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Wednesday, 10 February 2010 12:58
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North Baltimore suspends wrestling coach school employee 2009-07-30 12:03:31 Just one question NB School Board was this action taken as a favor to a fellow Board Member since she has a vendetta against her soon to be ex-husband or due to something the BCII/FBI web check brought up on his web report? It is MY understanding that John can fight this until he is actually convicted on the alleged charges.
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary BigRed 2009-07-30 13:25:56 For too long we hear "Operate the schools like a business." The board is being fiscally prudent and doing just that. I liked Kurt Dickey's comment that we are getting a $26 million school for less than $4 million, AND IT DOESN'T COST THE TAXPAYER ONE DIME! This is a no-brainer. Democracy isn't lost here. You elected board members to make decisions for you, including spending money. To bring Hitler and Nazis into this is ludicrous and shows just how weak your argument is. Heck, even longtime Otsego critic Craig Valentine is on-board.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced BigRed 2009-07-30 13:43:48 You elect school board members to make decisions for you. There's no Constitutional right to vote "no" on a school levy. Many of you will just to prove a point, but ultimately it only hurts the kids. And have you set foot into some of these local elementaries? They are old, outdated, rundown, and inefficient. It makes more fiscal sense to replace them w/ a modern building that can only benefit kids. Stop cutting off your nose to spite your face. This is the best route to go. If you don't like it, run for the board and make a difference. Put your money where you mouth is.
To the Editor: Person who designed house praises Waltz brutus 2009-07-30 14:05:45 Aw poor Brad. Bad things happen to bad people.
To the Editor: Eastside resident responds to landlord's letter brutus 2009-07-30 14:10:41 Poor Brad. Tell the truth Brad.
To the Editor: Presidents are elected to govern, not rule Michelle 2009-07-30 14:28:39 Mr I have time to post day and night, I was responding to your- shut up we won , suck it up untill 2012. I was pointing out the FACT that congress and senate are up for re election in 2010, which would make Obma nothing but lame duck. You have a lot of anger you need to deal with when it comes to speaking to other people. Its rude and bashing. It may work on msnbc but this is not the place
To the Editor: Government health insurance not the answer Michelle 2009-07-30 14:37:26 Actualy I was diagonsed at the wood county hospital in the ER. You are totaly wrong. Im not rich. I simply dont wine about how I want someone eles money to pay for my things. And 100 million uninsuresed? Theres only 300 million americans. Theres 40 TOPs uninsured on any given day. That includes people who have changed jobs going to another job that will have insurance and million illlegal aliens-omg we can forget to cover people who dont belong here in the first place. 18-23 year olds who dont want insurance even if they could get. Turn off msnbc its really pull you straightout of reality. Heres a novel idea, look the facts up yourself
To the Editor: Single-payer system preferred Michelle 2009-07-30 14:52:04 Oh yea, Its working so well in Canada and England. In Canada it takes from 6 months -8 months to see a specialist after you find out you have cancer. I would of been dead by then
Rally to push principles of Constitution Sara 2009-07-30 15:34:03 Good article, but there is a misquoted sign idea. The correct example for a slogan is as follows: "Mistrust of government is the bedrock of PATRIOTISM" not freedom as stated in the article.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced Stunned 2009-07-30 15:49:10 Until I read these comments, I had no idea Ms. Hatfield spoke in such a disrespectful and inapproriate manner in a public meeting. And you wonder why people don't attend? Stop telling Mr. DeWitt what to do. He didn't cause this situation, he just had an opinion. Or are you ready to take his right to an opinion away as well? If a dime is never again put into the "new state of the art high school" it to will one day be old, outdated, rundown,and inefficient. Did you ever stop to think how the buildings got so bad?
To the Editor: Eastside resident responds to landlord's letter Brad 2009-07-30 16:00:36 Finally, a logical rebuttal! Good point Brutus, a salient and concise argument.
To the Editor: Single-payer system preferred brutus 2009-07-30 16:59:59 Michelle do you know 87% of the people of England are satisfied with their Healthcare system? 82% in Canada. Source Wikipedia. And did you know both countries are rated higher than the US in Healthcare overall? Life expectancy, infant mortality and so on. And why haven't the people demanded different if it was not working?
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary OHSgrad 2009-07-30 18:18:21 This grad noticed that too Mr Dewitt,and I realize building has a d. The poster you refer to hi doesn't refer to where he/she graduated and even if he/she caught the error you can't edit your reply here. The agreement I read they refer to also mentions funding was an issue in keeping the schools open and support for levies would be needed to have the agreement honored. Both sides didn't live up the that piece of paper and it was 5 years ago and a couple levies ago. Seems this community had plenty of time to agree to keep the status quo and doing nothing hasn't saved us any money or been cheaper. I also agreed with Mr. Dickey and the Hitler, Nazis says more about the person making those comments than the facts or reality. So does claiming soldiers died and are dying in vain because of this legal action and is baseless and demeans their service. I think people serving overseas know the difference dictators propaganda. BTW Mr. Dewitt it is spelled Their not Thier. Don't worry we wont asked where you graduated from.
To the Editor: Government health insurance not the answer brutus 2009-07-30 21:00:23 Michelle my mother and father both died from cancer and I have 2 relatives who have cancer now. No they do not diagnose cancer in an ER. It can be a long and painful process from the time they do the biopsy till the time they tell you. It is not done in the ER, especially at Wood County. This is very insulting that you would try to minimize the hardship that me and my family went thru waiting for the results.
To the Editor: Single-payer system preferred Walt 2009-07-31 07:07:52 We can create an American system here. We don't have to have the British system or the Canadian system. But we have Medicare already, we have the US military health care system, we have what our Congressmen and women have so we have something to build on. We can look at the strengths and weaknesses of our American system and make it work. Words like "socialism" don't add to the debate. Let us focus on how we re-form our broken health care "system".
