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Wednesday, 10 February 2010 14:03
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Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Bruce 2010-01-13 06:18:23 The loss of community schools and the cutbacks involving school personnel and programs are painful for most everyone involved. It is important to be careful about accusing people of having bad motives for their actions. I assume the parents of the autistic boy really want to do what is right for him. I assume the mother and teacher of another important special needs child wants to do what is right for her child more than she is concerned about her job. Mr. Garber has many difficult decisions to make, and whether I would or would not make all the same decisions if I were in his shoes, there is really no point in making assumptions about his motives. Why the Sentinel would place the opinion regarding Mr. Garber’s motives as the key to the whole board meeting is beyond me. We should be trying to solve problems rather than judging peoples’ characters. (I am a teacher at Otsego.)
Guadalupe Cortez Sr. gloria Lause 2010-01-13 07:52:30 Very nice family gloria Lause
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Mary Gase 2010-01-13 08:20:40 I would like to clarify. I am not, nor have never been employed by Otsego Local Schools. I am a stay-at-home mom, and prior to that I was a social worker for the severely mentally ill. My connection to the school is that I volunteer and am a member of the PTO. I spoke on Monday's Board Meeting because I thought it was necassary to hear both views. My daughter is physically disabled, and the administration and transportation director have been extremely positive to work with and very approachable. While this website is a great asset to keeping people informed, please, let's make our comment fact and let's keep the comments positive. I congratulate the new school board members, and look forward to progress that they will facilitate for Otsego.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Res 2010-01-13 08:59:10 My family and I were considering a move to the Otsego area. After hearing the manner in which Otsego residents bash the superintendant- whom we know and feel DOES truly care about children- and make wild and fruitless allegations, I no longer desire to live in this district. It seems the new school board is concerned more with playing games and accomplishing personal agendas than acting in the best interest of the Otsego children (not just Weston). I wish Otsego residents the best of luck though this trying time, though it will be without me and my family.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids OTres 2010-01-13 09:09:16 To Otsego Resident and Res, One meeting and your negativity already is showing. I would suggest you wait and make your judgements after the 4-8 years others have suffered through. It is simply amazing what takes place after the shoe is on the other foot. The previous board is what has caused the division of the district by choosing to put communities and children in different classes of acceptance. As unfortunate as this is, it happens, and some bad judgements have been made. It is extremely unfortunate the special needs of the children have fallen into this same situation. It would appear that when a set of parents brings a situation to the board, someone always counters with something they feel is positive, and then let the cheerleaders applaud and everything will be ok. It is not the number of cheerleaders at the meeting, but the number of voters that said they have had enough. I have seen previous board members and Mr. Garber treat people and taxpayers with absolute disrespect and I have seen the cheerleaders be rude and crude as in this last board meeting. Intimidation is not the way we will settle the districts problems, but cooperation and compromise might be the answer if allowed to happen.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids russ ewing 2010-01-13 10:55:07 Sorry that my wife and i got one fact wrong about the positive remarks made about treatment of special needs children in Otsego Schools. We sincerely apologize. However, in response to patriot, the bus driver, and teacher, and EVERYONE is aware of what happened. We are taking responsibility for our son in that we are speaking up for him when he is unable to speak up for himself. Isn't that obvious? Our son (in documented proof from Wood Lane and more) has NEVER undressed himself on bus rides. The five point harness that Mr. Garber and Mrs. Potter decided to place all four boys in has to have parental permission because of the seriousness of the restraint. It was a state and federal offense without parental permission. My husband (a minister and former bus driver for both Otsego and Wood Lane) questioned why it was being used that morning, and was told it was demanded by the superintendent and director of transportation. It upset my son so much the first day that 9-1-1 nearly had to be called by the school to stop his asthma attack and seizures. His personal and civil rights as a human being were violated. We want an aide (which is called for, and following an upcoming meeting, which will be demanded) on that van. Asking the poor bus driver to watch four little boys (special needs or typical extremely active little boys) while still driving is like asking her to be texting and using her cell phone while driving. Finally, I want to thank OTres for the comments about the disrespect we received following the meeting from the superintendent, a board member, and several of the "cheerleaders" in the crowd. It was atrocious. ALso atrocious is the treatment received by other special parents who were screamed at, and told to "get the "h" out". I never imagined my alma mater would behave this way toward special needs families and their guests from the Abilities Center of Toledo (they attended with us Monday evening). It is amazing how a person backed into a corner by their lies will fight their way to get out. Thank you all for your comments. Russ and Shari Ewing
