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Wednesday, 10 February 2010 10:31
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To the Editor: Education: Then and now gg 2009-07-23 19:35:29 Any one who ever read the Little House series of books knows that school boards are nothing new. Yes, in the late 1800s, teachers were actually hired by boards. Bureaucracy is nothing new. It's fine to be nostalgic for the one-room schoolhouse, just do it with some integrity.
To the Editor: Central campus would serve all children equally brad anderson 2009-07-23 20:01:07 Well said, theewings99. Let's hope the board lets us vote on what they are attempting. If they do it without a vote, we are all going to have problems.
To the Editor: Otsego board should listen to the people Brad Anderson 2009-07-23 20:02:54 Great letter, Mr. Ewing. There will be some new blood on the board this coming election.
Custar man dies in single-car crash tracys sister 2009-07-24 00:00:35 Let my brother rest in PEACE
To the Editor: BG landlord: Code enforcement does more harm than good Brad 2009-07-24 05:50:45 Hi, It is hard for me to believe how off the mark your comments are. 1) I cleared $200/month after my Mortgage, how much should I make? I put everything I had and owned on the line to make that project happen. 2) I am a BG resident, have been 40 years 3) This is me trying to get the law changed 4) I'm not a real big fan of pity 5) My orginal letter to the editor was 1300 words, cutting it to 500 met some information and background would not fit. 6) No, I am not remorseful at all. It's a dumb law! Lastly, it is a four bedroom, should I pad lock the forth bedroom or just cut it off with a chain saw? What do you think college kids on a budget are going to do with an empty fourth bedroom?
Peanut sauce adds tiny kick to Elaine's flat iron steak dish Jesse 2009-07-24 07:46:17 Just curious as to what an "iron steak" is exactly? This recipe sounds delicious, I will give it a go. Thanks Mrs.Frobose.
To the Editor: BG landlord: Code enforcement does more harm than good bgresident 2009-07-24 12:45:02 I have known Brad for some 14 years and find him to be talentd and honest. He has done considerable work for me over the years. I take exception two two items that surround this case. 1, Why did the city wait for 45 days to issue this citation? There is something about this time gap that has an odor to it. An answer to this question would be a good start. 2, I should also like to comment on the integrity of these "professional" commenters to any and all editorials that find their way on to the pages of this newspaper. Have any of you considered puting your drivel into a book? Surely there must be a more meaningful and rewarding way to spend your time than contributing minutia by the boatload. Do you enjoy the self assigned role of judge and jury?
To the Editor: Central campus would serve all children equally Otsparent 2009-07-24 13:05:15 To all of you that are stating the board could be spending money more wisely I'd really like to see your financial plan for making 3 elementary schools work. Also, exactly where in Haskins do you think there would be land to build a school? This faction of Weston people crying fowl is really tearing the district apart. If you feel so strongly perhaps a door to door survey about what residents will support will back your issue even more. I have a feeling there aren't as many voters out there to support your plan as you think there are.
BGSU names new senior VP, provost BG Nerd 2009-07-24 15:44:54 some additional info about the new provost
To the Editor: BG landlord: Code enforcement does more harm than good Brad 2009-07-25 06:58:50 I just found out a friend of mine, no not one of those evil people that supplies housing for those that can't afford to buy their own house, yes at a profit. No, not one of those icky people, just a citizen here in town just recieved notice that they have so many days to fix their cracked steps. If they fail to do this 500 bucks a day fine. Like mine, a victimless crime, like mine we hurt no one.
To the Editor: Change cycle for Portage light slystone 2009-07-25 07:42:05 EXACTLY!
Roy Parker Jr. Juanita Ropp 2009-07-25 14:57:29 Jaci and amily, I was so sorry to hear of Roy's passng, I worked with him at American Lincoln,eedless to say, he was one of the good guys, may he rest in peace, and you and your family relive all the good memories you have of him. I will keep you all in my prayers. Juanita Ropp, St. Petersburg, Fl.
Residents offer to help save Portage $ downthePike 2009-07-25 15:03:02 Rally together and don't give up. Never, never, no never give up!!!
Local woman attacks lung cancer through 'type A' advocacy downthePike 2009-07-25 15:06:00 Congratulations to you, Mrs. Cummings! It's obvious that your spirit is strong and well. Good luck to you and continued wellness.
Residents offer to help save Portage $ Mark Foster 2009-07-25 18:43:44 Buncha clowns
Biden scheduled to visit Perrysburg ray stout 2009-07-25 23:03:04 Hey Joe cut the UN tribute and than maybe us tax payers can pay for your health care along with all the other gov. elite in DC and for your pay check for the nothing job that you are doing. Not standing for the Principles (truth) most Americans want from and elected gov. employee, as you work for us we as citizens of this great country don't work for you all.
Man was found guilty of inducing panic tracys niece 2009-07-26 02:46:59 Tracy Crouch is my uncle and for the person who wrote the last comment i would just like to say yes an obituary is a paid advertisement now but it has not always been. As for you saying he "chose his legacy" you don't know anything other than what the papers say. If the Sentinel wanted to post that artical its there paper let them but on the same day as his obituary thats wrong. And his court day was at the beggining of the month why did it take the news paper so long to get the news? I think the Sentinel owes our family an appolgy. Something like this could happen to anyones family what would you do if it happened to yours?
