'. Good Luck with that. The only reasonable way to solve this is a good public option. Tom
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office Sean 2009-09-04 11:15:38 this double posting thing is really annoying, I hope they fix that on here soon. Anyways, yeah, great event. It's a good thing to show the people in this district that not everyone has fallen for the propaganda espoused by the Insurance companies and their servants at Fox News. The reality-based community is alive and well in Ohio's fifth district.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office falconized 2009-09-04 11:19:12 Of course there are problems with our current healthcare system. No one is saying what we have is perfect. What I believe is that healthcare needs to be addressed piece by piece. We do not need a massive piece of legislation that contains no absolutes. Too much of the bill has language that basically says most of the issues will be decided on a later date by healthcare committees or other politicians. One thing that does annoy me is the people in the picture above appear to be typical political drones. People who show up when they are told with the sign of the week, paid and provided for by the local political parties. Real independent citizens would show up with handmade signs and not the latest talking points of the politicians.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office RR 2009-09-04 11:56:34 To the first comment: "Sheep" are those who listen to the hate-mongers from Fox News and go to town hall meetings shouting and throwing temper tantrums like petulant children instead of getting the facts and discussing them like an adult. Caring citizens and patriots carry (yes, even pre-printed) signs and let their beliefs be known to help usher change along. I'm confused over the "moral" republican party that only seems to care about their own wallets and their own selves and not about the greater good. I've always been led to believe that the republicans' "selling point" is that they are more religious, moral, straightlaced, and yet they don't seem to care about any one but themselves and their wallet. Only when something may personally affect them do they come out of the woodwork. They weren't yelling and screaming over our men and women being sent to Iraq to get killed or dismembered, yet trying to get every American healthcare is WW3. We need to care about each other more and stop focusing only on ourselves. Affordable healthcare for every American is not a "Liberal" issue, it should be considered a HUMAN issue.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office Disgruntled 2009-09-04 12:08:08 I am a Conservative Christian who did not vote for Obama. These people protesting reform are not Christians, and NOT patriotic. I am sick and tired of the fear tactics and lies these people are trying to spread. They are not Republicans; they are fringe radicals and extremists. Jesus Christ spent his life caring for the poor, the sick, and the weak. Do you people not agree that Health Care should be a right for all Americans, and not a privilege for those who can afford it? We need some kind of reform to the Health Insurance industry, and I am happy to see people taking action and speaking to Congressman Latta. Bob is a good Catholic and he needs to know that people of faith do want to help our brothers and sisters who have been left behind. It's time to move this debate forward. I, for one, would rather reimburse the gov't for providing insurance for those who can't afford it instead of reimbursing for-profit, monopolized health insurance companies. We must thank the Democrats for being at the forefront of this issue. Now is the time for the followers of Christ to realize that this reform is a moral imperative. God Bless.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office Marc 2009-09-04 12:10:38 Why doesn't Bob Latta agree to talk to people who favor health care reform? He does represent the whole district, not just far right conservatives. Perhaps he is afraid? But why? If he has a good argument for leaving us stuck with an unfair, bloated 'private' health care system that is bankrupting small businesses and rationing care to millions of Americans, then he ought to express himself. Should someone this wimpy really be in Congress?
To the Editor: Gay-to-straight therapy should be an option jeffinohio 2009-09-04 12:19:26 "Same sex relationships is wrong and un-natural." Is they?