To the Editor: How did we plug the hole in the ozone? brutus 2010-01-13 11:48:14 I feel better now A.F. No more messy sunscreen, no more skin cancer, we get to keep our stinky, messy oil refineries, We get to keep having oil spills that ruin the environment. Yippee! Good thing someone put some ozone patch on the ozone layer.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids OTres 2010-01-13 12:34:23 To Res, Thank you for not moving in, we do not need more cheerleaders, and you claim wild and fruitless allegations, you are calling the people liars. You accuse new board members of playing games and seeking personal agendas, after one meeting. Excuse me, but you must be psychic as I did not get any of that out of the meeting. Your statements must be predicated on the fact that Mr. Harter did not get to be board president. Everyone has to understand the simple rule, a simple majority rules. As stated before the cheerleaders are not the majority, its the voters.
BGHS student cited for OVI iawlfan 2010-01-13 12:42:58 He lost the right to hide behind his age when he got his drivers' license. With certain rights come certain responsibilities. This would be one of those responsibilities. Not that getting a driver's license at age 16 or 17 is so much a right as it is a privelege. He (allegedly) abused that privelege. It sucks when someone has to take responsibility when they screw up, doesn't it?
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Kimberlie Morris 2010-01-13 12:51:34 Being the parent of a child with Special Needs, I can completely understand the outrage, fear,mistrust, and anxiety the Ewing's are feeling. We as parent's entrust our children to the school district personnel with the belief that they will protect our children. That ALL of the staff is FULLY trained to handle the situations that can often quickly arise with typical children, and even more so with a Special Needs child. Unfortunately, the bus drivers are usually the last to know ANYTHING about our kid's. The district says it is because of the HIPPA laws. It is my opinion that it is because they don't want the driver to know or they'd have to train the driver. We moved from a "rural" school district for many reasons, but the main reason was because they chose not to meet my daughter's special needs. Our bus driver was wonderful, and went out of her way to meet the needs she was aware of. But for 3 years, my daughter road her bus, and the driver was unaware of the fact that she was asthmatic. I had told the school personnel at our IEP meetings, I assumed they shared that information with everyone who she had contact with since I signed release forms stating specifically that information be shared with everyone involved in her school day-silly me. My daughter's birth mother consumed alcohol during her pregnancy, and my daughter has FASD, with that she sometimes has violent outbursts, the bus driver was unaware of this also,because they hadn't shared the behavioural plan with her or trained her how to safely hold her should the need arise until help arrived to protect my daughter and the other children on the bus, who were also either Special Needs or Pre-School age.When I found this out, they did have her go for training, but she had already been riding the bus for 3 years. While I do believe that many do care about what is best for the children, I also know that it is the almighty dollar that usually wins. Those who genuinely care, end up with no voice. The smartest thing the Ewing family did was bring this to the attention of the media. Keep it there. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, to coin a phrase from my Grandpa- so keep squeaking.We are very fortunate to now be in a school district that takes my daughter's well being into consideration when making decisions. She now is receiving home instruction with a tutor which is in her best interest at this time. Good luck Mr and Mrs Ewing, to you and your family. God Bless and keep your children safe.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Pat supporter 2010-01-13 13:05:51 It was not that long ago Mr. Garber said Weston voting record was looked at with regards to busing. I also believe this attitude lead to the facility being closed (which by the way is 8000sq ft larger then Haskins). Some have asked about the parents being responsible for their kids. I think after many failed attempts at changing continued problems they went to a board meeting to fix it. This is what a responsible parents should do. Just because you have had no problems does not mean other don't and it is arrogant for some to believe everyone is treated the same. My wife also donates time to the school but we have seen volunteers become arrogant. What authority do you have to judge a problem brought to the board for the board to hear? Just because your kid is treated well you want to be the judge of this? In the end this is none of your business let the school board handle it. Maybe you should run and if you win we will get your a crown to set next to Harter
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Innocent Bystander 2010-01-13 14:12:02 I believe Mrs. Gase was just telling another side of the story. Voicing your opinion does not mean you are arrogant. Did she say she has authority to "judge a problem brought to the board for the board to hear"? I think not. She doesn't want to be the judge of anything, she just gave her opinion, like the rest of you are doing. And the Ewings made this everyones business by bringing it up at a school board meeting and alerting the media.
