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Wednesday, 10 February 2010 14:07
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To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students Derek Boyd 2010-01-26 10:13:06 So I assume you have given bad customer service before to notice it that easily. Mrs. Asmus did not attack the set of parents, she asked her questions and that was all. As far as I know they did not follow the process. Also Mrs. Asmus has every right to publish what ever she wants as everyone else did. I do believe she was attacked. I read up on what she said and she was not doing the attacking.
To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students OTres 2010-01-26 10:45:45 Mr. Boyd, Proper protocol had been followed as is evidenced by the fact that there is now an aid on board the van that transports the special needs children. I absolutely agree with Mr. Chapman about customer service and the way people are treated. Ms. Asmus attacked the Ewings and the school board she currently works for. Her actions should not go unnoticed by the powers to be.
To the Editor: With times so tough, more families are going hungry brutus 2010-01-26 11:26:28 Only tax you maxx.
To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students ohsgrad 2010-01-26 12:16:24 Mrs. Asmus is a resident and taxpayer of the Otesgo District. If she isnt' allowed to express her opinions or asked questions regarding the district,then dont collect her taxes. People who live and work in the Otesgo School District's are entitled to be represented by school board. The Ewings made sure their side of the issue was well known and their supporters cheered them on and seem to attack or question anyone who wants more information beyond media soundbites or the headlines. The fact that there is an aide in the van doesn't show anything about proper protocol. Just because you are a customer in a service industry doesn't give or entitle you to make accusations,or scream and yell and make threats to get your own way. Most business wouldn't welcome your return business and would be free to ask you to leave the place you were making a scence at or disrupting. Most business might consider sueing you for libel for slandering them. The customer or his actions isn't always right. It looks like the Ewings and their supports think they are entitled to some type of elite status and demand they are considered right and MUST be respected,without having to show it to anyone else.
To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students Past Supporter 2010-01-26 12:48:54 Ohsgrad Mrs. Asmus is an employee first and she should excepts that role when she take home a paycheck. County employees are also tax payers and people who work at Walmart can also be customers but this does not give them the right to publicly attack people just because they shop at the store. Yes attack when she asked those questions she was leaving the impression that the parents have done something wrong. Mrs. Asmus could have called Mr. Garber and got answers to all of her questions. Walmart, Wood County and even Otsego have public relations people who REPRESENT their organizations and have training not to put a foot in their mouth. If there is a law suit how do we know that Mrs. Asmus remarks have not hurt the case and shown bias by the staff? This is a case where only people with the facts should speak instead of questioning taxpayers and grandstanding.
To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students gargie 2010-01-26 15:38:24 People have the rite to do a lot of things, as some have pointed out, doesn't make it smart. Way to many people fail to realize that saying something and publishing things on the World Wide Web are 2 different things. People also have the rite to remain silent too or say (in this case publish) things that can be uesed against them. In truth I'd of thought someone would have given that advice before now.
To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students mh 2010-01-26 17:08:25 I can almost bet that Common Sense, Mr. Boyd, ohsgrad, and Ms. Asmus all voted for Mr. Obama. You die hard bleeding Liberals always find a way to minimize everything until it actually happens to you personally,(or to the endangered delta smelt)You elitists are really all the same, rules and guidelines to be followed by the "common folk" and a "special" set or rules for you. You all know if it were your son/daughter, you wouldn't be following your own terrific advice! I have to remember the elitist motto "Do as I say, not as I do."
To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students Mr. and Mrs. Ewing 2010-01-26 19:32:42 To OHS Grad: My wife and I never asked to have a special needs child. We had many doctors tell us to abort our child. One told us that our son would be a worthless piece of flesh. We placed our faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. We are blessed that Jesus saw fit to give such a wonderful blessing. I never knew about what "rights" a special needs person had until becoming a parent. Our child is entitled to every right that a "normal" child has. We are not the elite. In fact, we have been told by two different agencies that our son has no rights in regards to having this situation investigated. We would love to discuss this with people, but when people harass by saying "get out of town or else, and put your son in a institution where he belongs", it makes being tranparent difficult. In reality, it does not matter what Mrs. Asmus said in her letter. People are going to think what to anyway. We would just wish that people would walk in our son's shoes for a while before passing judgement on what we did or didn't do. All we can say is, we are thankful to our savior for such a wonderful son!!!
To the Editor: Natural Gas Act good for Ohio, nation Bunker 2010-01-27 00:10:11 We should make it into a National Energy Act and include the production of more domestic oil sources. It should also include the building of several more refineries, as we haven't built any new ones since the mid 70's. The production of more oil/fuel will allow the car mfg to produce cars without the astronomical cost of re-tooling for natural gas. The cost or re-tooling will require the government to bail them out again, or lay off more workers. I would be very suspicious of the Pickens Plan. Boone Pickens is a "former" oil man. He has some crazy theory that we have reached peak oil production, also. Anyhow, he thought he saw the days of getting rich on oil were coming to an end, and sank his money into natural gas and power/gas transfer companies in northern Texas. He stands to make A LOT of money if the government signs on to his plan, as most wind/solar farms will be located in the southwest (TEXAS). I don't care if Boone Pickens gets rich, but it should not be on the taxpayer's dime. No to corporate welfare, be it for Boone Pickens, Chrysler, or General Motors! The cowardly democrats will vote for giving Boone Pickens a truckload of money for one reason - a bribe. After the complete horror the ObamaCare/DemoCare turned out to be, and the writing on the wall that the Dems are in trouble for it (MASS). Then you add the recent Supreme Court decision that would allow Pickens to spend whatever he wants, even as a company, in political commercials, and you see what the dems are looking over their shoulders for. The Republicans don't have that albatross around their necks, so no special treatment for Boone. For you out there too lazy to do your homework, T Boone Pickens was the guy who paid for the "Swift Boat" ads during the Kerry/Bush presidential campaign that cost Lurch Kerry the election in 2004. Boone offered ONE MILLION DOLLARS to anyone that could prove that the ads were false and Kerry isn't a coward. Nobody has collected the money yet!