Weston requests resident involvement anon 2009-07-26 10:25:37 "the village had 81 calls in June" That seems a little excessive for a small town, doesn't it?
Wayne 'jams' for memorial project downthePike 2009-07-26 20:15:35 It's good to see small communities continuing to support themselves and joining together to keep their connections solid. Good for Wayne!
Penta and Susor were a good fit for each other Penta Friend 2009-07-27 07:46:45 Fred will be truly missed at Penta! He has been a true asset to us! Good bye and good luck to one of the greats!
Roy Parker Jr. Sheila & David Wentz 2009-07-27 08:13:43 Jaci, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Sheila & David
Wayne 'jams' for memorial project Jamboree atendee 2009-07-27 08:28:22 GREAT job Wayne Firefighters!! We had an awesome time and will be back for years to come!
To the Editor: Presidents are elected to govern, not rule rdensic 2009-07-27 11:31:49 By definition of the two-party system, the nation is pretty much always divided. However you missed the larger point by Mr. Lee and myself. The Presidency and the Congress are elected to govern based on the rules established by our founders. If they do not like those rules, there is a process spelled out in the Constitution to change them. The problem is both parties ignore the constitution. They simply believe it is up to them to tell us how to live. As Mr. Lee so correctly put it, they try to rule as opposed to govern. We elect stewards of the nation and the Constitution, not creators of their own. That simple understanding has been sliding the wrong way for nearly 100 years. So forgive me for not worrying about who is in the Whitehouse... I'm more concerned about our citizens understanding of government. It's not about party. It's not about left and right. It IS about right and wrong.
Penta and Susor were a good fit for each other Joe Long 2009-07-27 11:48:18 Congratulations to David Dupont for capturing the essence of a great person, educator, and leader.
Jeff Whitmer Lori Prowant 2009-07-27 12:22:38 I am so sorry to hear this? Can anyone tell me what happend? Jeff was my next door neighbor for a long time and good friend! I moved away then they moved... My deepest sympathies to the Whitmer Family for their loss.. Lori Prowant Czigans
Man was found guilty of inducing panic Rcotton 2009-07-27 13:14:34 The Sentinel is a disgustingly biased paper always has been, always will be.I hope kharma comes back to bite them in the end
Pemberville might vote on police, park levies in Nov. brutus 2009-07-27 13:52:07 maybe it is time to do what private companies do to it's employees and cut personel, wages and benefits.
To the Editor: Government health insurance not the answer Michelle 2009-07-27 13:59:26 Through your tirade of the Bush years, you seriously failed to address the issue of government run health care. I am a cancer survivor. I can tell you during my treatments at the Toledo hospital I at with many people from Canada. Their wait in Canada was 6-8 months. No second option. I fear if my mother would be under that system there would be no wait because it simply wouldn’t be possible to get her treatment. It would just be an option. Just like Obama said we have to make choices, maybe not replace that hip, just go for te pain pills. I was horrified at that statement because I know who pays first in health care, the elderly. Now we did go to war, we did do tax cuts which by the was spurred job growth in small businesses (Not all rich people are people their simply small business’s) BUT NEVER did Bush talk about taking away health services in any bill, smiled to the camera and told everyone nothing would change. HERE is your biggest indicator something is wrong. They started out saying “don’t you want health care like the congressman and senators have? WELL guess what, THEY are exempt themselves from entering this new improved system for US! My suggestion is, put down the I hate Bush and read the bills being considered before blind hatred hurt you not Bush
To the Editor: Presidents are elected to govern, not rule Michelle 2009-07-27 14:09:19 Its not untill 2012. Obamas rateing is at 49%. At this rate, and I know things can change like the wind. In 2010 Congress and the senate can change dramaticly. So when you tell some one we won shut up american and suck it up, be very carfull what you want to hear when change really comes.
Weston requests resident involvement offended 2009-07-27 15:09:49 As an educated, successful female leader I find it very offensive that Mayor Lashuay provides the quote of "we're going to have to find some young men" to become active in the town's leadership. I'm not one to normally complain, but this blatant sexism is beyond offensive. This is the 21st century, Mayor Lashuay.
Roy Parker Jr. Bill & Judy Bressler 2009-07-27 18:26:51 Jaci and family, We were so saddened to hear of Roy's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Bill & Judy Bressler
Wayne 'jams' for memorial project Wayne VFD Jamboree Committee 2009-07-27 19:00:49 The event was a GREAT success with a fantastic turnout, and great weather! We thank everyone for buying tickets and coming out to have a fantastic time and for their support! We look forward to jammin' with all of you next year!-The Jamboree Committee
Jury in favor of hospital that deported immigrant downthePike 2009-07-27 19:14:53 Healthcare costs are up for all of us and a lot of the increases are because of people who really have no claim to care here in the U.S. I just heard on NPR today that translators are necessary for those who don't speak English so that they can get the care and attention they need at hospitals and medical care centers. And no one wants to pay for that extra cost. I know that I certainly don't. It's ridiculous to think that the American people are going to continue footing the bills for all the illegal aliens just because they came here hoping for a handout. Another huge cost to all of us who actually PAY is that of emergency room care. Those without insurance at all are going there to be treated for everything. It doesn't matter if they are legal citizens or not; they get the care. But the hospitals don't go without pay - they bill those of us who pay our taxes and pay our health care premiums. I'm SICK of it.