BGHS student cited for OVI iawlfan 2010-01-13 14:19:47 If it were not legal to identify kids by name, then the paper wouldn't be able to print honor rolls or feature stories about kids who do good things in the world, either. There are laws that say children's identities are protected in terms of school records, and the names of many victims of many crimes are often protected by courts regardless of age. And often, newspapers (including this one) use common courtesy and informed judgment based on common sense and experience as to when to identify a student. But I have never come across a law during my studies and training to be a journalist that states that newspapers are not allowed to print the names of juveniles. For what it's worth, I'm not a journalist anymore, but I used to be. This idea that juveniles are automatically and magically protected is a common and very mis-informed misconception.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Confused 2010-01-13 14:46:29 I would like to know who Mr. Garber answers to. Who does the school board answer to? I was under the impression that they answered to the voters. If I am wrong, I apologize. If I am right, how has Otsego gotten' into this mess? Insubordination should result in termination. It's not like the poll results were gray. For my personal situation, the new board has three years to prove its competency and willingness to abide by the wishes of the voters or it's off to a new district that will. Thank you.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids JB 2010-01-13 14:57:13 Shame on anyone that takes offense with the Ewing's doing what they felt was is in the best interest of their child. I do not personally know the family and can only imagine how it would feel to have your child treated improperly or unfairly. I feel anyone that has concerns in regards to their childrens well-being is more than within their rights to bring those things into light without any of these negative consequences. I would bet that if the Ewing family had nothing but nice things to say about the Otsego administrators and superintendent, this would be a totally different story.
BGHS student cited for OVI BeeGee12 2010-01-13 15:03:31 It would have been nice for the Sentinel to exercise some common courtesy and informed judgment based on common sense before they wrote this article. I agree with BGVOTER, this "story" is not in the best interest of the community, the family, or the individual, especially in a town that talks as much as this one. Not that what this individual did is right, but it doesn't need to be exploited and detailed in the local newspaper. I hope the Sentinel has some more class next time.
Focus on local news still fresh after 30 years as editor gargie 2010-01-13 15:15:10 Congrats on the 30 and thanks for helping keep BG our home town, heavy on the home. :)
To the Editor: Responds to comments on Israel, Palestine GARGIE 2010-01-13 15:30:44 "Palestinians who have the real physical power in the region unconditionally accept Israel's right to exist as a necessary pre-condition to any serious negotiations." The problem and it's why were in the cross hairs is the power behind Israel, namely us. If Palestinians were the power there, Israel would already be in the sea. I think the reason for the "muddy water" these days is we find ourselves with friends on both sides of the bitter feud. Time does that.