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced bbingham 2009-07-31 15:22:54 Mr. Dewitt not only doesn't have any problem telling people what to do,but how to think or else the stormtroopers might come marching into our district. It is demeaning to soldiers to claim they died in vain because of what the board did. They died protecting our rights to have a public school education where all children were and are allowed to attend. The board action was legal, if not liked by everyone. I dont recall getting any say in how the state spends my taxdollars, let alone a vote. I'm surprised Mr. Dewitt's allowed to post considering he showed in come cases he was unable to discuss issues without attacking people and had to have his comments deleted by the sentinel. My kids school is almost 100 years old and I think that is a factor in how bad the place is. How old was the old jr. high before it was razed? NO Mr. Dewitt I'm still not a district employee or related to anyone who is,just a long time resident who grew up in Weston and lives nearby with kids who attend school here. If you want to give you opinion fine, others dont have to agree with it or keep their opinions to themselves either.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced Enough 2009-07-31 21:00:32 I have had enough of this and I won't be reading anymore. Mr. DeWitt is being accused of comments that were made my others. He never once spoke about district employees or their spouses. Also, Mr. Zulch and others have stated the same thing. Enough already.
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary Horen 2009-08-01 03:24:40 We had two graduates from Otsego. We are very proud of the education our sons received. The new High School was a long time dream come true. I was relived when the Jr High was moved into the old High School (dirt floors in the basement, building falling apart, and bathrooms were unbelievable). I applaud the board for their efforts in this solution - for the new centralized elementary school. This solution is a fiscally prudent plan that will take care of our children now, and in the future. Not everyone will be happy with the decision, and that is their right - I do respect that. I like hearing what everyone has to say about the decision.
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary Horen 2009-08-01 03:30:56 Ooops - my typo - relived should read relieved in my earlier comment - Ü
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced bbingham 2009-08-01 06:18:37 I was refering to comments Mr. Dewitt directed at me in a previous comment on a different issue. The comments were bought to my attention by others and in fact were offense enough to have to be deleted by Sentinel staff. To deny it happened,doesn't change the facts or what Mr. Dewitt's intent was. To be mean and nasty just because he wanted too. I was also at Monday night's board meeting and contray to Mr. Zulch's claim in his letter, people who supported the school board action and spoke in favor of it were not just district employees or their relatives. I had enough of those guys and their comments a long time ago.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced Me 2009-08-01 07:05:07 Beth, Those comments came AFTER your attack on Mr. Zulch and the Weston community. To say that somebody is "in bed with" refers to a close alliance with one. Like the book "IN BED WITH THE DEVIL". I see you are still putting out the negitive attitude with "I had enough of THOSE guys and THEIR comments a long time ago. May God Bless you.
Popularity, Web snafus nearly broke 'clunkers' brutus 2009-08-01 07:45:55 I think this is a good program to help not only auto workers but car sales people and dealers alike. It proves Gov does work for the people. And to some who will say there was a bunch of confusion it is just like someone inventing a new product. You never no how well it will do or won't do. You may plan to only sell a 100 of a product but people like it so well you need a 1000. And you scurry to get that extra 900 made.
To the Editor: It's time for change in health care brutus 2009-08-01 08:07:39 You have made very good points Sara. We have spent how much on other countries like Iraq, paying over a 100 billion dollars bribing Iraqies not to shoot our soldiers but we complain about the cost to cover all Americans healthcare. Makes no sense. More people die each day from lack of healthcare than have ever died from a terrorist attack. Who are the real terrorist in this country? CEO's of health insurance companies who deny coverage to people who have a pre-existing condition? How about pharmaceutical companies who sell their drugs cheaper to other countries than they do here? We take care of other people's health around the world but not our own. Oh thats right those people will work for a dollar a day making big money for our corporations.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced Past supporter 2009-08-01 15:42:30 When you talk of negative remarks. Everyone forgets the fact Weston was closed over it's voting record according to Mr. Garber and the board. Never mind the fact that Westons voting record has been better then Grand Rapids recently and real close to the same as Haskins. The closing of Weston school which is 8000 sq ft. larger then the other two has caused the special needs children to be bussed in the future to N. Baltimore a 2 hour trip. This decision was based on Bias attitudes by ignorant people who are not tolerant of others. They justify these ugly actions by blameing the voters of Weston as it makes them sleep better. They also pit Weston against Haskins over which school should be closed when the removal of a few staff member could have kept them both open. Ignorant says no answers by others are offered yet many letter gave suggestion like cutting down the principals (see Eastwood who has one that floats between 3 elementary schools). In the end it is her signature on that promise note to the villages not mine and she ignoored advice that could have kept her word. If you vote yes in the future you send a strong message to other school districts that "do what you want and ignoor the tax payer is Ok". A new building does not make up for Bias and racist attitudes towards our children.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced New Blood 2009-08-01 21:49:23 Next election for Dickey, Garmenn & Hatfield is this next election 11-3-09. Will somebody please run for school board? This district needs to clean house. You only have until 8-20-09, so please hurry. The three should relize by now how much damage they have done and not petition for re-election, simply step down. Can't they see by just the above comments left district people how unaligned their thinking is? Please give us some new blood.
To the Editor: Person who designed house praises Waltz Rose 2009-08-02 08:22:43 Seriously?! No, sometimes the system doesnt work and some uniforms take advantage of their position. This has nothing to do with karma!