To the Editor: How did we plug the hole in the ozone? Bunker 2010-01-27 00:28:29 BGScienceStudent - You are a putz and a babbling idiot. Did you read the paper by the british research team that shows that the hole in the ozone layer is HELPING TO REDUCE GLOBAL WARMING? This shows why you are a student, and not a grad or a teacher. Did you also know that the "new" refrigerants turn into mustard gas when heated? Of course you did! It's also just a coincidence that DOW scientists discovered that their product may harm the environment just before their patent wore out, and they own fresh patents for the new stuff. Go back and hit the books, kid. Leave the logic to the "growed ups".
To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students Past supporter 2010-01-27 07:15:09 OH Grad I am glad to hear you think taxpayers have rights. They did not vote into the office the 3 who said they are for a consolidated campus. They instead voted into office the 3 who are for keeping elementary schools in the village. The old board signed a lease on their final days in office to go forward with a consolidated campus and not listening to the majority in this school district. Some have used the word elite in regards to who is listened to. In this case it speaks to a arogant minority who wants to make all the choices and I believe this will end very soon.
June Snowden Deb (Reynolds) Gordon 2010-01-27 09:15:30 I am so sorry to hear of June's death. I am reminded of times spent together at Farm Bureau meetings and church. I have kept up with June's condition through the church emails. May you find strength for the days ahead knowing June loved you all very much.
To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students DErek Boyd 2010-01-27 10:24:32 "Mh" are you serious?!? What are you thinking to say that? I think you need some major help in getting your facts straight!
Local Briefs: 1-26 americanrev 2010-01-27 10:53:23 This Paper is a JOKE!!!! There was no guilty plea I hope they get sued by defendant!!!! This paper has made so many mistakes in the last few months, the integrety is horrible. I hope a defamation suit is filed. I know may lawyers who would love this case
Gene Trout JaysonDowswell 2010-01-27 14:06:02 I love you Grandma...
To the Editor: While aiding Haiti, many turn backs on 'homemade disaster' Just thinking outloud 2010-01-27 14:56:59 Excuse me, what planet did you just fly in from? Uranus Read the newspapers. If we continue to spend money on the new elementary they will tell you they need money next year just to keep it open. The previous board caused more dissension than anything else, by listening to only the cheerleaders, the minority. Yea thanks allot.
To the Editor: While aiding Haiti, many turn backs on 'homemade disaster' Just thinking outloud 2010-01-27 15:00:02 The previous post belongs under Ms Scotts letter as the Sentinel's Server has been messed up on occasion.
To the Editor: Otsego board, administrators, staff thanked Just thinking outloud 2010-01-27 15:01:52 Excuse me, what planet did you just fly in from? Uranus Read the newspapers. If we continue to spend money on the new elementary they will tell you they need money next year just to keep it open. The previous board caused more dissension than anything else, by listening to only the cheerleaders, the minority. Yea thanks allot
To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students Past supporter 2010-01-27 15:35:31 Wood county board of elections web site will show voting history for the district from the last election. sentinel articles and interviews before the election validate everyone's position Example Mr. Tolles who was very vocal about keeping the schools in the villages had more then twice as many votes as Mr. Garmin, who when interviewed by Marie Thomas said he wanted consolidation. It is also fact that the old board quickly signed the lease before leaving office in December
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments Mr, Ewing 2010-01-27 17:48:29 Derek, I first would like to say that I apologize for any embarrassment I might have caused to you. I actually felt the same way that you did back when I was at Otsego when the school board had talked about taking away sports. But now as a taxpayer and more importantly as a parent of a special needs student, it is my choice and right to speak up when I need to. There is so much more to the story and I would like to tell you. Yes, you need to know the truth, I am willing to do so. It is sad after I followed all proper protocols, I have been harassed to the point that people want me to leave town and put my son in institution. These issues need and must be brought to light, so as a school district we can meet them head on and be the district that we can be. Derek, may I personally say welcome to the Otsego Community.
To the Editor: Otsego board, administrators, staff thanked Kelly Brown 2010-01-27 17:54:30 If we have such a great school with good teachers and so on and so on. Why is a new building going to make students education so much better ?? Does a new car make you a better driver? just wondering.
To the Editor: Otsego board, administrators, staff thanked Wondering 2010-01-27 18:29:24 Good letter - Thank you. Why is it that those who disagree with this viewpoint think it is OK to launch immediately into rude attacks? "Closed minds use hostility, prejudice, indifference and inattention to keep new or different ideas from gaining a foothold. Closed minds stand in the way of learning and change. Only an open mind can learn and grow."
To the Editor: Calling for Garber's resignation at board meeting was out of order past supporter 2010-01-27 18:31:06 Your point is a good one about another time and place. The only trouble is that was tried by multiple families on multiple times. At some point frustration of no action led to calling for his resignation. They know have a new aid on the bus which should of been there a year ago.It took this level of action to force the adminstration to move. FYI we are now hearing of more families with problems.
To the Editor: Otsego board, administrators, staff thanked Past supporter 2010-01-27 18:39:30 I hope everyone hear supporting the old board shows the same level in supporting the new one. They will have to figure out how to pay for a new building which will cost more to operate, when we could not afford to keep a paid off one open?? I can only guess the staff we help with this in contract talks coming up as the new facilites our for the kids. Mrs Scott is it true that Board member L Gorsky send her high school kids to private school at St. John? It is a shame that can share the wonderful hours on a bus experience that so many Otsego kids enjoy
To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students Wondering,still 2010-01-27 18:47:29 Isn't the reality that the cost to maintain/update 3 elementary schools is millions of dollars more than the cost to construct a new elementary at the central campus? What about the elementary kids in Tontogany - do you feel bad that they've always had to be bussed to other towns? Personally, I believe that school levies fail to pass solely because of economic issues, if given the choice to say "yes" or "no" this district almost always says "no" - no matter how much a yes vote might benefit the students.
To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students MAD 2010-01-27 18:47:39 When a child comes home undressed there is NO protocol. There is only one call to make and that is 911.
To the Editor: Otsego officials have always done what they feel is best for students ...and 2010-01-27 18:55:31 that what happened?
To the Editor: Otsego board, administrators, staff thanked Jennifer M. Asmus 2010-01-27 19:43:07 Dear Past Supporter If you are going to refer to a board member at least get their name correct and know how many children they have.
To the Editor: Otsego board, administrators, staff thanked Talking cars 2010-01-27 20:04:20 Kelly, If your old car's brakes are shot and the power steering has gone out, I'd say a new car makes you a better driver! lol
June Snowden Dennis Mowrey 2010-01-27 20:16:15 I am also so sorry to hear of June's death. She was a lot like a second mom to me growing up. I feel very blessed to have grown up in a neighborhood where the neighbors were all family to me and June was a big part of that.