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse sam 2009-09-04 12:22:45 BG chiropractor caught with drugs in here house. What does that have to do with Rebecca? who cares about why she in no longer employed there rebecca isnt the one with drugs
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office james 2009-09-04 12:25:59 some kid clipped me from behind in a soccer match a few weeks ago. broke my knee cap and messed up a few other things. i have united health insurance and have my first face to face appointment with an actual DR in 10 days. he is on vacation and the other available doctors in the area are not in my coverage zone. when i called and asked them how much out of zone care would cost ~ they laughed out loud before answering. united health has already stated that they will cover only the surgery. any hospital stay or physical therapy is an out-of-pocket expense. i burned through my donot hole last month when i got stung by a few bees (i die without care). the mri might be covered but given the "reasonable and customary" runaround i am still fighting for the bee incident i have little hope the 80/20 split of $600 will be more than 50/50. all in all with health insurance (united bstrds) i am out over $5K plus ongoing premiums. anyone who opposes what Obama is trying to accomplish is willfully ignorant. this country voted for change. greed and hate and stupidity support the perverted medical industrial complex. that statement is attributing more respect than necessary to the political bigots disgracing our country at "town hall" meetings. ps we are going to win on energy after this. get use to it.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office ToddC 2009-09-04 12:43:21 I am offended that anyone would believe that anyone would need to be paid to protest something as crucial to our physical existence as health care! Furthermore I wish the people supporting the status quo had walked in my and my wife's shoes over the last year. We both are coping with elderly mothers whose life time savings are being drained to the bone merely to keep on living in a humane way. Also before anyone starts touting the wonders of Medicare realize that the only way that either of our parents can get help from Medicare is to literally loose everything that they own.We live in the richest most powerful country in the world. We can do better than this!
To the Editor: Gay-to-straight therapy should be an option brutus 2009-09-04 13:38:24 I pray for you jminard and Pastor Boggs. May God have mercy on your souls. God bless you.
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse bowl2green 2009-09-04 13:56:04 Rebecca had something to do with it, thats all i can say. Has held a grudge for years. and now shes posting here!
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office brutus 2009-09-04 13:56:49 You know what falconized, it is time for you knuckle dragging, mouth breathing neanderthals to get out of the way so we can get the healthcare system straightened around so people like you can get the mental care your so lacking.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office Lawrence Coates 2009-09-04 14:04:04 I would like to see Bob Latta face a room and answer intelligent questions about health care in this country and specifically in the Fifth District. I've received robocalls from him, and though they purport to be requesting my input, they are actually a way for him to spout a series of talking points that insult my intelligence. I assume his "virtual town hall" meetings are similar.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office INS 2009-09-04 15:29:03 I can only say shame on Bob Latta! As an educated man Bob Latta knows that the public health insurance programs in Europe are excellent. Of course if you need the most advance heart surgery in the world the best place to be is the US, but for people like you and me we don't have access to that kind of health care. 50 million people are not able to go to the doctor because they cannot afford it! This says that something is wrong with the health care in America. The reasons why Bob Latta does not want to help his constituents regading this issue and support the public option are: 1. he wants Obama to fail, even if that means sacrificing so many people's well being; 2. the insurance and pharmaceutical companies are strongly lobbying for this (contributions to his campaigns). Shame on you Bob Latta! And for the rest of you who are against this issue, think about next time you'll get sick. Can you and your family afford it?
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office John 2009-09-04 15:39:49 I voted for Dole and Bush in the past, and supported McCain in the primary, but the power that the sensible conservatives have ceded to the wacko far-right (starting with Palin) has made me ashamed. There are some reasons to oppose some things about the healthcare bill, but none of these Rush Limbaugh parrots seem to have read enough to even to know about them--they just keep saying "socialized medicine" and "death panels" and "keep your government hands of my Medicare". Sensible conservative know that the free market can generally ration limited goods through supply and demand, but they ALSO know that the government exists to prevents and address market failures in the interest of the public. Maybe they should address the ethics of rationing healthcare based on income instead of medical evidence, but I'm afraid that wouldn't go very far. Why don't the Republicans put forth some ideas we can be proud of? How about a compromise first-step that would disallow pre-existing conditions exclusions, increase COBRA time limits, and provide tax relief to those paying for COBRA or private insurance?!? It wouldn't be what the far-left or the far-right want, but isn't compromise one of the main strengths of our country?
To the Editor: N.B. man: Obama travels too much coanator 2009-09-04 17:20:44 I'm with you useyourhead, it was said "Give the Dems enough rope and they'll hang themselves with it." Look whats happening. Their policies dont work.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office abused by my insurance company 2009-09-04 18:30:27 We CAN save lives by providing health care for all. No one should go bankrupt because of illness. Right wingers CHOOSE to not do what is good the the greatest population.