Michael Vick reinstated by NFL downthePike 2009-07-27 19:18:22 Oh, another little slap on the wrist and he can resume his very high-paying professional career. This man is a felon. A person who would benefit and profit from the abuse of animals has no business getting paid to do anything. He should be in prison.
Jeff Whitmer Carlene Creps 2009-07-27 19:23:24 Jeff used to come to visit occasionly. He was friends to our son, Kevin. One time we took Jeff and his dog, Bear, to Montana to work. Jeff worked for Hollenback Ranch for a while fitting cattle. He worked in several states out west fitting cattle. Kent and Carson Creps visited Jeff in N. Carolina at a large dairy farm one time. At times, Jeff, had a rough time. He was always nice and appreciative to us. God love him. He will be sorely missed. All the Creps family is greatly saddened by his passing. We are so very sorry for your loss. Kent, Carlene, Kevin, Jody, and Dusty Creps
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary Taken 2009-07-28 07:09:01 Wake up Otsego! This board could care less what you say, think or do!
To the Editor: Government health insurance not the answer brutus 2009-07-28 09:45:13 100 million people either uninsured or under insured and your beloved St. George and the Repugs did nothing about it. If you or your mother have never waited for treatment you must be 1 of the rich elite. People can't afford to go to the doctor to see if they even have cancer. So please get off your moral and elite high horse and see how real people have to cope with these situations. And please don't use Rush's talking points if you want to have a serious discussion about this. You insult me and the millions of people who don't have unlimited access to healthcare.
To the Editor: Presidents are elected to govern, not rule brutus 2009-07-28 10:04:16 Whose definition of right or wrong? Yours or mine? Let me see, who circumvented the Constitution recently? Reagan with Iran-Contra, Bush with the "War on Terror". I don't need your version of a history lesson. And why would you assume that only you and a few others know how Gov. is supposed to run? And no both parties are not the same. Dems have a few who think they are above our countries law. The Republican platform is that laws were made for everyone but them. And Michelle I had to hear it for the last 8 years so spare me.
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary WILLIAM DEWITT 2009-07-28 10:24:03 They need to be removed! I will start looking into what needs done for a vote of no confidence. This is outrageous to take the vote away for the people. What happened to the majority vote. It is our greatest right we have or should I say HAD! This is how Hitler and the Nazi party got its start.
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary jminard 2009-07-28 11:02:11 Watch and see folks... They will start pushing dirt around before the new board members are able to start their jobs. The current board is running scared and want to push their agenda...not the majority of the taxpayers.
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary OHSgrad 2009-07-28 11:04:55 I attended this as well as other board meetings and the public was allowed and in fact encouraged to share concerns and opinions. The board members answered all questions asked of them and many people spoke of the support of this issue and the desire to see it go forward. There are many people who support the board and were happy with the decision to move this district forward and keep it competitive with others in the county. There was a big round of applause after the vote was taken and relief that the issue was finally decided. When I came home and shared the news with my kids they were excited and happy. They dont seem upset to be leaving their school to be in a new one. The public has had many opportunities to share their concerns and feelings by contacting board members,attending meetings. There IS support for a centralized school in this community as well as some opposition to it. I personally have never heard how anyone who opposes the builing of the centralized school would pay to maintain and operate 3 seperate schools or even a plan to do so.
To the Editor: Presidents are elected to govern, not rule brutus 2009-07-28 11:23:24 And rdensic why is it you always assume someone like me hasn't read or doesn't understand the Constitution when we have different views? I don't assume that about you. And why do you think we have 9 justices on the Supreme Court? Could it be the founders new we wouldn't agree on the interpetation of things? Otherwise we wouldn't need one.
Rossford puts fire levy on Nov. ballot rdensic 2009-07-28 11:27:56 Never met a "temporary" tax in my life. They have a way of becoming permanent.
To the Editor: Presidents are elected to govern, not rule rdensic 2009-07-28 11:41:37 Pretty much every President since the founding of our country has violated the Constitution at one time. (Not all of them but certainly the majority.) That is why our founders installed the system of checks and balances. The problem in our nation now is the parties believe they are the check and balance of the other party. Not true. Each branch of government is the check of the other. Better still, we the citizens are the check of the branches of government. Brutus you want to lump me into a political party I don't belong. Yes, Reagan and Bush broke their oaths (not for the points you mentioned). As has pretty much every member of congress on both sides of the aisle. My point and the point of Mr. Lee in his original letter was rule of law. Not what the modern majority take on an issue is. The very purpose of the Supreme Court was to uphold the principles of the Constitution, not create new ones. You'll have to point out to me where I said you don't understand the Constitution. If I'm going to make a constitutional point, I'm going to quote the document.
To the Editor: Government health insurance not the answer rdensic 2009-07-28 11:46:37 "me and the millions of people who don't have UNLIMITED access to healthcare." Oh but you do. Congress already decreed that hospitals must accept patients and then arrange for convenient payment terms with them for services rendered. Then what is next? Unlimited access to food and drink? Unlimited access to housing? Unlimited access to financial security? When do you take responsibility for the basic needs (not rights) of life? And for the love of God, drop the Dems versus Repubs thing. It is growing very, very old.