To the Editor: Otsego board, administrators, staff thanked otsego mom 2010-01-27 20:55:46 I'm glad to see our Otsego children have a better command of the English language than most of the adults posting comments here. Many of my elders paid for the schools that educated me, and I am very pleased to help provide educational facilities for our future leaders and workers. Our children deserve the best we can offer them. If you want what is best for all of the children, let's move forward with this new facility, and then work to make sure all the children are treated equally. That may be a big order, but if we all work together, we can make a better world for our children, grandchildren and neighbors.
Larry Blair Lorry Lee 2010-01-27 21:12:55 I love you Daddy. I miss you so much. When I look to the sky, I see you parachuting down to the earth and back to me, even if it's just for a moment.
To the Editor: Campaign contribution ruling questioned brutus 2010-01-27 22:09:49 Another gift to the Corporations from the Conservative Republican judges on the United States Supreme Court.
To the Editor: Natural Gas Act good for Ohio, nation brutus 2010-01-27 22:13:36 Another useless and fact lacking rant by bunker
To the Editor: Detainees, not just U.S. citizens, have rights brutus 2010-01-27 22:18:06 If they didn't hear it from Rush or Glenn it must not be true. Wingnuts and facts don't mix.
To the Editor: Calling for Garber's resignation at board meeting was out of order had enough 2010-01-28 06:32:13 My heart goes out to the parents---really,one sentence in favor five paragraphs defending Garber. I'm impressed with your concern. The root of the problem is that Garber in closing the largest,most efficient elementary building in the system destroyed the special needs program housed there. He was then able to get rid of the 250,000 dollar payment for services and then claim a "savings" in the closing of the building---course we have not been able to find out yet how much is being paid to Northwood, Bowling Green or North Baltimore for now housing these kids. Nor do we know the true busing costs involved,however we do some of these kids are now riding a bus for as long as three hours a day--three hours is to much for any kid let alone kids with really special needs. We also know he bought a small van to move these kids with , in addition to the lawyer costs to advise him on how to defend himself and the school in meetings with these parents.We also know this is just the tip of the problem , it goes much deeper than this. We know when the school went from a school to a construction company it forgot what it was supposed to do ---take care of as its primary responsibility, children, teach them, help them grow and learn. We know that when problems happen of this depth we need to change the leader, we changed the board , now we need to change the school superintendent,Mr Mertz when you were a school board member you did just fine, take a deeper look and remember the primary goal is teaching children, not a new building we cannot afford to operate or pay for,and that the voter has said time and again it does not want, remember the incumbent board member came in dead last, and the last levys were disasters.How long can you operate this way until you are out of money completely? State contol is coming.
To the Editor: Otsego board, administrators, staff thanked Facts 2010-01-28 08:26:44 Weston 32,000 sq ft located on a 12 acre campus, it was also rated the same condition as Grand Rapids Borderline Haskins 24,000 sq ft on a lot with parking problems and no room for special needs program. The only elementary ranked poor by the building study done by the OSFC Mr. Garber said it all when he told Weston staff when "the decision was made to close the building the voting record of people was looked at" Pure bias and politics and was this truly what was best for the kids? Please don't tell me the last board did everything for the kids
To the Editor: Otsego board, administrators, staff thanked another otsego mom 2010-01-28 08:33:27 Dear Past Supporter, Please get yourself into an English class. Your display of grammar in itself is an embarrassment, and certainly does not make your comments credible in any way.
To the Editor: Otsego board, administrators, staff thanked another mom 2010-01-28 08:58:03 I think the grammar problem is where the "It was good enough for me" theory flies out the window!
To the Editor: Otsego board, administrators, staff thanked kelly Brown 2010-01-28 10:44:34 Talking Cars - The condition of your car DOES NOT improve your skills as a driver. You may look better going down the road. But skills did not change.
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments ohs Jr. 2010-01-28 10:53:32 Derek, Enough is this Extra credit or what ? You open enroll from Perrysburg if you are embrassed, why continue at Otsego ?
To the Editor: Otsego board, administrators, staff thanked another mom 2010-01-28 11:54:44 Really Kelly, I don't agree with you. If you spend all your time worrying about what's going to go wrong next, you tend to lose focus. Thus, your driving skills suffer. Is this a ridiculous conversation, or what?
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments joyful01 2010-01-28 12:32:19 Unless I am missing something in Dereks' letter, I see no mention of open enrollment, it states that he transferred from Perrysburg, so I am not sure where you got your information ohs Jr. It is comments like yours that are an embarassment to Otsego Schools. Bravo to this young man for being mature enough to voice his opinion.His letter is thought provoking, fair and legible, more than I can say for some of the letters I have seen in the past.
To the Editor: Calling for Garber's resignation at board meeting was out of order toml 2010-01-28 14:06:44 I couldn't agree more with the comments from Mr.Mertz. It appears that a lot of people need to take a step back and catch their breath. Mr. Garber is an experienced school leader who takes into account the advantages and disadvantages of all recommendations before he makes them to a school board. Ultimately the school board votes those recommendations up or down. Is it right to shoot the messenger who puts logical thought into the process? I can't believe Mr. Garber makes decisions just so he can get people angry at him. No, he makes decisions because it is what he believes is best for the children and the overall community. This is what he is paid to do. Unfortunately he is in a position where he cannot make everyone happy and unfortunately some unhappy people take everything personally. It's called "no win" so you make the best decision realizing there is no right answer and let the chips fall where they may. Welcome to the life of a good school leader!
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments Past supporter 2010-01-28 16:05:37 Derek Why don't you ask Mr. Garber to let you ride on that special needs bus and report back to us.It would be interesting to see if 3 hours a day on that bus seems fair to you. If you still feel it is fair then I will not write on this site again.You need to ride the entire route before and after school and do a report for your class
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments Derek Boyd 2010-01-28 16:37:50 Past Supporter: 1. Why would I do a report on it? 2. I will ask to ride the bus soon as you show up either at the meeting tonight and talk to me or tell your real name. 3. I am almost positive that the state or county decides where they go to school. Otsego did not say that have to have a 3 hour bus ride.