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse xyz 2009-09-04 18:37:06 Leave Dr. Heather alone already! She is the only chiropractor in this town who has been able to help me with my back pain and headaches, maybe that is why my medical doctor sent me to her. She cares about her patients, she is the only chiro I have ever heard of that has a massage therapist work on patients during their visits and that is a wonderful service that she provides. Her rights and privacy were clearly violated by people and a certain employee out to get her! I have syringes in my home for a medical condition, did anyone bother to stop and think these "drugs and syringes" were perscribed? That is what I heard anyway! Keep your head up Dr. Heather you are the best and good will prevail! Those of you who want to go elsewhere, you will be back because find another Chiro that treats you like Dr. Heather, you won't!
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse xyz 2009-09-04 18:42:14 I agree with v smith that this smells like a setup. No one would be stupid enough to leave anything laying around for a housesitter to find. I certainly wouldn't want that housesitter in my home! Who is this creap anyway? He or she clearly has it in for Dr. Heather and/or Neil. Let people live their lives and you all need to get a life!
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office useyourhead 2009-09-04 20:58:26 Our government implemented a plan called Cash for Clunkers. About 90% of the dealers who participated in this program are still waiting for their money. They filled out the 12 pages required, and mailed them in. 12 pages for a car? Hmmmm. Our government has a health plan called Medicare. Medicare part B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J are supplement plans that are offered by the private insurance companies. This is the government that you want to handle ALL of our health care? Yes, 12 pages for a car. Yeah this sounds like a good idea. You want to pass a health care bill where the "details will be worked out later" ? It may sound good on paper to you, but lets face reality. If our government can't get car dealers paid, how are they going to pay hospitals and Dr's ? I can't wait for the replies. I need a good laugh.
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' hmmm 2009-09-04 21:08:08 If the government gets into the insurance industry and is cheaper and better, then why would and business offer it's employees health care? Wouldn't it be good business sense to have everyone use the government plan?
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse Hmmmm 2009-09-04 21:18:08 2 facts here. I am a Dr. H client and Rebecca did bad mouth her. Also, She got messed up with the wrong guy. Mistakes get made. Enough.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office brutus 2009-09-05 07:08:20 I know it would be asking to much of you if you did the research on all the supplemental Medicare plans and who implemented them and why. So I will sum it up for you. The plans were wanted by the Republicans to let their buddys get a piece of the action instead of including them in regular Medicare. Shooting from the hip again useyourhead. And when was the last time you bought a car? It takes you over an hour to fill out all the paperwork for the dealer and finance company. 99% of this is to protect the dealer and finance company not the consumer. You really need to get out a little more often. And you being a big critic of C for C you would complain if there was not enough paperwork tracking the money. Do you wake up whining every morning?
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' brutus 2009-09-05 07:14:58 Please answer your own question. Cheaper and better for both employers and employees. hmmmmmm.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office useyourhead 2009-09-05 07:34:13 My comment was written last night. Not sure what is reads on your screen, mine reads 8:58PM. I know there is a 0 in front of the time but there is also a PM. I don't see other comments written in military time. Anyway. The 12 pages of paperwork are for the government alone on top of the regular dealer and finance paperwork. Maybe you should do a little research. The last time I bought a car, I paid cash and the paperwork only took 15 minutes and the dealer got their money. I noticed you avoided that part. The dealers aren't getting paid!!! The medicare supplemental plans were implemented because Medicare doesn't offer enough coverage, so the government went to the private side. They weren't included in original Medicare because it would cost the government too much money. Everyone says how great Medicare is. If you are saying the republicans are the reason for the supplemental plans, then you should thank them. hahaha. brutus your borish arguments are a disgrace to "your people" It's like im in a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Or should I say gender identity issue person?