To the Editor: Rossford man doesn't like smell of pork rdensic 2009-07-28 11:52:14 Actually Brutus I am speaking of almost EVERY elected official. Nice of you to single out those who you disagree with. Thanks for showing us why the political parties are more interested in creating and prolonging problems than serving their country, then going home. Politics can be a hobby (as it is with both of us) but it should not be a career.
Opponents to central elementary campus at Otsego want issue placed on the ballot OHSgrad 2009-07-28 13:07:54 What is the plans for this group to operate and fund 3 elementary schools? Operating costs include not only ulitilies but staffing as well,how does this group suggest paying for the staff these building would require?If these building would be renovated does this group oppose adding square footage to them and adding air conditioning? Doing so would make them more expensive to operate and not cheaper. Have they considered the reason voters have turned down new millage is because continuing to fund the 3 schools is not seem as economically prudent? The age of the bus fleet will need to be addressed,even if 3 new schools are built and considering the estimate to do so would cost voters much, much more putting new purchases out of reach for a long time. How long does this group think is long enough to talk about this years. Hasn't it been ongoing for 6 or 7 seven years? In that time hasn't the economy only gotten worse?
John Kania James Koontz 2009-07-28 13:44:33 I was so sorry to hear of john's passing, as he and wilma were very good friends. My sincere condolances go out to Wilma.
To the Editor: Presidents are elected to govern, not rule brutus 2009-07-28 17:26:00 President Bush violated the 4th and 15th sect 1 amendments to the Constitution with his "War on Terror". Read your previous letter, 1st paragragh and the line about citizens understanding Gov. And we will use the duck analogy of if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it is a duck. When you use Republican talking points word for word you are a Republican. I understand after 8 years of Bush I would not want to be labeled a Republican either. As for Reagan and Iran-Contra show me in the Constitution where the Pres. has the right to help 1 country to try and overthrow another. And while you are reading the Const. show me what Pres. Obama has violated.
Roy Parker Jr. Maresa (Hemminger) Hudson 2009-07-28 18:38:34 Angie, I was sorry to see your dad had passed away. We've lost touch but I've thought about you often over the years. My prayers are with you and your family. Maresa
To the Editor: Rossford man doesn't like smell of pork brutus 2009-07-28 19:06:18 Marcy Kaptur? You picked the wrong congresswoman to use as an example to use for your point. Once again you have not checked out her votes. She voted against the bailouts for Wall Street and is one of the toughest on these theives in congressional hearings. And you wonder why I think you are a partisan Republican? And please do your homework and use sources when you recite your right wing montra. You might get away saying things to your "Teabagger" friends but it won't work with me. I will call you on it every time.
At least 8 hurt in Ohio plant explosion csmith7173 2009-07-28 21:28:27 Debbie is my aunt and I am greatful she will be okay.
To the Editor: Single-payer system preferred brutus 2009-07-29 09:17:46 So true Debbie. All people have to do is read House Bill HR 676. This is the single payer proposal. It only takes about an hour to read. For those of you spouting socialism insurance of any kind is socialistic in nature. You have a bunch of people paying in and a few collect, whether it be auto, health, life,etc. The military has government run insurance for soldiers. It is rated as the best in the country. Why not for everyone?
To the Editor: Government health insurance not the answer brutus 2009-07-29 09:36:18 Oh that's right you can go to the ER right? ER's don't diagnose cancer. You know what, this country was built on "WE the People" not me the person. Why do you hate this country and it's founding principles? You constantly talk about the Constitution but you never reference any article, section or anything to back up what you say. Why? Because it is not in there. If you don't like the Constitution and it's amendments lobby your buddy Bob Latta to get another Amendment. I imagine the Repub thing does get old for someone whose ideas and party created this disaster. Typical Repub though walking around with a bible in one hand and the Constitution in the other and have never read either one.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced jminard 2009-07-29 10:23:46 The board should be held liable when this heads south and the residents of the Otsego school system are stuck paying for a HUGE bill we cannot afford. There is no cost savings.
To the Editor: Democracy died at Otsego meeting jminard 2009-07-29 10:30:33 More people from both sides of the isle should have been at the meeting on Monday evening. Democracy died on Monday and so the tens of thousands of folks that served our country died in vain as well.
North Baltimore suspends wrestling coach wishiwerentinNB 2009-07-29 11:30:54 How come they didn't use this so called policy a couple of years ago when there was an issue with another coach? So far there hasn't been too many coaches in the NB school system that I would even consider as a role model nor has there been very many board members who I would consider a role model. They all use their positions as a way to get what they want and right and wrong doesn't mean anything to them.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced OHSgrad 2009-07-29 11:34:10 Is there a cost increase to build this school? Mr. Dewitt why dont you run for the school board or are you afraid that no one will stand behind you and because might have to offer solutions instead of spew rheotric that doesn't solve anything? It appears there was no confidence in a group of people who formed a committee to "help" save the schools and their genda crashed and burned from lack of support. Maybe because it wasn't based upon respecting others, stating the facts instead of spinning them or putting forth a solution or plan other than it's Let's Vote No Again mantra. That attidude got this district divided and it appears a new school anyway. Thanks I guess.