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments Past supporter 2010-01-28 17:05:05 You say in your letter you want to know what the truth is. "State or county decide where they go?" They use to go to Weston before they closed the largest elementary school in Otsego. You may want to talk to Mr. Garber as they are contracted services and we now pay to bus them around wood and Lucas county Derek Mr. Ewing shared his name and has now had to have his phone number changed because of nasty phone calls from gutless cheerleaders who don't leave their names at midnight.
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments OHS Jr 2010-01-28 17:05:06 Well Derek is open enrollment or transferred ?? last I knew your HOME address was not in the Otsego school district.
BGHS' Tucker headed to the Hall of Fame Maria 2010-01-28 17:05:20 Congratulations Coach Tucker Thanks for the wonderful memories
To the Editor: Calling for Garber's resignation at board meeting was out of order JB 2010-01-28 17:49:38 "An experienced school leader"? Maybe. You are right in your statement about "not being able to make everyone happy". Explain to me why then so many are unhappy. The majority has spoke time and time again. Voters made it very clear the disapproval of a new school. This disapproval was ignored by the Board and Garber. Now a concerned family is being ignored. Shame!
To the Editor: Calling for Garber's resignation at board meeting was out of order my opinion 2010-01-28 18:41:16 With all the comments that have been generated from the Sentinel article following the last Board meeting - how can you possibly say a concerned family is being ignored? It seems we all can have any opinion we want as long as that opinion agrees with the "vocal majority".
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments jaybird 2010-01-28 18:48:02 What possible difference does that make? How about transferred from Perrysburg through open enrollment? (and I don't know anything about this situation, nor do I care to) Does that make you feel better?
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments Big Brother 2010-01-28 21:09:21 David- kudos for you to speaking up on behalf of your school! It's wonderful that you're speaking in the best interest of your school and not from a personal agenda or political standpoint. I'm not sure why several of the previous comments seemed to target you, seeing as you seemed to take a neutral and perfectly reasonable stance, but I hope they don't take from your spirit. Good luck! (I realize I didn't leave my name, I don't want to get caught up in this mud slinging).
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments OHS1 2010-01-28 23:04:59 Past Supporter, Many students, those with and without special needs, have to ride a bus for several hours per day. Many in the past have done so as well and they survived it. I think part of the problem in this specific situation may be a lack of teaching/common sense at home. I do not care what handicap you may have, if brought up by responsible adults at home, it should be understood that it is inappropriate to remove your clothes in public. Maybe the parents should look at themselves before blaming everyone else for situations that occur. So don't blame this situation on the closing of Weston and having to ride a bus for 3 hours.
To the Editor: Campaign contribution ruling questioned General Custar 2010-01-29 01:04:53 If you bother to read the decision the court only overturned the Mccain-Feingold provision, hardly a century old law, that was considered by nearly everyone as an assault on free speach.
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments Mr. Ewing 2010-01-29 08:08:09 Dear OHS1 How dare you say that question my parenting skills!! Do you have a special needs child? Please do not judge my wife and I along the other special needs parents in this country until you have walked in our shoes. As a former bus driver myself, the state of Ohio regulates the amount of time a special needs child in on a vehicle. The last time I checked, the state time limit is 90 minutes each way. From person experience, I have seen typical children who could not behave for 10 minutes on a bus. The reason why people are bringing up Weston is the fact that we our giving money to the Wood County ESC for services that could be housed at Weston. I do not have the financial information in front of me, but the savings from transportation and some of the excess billing the ESC is doing would make it possible for most if not all our children be brought back home. We have qualified teachers who can do the job here. I am just tired of having our children shipped all over the county when we could have them in our own school district. My child alone travels over 125 miles a day to and from school. OHS1, I am not afraid of speaking to anyone. But before you judge me, maybe you and I should spend a day at WoodLane or any other school that has special needs clients. Then you your tune would change. I am willing, are you?
To the Editor: Campaign contribution ruling questioned brutus 2010-01-29 09:06:24 GC, if you would read it instead of relying on Faux Entertainment's interpetation, you would know what it's about.
To the Editor: Calling for Garber's resignation at board meeting was out of order JB 2010-01-29 10:47:46 Concerns by fellow citizens on Sentinel's website does not mean the school administrators or superintendent took any action. It seems once these issues esclated that only then was something done about the concerns. To suggest that these comments correlate in any way with not being ignored by the school is off-based.
Otsego urged to halt new building patriot 2010-01-29 11:35:17 Neither Mr. Jones nor Mr. Zulch have children attending school in the district! It shouldn't be about Weston, Grand Rapids, or Haskins. It's about the district as a whole, and what's best for the kids! Build on!!
Otsego urged to halt new building Joe Schroeder 2010-01-29 11:56:44 Patriot, this is not directed entirely to you, as I have no idea in which community in our fine district, if any, you live. But I must say it is so easy to say "BUILD ON" when you haven't directly been impacted by a building closing. I know, I know, it's been stated several times that our communities shouldn't rely on the school and we should be able to stand on our own - but the economic and social reality of losing your local school is harsh. Weston is already paying the price that Grand Rapids and Haskins will soon share that defeat. I live in Weston and own a business in Grand Rapids.and I know without a doubt that there will be some serious problems in Grand Rapids when that school closes. The Middle School closing, while it was long overdue, has already made an effect on the area. I am so tired of hearing about "what's best for the district as a whole" when this "district" is made up of four unique and valuable communities that all deserve to be treated equally and fairly and all have their own charm and contributions to the school district. Our school district may be one, but my heart definitely belongs to the town where I call my home. And for the record, my eight year old has never been thrilled with the thought of consolidation and I am very proud of him for stating his views to our superintendent when he as told his school would be closing. Build on, build on, build on... cheap tangible building but what other intangible problems will this create?
Otsego urged to halt new building Facts 2010-01-29 12:17:48 Mr Schroeder Property values in Weston will change next year with the 2011 county audit. From what I hear from village officials, we will all get a nice break in future taxes due to the Weston school closing. Haskins and Grand Rapids will be right behind us with lower property values. Otsego will then feel the reality of less income from the 3 villages. Will Otsego make it up In Harley Woods and Tontagany? They need to as they refused to listen to the last election results. Harter made sure the penalty was large enough so we can't back out. Mr. Zulch shared a list of schools that did OSFC projects and kept elementary schools under the 350 rule. It shows the last board never tried to keep their word to the villages
Gardner backs repeal of license late fine Robinson 2010-01-29 13:29:30 Are you serious? We are paying big bucks to Mr. Gardener and crew for 20.00. If I'm correct we are in the middle of an economic crisis. Wouldn't you think that they should be working on that rather then $20.00? If anybody else is worried about $20.0 there is a real easy way to take care of a fine. Get your license on time.