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' hmmm 2009-09-05 07:45:16 I already knew the answer. It was a set up question. In a nut shell. The government wants to offer a health plan that is supposed to be better for employers and employees which would make good business sense for everyone to goto. The government wants to wipe out the private insurace industry ? Obama says we can still keep our current insurance. Common sense says that wont happen. A business is in business to make money. If they can save money by not having to offer insurance, then why would they? Sounds like a monopoly to me.
Familiar Face: Stella Torres shannon herrig 2009-09-05 08:02:00 Stella Torres is a pleasure to work with, and a blessing to her patients!
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office brutus 2009-09-05 08:11:04 Do you have these debates with yourself often. Just out of curiosity what are you talking about with the time thing? And you make my point about the Medicare supplements, do you comprehend that? You really have comprehension issues. Maybe that comes from living in your parents basement. You really ought to stop the childiest behavior and name calling, because as you can see I can do it too. So if you want to debate an issue use facts not rhetoric. And no that is not why the Medicare parts were not included in regular Medicare. And the dealers will get there money by the end of the month. Have you ever sent in a rebate for anything? You know an appliance, cell phone etc. Takes 6 to 8 weeks. Darn those private companies. So before you misinform people again ask permission from Mommy and Daddy to use the internet to do some actual research on things before you comment on them.
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse fishy 2009-09-05 08:22:39 This does seem fishy! Leaving drugs lying around when a housesitter is coming into the home, I don't buy it. This person set her up. There is a reason Dr. H has been voted best chiro, she is simply the best. I have been to many chiropractors in different states and never had the care of get from her. I will continue to go to her and only her! I just hope all you negative people will leave her alone so she can move on with her life and continue to help me and all of her other patients that need her!
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office nursepez 2009-09-05 08:24:48 I too, have received robo calls from Bob Latta. His so-called survey calls attempt to get every one of his constituents to "agree" with his point of view by making it impossible to answer the questions with any sense of legitimacy. I am a health care provider and have worked in the industry for 18 years. I have seen the pathetic coverage that patients have and the less than optimum health care decisions providers are forced to make because health insurance with not approve this test, treatment or medicine that is needed to improve a patient's well being. A person behind a desk who does not know you is making your healthcare choices, not your provider or you for that matter. Hmmm, that seems an awful lot like rationing to me. One of the reasons our healthcare premiums are so high is that we do pay for all of those who are uninsured. Wouldn't it be better to level the playing field, costs go down because hospitals and doctors can actually get paid for their services at a fair un-inflated price and EVERYONE will have access to medical care when they need it? Bob Latta needs to know that we, the constituents, have a voice and not everyone agrees with him. He was elected to represent the people, and last time I checked, we are the people. Shame on the name callers who are labeling us as sheep, we are exercising our right to tell our congressman that we in fact, are not sheep. We do not subscribe to the do nothing mentality that he seems to have, and has always had while in office. Mr. Latta, we are speaking out and you need to hear us.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office useyourhead 2009-09-05 09:10:05 brutus you asked if I wake up whining. I assumed you read the time on my comment. Apparently you didnt and assumed I wrote it this morning. I guess I gave you too much credit. As far as the rebates, cash for clunkers is not like buying an appliance or cell phone. Dealers were told about 10 days to get their money. Due to computer crashes, overwhelming paperwork, dealers are not getting paid on time and smaller dealers may lose their business. I am not making this up. Go to google and type cash for clunkers. It's all over the place. This is the same government you want to run our health care system ? About 700,000 cars were sold under this program, there are over 300,000,000 people in the US. How is the government going to be able to handle that paperwork? 12 pages for a car. How many pages are going to be involved with cancer treatment? They can't handle a car sale let alone what is involved with health care. All facts. Battle of wits with an unarmed man, hahaha, that is funny.