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced AMEN TO NEW BLOOD 2009-08-02 16:36:30 I Couldn't agree more with New Blood. I fully believe that until there are some new people to fill those seats on the board, this district will be at a stand-still AT BEST. To not replace Dickey, Garmen & Hatfield ASAP would be a vital mistake by the voters. The amount of chaos and rhetoric and mostly financial destruction that they have inflicted upon this distric with the help of "Mr. President" (Jamie Harter), the rest of the board & the infamous James Garber is inexcusable,uncalled for & certainly unforgivable. We may not get a say in the construction and funding options for a new school building since the current board seems to have stripped us all of our right to vote, but we sure as hell will have a voice and a vote when it comes time to elect new members of the Otsego School Board. I implore all of the voters in this district to EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE in November in order to start the clean-up process that long over-due! Out with the old, careless & irresponsible & in with some FRESH NEW BLOOD! Ahhhhhh!
We the people...Constitution rally in Perrysburg downthePike 2009-08-02 16:57:43 Why did you run this "story?" "Several speakers." Really? Who were they? What did they say? Were you taught the W's of journalism? Who, What, Where, When, Why (and the H - How). I wasted my time clicking on this "story," because there's nothing here.
Samantha Schira, Jason Wojcik wed R Hardy 2009-08-02 21:22:27 What a lovely couple! I bet Kimberly wrote the article, great job! I hope you lovebirds are enjoying so peace and quiet. Thanks for a wonderful wedding! Love Aunt Rae
We the people...Constitution rally in Perrysburg ROXXIE317 2009-08-03 06:10:43 That's it? Did this write really attend the event or just make this up. I find the last two sentences contradictory and the "story" weak. It's too bad because this truly could have been an interesting event to read about.
We the people...Constitution rally in Perrysburg sara 2009-08-03 07:38:11 "The idea was to keep current political issues out of the discussion." This is inaccurate. The second to last sentence is accurate. The speakers talked about current issues relating to the Constitution and the founding values and principals, which was the idea.
We the people...Constitution rally in Perrysburg sara 2009-08-03 07:49:01 Okay, now that the real article is posted, much better! Small discrepancy though: Tech Sgt Joe Lewis is not in the army he is with the 180th air guard
We the people...Constitution rally in Perrysburg brutus 2009-08-03 09:54:07 Hey Corey, that country was us, invading a sovereign country (Iraq) because we wanted their oil. Imagine a country whose children were going to school and playing in their yards and streets until we blasted the you know what out of it. And gee what does Iraq need today? A Saddam Hussien type guy to get people from killing each other. And why do people like you always assume we don't do research? Could it be we see things differently? And the gun talk has been going on since the beginning of our country. Nothing but a divisive issue used to divide people. Guns were here before I was born they will be here after I die. And just what kind of action are you talking about Joe?
We the people...Constitution rally in Perrysburg AJ Dukes 2009-08-03 11:21:07 Brutus....omg....."And gee what does Iraq need today? A Saddam Hussien type guy to get people from killing each other." After reading that quote from you, I hope everyone reading the OP page understands just what "kind" of a person you seem to be, and how little wieght they sould place on your comments and arguments. That quote was wrong....terribly wrong. You owe alot of Iraq citizens an apology. AJ Dukes Pembroke Pines FL
We the people...Constitution rally in Perrysburg brutus 2009-08-03 11:40:16 Which Iraq citizens, the Million+ that have died because we "liberated" them? Or how about the ones who have lost countless famiy members all in the name of your form of democracy? Ask the people of Iraq if they were happier then or now. Oh yeah they were already asked and they liked it before we invaded.
To the Editor: Eastside resident responds to landlord's letter bgresident 2009-08-03 11:52:31 The point missed by Brad and other supporters is.....It is a violation of law....he knowingly broke the law....he pled no contest or guilty to the offense....he was given one heck of a break on the fine. Rather than follow the law and try to make the changes to the law before violating it...Brad took the road that showed a lack of honesty and integrity. Then after exposing his true colors, he complained about the law. I can understand a disagreement and do not have a problem with a disagreement. It is the manner in which Brad chose to handle this matter that calls his honesty into question. After he has shown a willingness to violate the "law", why should anyone believe anything else that he has to say or that his motives are pure?
New BG coach Williams views news as 'real plus' for program Don Woods 2009-08-03 19:19:21 Willie, Give them as good a program as you can this coming season. Wishing you and the Falcons the best this year.
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary Spell Check 2009-08-03 20:38:58 OHSgrad got one thing right, it is "their" not "thier". But that's the different between a typo and just not knowing the difference in the first place. Can you spell "propaganda"? Or how about "condescending"? Because every time I've had to interfaced with this board that's all they put out. You can only put out so much negativity.
Boyfriend wants baby cut from mother's womb cynthia 2009-08-03 22:29:40 I hope child welfare looks into this extensively. Why didn't the "estranged boyfriend" have joint custody when this mother was alive? Why wasn't he married to this mother in the first place? Sounds like a deadbeat dad is trying to cash in. Where has this guy been all this time. Looks to me as if he knows how to make babies, but not stick around to take care of them. Loser.
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary 70's 2009-08-03 22:42:40 He graduated from Otsego with me. Guess we didn't have much of an education because we went to school in condemmed Jr. High's and average high schools. It is amazing we have jobs and can pay taxes. I think the real issue isn't to build or not to build. Rather, what will be done once a building is in place and there are no operating funds to run it? So the district puts up a $4 million dollar school, you have to have money to operate it and I think many of the voting citizens are discouraged with the lack of concern for the opinions of tax paying citizens. The current board has already stated that they need operating funds, think they will get it? I am not so sure.
Downtown BG store offers accessories to make any outfit a fashion statement ShoppingGal 2009-08-04 05:16:10 I LOVE this store!
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary One Room School 2009-08-04 10:34:16 My mother went to a one-room school until the eight grade. Her family was dirt poor, eight kids, happy to get an orange for Christmas (that's one orange). She was able to receive an education that enabled her to obtain a nursing degree. Worked at Wood County for almost 40 years and was the supervisor of central control for many of those years. The four walls of that school house did not teach her a damn thing, it was that teacher who knew how to teach and handle the kids. So don't blame poor education on the building in which our children attend, blame the teachers who just go through the motions to get a pay check. A great teacher is priceless, but not all should be compensated as such.