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments patriot 2010-01-29 13:39:42 Remember, the child at the heart of this discussion didn't attend Weston last year. At least that's what was initially reported.
Walbridge eyes savings by using county dispatching Bil 2010-01-29 14:19:00 If we are to take the Acting Mayor at her word regarding investigating potential savings, she will investigate the potential saving in the proposal that Mrs. Schiavone provided from Lake Township for police service.
To the Editor: Wants end to negative comments Mrs. Shari Ewing 2010-01-29 14:45:56 It doesn't matter whether my son attended Weston last year or not. Had he have been ready academically, he would have been there. Now he is more than ready, and has to travel tons of miles to school. I just wish the mud slinging between everyone would stop. All we want is safe transportation to and from school for our son. He at least deserves that. Our son is a good boy, and very well behaved, except for some wandering issues if anyone ever leaves him on his own (which is rare to never). The vehicle given to these four boys little boys is a brand new mini-van. The aide is there now, but she sits up front, where there is room for her, and she has no access to what is going on in the van. This poor driver had to pull over six times on I-75 earlier this week just to calm a couple of the boys (neither one my son) down. Does anyone else, whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, aide, administrator, or whatever, see how dangerous that is? They changed the route to 25 and 795, and that route is just as busy, and they are still pulling over. And we even had a problem getting our son back on transportation. After a very genteel meeting to change my son's IEP to reflect transportation needs, someone (apparently someone who was tired of being told that our number was changed, so they couldn't leave their crass and at time frightening messages) actually called the bus garage to say that my son would not be riding anymore. My son missed half a school day because the van had to come back after dropping the other boys off at school, and driving back to get him. Why didn't we take him? Because of our own personal financial needs. Simply put, we didn't have the gas to do it. This kind of stuff has to stop. We all need to think through each others' minds, look through each others' eyes, and walk in each others' shoes. To the person who thinks I am a bad parent, I invite you to spend 24-7 for a couple of days in my home. Do you have schedules on your wall telling your children what comes next in their day? We do. Do you have to change your nine year old's pants because his mind won't allow him to consistently use the bathroom properly? We do. We are just a simple family who want what is best for our son. We followed proper protocol in trying to get exactly that, what any other parent would want for their children, special or typical. Does it make you feel better to attack us? I thank the two ladies and the bus drivers in the hallway outside Thursday's special board meeting who spoke kindly to us. I thank Derek for his honesty, and it was a pleasure to meet him. The rest of you have so many comments to make...then, as Derek said, make them to our faces. This blog area makes it too easy for you to hide behind a nickname. I proudly sign my name, and i am even prouder to be the mom of not just my oldest son, but of my two other children, who both attend Otsego Schools. Can't we just concentrate on kids like these who need an education, and forget the name-calling and rude remarks? Derek, I know that the fact this story made the TV News embarrassed you. It should embarrass you more to see some of the comments on this venue. I think that all of you who wrote negative comments about my family, called us with your useless rude remarks, etc., need to be ashamed. You are the ones giving Otsego a bad name.
Otsego urged to halt new building Just thinking outloud 2010-01-29 16:55:19 The great political manipulator has spoke again. The only reason that meeting was called was for Mr. Garber to spew his rhetoric of penalties if we stop this elementary project from happening. He needed to take advantage of Marie Thomas and the Sentinel. He also gathered the usual minority of cheerleaders, which for the most part were teachers and employees of the district already. As we heard the great accomplishments of legends in their own minds(previous board members). They need to suspend all activity of proceeding with this project until they figure out a way to pay for it. I believe they will be broke before they even open the doors of the new albatross, excuse MEMORIAL TO THE PREVIOUS BOARD. Sorry but they won't even be able to afford that cherished plaque the previous board and cheerleaders so deeply desire. The people of the district should voice their concerns to the minority trying to control the money we don't have. They will be looking for vast amounts of levy money to operate soon. So everybody just open your wallet and your checkbook and let all that extra money you have go to the Otsego School District Construction Company Inc.
Otsego urged to halt new building ohsgrad 2010-01-29 17:12:52 The headline once again doesn't seem to match what really happened at the meeting. A few people spoke about wanting to stop the project. Many more spoke about wanting to move forward and not lose our 14 million dollars. A plan to pay for the building was presented awhile ago. Mr. Garber presented what the costs of stopping the project was. Those costs haven't been challenged or disputed by anyone with facts and figures to back it up. Before they vote to suspend the project the board needs to figure how it is going to pay for stopping it. The board needs to explain where and how they intend to pay for any future projects. The board neeeds to explain to the taxpayers why it turned down 4 million dollars at a low interest rate to build a 26 million project. If the "majority" is so large, why aren't more of them at board meetings? Seems the same let's do nothing group without a plan or specifics to back up anything they say show up. Very few new faces in that crowd. If people are tired of the board hearing from "cheerleaders" then show up at the next meeting and share your opinion. Property values across the county and state are in decline not just Weston. If the board stops the building you'll need the checkbook to pay for it too and it doesn't automatically mean any new levy with pass.
Otsego urged to halt new building had enough 2010-01-29 19:22:21 Hey Patriot maybe Mr. Jones and Mr. Zulch should not pay any taxes since they have no kids in school and maybe you should pay more cause you do ? I bet that sounds good to them and maybe Ohs grad would like to explain the votes that sent Garmenn under the bus? I mean in Weston he couldn't get 75 votes Wanna bet what happens next levy ? This school is on the way to state control---that will be so cool all the extra's gone--wonder what the sports people will do to entertain themselves,since that will all be gone
Otsego urged to halt new building OHS`86 2010-01-29 20:10:34 I would like to start by saying I graduated from Otsego and now reside in Elmwood school district. I had the pleasure to experience the time at Otsego when all 4th graders went to Weston, all 5th graders went to Haskins and all 6th graders went to the Grand Rapids Elem. I got to ride the bus alot. Now, my kids attend Elmwood.And I can tell you from my own kids experience that they enjoy going to school there. Elmwood has a central campus and the communities that had buildings prior to it(Cygnet,Wayne and Bloomdale) are all still here. They didn't turn into ghost towns. Weston,Haskins and Grand Rapids won't cease to exist because their buildings closed. Also, I am not going broke paying my taxes. Some people fight change because they are afraid. Don't be afraid of a central campus.