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse Sitting back and waiting 2009-09-05 12:09:58 I can’t wait for the rest of the story to be exposed, and when it does we’ll see how you all feel about your holier then thou chiro. Let me remind you as previously stated that the drugs are the least of her worries. Dr. H is the most unethical/hypocritical person I know.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office brutus 2009-09-05 14:27:01 You know I really don't have the time to be chasing around your misinformation today. I originally put you at least college age but now I am thinking high school. I also know you tea bagger type people lack greatly in common sense. But use Medicare as a model for paperwork, not cars. And I know more than 2 words in a sentence starts to challenge you a little. And if you would have looked it up you would have seen the Gov hired 1500 temporaries to handle the extra load. I know, I know you can't chew gum and walk at the same time. But here is how you do it, look up 1 thing at a time take a breather and then look up the next. Just take your time nice and easy. And please the dealers take these cars on consignment, do I have to explain that to you? Also GM, Ford and Chrysler offered to float the money to dealers until they got it. But details, details, always get in the way. And did you notice the Repub dealers did not start whining about it until after their lots were empty. Hmmmm. They would not have sold these cars if it were not for C for C. And the time thing I still don't know what you are talking about. I don't really look at the time something is written, I look at the context. Ooops big word again.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office noodle 2009-09-05 15:24:20 No one should go bankrupt trying to stay alive. We need to reform our healthcare system NOW!
To the Editor: 5th graders should attend camp BGVOTER 2009-09-05 17:11:40 The School board is using the 5th grade camp as a basis for getting this next levy passed. You would think they would be willing to work with these PTO's but they won't because if the kids go to camp, the parents might not vote to pass the levy. They are using these kids as pawns in their chess game.
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' brutus 2009-09-05 19:52:32 I could give 2 hoots if some CEO doesn't make millions off people dieing. If Gov insurance it cheaper and better for everyone except the fatcat CEO's, what is your beef?
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office useyourhead 2009-09-05 22:00:09 medicare has to use private insurance companies. cash for clumkers overwhelmed the government. yeah, lets put our health care in the governments hands. hahahaha
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' hmmm 2009-09-05 22:08:20 I really dont care about a few CEO's either. What about the thousands of people that work for the insurance industry? What about the government being in total control of our health care? Doesn't that concern you at all? Are you ok with a monopoly? What if the government wants to take over another industry? Where does it all end?
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse PassingJudgment 2009-09-05 23:28:44 Well, I'm glad my house-sitters don't look through my personal belongings. I would also hope that my house-sitters would show me the same respect and trust as I did them when giving them (and them only) entrance into my home while I was away and talk to me before throwing open the doors to a search and seizure (of items that apparently don't even belong to the actual homeowner). I'm very glad to see by the comments on this board that many of you are perfect and have absolutely no blemishes whatsoever in your life and can throw stones at glass houses until the cows come home. IF you are a patient of Dr. Huntington, you know full well she is an EXCELLENT care-giver and always talks of her children and their well-being. I have been witness to many "outstanding" Bowling Green citizens being less-than outstanding at times. We all make down right bad decisions in our lives. Luckily, we have people that want to help, not hurt us. Not one of you can say you have not been in a position that could have jeopardized your future, but you got through it without it being splashed on the local newspaper for all to judge. Well, I'll jump in and pass judgment as well- right after I schedule my next appointment with a person that has only had my best interests and health in mind.
Robert Humphrey Steven Parker 2009-09-06 01:10:05 Rest in peace Uncle Bob, you will be remembered always with a smile, you were a great man and will be missed. My prayers go out to your family in this time of sorrow
To the Editor: Can we afford this Otsego project? Past supporter 2009-09-06 06:48:17 In the August school board meeting Mr. Garber admitted that fuel cost would be more in the new facility. Payments for the new building will come from savings of a central campus and will have to come from staff cuts. This is being said out of one side of the mouth and now we will have to hire more staff because of new mandates out of the other. The money needed to maintain the new facility required by the OSFC has now been taken from the general fund. This fund which pays staff and the light bill which was already projected to be in the red next year is now being spent to go forward with a project that the tax payer has not approved.
ODOT to make changes on Ohio 51 in Lake Twp. pathepler 2009-09-06 07:27:23 Will lowering the speed limit really lower the problem, the police offers need to stop the speeders, rather than just look the other way when both trucks and car pass by them and its obvious just looking at them that they are more than well 5 miles over the posted limit.