BGHS student cited for OVI iawlfan 2010-01-13 17:04:06 I think they did do the right thing here. If I were a parent of a friend of this child, I would certainly not allow my teen to ride with this irresponsible, immature child who clearly has poor judgment, and if I knew who he was and saw him on the road, I would be sure to be more aware and cautious while driving near him! I see this as a public service. I hope this kid gets charged as an adult, and I hope the person (people?) and/or the parents get charged with wrongful entrustment of a vehicle and whatever other charges they can be charged with for allowing their underage child to 1) drive a vehicle without an adult present; 2) on a temp permit; 3) drunk; and 4) in a vehicle that more than likely wasn't his! Exploited? If it was the top story with a 60 point headline clearly visible while it is in a news stand, I would agree it would be exploitation. But it was on page 2 near the bottom, and you have to go looking for it on the Web site. That's not exploitation. That's just reporting the facts. Don't shoot the messenger. It's the kid who (allegedly) screwed up. Where did that message get lost???????? What kind of a world do we live in when we start burying our heads in the sand or start looking the other way and pretend this stuff isn't happening? It's that kind of attitude that allows it to happen in the first place. Wake up!!!!!
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids observer 2010-01-13 19:51:01 Two new board members told the Ewings to grand stand in front of the media? Have they also asked the parents to file a lawsuit against themselves? It is only a matter of time until this board ruins the district. Probably sooner than later. Time will tell. What do they really know about running a school district? Have they even read their board manuals? It will be interesting what kind of financial trouble we will be in a year from now. We need to all find out the tax rates of all the adjacent school districts. That's the taxes we'll be paying soon enough. Just like Lake almost had to. And when we are absorbed into these other districts, how long do you think these ancient buildings will be utilized? Just wait and see how long those bus rides are. I never suspected that's what the nay-sayers wanted. Oh, well. Glad my kids are grown and living elsewhere.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids BG BUSDRIVER 2010-01-13 20:04:41 If driving the bus is so easy WHY isn't Mr.Ewing working as a bus driver??? How many days did he work at Otsego??? I mean DAYS. One writer was right the busdrivers are always the last to know anything!! It is not an easy job.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Bill 2010-01-13 20:15:10 Power To The People!
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids OTres 2010-01-13 20:29:29 To Observer, I do not believe for 1 minute that the Ewings were told to grandstand. I do know that they approached the superintendent early on and did not receive an answer to the problem at hand. This involves the treatment of a situation depending on who and where you are from. If you are from the elitist of Otsego you are taken care of, if not they would like to sweep the whole thing under the carpet as the superintendent and a board member demanded vocally to do. Again it comes down to respect for all, which Mr. Garber cannot do. I have to admit the common denominator is Mr. Garber and I am afraid he needs to retire a second time and be done with the double dipper.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Mr. Ewing 2010-01-13 20:51:01 Dear Observer and confused: I have spoken to the "new" board members and they were aware of situation. They knew that I was going to bring something before the board. That is all I need to say about that. If you want, please let your mind wonder to any conclusions that you want to. Now if people need to know my work history, I worked for Otsego in 2001-2002 school year. Before that I was a full time driver for Celina City Schools for two years. After I left Otsego, I was a professional charter bus driver for four years. I decided then go back to driving school bus so I could be closer to home. I drove for Wood Lane for three and half years. I am a professional driver, but due to a illness I stopped driving. I have sat in the same seat as you BG Busdriver. I probably have more training than you when it comes to handling students with disabilities. I know it is a hard job and busdrivers have a tremendous amount responsibility. Thank you for your concern for my work history.
BGHS student cited for OVI Anomyse 2010-01-13 20:55:31 Okay first of all iawlfan if this was your kid would you want him to get all the charges you just named. I doubt you would. You would not want it to be all over the papers either. This is my friend and i take this offensive that you would just insult him like this. And that was his car. He did have his license. You dont even know your facts. He had his license for more than a year. You dont need a parent to ride in a car when you have your license. Everybody makes mistakes give him a break.