Portage officials to meet ODOT on light downthePike 2009-08-04 12:09:27 When the mayor and two citizens of Portage meet with ODOT later this month, as large a group as possible from Portage needs to be there. Even if you can't go into the meeting, gather together in the wings and bring your children and the elderly. Show the reason that the traffic light needs to remain. Portage may have a highway running through it, but it is as viable a community as any other and if traffic is allowed to course through it at speeds of over 45 mph with no traffic light then injuries and death are bound to happen. Keep the light!!!
Seeking affordable health care brutus 2009-08-04 12:56:31 Mr. Gardener I take you at your word that you are sincere about Healthcare. Most of us know tax breaks do not work. I can't understand why the business community is not sold on H.R. 676 the single payer bill in congress. This is not only small business friendly but would lower the costs to the employer and employees. We really need to stop all the rhetoric about socialized medicine and come together to help the people. I urge you to call Bob Latta and have him vote for this. This is a very simple bill, takes about an hour to read, and is good for the state, small business and the people. The media and business need to quit scaring people about single payer. The only people that will be hurt by single payer are the CEO's and their cronies and congresspeople both Dem and Repub looking for easy campaign contributions.
To the Editor: Eastside resident responds to landlord's letter Brad 2009-08-04 13:33:21 What would you do with a four bedroom? Drive by 919 Clough, then check back and tell me it is a menace. And yep, I was guilty of breaking a dumb law, I'm not remorseful- at all. I don't wear a seat belt either, I'm on a crime spree baby! Why do you not have a problem with the city not informing me for six weeks that my bill was mounting at $500 per day?
To the Editor: Eastside resident responds to landlord's letter Larry 2009-08-04 14:27:18 Unbelievable stuff here. Commenter number 5 above, your comments would suggest that you are still a juvenile. Do your parents approve of this behavior? Wait at least until puberty before you flash your two digit IQ all over the city. For number 7 above, I am sure we would find you in the front row, or even the pulpit of your local church every Sunday. You probably have your comments framed above the fireplace to help you bolster your fragile self esteem. I am pretty sure I have seen your usually negative remarks in the paper in the past past. Please give us a break, drive over your keyboard.
Portage officials to meet ODOT on light Mark Foster 2009-08-04 19:53:06 I'm going to contact ODOT and use Helena as an example, they have twice the traffic, houses just a close to the road as Portage AND NO LIGHT!!!!! Speed limit is also 45mph, I want to make sure ODOT sees that Portage should be setup exactly the same as Helena and that damn stupid light needs to go!!!!
Portage officials to meet ODOT on light big jb 2009-08-05 07:07:02 the light needs to go or put atimer on it to switch when traffic isat the light going east/ wife goes through portage at 12.15am home from work is scared sitting at a light when there is traffic. do something with that light!!!!!!!!!! it need to go. town is a speed trap cops are afraid of the dark are'nt never at that time. she see a sheriff more them portage cops.
Fairest of them all Vera Kelley Bury 2009-08-05 08:04:13 Congratulations Kara!
Pemberville tries police, parks levies concerned citizen 2009-08-05 09:09:25 Why have we not discussed cutting other expenditures? How much does it cost to have the restrooms, opera house and other private expenditures operating? Have we asked the employees to take pay and benefit cuts like they have done in the private sector? And why are the money woes tied strictly to the police force? After all there are other village employees than just the Police force.
To the Editor: Safe Weston intersection is writer's goal westonres 2009-08-05 09:44:55 It's a good idea to use extreme caution at every stop sign. I tell my son that just because he can see well down the road in either direction at a stop sign doesn't give him the right to ride his bike across the intersection without stopping first. Same goes for automobile operators. I'm familiar with this intersection and while it's true you have to pull forward to see clearly oncoming traffic in the easterly direction, the stop sign is not blocked, it is clearly visible. Have you tried talking to the property owners? They are nice people and I'm sure they'd be able to help. Sometimes it helps to go right to the source. If there isn't a Village Ordinance or a section of the Ohio Revised Code that is being violated, unfortunately, there is not a lot our elected officials can do to help you.
Fencing may be needed to stop misusue of G. Rapids compost site grbizowner 2009-08-05 09:49:02 That comment seems a little childish... and I beg to differ. The loss of our community schools is a GRAND RAPIDS (and a Weston and a Haskins, but certainly not a Tontogany) PROBLEM! I applaud Judy and Chad for standing up for their communities and making Grand Rapids a safe, beautiful and thriving community!
To the Editor: Parallel seen in Otsego & D.C. voting OTres 2009-08-05 11:12:45 I certainly agree with Mr. Dawson's views. The school board 5 years ago saw the need to communicate with the communities concerning the high school and was finally successful in a positive vote to build. The board was asked a number of times in their most recent pursuit, to again form a committee and discuss the situation for the benefit of all communities. At the meetings I attended the board members and superintendent answered the same way numerous times, NO, times have changed. They were asked a number of times to at least allow a bond issue vote and they said it would not pass. Board members indicated that they were not receiving opposition phone calls to there proposal, but many people did not believe the board could do the project without voter approval, and believe me the board played this strategy to their absolute benefit. Obviously public relations are not a priority for the board. The current board and superintendent will get what they wanted and leave when we cannot pay for it in the future. I would also imagine the board has already started a new strategy of "fear politics" to get operating millage passed for the huge deficits we are about to face. It will be interesting to see what the new deficit forecast will be now that we will have another new building with higher operating cost and a lease payment. The board continues to sell this with fuzzy math and free money claims.