North Baltimore suspends wrestling coach peppielababe 2009-07-29 12:02:33 This is a lawsuit waiting to happen! Haven't you heard innocent until proven guilty?
North Baltimore suspends wrestling coach Heart_is_in_Ohio 2009-07-29 12:52:20 Concerning the comment from jstiger1060, that is a serious accusation. Do you know 100% that they are "screwing each other in an affair" or is this gossip that you heard? Either way even if they are "screwing each other in an affair" what does that have to do with what John did? He threatened two high school STUDENTS! Holli may have been in the wrong for asking help from a friend, but if John can't control his temper then he should not be working with students. Just because someone is a good coach doesn't mean that they should be able to avoid punishment for his actions. jstiger1060 you may want understand slandering before you post a comment like that on the internet, or not put your initials in your username as well as your baseball number and wrestling weight. SLANDER, torts. The defaming a man in his reputation by speaking or writing words which affect his life, office, or trade, or which tend to his loss of preferment in marriage or service, or in his inheritance, or which occasion any other particular damage... Slander is a civil wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a lawsuit.
To the Editor: Single-payer system preferred mauserdude 2009-07-29 13:07:00 a non-socialist government run company. Isn't that like a non quaking duck? It's still a duck.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced OTres 2009-07-29 13:12:16 To OHSgrad, From months ago when the process started the Otsego board chose an agenda of divide and conquer. So when you talk of respecting others they have a lot of room to talk. Otsego school board meetings are the most unprofessional I have ever attended. It is amazing to me the number of meetings I have attended, there is never a dissenting vote. It just seems odd that an elected board agrees 100% of the time. I have to wonder.
To the Editor: Criticizes story as being insensitive Disappointed 2009-07-29 13:22:31 Amen! I couldn't agree more with you. I do infact know Tracy and the family and saw the devastation that the article caused.The article was not news it was BLOTTER material. The staff members at the sentinel all have kids, parents or friends that have made a mistake, would any of them like something like this donet to any of them. Respect is the key word here and the family and friends deserve that much. I would also like to say that I have yet to see any sort of apology from the Sentinel, by not doing so it shows that they feel no remorse for the added grief that they caused to SO MANY people, including myself. I truely hope that in the future no one that works there has such tragedy in their life. Signed, Sad little sister
To the Editor: Democracy died at Otsego meeting OTres 2009-07-29 13:30:58 I absolutly have to agree with Mr. Zulch. Based on the the Otsego school board meeting, I get the feeling the board and the employees and spouses believe the taxpayers and residents of the district work for them. The elitist attitudes they carry will serve them well in the coming months when they need operating money to sustain their lives, or will they take our rights away and reach in our wallets and steal our money in the name of our children. It is amazing to me that less than 1% of the registered voters in this school district made a decision to spend $4 million without voter approval.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced Disappointed 2009-07-29 13:31:25 I am absolutely astonished at how the Otsego School Board is treating the voting public. I am suddenly reminded at the rise of Hitler and his ideals. If you agreed with the rhetoric then you were ok. If not, then apparently you are "stupid" and a "rabble rouser". This country was formed on the ideal that the people have the right to question those in public office. According to the Otsego School Board that is not the case. Oh well, when the levies start failing and the state has to take over, I hope my son will then get to go to Anthony Wayne. I used to believe that I would never vote down a school levy because somebody paid for me to go to school. Now that changed and I can attribute that to the attitude and actions of the current Otsego School Board and Superintendent. And by the way, I am also an Otsego Graduate.
To the Editor: Presidents are elected to govern, not rule Manson48 2009-07-29 13:50:12 Face the fact that Bush & company destroyed nearly every fabric of this once great country. Obama can not clean up the overwhelming pile of crap Bush left us with, before exiting with $800 billion dollars in gifts to his banker friends, in just a few months. Obama's doing a fine job and Republicans just can't handle the fact. Republicans have proved themselves to be ineffective in any form of government, and it will be quite sometime before Americans will trust their judgment in the least important detail. If Republicans learned to say yes to the lower and middle class, rather than runaway corporations, Obama could get more done. However, Republicans are not concerned with the backbone of hardworking folks in this country. They like war, pollution, and mega profits for their slippery corporate buddies. Good rid-dens to that party. JM
Wedding Announcement Form Kim Lemay 2009-07-29 13:56:15 Bride carried a handkerchief with her bouquet that was made from the bonnet she wore home from the hospital after her birth.
To the Editor: Eastside resident responds to landlord's letter Brad 2009-07-29 14:14:41 Hi Ray, I'm not going to waste more time on this but, 3 things. No, you, Dorthy and I never met. I wasn't the guy you talked to... there was an investor that wanted to split the house in two and turn the garage into another apartment and make the back yard a parking lot. That would put nine beds and cars on this property. I didn't, I made it a nice 4 bed house and maintained the garage as that. The auditors website is never, ever accurate. Look up your own house. Lastly, youre right, it was a garage/ house when I bought it. It was begining to rot inside and it was a potential vermon paradise, you preffered that? You dont make sense, sorry dude! It's a nice house, I will gladly give anyone a tour that cares to see it.
BG water fee hike approved turnedout 2009-07-29 14:18:32 The City of BG was not collecting enough to cover the cost of water service? For how long? How much did the cost of service study cost? Funny how we never do a cost of service study that actually ends up costing us less money.
