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Wednesday, 10 February 2010 14:13
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To the Editor: BG man: 'Country has gone mad' useyourhead 2010-02-08 13:30:39 brutus, Thank you for making my point.
'No smoking' rules questioned iawlfan 2010-02-08 13:47:16 I don't necessarily disagree. My house has always been a non-smoking house and the thought of going out in the freezing cold for another winter season was one of my top 3 reasons to quit. And I agree that non-smokers also have rights. Here's the problem that I see: With no smoking ban, you are trampling on the rights of one group: Non-smokers. By enforcing a smoking ban, you are trampling on the rights of two groups: Smokers and business owners. In my book, interfering with the rights of two groups' rights is worse than interfering with the rights of one group. And not forcing a smoking ban does NOT prevent businesses from making their own choice about it. Not to mention the unintended consequences that nobody ever thinks about when they get wound up in their own this story points out. What would have happened if conventional wisdom was exactly opposite and the law said that smokers MUST be allowed to smoke INDOORS because the health risks of standing outside in the cold far outweigh the risks of second-hand smoke. That would mean you would be forced to allow smokers to smoke in your home. Would you like to have that kind of government interference in your own household? I sure wouldn't. That's how many business owners feel. That's my point.
To the Editor: Returning $17M to state not wise management facts 2010-02-08 13:48:16 Patriot I have seen Power points on how we will make the payment(that is all it explained).They do not explain how we pay for the additional cost of buses.gas,fuel for the new building and the projected million dollar shortfall (I did hear they say these are different issues at one point). But that is not an answer of how we are going to pay for them. If you do not know the answer to this that is fine. I can only assume a large levy is needed or major cuts?? If I missed that presentation I am sorry, could you have him post it on the web site You just seem to understand this so well I though you would know these number
To the Editor: Returning $17M to state not wise management patriot 2010-02-08 13:58:46 OK, Facts, what's the issue here? If we keep 3 elementary schools, we'll need money for all of the things you mentioned. If we use state money to build a new school, we'll need money for all of the things you mentioned.
To the Editor: Returning $17M to state not wise management kabar 2010-02-08 14:48:02 to togany1 - I have not read all the posts to the Vollmar's letter. I stopped at your comment, reason being you have insulted my child. How dare you. You've implied my child is on the "team" because of his Grandparents and not his athletic ability. Guess what, my child is also an A / B student. Do you plan to claim that his Grandparnets come to class and take his exams for him too? Leave my child out of your disagreement with the Vollmar's opinion and stick to the issues.
To the Editor: We haven't learned from our mistakes Bunker 2010-02-08 15:15:29 Sarah Palin had "Hi Mom" written on one hand, and points she wanted to discuss on another. A far cry from reading a prepared speech that President Hussein and his staffers went over and fact checked - and STILL GOT IT WRONG!! I blame this on Obama and his staffers being more familiar with the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf and those ideas than the Constitution or Declaration. GWB and Sarah can put together a sentence without needing to read it verbatim off a teleprompter.
To the Editor: BG man: 'Country has gone mad' Bunker 2010-02-08 21:51:41 Tired - You are trying to blur the line, typical for someone who isn't even a casual acquaintance with the truth! I see no mention of his ethnicity or race in the letter. It states that he doesn't know where B Hussein Obama was born. It may be Japan, Hawaii, Chicago, Kenya, China, or a planet ruled by teleprompters. It says that he knows that Osama isn't one of us. Neither is Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi. Nor Al Sharpton. Nor Barney's Frank. Nor Van Jones. Nor the Marxist / Progressive / Populist / Socialist extremists that push that kind of agenda. We stand for freedom, and you stand for enslaving your fellow citizens. You are not one of us, either, Tired. You are a racist boob. GWB was not a draft dodger. You may be confusing him with Bill Jefferson "BJ" Clinton. He has provided his military records and pay stubs to prove it. The only proof otherwise was a 1970's letter provided by the Texas DNC to Dan Rather for CBS nightly news. Rather ran it on the news, and it took about 2 seconds for someone to prove it was a fake made on a computer printer. Dan had to "retire" after that, but the idiots (YOU) just remember the AWOL stuff. Why don't you want BO to provide proof (very easy) like you needed the National Guard pay stubs? Because you are a racist boob. I would like to see where GWB admits to using cocaine. I've read several accounts from people who have an agenda against the Bush family, like Sharon Bush during her messy divorce with Neil, or the convicted felon and perjuror (thus democrat) who was paid big $$ for a book deal. Obama admits to the drug use in his books, stupid.