To the Editor: Parallel seen in Otsego & D.C. voting BigRed 2009-08-05 11:46:34 I think if you look at the numbers, the new school will cost LESS to operate than three outdated schools. Whether there are three buildings or one, there will still be a need for money. It's not "fear politics" to tell the voters what will happen if a levy fails.
To the Editor: Parallel seen in Otsego & D.C. voting westonres 2009-08-05 13:09:30 I've "seen" the numbers and the new High School costs ridiculously more to operate than the old high school/music complex/junior high in just natural gas alone. I'm not convinced and seriously doubt any claim made by our superintendent and school board as to the "efficiency" of a new building.
To the Editor: Parallel seen in Otsego & D.C. voting OTres 2009-08-05 13:23:01 I believe the only way you save in operating costs is elimination of people and services. The additional cost to air condition, heat and light the building will probably be more as they have easily found out with the new high school. In the excitement of voting to proceed with the lease purchase, a few comments struck home. Mr. Dickey commented we are getting a $26 million school for $4 million. Mrs, Hatfield then made the comment, we need to get this done because the they feel the construction bids will come in 20% less than architect estimates. A 20% savings would be over $5 million. Why do we need to borrow the $4 million in the first place. I wonder what they plan to do with the savings. Will we build another auditorium, new sports facilities or I can only imagine. The less money borrowed the less you pay back. There was money saved on building the high school, but they chose to spend the savings on extras. Thus the statement of fuzzy math and free money.
'A's' equal discount for a stay at Ohio state parks Mike 2009-08-05 13:55:24 Beware of rip-off policies by Xanterra Resorts which runs the Ohio State Park resorts. When you book directly with Xanterra's reservation web site, you are not told that their cancellation policy says that you must give 14 days prior notice to avoid losing your "reservation deposit". Only after you authorize your credit card do you get details about this policy. In today's life, with hectic schedules and last minute changes in plans, 14 day notice is not typical of even high-end hotels in New York or San Francisco. It is geared to screw you out of big bucks. I am spreading the word to suggest finding a nice hotel or motel near Ohio parks rather than booking a Xanterra resort which is profiting off our taxpayer-supported state parks.
Police Taser 76-year-old tractor driver Parade goer 2009-08-05 15:02:27 Yes, the tractor hit the police car after the officer pulled in front of the tractor to stop him from going to the park for the tractor pull. The tractor was going 5 miles an hour and pulling a trailer full of children and senior citizens! Bud tried to stop the tractor but didn't have time when the cop pulled around in front of him. It's a miralce that no one on the trailer was killed as they were all thrown forward when the cop whipped in front of the tractor and Bud slammed on the breaks! The officer then proceeded to punch and tazer Mr. Grose.
Fencing may be needed to stop misusue of G. Rapids compost site grsmalltownfan 2009-08-05 15:38:31 Should the headline have been village of Grand Rapids will be divided by another STATE ROUTE? (ODOT doesn't want look like the bad neighbor so have the village administrator request this for future developement can't pass this off as a safety issue) Did council or Mr Hoffman ask the Wapakoneta Road residents their feelings? I see semi and dump trucks legally using this cut over to Route 6, no stop sign at Third St to close to 2nd stop sign an ODOT requirement, and a wider road. Could this decrease the Route 65 truck traffic? Who lives along that state route? I guess we won't have to worry about school children crossing the NEW Route 295 since our grade school will be closed. Did the village consult the township trustees? Last month Mr Foos was worried about firemen traffic if a new firehall was being built on the corner of Third and Wapakoneta is he worried now? I urge Grand Rapids residences to think of what kind of place they want to live in and let the council members, mayor and township trustees know your concerns. I know economic gain is important but at who's expense. Enough with stimulus ODOT road projects.
To the Editor: Parallel seen in Otsego & D.C. voting brutus 2009-08-05 16:53:35 You know Jack I would have passed over your letter because I saw Otsego and figured it was about a local school issue. But as I read it, several times by the way, it seems to be more of a hit piece on President Obama and the people who voted for him than an Otsego issue. The President is right in saying it would be the most transparent in history because we had no idea what George and Dick were doing the last 8 years. And those of us who voted for President Obama are very happy with him. People who commented above talked more about the Otsego issue than you did. To think every board member is going to do what you want is about as silly as thinking that Bob Latta will do everything I want. And please stick to the local issue if you wish to have credibility. Talk about national in another letter.
To the Editor: Parallel seen in Otsego & D.C. voting Past supporter 2009-08-05 17:31:05 When pushed with the actual numbers to run the High School Mr. Garber admitted at the last meeting that the savings will have to come in staff cuts. It is funny though that no saving came from staff cuts on the Junior/senior high building. Same amount of administrative staff stuffed into that single building. If they would of made a couple of modest cuts Weston elementary could of been kept open which was 8000 sq. ft larger then the other elementary buildings. It's closure has lead to no room for the special needs children in this district. They will enjoy a 2 hour ride to N. Baltimore as part of this boards 21 century vision for their future.
To the Editor: It's time to change our medical care system brutus 2009-08-05 18:11:38 Thank you Dr. Campbell for bringing these realities to light. We seem to have become a if it's not happening to me it's not happening society. The bankrupty from medical bills alone should make people want a change. Please contact Bob Latta and tell him you want healthcare for all. And please don't wait till it hits your home to take action. By then it may be to late.
Woman gets jail for trying to free dog from pound downthePike 2009-08-05 21:48:15 After hearing about and reading about so many instances of pit bulls attacking people and being so vicious, I used to think that the entire breed was a danger to all people. Last winter someone dropped off 2 pit bull mixed breeds at our house in the country and we took care of them for 4 months before placing them at a no-kill shelter. They were energetic, loyal, intelligent and friendly. I no longer think of pit bulls as being the horrible creatures that some people make them out to be. I hope Ms. Johnson will get a chance to get her dog back and I can understand loving an animal so much that saving it from being killed might put someone at odds with the law. Good luck, Jessica.