North Baltimore suspends wrestling coach proud2beinNB 2009-07-29 15:03:44 Hey wishiwerentinNB - if your comment about the coach issue from a couple of years ago is about the cheerleading coach...please enlighten me as to HOW the safety of the students was in jeopardy? The issue in that situation was about a crybaby parent or two (perhaps you) who was PO'd that their daughter didn't make the team. That is a TOTALLY different situation than this, and isn't worth being brought up in the same conversation. Regardless of how much we like John (I never had any problem with him), or how good of a coach he is, he threatened students. Bottom line...he crossed a line that can't be crossed. If employee's PRIVATE lives become the issue, then certainly Holli Gray-Duvall's job should be on the line as well. Bottom line is it isn't, although it is my opinion that it should be...she put those students in a bad situation...something she and Jake both should have known better than to do. Final comment - if you dislike NB so much, the road out of town isn't closed, the last time I checked. See ya!
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary hi 2009-07-29 15:40:25 There is a lot of opposition to a central campus. The only reason the community funded the new high school was thay beleved they were getting to keep there schools.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced OHSgrad 2009-07-29 15:49:47 If you atteneded a meeting you had the opportuninty to question them in person. The levies have been failing well before this vote and if you chose to use it as an excuse to vote no and not fund the schools and education of your child that is your choice. Anthony Wayne doesn't have to except your son on open enrollment and be careful, most district are facing tough economic times too. It isn't always perfect in another district you will find. Equating the board action to Hitler is pathetic and making such statements highlights who the true bullies and give me a break. You had a voice and were free to speak up long before now. The vote no mantra and chats got us where we are and be careful if the state takes over, which you seem to want,it isn't going to be pretty. Why did you need or want the district to fail? To prove what point? Youre right your kids wont be an Otsego grad, and you'll have yourself to blame. Keep up the attacks and hate speech but realize the silence you hear is because people stopped listening and arent buying into.
To the Editor: Presidents are elected to govern, not rule rdensic 2009-07-29 16:15:16 Congress authorized the President to conduct exercises on the agents responsible for the 9/11 attacks. It was a poorly worded bill but it was there. Congress has the authority to declare war but who are we declaring war against with terrorists? There is no state, no nation. It was a tricky situation that should have been dealt with in a much clearer fashion. As for Iran-Contra, the President, not Congress sets Foreign Policy. Congress can choose not to fund items since they control the purse but they do not set the policy. As for "republican" talking points, if you had said Conservative or Constitutionalist talking points I would have heartily agreed with you. As it is, you wear your allegiance to your PARTY on your sleeve. Now - here is something we agree on. TARP was unconstitutional. There never should have been a bailout. Same goes for GM and Chrysler. So we'll start there with Obama violating the Constitution. Where does it say he has the authority to fire the head of a private company, break contracts with preferred debt holders and then hand control of the company over to the UAW? How about authority to monitize our national debt? How about authority to control the pay of anyone? How about authority to cancel contractural bonuses of anyone? I could go on for days...
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced A neighbor 2009-07-29 16:37:07 To the person stating that Mr.DeWitt should have attended board meetings or the suggestion that he run for school board is unaware of his personal circumstances. Mr. DeWitt is unable to attend school board meetings or run for office, as he has a paralized wife that he cares for at home; while working a full time professional position as well.Everyone is intitled to an opinion and there may be very good reasons individuals can not or do not want to attend school board meetings.
To the Editor: Democracy died at Otsego meeting I can't 2009-07-29 16:42:28 I feel quilty for not attending school board meetings and contacting them. However, I support Mr. Zulch and the many people who are trying to help the school district. I will not speak out publicly or attend school board meetings because I don't want my children to be singled out at school. I know this has happened and there are teachers who speak in a negative manner about our students based on the location of their home.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced OTres 2009-07-29 16:45:26 To OHSgrad, The amazing part of your rhetoric is the fact the board said many times the reason we will not put a bond issue on the ballot is that it would not pass. That statement includes all board members and the superintendent. You want to discuss pathetic, special groups of local developers and school employees taunting the board to just do it is an injustice this board has served for way too long. I agree let the state take over, at least they will cut it to the basics we can afford.
To the Editor: Eastside resident responds to landlord's letter Rose 2009-07-29 16:50:08 June 12, 2007 Meridian Appraisal stated that 919 Clough is appraised for $210,000. I have a copy of the appraisal! This is crazy talk to suggest that you would prefer to have property values lower versus higher in your neighborhood! Now, with the current housing market, this house is probably not worth that, so pretty much Brad just donated thousands to that house and neighborhood. You should be saying Thanks!
To the Editor: Eastside resident responds to landlord's letter Rose 2009-07-29 16:59:04 Oh, one more thing. Why do you care who is living next door, if they are friendly, clean , taking care of the yard, and quiet? I have seen worse houses in the "exclusive sub-developments" with only one family. I think this is a matter of mind your own business, unless they are causing harm. These residents did not cause any harm!