BGHS student cited for OVI BG21 2010-01-13 21:17:43 Bee Gee12 you must be stupid get your facts straight before you come on here and think you can start saying stuff. 3 out of your 4 facts were wrong so you can sit down and shut up and worry about your own problems. he was 17 had his license and it was his car. dont come on here thinking you know anything about this person when everything you say is wrong go comment on something that concerns you and stay out of this.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids ohsgrad 2010-01-13 21:58:04 Can someone please tell me where the "elite" live in the Otsego district or who they are. The ones who get taken care of and always get what they want with no questions asked? All of the kids weren't from Weston and this isn't a Weston only issue. It effects kids in different towns within the district. I don't think the district employees or supervisors of the program handled this situation well. If they would have used not only common sense but common respect the issue could have been resolved. Sadly it wasn't and the parents weren't very well informed about decisions about their kids transportation. I think the parents should have been asking questions and voicing concerns. I think a lot of people are to blame for this situation. Personally, I think a line was crossed in asking for Mr. Garber to resign and accussing him of not caring about kids. It was a personal attack that was made to be hurtful and I don't think went over to well. I can sympathize with Mr. Ewing and the other parents but don't think that was necessary or helpful. I can see Mr. Ewing being upset and frustrated, but basically lowering yourself to name calling says less about Mr. Garber and the type of person he is and what is in his heart. I hope this new board can stop this Weston, and other divide that is going on but am not encouraged.
Brian Farr Brenda vestal 2010-01-13 22:19:48 we are sorry to hear about your lost .He was a great person and friend .we express our sympathy to the family and prayers go out to you.He is in great place with the lord and in peace.Again he will be missed by all of us .mr&mrs Micheal Vestal
BGHS student cited for OVI noname 2010-01-13 22:27:28 It's time that kids start taking responsibility for their actions. What happened was bad, but luckily no one was seriously injured. No one forced him to get into the car after he had been drinking. He should have had better judgement, plain and simple. Maybe this will be a lesson learned to other teens that when you make dumb choices there will be serious consequences.
BGHS student cited for OVI iawlfan 2010-01-13 23:47:40 First BG21, you want to yell at me, iawlfan, not Bee Gee 12. So get YOUR facts straight. Second, Anomyse, when I drive, I don't have to have mom or dad in the car with me when I drive between 1 and 5 a.m. Back when I did have to have them in the car, it WAS called a temporary permit. You can call it whatever you want these days: a license, a permit, a probationary license...either way, there are strings attached and your friend cut those strings. Better check the laws and get YOUR facts straight Anomyse. He DOES have to have his parents in the car between 1 and 5 a.m. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been charged with driving outside of license restrictions. I didn't say it was his car or not his car. I said it probably wasn't because buying and selling a car requires a contract, and the last time I checked, teens under age 18 can't legally enter a contract. Yes Anomyse, we all make mistakes. I am ashamed to say that I have made my own. But I have paid for them. My 2 children will pay for theirs, as well. I will support them, but I will not coddle them or run a smoke screen for them. We all need to own up to our mistakes and face the music. Your friend wants to (allegedly) drink like an adult? Then he can face the consequences like an adult. Same as my kids or anyone else's. So he "has his license and it was his car." So what? Does that make the .124 BAC, driving against license restrictions, getting into an accident and putting his passenger and everyone else out at that time of night in harm's way okay? Here's a news flash: The answer is NO! I'm in my mid-30s. I have lost more class mates than you can count. More than I can count, even. I quit counting four years ago when the number hit 36. I have lost many more since then, including one in November and one in December. At least 7 of those over the years have been alcohol and drug-related deaths. Four of my classmates died in one single alcohol-related auto accident. I have seen alcohol-related accidents at their worst. They have involved my classmates bodies mangled in the twisted metal of what used to be "their car." It's not as cool as you seem to think it is. I hope the judge throws the book at this kid and I hope it wakes you up.