Police Taser 76-year-old tractor driver downthePike 2009-08-05 21:51:04 Police tazing seems to have taken on epidemic proportions. It's happening everywhere and for the least provocation. This is ridiculous that a 76-year old man was tazed. Surely there was a better solution!!!
We the people...Constitution rally in Perrysburg Robin 2009-08-06 05:17:17 What a great article. I was there, and it genuinely reports the gist. It was an inspiring event full of ordinary citizens wanting our country to keep it's freedoms, which are being threatened by legislation currently pending. It is a time for ordinary people to read the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and give thanks for the stability and decency of the nation we grew up in.
To the Editor: Weston man criticizes Otsego decision I Just Can't Believe It! 2009-08-06 10:09:23 It's like buying a new car and not having the money to put gas in it. Now who would do that, oh yeah Otsego School Board!?
Weston Council frustrated with ongoing problems with youngsters jsmith 2009-08-06 10:58:22 I am suprised that they did not try to blame the school board, it seams all there prolbems up to now have been caused by bad school board members. Maybe Paul and Howard can spend time on Westons real prolbems instead.
We the people...Constitution rally in Perrysburg brutus 2009-08-06 11:16:50 I know I am a little slow but Robin could you tell me which legislation and which specific part of the Constitution is being threatened? Thanks.
Weston Council frustrated with ongoing problems with youngsters westonres 2009-08-06 12:23:23 Maybee the should ask Tom Zulch to lok into iy=t he seams to be an expert on children and what is best for them. Robleski could also join his commettee he likes to think he is an expert.
To the Editor: Parallel seen in Otsego & D.C. voting Enough Is Enough 2009-08-06 12:39:42 It's time for Mr. Garber to move on. Enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!
To the Editor: Safe Weston intersection is writer's goal kelleepullen 2009-08-06 14:43:52 Unfortunately, I have gone to the source and I was told that it was not their problem. The intersection at 235 and Taylor St was a problem that no one could take care of until a Weston Fire truck was ruined. I think that needs to change, and I would think that you, having children, would want that to occur. My point is not that the view of the stop sign is obstructed, but the actual traffic (and pedestrians) on the street are. As for your comment about the elected officials, they are not the only people I have contacted. The only reason I even mentioned speaking to the elected officials was due to an article published a few weeks ago in the Sentinel where Mr. Perry said that he wished I had gone to the council first, before writing the first letter to the editor. Well, the fact of the matter is that I DID contact those people and no one would listen (including the homeowner). So, thank you for realizing the intersection is dangerous, and tell your friends. Hopefully nothing tragic ever occurs there.
To the Editor: Parallel seen in Otsego & D.C. voting OHSgrad 2009-08-06 15:10:19 I rode the bus for 3 hours in jr. high and it was awful,2 hours in high school and some elementary kids also ride for close to 2 hours a day and live close to a school now. Last year one student from Haskins rode on a bus to NB. I doubt anyone is actually a "past supporter" and my guess is people are very upset and might not vote yes for a new levy, but they still support the education of the kids in this district. We might not agree on how to pay for it or where they should go-but most people are so passionate because they are strong supporters of the education of the kids in this district.
To the Editor: Weston man criticizes Otsego decision OHSgrad 2009-08-06 15:26:44 The gas tank has been running on empty for years and keeping the 3 schools open didn't even buy the board a quarter tank. It's like not putting gas in your clunker and wondering why it wont get you to a school in your town. Now who would do that? The new school is being built with a zero interest loan. I even think the interest it generates is used to pay down the debt, so we pay back less than what we borrowed in almost half the time. It is like the cash for clunkers program. The board stated that keeping the schools open was contingent upon operating levies passing. The bond issue built the school,but didn't generate any new operating funds for the district. No new operating funds have been approved in 10 years. How did people think if the bond passed and the high school was built no new levy would ever need to be passed to operate the 3 elementaries and high school,jr. high? Costs have gone up in 10 years. We dont have any money now,before anything is even built.
To the Editor: Weston man criticizes Otsego decision Earth Calling 2009-08-06 17:17:16 OHSgrad is smoking some good 70's stuff if they think this path the board going down will be anything but a mess. I hope not, but I've seen it all before and it dosen't end on a good note. Have you looked at what interest rates are at? Pay down the debt ya right. The reason the voters turn down levy after levy is because the board has alienated itself form most of us in the community. Put down what ever you're smoking and come back to earth.
To the Editor: Weston man criticizes Otsego decision Brad Anderson 2009-08-06 20:02:55 I wish you all would use your real names. I appreciate all the letters in the paper and everyone is entitled to their opinion. The fact is that another levy will not pass. The current board has lost all trust with the voters and the state will be running the school district inside of 2 years.
To the Editor: Weston man criticizes Otsego decision NotfromWeston 2009-08-06 20:55:10 Facts are the Weston portion of the district has not passed a levy in nearly 30 years. Why would the board listen to a group who oppposes everything they have tried to do for three decades? I would rather see you taking the time to watch what goes on in your rough little town, than bashing the people with the moxy to take a stand and fight for what they believe will benifit the kids.
To the Editor: Weston man criticizes Otsego decision OTres 2009-08-07 05:20:49 TO: Not from Weston, This is exactly what the board has created and you have drank the Kool-Aid. The divide and conquer strategy the board has created is working. The sad fact is you do not understand demographics of our voting community. In the last levy attempts all precincts gave resounding negative votes, with Haskins and Weston being the most positive. It shows Grand Rapids, Tontogany and Washington Twp. failing the levies by the highest percentage. Also for your info the no votes from across the river are off the chart. The facts show that Washington Twp. has the ability to contribute more tax dollars to the school district, which is where you must be from since money talks. The problem is you don't have the majority of voters and the attitude shows. I believe that a number of the so called supporters of the board, are going to the voting booth and voting no on the levies, the numbers prove it. You and the board need to educate yourselves on the voting demgraphics and how democracy is supposed to work.