To the Editor: Returning $17M to state not wise management Elmwood taxpayer 2010-02-08 23:57:48 Don't bring Elmwood into your Otsego conversations, Tom Z. We replaced light bulbs in our new building-no new conversion kits or other costs involved. We did the right thing and consolidated our buildings in 2004 without any of this "we need our town schools even if it costs more to operate them". No big uproar about towns dying. We took the state up on their offer and built a state of the art building that is beautiful and efficient. Our operating and personnel costs decreased. The best thing: we paid for it with less than 3.5 mills using state funding. Your community is never going to build three elementary schools for less money than one-ever. No matter which world you live in. The state builds these projects for maximum efficienct in energy, staff, and resources. If you want to give that money back to the state, be our guest. Besides, I don't think I have ever heard a taxpayer say "I have enough money now, please raise my taxes". Bite the bullet folks and embrace your one chance to positively change your district for the better. It will never come around again!
To the Editor: Returning $17M to state not wise management House hunter 2010-02-09 00:03:13 I am in the process of buying a home in Wood County. After a careful consideration of all of the facts, I would never buy one in the Otsego School District. I'm not too difficult to please but when residents don't support the best educational system for their children, property values decline. Wait until you have to sell your homes and watch your values plummet. You're dremaing if you think your property values will ever increase with all of this bickering!!
To the Editor: Returning $17M to state not wise management Reader 2010-02-09 02:41:53 Waiting for Wednesdays paper to see who wrote another article that we can tear apart!! We have managed to degrade writers, staff, the board, taxpayer, homeowners, the bus drivers, retirees, custodial staff, students, handicap children, Mr. Garber, parents, grand parents, the treasurer, I missing anyone? We wouldnt want anyone to feel left out...Lets make sure we are politically correct and not discriminate against anyone by discluding them in our bashing sessions each week.
'No smoking' rules questioned receive69 2010-02-09 04:23:44 iawlfan, your points are very well received. We do not have the man power or the funds to really enforce this ban, however, There are many laws we dont agree with, but we are expected to obey. This law was not passed by our representatives, but rather put on the ballet, and every citizen who had the right to vote was given the opportunity to vote this down. The majority, (even though slim) did vote to enact this ban. As far as the businesses go, I think this is a crutch, because, unlike the BG City ban on smoking, which affect just one community, this is a state wide ban, so the only ones who might be feeling this pinch would be businesses in the bordering cities, i.e. Toledo, Antwerp, Cincinati, etc. These business could feel a pinch because of the ban, however, Bowling Green, is very marginally feeling this inconvienience. If the cell phone and texting ban would have passed, we would have to obey that law as well, weather we agreed with the ban or not, because it is law. Just a few thoughts...
To the Editor: Campaign contribution ruling questioned Bunker is a Dumbass 2010-02-09 10:56:20 There is still a law barring foreign corporations from spending money in connection with U.S. elections (see 2 U.S.C. 441e(a)(1) and (b)(1), with definition of "foreign principal" in 22 U.S.C. 611(b)(3)), and that’s a matter likely to be litigated further. The court’s most recent decision explicitly didn’t deal with that question. But strictly speaking, Obama couched his claim as something "I believe," making it a statement of opinion and not of fact. So whether his view turns out to be right remains to be seen
N.B. Schools to try levy tapped out in NB 2010-02-09 12:47:26 Why do they always say" for just a cup of specialty coffee a day.." NB Schools is getting very close to having a taxpayer revolt on their hands. By how many votes did the new school building pass by? Did you know at the time it was passed that there was going to be 1 million deficit by 2011? We just don't have any more to give. Because properties are being assessed at a higher rate you are only getting 4.65 mills. Well sorry about that but we who own property don't dare try to improve it because you are going to take even more. What about the athletic fields you mention. How are you going to pay for those? it is my understanding that they were not part of the package for the new school. You are so sure that the railroad is going to cause an expansion in the school district. I sure hope it does to relieve the strain on those of us who actually own property and don't just use the services. But then again why would you live in NB if you can live in a cheaper district. Think about it, you can't buy champagne with a beer budget.