To the Editor: Responds to comments on Israel, Palestine Mario Goveia 2010-01-14 01:54:47 Dear Gargie, I'm not sure why you truncated my comment, which in its entirety was "I have never heard any of them demand that the radical Palestinians who have the real physical power in the region unconditionally accept Israel's right to exist as a necessary pre-condition to any serious negotiations." Clearly, I was referring to the "radical Palestinians" having physical power over the Palestinians, not over the Israelis who are their adversary.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Past supporter 2010-01-14 07:43:52 I am sure you will find that this new board wants to be more transparent then the last. Board member meetings at Bob Evans will be a thing of the past. If anyone brings a problem to these new board members that they can't get resolved. They are welcomed to come to any board meeting and share concerns for their kids. This will be a breath of fresh air for the majority of this district.
Fostoria mayor announces bid for county commissioner MacDoo 2010-01-14 10:00:33 Give me a break. Obviously the Sentinel-Tribune does not know this man very well to paint such a rosy portrait of someone who is not a leader by any sense of the word. Take a long hard look at how many jobs have been created, versus how many have been lost within the Fostoria community since he was elected in 1999. You will find it's a net loss. Take a long hard look at the crime problems since he was elected. He was unable (along with multiple Safety-Service Directors) to manage the police chief/department and it took and outside group of individuals to form the Zero Tolerance Task Force before drugs and crime began to subside. John will tell you about the overpass projects (which were instituted under his predecessor) and the new Kroger Store (also begun by his predecessor) as his major accomplishments. How many jobs did that create? The reason that John Davoli has been elected three times, respectfully, has nothing to do with Wood County. He has carried SENECA County each time which has ensured his winning of each election as Seneca County is the most populous portion of Fostoria. GOOD LUCK TO COMMISSIONER BROWN because John Davoli will sell a line to just about anyone to secure a vote. It might be wise for Mr. Brown to take a trip to Fostoria and talk to folks before the campaign begins... he'd certainly learn enough to remain in office.
Bundle of joy ... times four KalissazMom 2010-01-14 10:04:11 Just wanted to say Congratz they are beautiful and you and your family will be in my thoughts are prayers.. God Bless, KalissazMom
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids OHS Student 2010-01-14 10:27:40 This all needs to stop! Get our school out of the press and handle it like adults! You dont need help from the local paper and media. ITS SO EMBARRASSING TO GO TO OTSEGO HIGH SCHOOL KNOWING OUR SCHOOL IS ALWAYS IN THE PAPER AND NEWS! Stop taking your problems to the news! I cant say that enough. The news paper should be ashamed of themselves for letting all of these comments go on here like this to the public. Wow, sounds like great people that run the paper.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids BG Busdriver 2010-01-14 10:40:00 Mr. Ewing Do you even have a job?? besides critizing people?? Do you pay taxes? I checked some of your "work history" Working 20- 30 days a year DOES NOT equal years of experince. You brought this to the media tell the truth. Do you always whine to the newspaper? Like with your cat?
To the Editor: Responds to comments on Israel, Palestine Gargie 2010-01-14 10:51:04 It wasn't clear to me in your LTE, my bad. No Offense intended and I appreciate your personal perspective. Thanks for taking the time to express it. It does help!
Focus on local news still fresh after 30 years as editor David Chilson 2010-01-14 11:11:04 David, Thank you for *all* you do! Thank you especially for your support of veterans and the Northwest Ohio Honor Flight program! David
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids ohsgrad 2010-01-14 12:02:40 I dont think Mr. Ewing was being critical of the van driver and in fact realized and posted how hard it would be to drive and take care of the special needs kids. I'm not sure about BG busdriver but I have a feeling if you dropped kids off in states of undress,you'd be questioned yourself. The bottom line is, the situation wasn't safe for the kids or the van driver and something needed to be done. I have heard the parents had tried several attempts to resolve this issue and weren't met with much willingness by the distrit or special education supervisor. If more communication would have taken place before the kids were placed in restraints or other options tried I doubt Mr. Ewing or any of the parents would have been so upset. I don't think attacking Mr. Ewing or Mr. Garber is a solution to the problem and both need to work together and be willing to at least be civil to find a solution that is safe for the kids. Mr. Ewing accusations against Mr. Garber were a little low and whining how afterwards Garber wasn't so friendly us silly and not unexpected. You can't insult someone so publically and not expected to be met with a chilly reception.