Eastwood puts bond on ballot Greatlesson 2009-08-07 08:32:45 I have to commend the Eastwood board of education for the professional way they are handling a delicate situation for the voters, taxpayers and most of all the children. I wish they could teach the Otsego board of education a lesson in proper respect for all involved.
Eastwood puts bond on ballot concerned citizen 2009-08-07 08:41:59 What about the income tax that will be lost to the towns of Pemberville and Luckey by closing the elementary schools? And why don't the people in favor of this new complex just pool their money together, because they need a new school, to pay for it? Pemberville Elementary is a beautiful school, why not retrofit it and Luckey for solar? And please stop telling taxpayers they will save money by letting other tax levies expire. Look at the other school districts that went to the central campus. They are still puting new tax iniatives on the ballot.
Weston Council frustrated with ongoing problems with youngsters Joe Schroeder 2009-08-07 09:42:46 Wow...are the comments really constructive and useful for anything but slander? I'd be making sure your liability insurance is paid up when any of the above people you've slandered decide to file suit. Just because you don't include your name doesn't mean your comment is not traceable. And JSmith, I would beg to differ. The loss of our school is MOST CERTAINLY a REAL PROBLEM in WESTON. Also, I'm PROUD we have a village council that cares for our community and the safety of the children who are fortunate enough to live in a small town. If my son were pulling out in front of people on his bike, I'd certainly want to know and would think nothing of a council member (or any other person) was witness. It takes a village, you know.
To the Editor: Eastside resident responds to landlord's letter bgresident 2009-08-07 12:37:38 At church yes, front row, no. Have only written one letter to the editor in my entire 30+ years in BG and it was a positive letter thanking someone for their actions. So I guess your assumptions have made an...well you know what they say. Sure hope that you don't disagree with our laws on murder, rape, robbery, drug trafficking.. the list goes on. Based upon your comments it sounds like you would break the law because you don't like it. You,Curly and Mo need to stick to comedy and not try to be civic minded.
Portage officials to meet ODOT on light Going through the village 2009-08-07 14:38:35 I think the light should go. It is nothing but a speed trap.
Eastwood puts bond on ballot sivicman 2009-08-07 15:39:49 I'm so sick and tired of these schools putting levies on the ballot every time you turn around. Always hitting up the homeowner for money we don't have. In case you don't know whats going on in this country Brent there are NO JOBS! I would like a new pole barn but I can't afford it, suppose I put a levy on the ballot and if it passes you don't get to use it Brent. Find another way to pay for your schools.
Weston Council frustrated with ongoing problems with youngsters mjohnson 2009-08-07 18:29:17 I may not live in weston anymore but i know that there is big problem with the kids there. Has anyone ever sat down with the kids and talked with them? They skateboard behind the new Legion post all the time. I sat with the kids one night and talked with them and watched them skate for a while. I asked them not to damage anything there and to be sure to pick up their trash when they leave. You know, they have not damaged anything there since I talked with them and they do pick up there trash when they leave. These kids NEED a place to go and have someone with the patience to sit down and talk with them, treat them with a little respect and just maybe you may get it in return.
To the Editor: Weston man criticizes Otsego decision More Money 2009-08-07 20:05:55 And so it starts: NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that on August 24, 2009, the Board of Education of Otsego Local School District, Wood County, Ohio, will hold a public hearing at the Otsego High School Library, Tontogany, Ohio, commencing at 5:00 p.m., regarding a proposal to direct 0.50 mills of its levy within the ten-mill limitation to a permanent improvement fund, which may result in an increase in the amount of real property taxes levied by the Board in tax year 2010 (collection year 2011). By order of the Board of Education of Otsego Local School District, Wood County, Ohio. Pamela Harrington Treasurer, Board of Education Aug. 1, 8, ’09
Walbridge fears having many vacant council seats stickpen 2009-08-08 13:25:30 4 people resign all at once and nobody wants to say why??? Pretty shady to me.
To the Editor: Hate-filled oratory should be denounced brutus 2009-08-08 13:28:45 Remember when the circus used to come to town by train? The animals, trainers, trapeze artists and the clowns. Well now the circus comes by way of TV and radio. The clowns being Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly amd other Fox "News" people. Clowns use to try and make you laugh, feel good and have fun. These modern clowns preach hate, racism, violence and even murder. They have people who call themselves "Teabaggers" and "Constitution people" but in reality are people who hate the fact we have a half black. half white man in the Whitehouse. And think about it if these were black people disrupting these town hall meetings they would be called rioters and be beat up and put in jail. Remember Katrina when the black people were called looters and the whites were called innovative for knowing how to survive?
To the Editor: Cancer funding comment clarified brutus 2009-08-09 07:22:02 Dr. Cummings, do you believe the lag in research and funding for lung cancer could be that we were all lead down the path that all lung cancer comes from smoking? Air and water pollution from corporations seems to have been forgotten. How convenient that we blame everything on smoking. And by the way I am not a smoker never have been. When my mother-in-law died in 1996 from cancer the Dr. attributed it from my father-in-law who had quit smoking 20 years before. Now mind you he never did an autopsy and the cancer actually started in her colon and because it spread throughout her body he came up with that. I am not advocating smoking but we need to expose the biggest reason for lung cancer.
To the Editor: Got insurance? Gary Lahman 2009-08-09 07:56:36 Reid, Sounds like a great plan, is it Medicare?