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse valb 2009-09-06 09:52:49 I am saddened by the attacks on Rebecca. The drug charges and bad choices that appear to be clinging to Dr. Huntington are sad in themselves but Rebecca is not responsible for those decisions on Dr. Huntington's part. She is a knowledgeable and amiable source of information for her clients and a wonderfully warm and talented massage therapist with the best interest of her clients at heart. I am under the impression there were professional and personal differences between the two women and I would suggest that that is a commong circumstance in many workplaces. But is Rebecca the source of Dr. Huntington's problems? No, and Rebecca should be left out of the hyperbole being expressed here.
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' brutus 2009-09-06 11:09:14 The Gov is going to need people to do the work too. That is elementary. Who exactly did you think would handle the paperwork? Stop the monopoly thing thing too. That is the right's new buzzword. Use your own words. Do you even know what a monopoly is? Utility companies are a monopoly, you know 1st Energy, Columbia Gas. Do your own research and not the reicht wing. The insurance company being in total control of my healthcare now is what concerns me and 73% of the other people in this country. And the only ones that will be without a job are the CEO's and the bean counters whose only job is to find ways to deny coverage to people. To defend the insurance companies like you do tells me you are either a insurance co. exec or incredibly naive.
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse frontline 2009-09-06 12:27:30 Who left all the posts about, leave becca alone. Rebecca didnt coach that person well enough, huh? Those who know Rebecca know that she is not proffessional and ethical. I made a decision not to go back to Rebecca because she did ALWAYS bad mouth Dr. Huntington. Every massage it was a new complaint. She even said to me she is going to "demand a raise or quit," but she madde twice as much as any massage therapist I have ever been to. Rebecca has spread filthy lies about her, and rumor has it, while Dr. H was out of town she coaxed her way in the house. I bet she is thinking twice about her actions. If not she should.
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse law-man579 2009-09-06 12:32:54 NEW facts about the case are out. It turns out that the Vials and syringes WERE perscribed to Potter. This was cleared up with his medical records submitted by his counsil. What is troubling is the people that were house sitting made off with all perscription bottles and evidence of any perscription. There were pills placed in baggies, once again, ALL perscribed. I thought for sure this guys' goose was cooked. This proves not only was it a set-up, but what are the new charges going to be for the people who were ILLEGALLY in the house? Dont count your chickens!
BG chiropractor in court on charge of allowing drug abuse thirst4knowledge 2009-09-06 12:58:13 Rumor has it, your Massage therapist went behind the docs' back and tried to hit on Neil and get him into bed, and he turned her down. (who would take her up on that)She has cheated on her husband several times and this now would make a lot of sense. Its just one more thing that "BECCA" did to screw with the doc. I appreciate a man who does not stray, so in this case, good for you. Not quite sure about the other stuff. How can you win Best Chiro in B.G. and then this happens. If any of you guys go out of town for a week or eight days, what ever it is, and people are invited in your home who dislike you, there is going to be trouble, I dont care who you are. Thats probably why there is a motion to dismiss, this is deplorable.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office brutus 2009-09-06 14:25:33 As usual useyourhead, Whine, Whine, Whine. Never any ideas, only Glenn Beck talking points. Like I said before you must get up whining in the morning. Maybe you need a bottle. When you look at all your posts never have you come up with anything. All you ever do is complain if someone wants to try and fix this mess were in. Do us all a favor and sit on the sidelines with your other knuckle dragging, mouth breathing neandrethal buddies and let us fix this healthcare system.