Otsego urged to halt new building otsego mom 2010-01-29 21:50:16 Wow! "Facts". I had no idea Mr. Harter was so powerful that he could determine the amount of a fine to be levied by a lending institution or the state. He must be far more powerful than I was aware! If he's that powerful, thank God he's still on the board. And the fact that you stated "the 3 villages" shows you can't see straight. I think Otsego is made up of four towns, not three. Am I wrong? And, since you are probably not aware, these 4 towns are not islands, but rather, are connected by many miles of farmland. Just because we live in the country doesn't mean we don't count. We count. When the new building project is stopped, don't expect me (or my neighbors) to vote for any new money to fix ancient and dilapidated schools. Not when this board has thrown away the money owed to us by the state. Thank goodness my children are grown. The children ARE our future. And WHO exactly voted in these people who know nothing about how to run a school district? It is the beginning of the end. Thank you Mr. Zulch, Lloyd, Repolesk, and Myerholtz. Let's make sure we remember who caused us to pay the taxes of the adjoining districts, when Otsego no longer exists.
BGHS' Tucker headed to the Hall of Fame Jay Smith 2010-01-30 00:42:27 Coach Tucker is a terrific coach, a caring mentor, and a remarkable educator who has positively influenced generations of BG kids - including me. I am proud to have been one of Coach Tucker's students and distance runners. His teams were succesful because of the culture he created and the leadership skills he taught us - skills which we have all carried into our lives and businesses. Thank you for everything Coach Tucks! Jay Smith, BGHS 1983.
Otsego urged to halt new building had enough 2010-01-30 07:04:18 Otsego Mom maybe you didn't hear there was a general election and the three in favor of all this mess were defeated---in fact the only incumbent who had guts enough to run came in dead last---didn't even win his own voting area--want to explain that? If you get your central campus maybe you will send double your taxes to run it cause the large majority of voters who did not want it will now vote no on any future levys. And,since you are in the country I really hope you are not living in one of those worn out farm houses , left over from farming times, I mean living like that could be a hazard to your health and beneath your standards and we want you well so you can work hard and send in more taxes to run the new school
Otsego urged to halt new building Jennifer Asmus 2010-01-30 09:31:21 I would have to believe that any person who attended Thursday evenings board meeting would agree that a lot of information was shared with the board members. The Otsego Board of Education listened to the general public's comments, concerns and were given more information in regard to finances with the school district. On any previous board I can not and will not believe that one person has ever made decisions for the Otsego School District. Any decisions that are made are voted on and passed with a majority vote. All meetings are documented and available to the public. Anyone who is or has previously been an elected official realizes that they need to learn what their duties are and this is not an easy task. I am not pointing fingers at any one person on the Otsego Board of Education because at one time everyone of them has been a first time elected official. Every elected official owes it to themselves and their constituents to know what their elected position requires of them and their responsibilities. Learning takes time and yet we, the people who elect people into a board of education office, hold them to a higher standard. We expect an elected official to be educated about laws, finances and many other subject matter that is required of that position. We also expect them to know district information and to make educated decisions for our students and school district. I truly believe that the Otsego School Board will continue to make educated and informed decisions for the Otsego School District. I have never and will not expect anything less of the Otsego Board of Education. Jennifer M. Asmus Otsego Resident
To the Editor: Calling for Garber's resignation at board meeting was out of order Gargie 2010-01-30 13:05:06 One thing about being a third party observer is the ability to cut through the crap. You totally support one side of the LTE and not the other. I call that crap and the credentials you have don't help your cause these days, few trust the media. As far as the title goes I'd of thought you would understand that's why this is called the OPINION page. It's a small town JB, comments anywhere have an impact. What are we talking about here, a school board that just went through an election removing people for similar problems (not listening to a certain group of voters, this group) and part of that voice of displeasure in the removed happened here. It matters and proof positive it does is JA was a very active participant. The powers that be were here what more needs said. They now have an aid... why did anyone have to ask for the school to send people’s kids home in the same condition they entrusted them with when they left their care? I'm guessing that something I suspected long ago is the case; the system has become nothing more than one big solicitor with all their efforts focused on the next levy not the care and education of children. Only a miracle will stop the O school system from exploding. Story after story of angry and violent behavior are just the sparks of a soon forest fire unless someone in control can stop the tearing apart that's going on. Mr. Garman being captain of the ship is responsible, period. There is no excuse for his lack of leadership in this area; I should not need to say that. He is paid to see that our school system isn't just great for the people he serves, but the envy of others outside it. Does any of this in any way say that? No!
BG teen hospitalized after crashes BGVOTER 2010-01-30 14:03:55 wow
Otsego urged to halt new building otsego mom 2010-01-30 18:10:13 Dear "had enough", thank you so much for being so concerned about my health. As a matter of fact, no, I do not live in a worn out farm house. My house is about 20 years old. Lucky for me,once my children were grown, things were easier to take care of, as I assume they are in most houses. Unfortunately, a school building never has the luxury my house does. A school building continues to see new children year after year after year after year. M-m-m-m. Maybe that's part of the reason school buildings need so much maintenance and need to be replaced after many, many, many years of use. And as far as the elections went, maybe it was the fear-mongering by the individuals previously listed that caused the problem. But I suppose we'll never know for sure. I think the board's number one priority should be to help all of us come together as a school district community. Does anyone think that is possible?
Otsego urged to halt new building Annie 2010-01-30 18:54:17 Ms. Asmus: "The Otsego School Board will continue to make educated and informed decisions?" Maybe the three new members will try to do that but you are missing the point. The Board members were voted in by the people of the district to be our voices. They have a responsibility to the taxpayers of the district to make sure what is done is in the best interest of all residents, not just a few. This mess all started with Joe Long, talking out of both sides of his mouth (along with Harter on the Board) and continued with "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" Superintendent Garber(along with Harter on the Board). Anyone who can't see what is happening better go back to the beginning and re-read the facts. This district has been destroyed by the previous Board and Administration long enough. We need a caring superintendent and two more new board members.