Meyer named new Elmwood football coach Duane Kinder 2009-07-29 17:08:36 CONGRATS! Vic I'm sure that you will lead your team to success
North Baltimore suspends wrestling coach wishiwerentinNB 2009-07-29 17:15:33 Dear proud2beinNB, The comment was about being a role model not the safety, yes this is an entirely different situation and if he threatened the kids then he should be punished but so should anyone who brought children into the situation knowing how volatile it could be. As far as you assuming it was brought up about the cheerleading coach that is kind of funny as there were others at the same time so this must have struck a nerve with you. Either you are a parent who knows that things weren't right or the so called coach. The comparison was more to do with not being a role model but in one instance ones activity outside of the school could not be brought into play yet in this one it is, and how do you know that
North Baltimore suspends wrestling coach wishiwerentinNB 2009-07-29 17:35:41 "computer crash" safety was not or could not have been part of that issue? Anyhow not to get into p____ing match about that one there were other coaches at the same time who they wanted to get rid of so their outside activities were talked about so what I am saying is that they should do this across the board and they don't. If you are supposed to be a role model as a coach or teacher or board member than you need to be a role model at all times and anyone who was involved in this mess should be gone not just the one.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced OHSgrad 2009-07-29 17:43:12 Maybe you should hand out labels next time since you seem to know who everyone is. I missed the school employee taunting and special interest group of local developers. You could also tell the employees since thier opinions aren't wanted and you want to take thier voice away, they should just go home, but please show up for work,donate your time and money and pay thier taxes. You could let the local developers know they arent welcome. We dont want any new housing developments full of taxpayers. We want to have enrollment shrink more!!and want a higher tax bill all to ourselves. I did hear a lot from one special interest group,they handed out flyers and got a lot of press coverage too, but had few supporters. Seems now they are switching ,oh wait sticking too a let's vote no but now adding we want state control and yet decry democracy is in ruins. They do realize that state control means not only no vote by anyone, it means no imput and no new state dollars for anything. They seem much worse than what they preach against and trust me will refuse to be held accountable too. So continue your let's vote no mantra,the board is evil crap and compare them to Hitler or whatever, but it wont be forgotten who wanted the voice taken away from this district. Why not call the state now, put it too a vote maybe. It might be the last for awhile.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced Reasonable OHS Grad 2009-07-29 18:32:28 To OHSgrad, First of all, you are quick to talk about a group with a plan that "crashed and burned due to lack of support"...I hope your hungry because once this school is built and there are no funds to support it we will see who's plan it was that truly "crashed and burned due to lack support". When this time comes, and it will, you will be left with your foot in your mouth right along the rest of the board. I presume that scenario will take place as the board is on the way out the door right along with Garber! By the way, I found it to be extremely uncalled for and unprofessional for a board member, Lisa Hatfield, to call a certain few in attendance at the last board meeting "stupid" and accuse them of being "rebble rousers". Really? Are you kidding me?
To the Editor: Eastside resident responds to landlord's letter Brad 2009-07-29 18:58:17 I still can't figure out how I bought this property illegally without your dear friend having sold it illegally? It has it's own tax id number, you should know that... you looked it up. I bought it from an agent, it was on the market a while when I bought it.Lastly, and I'm not even kidding to quote a five year olds expression. You did nothing to address my sole point of my letter and that is. The no more than three unrelated law hurts BG. Like it or not we are a college town, they are our largest employer and without it we are Fostoria, no offense to folks in Fostoria. Mr. Martin I know your concerns and the issues you must face daily, I know college kids can be disrespectful. Whether 4 live in one house or two, you still have four nincompoops. I'm not the problem, hormones and booze are.
Otsego goes with lease-purchase for new elementary William DeWitt 2009-07-29 20:25:37 "getting to keep THIER schools" not "getting to keep THERE schools". A real grad!?
To the Editor: Presidents are elected to govern, not rule brutus 2009-07-29 21:30:25 I wasn't going to respond anymore to this but you are so funny. You don't even know what Iran-Contra was about do you. Stop the high school responses. That would be like me saying I am a Progressive or a Liberal and not a Democrat. Grow up. And do you really want me to prove you wrong on the Obama points you made? Why should I waste my time because it goes right over your head anyways. Glen and Sean are on and I don't want you to miss them.
North Baltimore suspends wrestling coach proud2beinNB 2009-07-30 06:32:23 Sorry wish - I am not the cheerleading coach, but that is the last time that a big drama with a coach and the school board played out in the newspaper...sorry I made an assumption. As far a role models go, I am sure that there is something in each of our lives that someone could look at and think is less than perfect. So I won't throw stones in that area. I personally think that a coach or administrator is permitted to have a private life, and as long as it isn't in front of the students or become an issue at the school I don't necessarily have a problem with it. Lets face it, we live in a small town where everone needs to know everyone else's business...who knows if a story is true. If, for example a coach comes to sports events drunk, and acts beligerantly and brings herself and her activities to the attention of the parents/students/administration, then absolutely she has violated her role as role model/coach. Once there are students involved or a police report and charges filed, then we have a problem! At the end of the day, it seems that we agree on some things at least, I agree 100% with your last sentence. Everyone who was involved with this mess SHOULD be held accountable, Holli and Jake should be gone as well. At the very least HOlli should step down out of repect for the district and all of the positive things that are happening that are being pushed out of the limelight so everyone can talk about this mess!