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' hmmm 2009-09-06 14:46:19 Monopoly is my own word. That's excatly what it's going to be. Yes, Columbia Gas and First Energy are a monopoly as well. Doesn't sound like you are happy with them being an monopoly so I'm not sure why you are ok with the government being an monopoly.Only CEO's and bean counters are the only one's that will be out of a job? The ramifications are going to be far more than you will admit to or realize. No, I don't work for an insurance company and I am definately not naive. I can't believe you can defend a government health care plan where the details of the plan aren't even figured out. Blind faith I guess. Where did you get 73% ? I'm curious. brutus you seem to have a lot of pent up frustration. Anytime someone doesn't agree with you, you resort to name calling and feable attempts to belittle them. Stick to the topic.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office useyourhead 2009-09-06 15:30:18 WOW brutus. You have some serious issues. I don't watch Glenn Beck. lol I tell it like it is. You are in full support of a system that no one knows the full details. I have a bridge in Arizona for sale, you would love it. My last post included all facts, your was, well lets say entertaining. hahaha If you honestly believe there is one system that will solve everything, then you live with blinders on.
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' brutus 2009-09-06 15:36:02 Funny I can't find where I called you a name. As far as belittling you do that to yourself by only asking questions that you don't want to hear the answers to. You never answer questions with any facts, and you basically answer questions with a question. You try to use fear as an answer. OK explain how the Gov. would be a monopoly when private insurance, no matter what plan, will still be available. Just like now if you have the money you can get whatever insurance you want. There is always some company willing to provide insurance. Look to the other countries such as Canada, UK, France they all have private insurance available. And these countries have National Health Insurance not just a public option. Hey we are all ears to hear your plan to cover people who work full time jobs and still cannot afford insurance. Give a sensible answer and we can go from there. No more answering questions with questions if you wish to have an intelligent adult debate. And please before you answer check out these things I have said, easy to find.
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' hmmm 2009-09-06 16:15:22 "incredibly naive." hmmm I ask questions in which you have no answers for. Once again, where did you find 73% of the people are concerned about the insurance company being in control of their health care? As far as the government monopolizing health care, go to your comment above, post #5. If it is better for employers and employess, then why wouldnt every business opt out of private and make employees go with the govt. plan? This isn't brain surgery brutus, just common sense. If any of my comments instill fear, good, you should be afraid of anything that will be in total control of any part of your life. As far as answering your questions, I have read your previous comments and havn't found a question I havn't answered. You on the other hand, have yet to answer most of my questions.
To the Editor: Urges signing petition against BG ordinance Marlene 2009-09-06 17:15:53 BG Voter -- As with all issues dealing with alleged discrimination, darling, the person making the claim has to prove it. One can't just willy-nilly file a claim.
To the Editor: Gay-to-straight therapy should be an option Mikedun23 2009-09-06 18:34:48 The reason people have "unwanted SSA"--as you term it--actually has nothing to do with them. It is the cultural pressure and social stigma put on them by people like you, Mr. Boggs, that leads people to fight against their sexual orientation. Sadly, as Marlene points out, this whole "ex-gay therapy" has led some LGTB to view themselves as "confused"--as your ilk are apt to put it--and tragically take their own lives. Take a lesson from nature, sir, (which may be tough for a supernaturalist like you) homosexuality occurs in countless species in nature--is that not natural? I must suggest that you read up on evolutionary biology and at least take a cursory glance at the modern field of sexual psychology. This will no doubt reveal that those who hold your view on this subject are the ones who are confused.
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' brutus 2009-09-07 05:52:53 By the way monopoly is Glenn Beck's latest talking point. If you knew what one was you would not be repeating it. You think we don't monitor what the reicht wing says? And why is it all you "Beckies" refuse to admit you listen to him? Are you embarrassed? The things you come up with can't be found at any research company, any agency or any media outlets other than Fox. You can't debate with crazy. If you have some real concerns, I mean real not Beck thoughts, we can debate them. He is an entertainer, not a journalist.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office brutus 2009-09-07 06:09:20 Gee imagine that, the Gov reacted to being overwhelmed by, by hiring additional people to handle it. Oh my. Kinda like private companies do that use Temp services. Oh my. Within the next couple of weeks when the dealers all have their money are you going to apologize for getting hysterical? And yes Medicare people can buy additional insurance through private insurers. And ...... And yes I trust our ELECTED officials more than I do corporate people. At least elected officials can be voted out by the people unlike corporate officials. Sounds like that "D" word people like you are against. Democracy!