Otsego urged to halt new building Nicole Jackson 2010-01-30 19:15:37 I didn't say anything at the meeting, but I am in agreement. As someone at the meeting said-"If you buy a house and need carpet, but you cannot afford the debt, you don't buy the new carpet." You deal with what you have, and if, & when you can afford it, that's when you do it. My dad saved money for 20 years by dealing with what we had to build a house for my mom, and had the house paid off in 5 years. Now she is set for life. I would, however, like to be the first to admit that when it was on the voting ballot, I wasn't exactly sure what my vote would mean, my judgement was clouded over my own personal situation with my son, and didn't realize that would mean people today would be where they're at. So, that is why I am changing my vote- because now I am informed, so my informed vote is NO, NO, NO to the new construction! To respond to the remark about the modulars would need to be fixed up soon, I would like to say modulars are inexpensive to maintain while saving what's left over for the project that has been envisioned since the 1970's, to be built when it's more reasonable to afford.
'Give me a conflict' Cheerleading admission fee at fair divides board Cheer follower 2010-01-30 19:50:05 This is the dumbest idea I have ever heard of. What will the old men on the board do when the gate receipts decrease on Friday due to this charge? Say that cheerleading is a failure and needs to be stopped? This competition brings in money to the fair. Why charge the cheer fans just because they have made poor choices the past few years for the concerts. I feel like we are now paying the price for these past poor decisions by this board. Please reverse this decision!
Otsego urged to halt new building just me 2010-01-30 19:55:47 And when do you expect it to be more affordable?
Portage to pursue income tax Ben S. Shaw 2010-01-30 20:46:18 If the rest of the village pays their taxes like Mayor "That's just me" Wolford, (3 years?) they will be lucky to collect their taxes in 20 years!
To the Editor: Campaign contribution ruling questioned gargie 2010-01-31 06:58:39 I like the court upholding freedom, I don't like the fact that it always seems to do so for the powerful. If they really wanted to uphold freedom they would've added some thing very important, the freedom of the wrongfully accused to severely punish anyone who speaks falsehood and deception. Buy your elections, but you better buy it with the truth. If a candidate is elected and it is determined they were elected on falsehood and deception they should be removed. Protect freedom of speech, don't protect freedom to destroy people wrongly. This is why the courts decision leaves a bad taste in my mouth, no protection for the people, only the powerful. Same old same old. Freedom of information is good, they said with absolutely no mention of how ,if miss used, the guilty would pay dearly for the abuse of freedom. That stinks! I'd like to get the truth but have little reason to believe I will. Don't believe I did with the courts decision either.
To the Editor: Detainees, not just U.S. citizens, have rights Gargie 2010-01-31 07:24:28 I wonder how either of you feel about Abraham Lincoln? History is older than the Bush administration. HB can and has been suspended, Lincoln did it during the "Civil" War. Truthfully I'd rather authority be forced to treat all people the same. They have the potential to be much more dangerous than any outside threat. Freedom for all or there will be freedom for none is my motto. Good luck getting the same fair treatment form those outside threats and it wont take someone with a lot of smarts to figure out, why capture a person when a dead one tells no lies. One of the decisions on HB suspension can occur if the cost and disturbance to the court is deemed unreasonable. This case as I've heard it already exceeds that criteria.
Otsego urged to halt new building Nicole Jackson 2010-01-31 10:27:50 I expect it to be more affordable when Otsego stops getting into things that are over their heads, like expensive loans that the tax payers would be responsible for, and starts saving for their goals- like my parents did, that way when they do need a loan, it doesn't come out of the pockets of the tax payers for the next 30 years. It's a basic rule that goes along with credit cards, you don't put it on credit, unless you can cover a majority of it, without asking to borrow the money from other people to pay it off.
Otsego urged to halt new building Facts 2010-01-31 10:36:07 Nicole I think it is nice that former school board member Lisa Hatfield works at the food pantry in Grand Rapids. I would guess in this economy with so many people out of work that many people are just struggling to put food on the table. I believe these are the same people she feels can afford more levy’s right here and now as we have projected deficits. It is funny that many people who are for new buildings seem to share one of the following qualities: For most they are fortunate to have a very good job or the new school will be closer to them. My guess this is why the majority of people voted the way they did against consolidation. The lease was signed in late December and yet the cost to stop this project would run in the millions already. Does this mean the last school board went forward with the building project without knowing the terms of the loan and the interest rate?? Yea I guess if talk about something long enough it means you have the money for it. I find it interesting that Eastwood school board did not sign a lease after the voters in that district voted down an OSFC plan.You also do not see them in the news all the time as they respect the voters and treat all of their residents the same. You also never see them point out voting record of their residents after a failed levy. class operation!
To the Editor: Calling for Garber's resignation at board meeting was out of order No money in reserve 2010-01-31 10:52:06 Sorry JN you are wrong Mr. Garber was brought in By Long and Harter to finish this central campus period!He will be gone after it is done and someone else will have to figure out how to pay for it. We went from millions in the bank before building the new cost saving high school to an empty piggy bank. The lease payment next year will come from the previous building project fund. Yes pay a credit card payment with another credit card.
Otsego urged to halt new building Nicole Jackson 2010-01-31 11:18:49 I am not going to sit here, and pretend to know alot about these things. As a tax payer, a voter, and a consumer, I have made plenty of mistakes. Politics, Banking, & Finances are not my areas of expertise, I am just saying I am tired of paying the price for learning the hard way. Instead, I am learning new ways to get by, and cope with what we have. In my opinion there are other tax payers, voters, and consumers in the same position, that feel the same way. That is my opinion, only.
Otsego senior aces Americanism test Jennifer Asmus 2010-01-31 11:56:09 Congratulations Tyler!!! I'm very proud of you!! Mrs. Jen Asmus
Otsego urged to halt new building Otsego South 2010-01-31 13:30:57 Ms. Jackson: Unfortunately, the only way public schools are funded in Ohio is by the taxpayer. Unlike your parents, the school can not work longer hours, work harder, or get a second job to make more money. So again, when will we have the money to do anything new if the tax payers won't support it? Perhaps if the school board starts having a weekly bake sale, we could start saving the profits from that. Let's just hope these new board members can make a mean fudge brownie.