To the Editor: BG man opposes anti-discrimination ordinance Marlene 2009-08-09 11:12:33 Re-read Marcy St. John's letter, Gary... and ask yourself that if that happened to you and you read of said discrimination each and every day -- maybe your tune would be different. If you'd take a look at what's happening across the country, every day, more and more companies are adding such policies like the one proposed for BG. When these companies look at locating a plant or store in a community, they do look at what anti-discrimination policies are on the books. If you remember, Mary Kruger from the BGSU Womens' Center said at council that she personally knows of people who withdrew from contention for a job at the university *because* BG has no anti-discrimination policy -- a potential renter, sir! I'm *so* sorry we violate your delicate sensibilities! Second of all, your religious beliefs have no place in running a business to the public -- that's why the country has laws outlawing discrimination based on religion, because business owners such as yourself denies housing to Catholics and Jews -- and vice versa. I don't think you'd like it if you went to a business to help renovate some of your units and the owner says, "Sorry, I only do business with
South of Border Festival booming larry 2009-08-10 08:21:41 watch out perrysburg twp. toledo will see this and decide they want to do it and take it away from you(like they did the brass drum and bugle contest in b.g.) then run it in the ground in one or two years. keep up the good work.
To the Editor: Got insurance? brutus 2009-08-10 09:07:53 Most people also have a deductable and mine happens to be $2400.00. That is what I must pay even before they cover anything. I get a kick out of these Medicare people protesting at these town Hall meetings about affordable insurance for all. They are worried about Gov run Health insurance. HAH! I think these people should cancel their "socialized medicine". And while they are at it send back that Social Security check.
To the Editor: BG landlord: Code enforcement does more harm than good TBRay 2009-08-10 10:26:47 bgres - How dare you say that Brad did not care about us. Brad probably cared more about us than all of the landlords in BG put together. Do not judge who you do not know. It makes you sound childish.
South of Border Festival booming downthePike 2009-08-10 13:08:04 This is all fine and good, but where are the festivals that celebrate being Irish, or Scottish, or Italian, or German? I know that there are many residents of northwestern Ohio who are from these backgrounds, but for some reason they don't feel the need to celebrate their ethnicity. Could it be that only ethnicities that see themselves apart from being AMERICAN need to be celebrated? And if this is so, then why do so many people contribute to these festivities? We need to stop catering to those who want to be seen as apart and start observing more activities that make us one.
To the Editor: BG resident criticizes how city dealt with landlord Thinker 2009-08-10 15:37:37 I have followed this event “play out” over the past few weeks. The only thing I find more stupid than the enforcement of such a law, particularly in this situation; are the comments by those posting half - thought, ill - considered and totally illogical comments in a vain attempt to rationalize the miss-guided logic of these code enforcement officers. At best, such laws are enacted, and are only to be enforced at the discretion of code enforcement officers for heinous situations; which clearly this was not. There are three groups of people in BG. The first group is continually shrinking, we can simply term them the “doers”; those who work, save and invest, often they have to meet a payroll, usually taking substantial financial risk to employ others, those who take risks and invest in a hope for a brighter future, those who find a way to “get the job done”, and they usually work long hours to “get the job done”. Clearly the entrepreneur describing his plight in this article is part of the “doer” group. Then there is the second group, these are the ones who show up to work most days, but not all days; they work for the “doers”. They are unwilling to take a risk, never have had the pressure of meeting a payroll, never had to satisfy the customer, never placed the sign on their desk “the buck stops here”, never employed anyone, never bettered anything, can barely work a 40 hour week, but are always the first ones to the candy machine at break time to get their Snickers bar. Out of misguided jealousy they want to criticize the “doer” group. Finally, there is the wonderfully unmotivated and unfortunately growing third group, the “riders”. The “rider” group simply rides in the wagon while some from the second group pulls it and all from the “doer” group strains to keep the wagon moving. These “riders” are the takers from society (i.e., the “doer” group). A few “riders” actually work, but almost always for a meaningless un-needed but over-funded government bureaucracy (such as the code-enforcement officers described in this article). They too prefer to criticize the “doer” group as they are unwilling to put forth the effort to join them and fail to recognize they are supported, almost solely, by them. At best I would guess those criticizing the entrepreneur are in the second group, but if I were a gambler, I would bet most are in the third group just riding in the wagon. What they fail to realize, out of clear stupidity, is that without growing the “doer” group there will not be anyone in the other two groups; thus be careful what you criticize and/or support.
To the Editor: Got insurance? covered?? 2009-08-10 16:30:20 I have pretty good coverage that was a godsend when I had very sick child,but I worry about it disappearing and am paying more. I heard a doctor on tv saying that people on Medicad don't have the limits people who have private insurance do and pay a lot less. They dont have to have test or treatments preapproved. Someone said through Medicad and Medicare the governent is already paying 46% of health care cost. What upsets me about the shouters is that they want to shout out the rights of others to ask questions, get answers and voice an opinion. I get people are upset, but they taking away the rights of others to speak and be heard and claim they are concerned about the state of America? If they oppose the plan, fine. Why can't they ask questions, or make comments without drowning out others? Why the need to just yell and stop a discussion from taking place?
Catch a pig on a hot day g.lause 2009-08-11 04:53:09 Fu to watch but hot this yr as usual gl
To the Editor: BG man opposes anti-discrimination ordinance snickets 2009-08-11 05:30:29 Hey Marlene, check out the comment to Sally Motts letter. Some of us take enough risk!
To the Editor: BG resident criticizes how city dealt with landlord brutus 2009-08-11 06:54:58 Wow thinker what an arrogant view on other people. Yeah I know people like you do it all by yourself. Why then do people like yourself hire other people since we are nothing but slugs to you. Your type of thinking was prevalent in the 1930's in a country called Germany. We all know how that worked out. If you don't like the laws and rules of our land do one of two things, work to have them changed or move to a country where there are no laws and rules. How arrogant you are.