ODOT to make changes on Ohio 51 in Lake Twp. Linda Ralston 2009-09-07 13:51:26 How many of the accidents that occurred were related to stopped or slowed traffic due to a vehicle turning left? Would the installation of a center turn lane be of any value for that stretch of roadway?
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office useyourhead 2009-09-07 17:45:05 The United States is a Republic. I'm sure that's written somewhere. If the government can get overwhelmed dealing with 700,000 people, do you really think they are capable of handling 300 million? How often are politicians voted out of office? hahahaha ohhh naive one.
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' hmmm 2009-09-07 17:53:39 mo·nop·o·ly (m-np-l) n. pl. mo·nop·o·lies 1. Exclusive control by one group of the means of producing or selling a commodity or service Now scroll up and read your comment, #5. I will ask for a third time. Where did you find 73% of the people are concerned about the insurance company being in control of their health care? If you made it up, at least admit it. I watched Glenn Beck one time and I found him annoying. Good points but annoying to watch. brutus you have some serious issues. One can hope that you have some means of insurance to cover the type of therapy that you need. You can always contact the county for support. Good luck.
To the Editor: Urges signing petition against BG ordinance gb voter 2009-09-07 18:10:37 Marlene, yeah, there has never been a false claim that tarnished someone's credibility. Now with creed being a protective class, one can just "willy-nilly" file a claim and say it's my creed not to work on Sundays or any given day of the week. I guess you people don't think before you speak sweetie.
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' brutus 2009-09-07 19:44:00 Since you are incapable of looking it up for yourself I took the Wall St. Journal poll so you would not say it is liberal. Oh I was wrong. It was 76%. Hmmmmmmmm. Did you comprehend what you wrote on what a monopoly is? Hmmmmmmm. Now answer my questions that you avoid by answering with a question. Hmmmmmm. C'mon answer par.11 question I asked you. Hmmmmm C'mon give us your plan and ideas. Hmmmmmmm. C'mon tell us the ramifications. Hmmmmm. Several in Par. 3 answer the questions. Hmmmmm As usual all questions no answers. Hmmmmmm. C'mon. Since you said you couldn't find questions you didn't answer I pointed them out for you. Hmmmmm. Can't comprehend again. Hmmmm. Did you take reading comprehension in school? Hmmmmm. And you do comprehend by answering a question with a question is not answering it right? Hmmmm.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office brutus 2009-09-07 19:51:51 You are really cynical. Hmmmmmm. I mean useyourhead. Oh one and the same. Ha. Got cha.
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' brutus 2009-09-07 19:55:52 Ha useyourhead and Hmmmm. One and the same. Bawk, Bawk, Bawk.
Health care reform supporters visit Latta's office useyourhead 2009-09-08 05:39:29 Avoidance, what a horrible quaility. But then again typical for you.
To the Editor: Weston man opposes 'Obamacare' hmmm 2009-09-08 06:14:02 I love when children are proven wrong. Do you talk the way you write? Very childish. This is copied from the Wall St. Journal WASHINGTON -- Support for President Barack Obama's health-care effort has declined over the past five weeks, particularly among those who already have insurance, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found, amid prolonged debate over costs and quality of care. In the Journal poll, only two in 10 people said the quality of their own care would improve under the Obama plan; just 15% of those with private insurance thought it would. Twice as many overall, and three times as many with private coverage, predicted their own care would get worse. This is your source brutus. No use in discussing it any further. Clintons attempt failed and so will this one. Good Day.
ODOT to make changes on Ohio 51 in Lake Twp. concerned neighbor 2009-09-08 07:16:21 I also wonder how many of the accidents are rear end on 51. If the number is high, a left turn lane would be a good idea. The only real question is "Is there room" given all of the businesses there and their proximity to the road. Perhaps flashing yellow/red lights above the intersection would be helpful (if they're not already there). Finally, the county/township/whoever is responsible for the cross street's maintenance should consider creating rumble strips beside the "Stop Ahead" sign. I think the rumble strips would go a long way.