To the Editor: G. Rapids resident doubts any tax increase levy would pass in Otsego facts 2010-02-09 14:48:42 Ohgrad We will never know if voters would have supported a 3 eleemntary school plan as it was never offered. The board was quick to say that since the last levy went down (if passed would of kept the 3 elementary schools open one more year ONLY!) we don't support 3 new buildings in phase 2 and somehow they are the same issue. The projected 2 million dollar shortfall is a seperate issue from adding a new consolidated campus and a new lease payment. Again people picking what fits their arguments.
BG hotel embezzler is sentenced AMS 2010-02-09 16:35:34 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
BG hotel embezzler is sentenced AMS 2010-02-09 16:37:17 Everyone gets what the deserve. Karma sucks, huh?
To the Editor: We haven't learned from our mistakes Duh! 2010-02-09 16:52:04 There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again -GWB, Yeah he was a real orator and let Palin represent your Tea Bagging party, she is a train wreck.
To the Editor: Otsego bus drivers are praised ohs senior 2010-02-09 17:44:19 what about the bus drivers, who drive past students who were in accidents and don't even STOP! are they great too?
To the Editor: G. Rapids resident doubts any tax increase levy would pass in Otsego patriot 2010-02-09 19:33:13 2 million dollar shortfall? it keeps growing and growing. it's like a good fish story. it costs too much to operate 3 elementary schools! you want to talk and complain about taxes? well, I can't afford to pay taxes to operate 3 elementary schools just to keep your towns alive or your kids in your town. what you want is unrealistic! one school makes cents$$
To the Editor: Returning $17M to state not wise management Tom Z 2010-02-09 22:14:46 Elmwood Taxpayer I think you folks did the good thing by building a new K-12 building. Your buildings were worn out from age and lack of input on important maintaince issues. I really like the way the old offices were fixed up for use by the general public.Remember ,you already had a nice auditorium that you did not have to build new and the state picked up most of the new cost ,and the state funding came from all of us(remember ,we are the state) so your 3.5 to build is really 6.0 in Otsego plus the new 1.5 mills that will be needed for the new lease payment ,plus operational costs that will go up again, so we could be facing close to ten mills for our new buildings. We could easily end up like Perrysburg with new buildings and a big money problem. Kind of like a new house and no money for gas for the car..You might want to check with your office and see what it cost to replace the lighting and why they did it--it was to save you money on electric and while you are at it you may want to check on the total cost to operate the new building compared to the old--it costs more for the new but in your case it certinely is worth it.You may also need to know that Otsego taxpayers turned down levys involving a new central campus three times and only passed it on the fourth by 30 votes after the board promised three elementary buildings. They have turned down two operating levys since then . Now with a new elementary built without a vote of the taxpayer I fear the worst when it comes to new money.In America with our voting system eventually you will do what the taxpayer wants or you get no money,the central campus supporters have their good points,they are vocal , however they are in the minority ,big time. They may end up with that new house and no money for gas for the car----
To the Editor: Rezoning critics can't have it both ways gargie 2010-02-10 11:48:33 There's trucks all day long going in and out of the landfill except that they have a turning lane (recently). It was a traffic hazard before, a big one. If it is allowed the road hazard needs the same attention,for starters. There is always more to it than we understand.
ANNIVERSARY: Jeff and Julie Thomas auntlulu 2010-02-10 12:33:56 Congrats, Julie & Jeff! Wishing you 25 more!
To the Editor: Let election be conservatives vs. liberals joseph 2010-02-10 12:40:02 But then the republicans (or conservatives) put forth candidates that are zealots like Latta. They put forth people who never break party ranks and stick by principles even when those principles are like a stick in the eye. I would rather send a message even if I lose. The message is that people like Latta don't represent me, whether you call him a conservative, a republican or a zealot.