Otsego urged to halt new building Nicole Jackson 2010-01-31 16:28:45 The way I see it, they have figured out some other ways to compensate such as: Play to Play Sports, and charging children under 12 years of age to get into sporting events. I am not complaining about these. I am not saying it's easy, or that it's impossible because that doesn't put building in the foreseable future. We are a long way from recovering from the recession, without breaking our backs anymore than we do to make ends meet. If these people can't afford to go to a game, they don't. Why should we put ourselve's in the position to ask people who are in a worse positon financially than us to make up for those defeceits? Is it because educational staff can't work more hours, or get a second job? Many people my age don't vote because they don't keep up on the issues, they don't know what, or who they are voting for. I already admitted to that mistake. I wonder how many tax- paying, non- voters would agree, but are too busy, too uninformed to feel like they should say anything at all. I am learning, and I am trying. Low income families have goals for today, and today paying outrageous bills doesn't help their families put food on the table. I heard Lacey say at the meeting how having Weston closed has affected many of her friends living there. Are these the people that should be ignored, or are these the people who's thoughts, ideas, and opinions should be taken into consideration even if there is a lack of understanding on the issues from someone's point of view as yours? I don't think so because I understand they are just trying to get through the day without any further hardships. My friend also commented at the meeting that she gets "Double Whammied on taxes, the district doesn't need to ask for anymore for projects like this right now." That's not verbatum, but close enough.
Otsego urged to halt new building wondering 2010-01-31 16:51:53 I'm asking because I don't know the answer to this. How many of these people who can't afford taxes have a wii, xbox, nintendo, and enough money for beer and cigarettes? Education is important to some. Not to others. Or so it seems.
Otsego urged to halt new building Otsego South 2010-01-31 17:19:54 And still the question remains, when will there be a good time to ask the taxpayers for more money - whether it's to build the centralized elementary or to update and maintain the individual elementaries in each village. This is a decades-old problem for Otsego - it did not just begin with the past Board. I certainly agree that the Board should take everyone's opinions into consideration. However, they will not be able to make everyone in the district happy. Their job is to make the best decisions for the school, the children, and the residents of the ENTIRE district - not an easy task, by any means.
Otsego urged to halt new building kelly Brown 2010-01-31 17:20:31 Wondering, I have video games for my children, Education is important to me. I pay my taxes , that does not mean I am low life like you imply, because I do not want higher Taxes. Why does a new building mean a better education?
Otsego urged to halt new building Nicole Jackson 2010-01-31 17:21:45 Those things are their choices, so are the things they don't want, like a new school yet. If they are satisfied enough with the way things are, and don't want to give up other commodities when something is coming they don't feel is really necessary at this point, or would change their lifestyle more than they are comfortable with then why should the change be forced on them? It's not up to people with power to tell a whole community of people how to live their lives so they can have what they want.
Otsego urged to halt new building Nicole Jackson 2010-01-31 17:28:06 Devil's Advocate: If the new school is built before everyone is ready, I wonder how many people would show up at the polls hoping to not pass another thing, for a very long time.
Otsego urged to halt new building Otsego west 2010-01-31 17:30:43 Nicole--- YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! The people VOTED and said NO. If we voted again it would probaly still be NO. Why not put it on the ballot again, they can't because they (the old board) did not do what the people voted for.
Otsego urged to halt new building Nicole Jackson 2010-01-31 18:59:35 The following is a copy of an email recieved from a friend in Otsego District having technical difficul(no subject)‏ From: TL OTSEGO You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk Sent: Sun 1/31/10 6:38 PM To: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it My husband and I are proud to be from Otsego, we have raised two kids that went to Otsego and are now proud to say we are watching three grand kids go to Otsego. Lloyd Jones and Tom Zulch are also proud to be Otsego Knight grads. I know Lloyd's mom was a teacher for years and years, I'm not sure but memory says she was also a principal at one time. Lloyd has grown from childhood to stand by his Alma Matre, I'm sure the same with Tom Zulch. Yes, we do live in the country and we are connected to the four schools in the district. Nicole Jackson has a very good point, she is a tax payer who cannot pay anymore taxes. Tough times are upon us all and even though the levy was voted down ( how many times?) the board is still digging into our pockets. We can not afford to keep up our own households. My husband and I love our "worn out old farmhouse" and can still hear the sound of little footsteps coming down the hall. We don't think of it as worn out, just much appreciated and many years of love woven into it. Make the best of what we have and get your hand out of our pockets. Otsego South, your right. The school can not work over time or get a second job like Nicole Jackson's parents....Obviously, the parents work overtime just trying to make ends meet, not to give it to the schools so they can build another school when there is a large good elementay school in weston with a lot of memories woven into it. WONDERING, why is it that you bring up people who bought WI, Nintendo, beer and cigarettes saying they don't care about children's education?? What about those of us who don't have any of those games or spend on beer and cigs, who DO CARE ABOUT EDUCATION and still cannot afford to be robbed anymore when we have a good thing already, just make the best of WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE!!!
'Give me a conflict' Cheerleading admission fee at fair divides board Fan of the Fair 2010-01-31 21:07:04 With this latest decision by the Wood County Fair Board, it is quite obvious that there is a faction on the Board that is clueless. Once again they have alienated another group or organization with their thoughtless decision to charge family and friends to watch their children compete at the Fair. Yes, Fair Board, the cheerleading on Friday is a competition. So I suppose your next irresponsible move will be to charge for family and friends to watch their children compete in showing their horses,cows,pigs,goats,rabbits, and poultry in competition at Fair.
To the Editor: Calling for Garber's resignation at board meeting was out of order Nicole Jackson 2010-02-01 07:42:56 An experienced school leader? I am a parent of a child on an IEP that has had MANY problems voicing concerns to Mr. Garber over the years. As a parent, I feel very ignored when a problem comes up, because I am told- unofficially, because I have no way of recording a telephone conversation- "I Just don't understand the point you are trying to make" Then the conversation goes nowhere, especially if the content does not fit in well with whatever his agenda is- that is my opinion only. My son does not have to ride a bus to Northwood, however, my heart goes out to those children with the closing of Weston so called being the best thing for the community- In my opinion, If just one person is excluded from our community, then it is not in the best interest of our community. Funny, how the first people to get thrown out are children with special needs. I support the issue in regards to Mr. Garber's resignation.