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced Disappointed 2009-07-30 07:08:52 I absolutely agree with Reasonable. Hatfield was completely unethical and downright embarrassing as a "representative" of Otsego when she made those comments. I put quotes around representative because it's obvious that this entire board does not represent all of the voters and their wishes. Whether the state takes over or not my son will not attend Otsego Schools. This "Utopian school system" idea needs to stop. The local elementary schools are the pride of these villages. To take those away will kill the towns. I believe that a local elementary school is the pride of the village that it is in. It gives the parents and teachers a more personal level to meet on. Also let's look at a safety factor. If something disastrous takes place why have all of our children in one location. Not to mention, it's not the state of the art building that teaches the children, it's the teachers. I would love to have a "state of the art" vehicle, but if i can't afford it then I don't get it. If the board really wanted to save money then they would have pursued opening up the teacher's contracts and cutting their pay. To those who say it can't be done, it has, let's look at the UAW and the concessions their making in order to keep their jobs. If the teachers want to leave, then go ahead, maybe we'll get a brand new "state of the art" teacher then. A side from the fact that they won't leave because they won't want to lose their tenure. It's easy to portray those with a dissenting opinion as hateful people. I guess this whole country was founded by hateful people then.
Roy Parker Jr. Michelle Furlong 2009-07-30 08:14:49 Jaci and Kids, My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know that you are suffering a great loss and I am truly sorry for you, Rob, Angie, and the grandchildren. If there is ever anything I can do for you please don't hesitate to call me. I hope to see you soon. Michelle Furlong
To the Editor: Single-payer system preferred Walt 2009-07-30 08:18:13 I grew up with Socialized Health Care. I never had a complaint and I always got care. My father was a soldier in the United States Army.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced concerned parent 2009-07-30 08:23:20 This is silly. In all the comments that I've read, not one person mentions the children. All the "vote no's" have forgotten about the children. It's as if they're a non issue. Remember that whether or not we get a new school, we will need operating funds. We just might need less if we get a new school.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced proudwestonres 2009-07-30 08:51:00 You're right it is absolutely about the children. And I am so proud that my 1st grader had the courage to stand up for his democratic rights and announce to the superintendent that "I don't want my school to close, I like it here." - Directly from the the mouth of a seven year old. So there you have it, directly from the mouth of a poor kid who is going to be burdened with Otsego's overspending in another 18-20 years. For the record, I am a yes voter, when I'm sure that it is going to be my children that will benefit or not be hindered from that vote.
To the Editor: Man wants Otsego board replaced William DeWitt 2009-07-30 10:26:03 It's the right to vote! We send our troops to Iraq to give them the right to vote, yet we loose it here? That's not what my grandfather & two uncles fought and some died for in WWII or my uncle John in Vietnam. It's not what Mel Roe died for in Afghanistan. That's my point. Who knows somebody right now overseas fighting for freedom. God Bless The United States and It's Freedoms. Like the freedom to VOTE!!!
Rally to push principles of Constitution brutus 2009-07-30 10:54:31 It would be a good idea to hand out copies of the Constitution and its Amendments so when you are making a point about something people could follow along instead of someone giving their "version" of it. To many people that refer to the Constitution have never read it.
Penta and Susor were a good fit for each other rdensic 2009-07-30 11:21:08 Fred is a man every educator (and especially Superintendent) should emulate. Enjoy your retirement Fred. Well earned!!
To the Editor: Presidents are elected to govern, not rule rdensic 2009-07-30 11:29:53 So who is being the high-schooler among us? Drop the insults and stick to making points. I'm sure I and many others will disagree with them, while others will agree. That's America! And yes, you can be a Progressive or Liberal or Socialists or not be a Democrat. Honestly, it isn't about party. I dropped my registration with the Republican Party almost ten years ago. I didn't vote for McCain or Bush in the last two elections. And why not use your real name.
To the Editor: Government health insurance not the answer rdensic 2009-07-30 11:33:48 Actually I read both every day. Not sure why you are so certain of my knowledge and habits yet so wrong on them. Brutus, I am sorry if my responses back have raised your hackles. Certainly not my intent. Rather it is to have a civil discussion. Unfortunately I don't believe that is possible.
Company closing Ohio varsity letter plant downthePike 2009-07-30 11:35:07 Here's where we have to stand up and do something, People! It's this kind of thing that is happening all over our country. WHY is the company transferring jobs to the Dominican Republic? Did they consider all options for staying in the U.S., or is this just an easier way to make more profit, despite the 90 employees who will lose their jobs? Big attention should be drawn to this. American companies should really be doing all that can be done at this time to SAVE American jobs. Every job lost affects a lot more than ONE person. It's going right down the line and going to affect more jobs and more people. Throw a fit! Make your voices heard!
North Baltimore suspends wrestling coach 4got about the bldg 2009-07-30 11:55:42 Seems everyone has an opinion, but no one wants to be identified (which is the whole idea of these postings) except someone was so rude as to point out jstiger1060! I agree that ALL parties should do the right thing and step down here. The arrogance of Holli to think she is innocent here truly fascinates me and to use HS students to move your personal items from your residence...bold and STUPID! Everyone says stupid and harrassing things during divorce and to think you haven't/wouldn't, well I just don't believe it. All 3 members need to step aside from their positions and let the district focus on the important things...the students, the new building and passing a levy to support both!! The key to success in a school district is not who is sleeping with who or divorce!