Bundle of joy ... times four RW 2010-01-14 12:07:02 Congratulations on the beautiful little miracles!!!! Have faith and don't worry too much about money, things like that. It will all work out. Just enjoy your children.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Past supporter 2010-01-14 12:49:29 BG driver Because his job is not to your standards his kids don't deserve to be treated right? His wife has hers masters degree according to what was said at the meeting. Maybe he should go to school to become a bus driver who works half the year. Then you can judge others.
To the Editor: Responds to comments on Israel, Palestine brutus 2010-01-14 14:09:27 I wouldn't say that Pakistan and India accepted fully their partition. Does Kashmir ring a bell? And when you (Israel) have your foot on the neck of the other person (Palestinians) you will do anything to get that foot off.
Sen. Mark Wagoner submits his resignation sivicman 2010-01-14 16:11:09 Good riddens!
BGHS student cited for OVI sduds 2010-01-14 17:33:18 I am curious how the Sentinel decides which juvenile names they want to publish - and which juvenile names they don't?
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Teri 2010-01-14 18:01:59 To all of those criticizing the wrong people: Mr. Ewing did no wrong, he should not be drug over the coals. The fault falls on the school administration that is not following the guidelines established for children on buses, especially those with special needs. The new board members messing things up? It will take their full terms to try to correct the screw-ups that have transpired in the past with the old members and the ones who are still there that shouldn't be. To the BG Bus Driver, I have two grandkids that ride a BG bus and I hope you are not their driver. Heaven forbid anything serious should happen and you would be to un-concerned to help them.
BGHS student cited for OVI iawlfan 2010-01-14 18:35:25 If they have their license and get cited, then their names get listed. If they are not charged (like the passenger), then they are not named. If they are victims, they are not named. At least that's the way it used to be, a little more than a year ago.
Sen. Mark Wagoner submits his resignation Tired 2010-01-14 19:52:02 Do we have another Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, countless other politicians?
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids blue bell 2010-01-14 21:37:57 Russ, Maybe you can move the Bluebird from Grand Rapids to Weston!!! Then all the kids from Weston can ride the train to school. To the Elite town of Tontogany!! Way to go man! Power to the People!!
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Bob Jr. 2010-01-14 21:40:35 When that bus door opened and Mr. Ewing saw his son like that he should have called the Wood County Sheriff and have it documented. Also, Mr. Ewing should have called WTOL News and put it on TV.
Sen. Mark Wagoner submits his resignation new way new day 2010-01-14 21:44:50 Heard that he was chasing a bigger paycheck in the private sector. What else is new?
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids observer 2010-01-14 21:48:52 Patience is a virtue... Let's talk a year from now, and see what, if anything, is left of the district. People uneducated in the workings of a school running a district. Interesting. There's concern about bullying in the schools. It's obvious the children are learning what they see from their parents and other family members. To OHS Student, hopefully, if you stay in the district once you graduate you will help change things one day. It's obvious you are far more mature than many of the supposed adults in the area.
Focus on local news still fresh after 30 years as editor Dick Martin 2010-01-14 22:02:40 Dave- Thirty years! Doesn't seem possible. Thanks for keeping the focus on BG and Wood Co. Also a big thanks to your very professional editorial staff.
BGHS student cited for OVI sduds 2010-01-14 22:10:53 There must be more to it than that - I know of plenty of juveniles who have been cited for a number of things, including DUIs, and their names were not printed. It's listed in the Blotter (not a huge article with a headline on the inside front page), and only stated, "a juvenile was cited for . . ." Keep an eye on the Blotter - you'll find plenty of examples.
BGHS student cited for OVI iawlfan 2010-01-14 22:24:04 With all due respect (seriously), call and ask. Like I said, what I know about it is more than a year old. Call the editor and ask him.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Mr. Ewing 2010-01-14 22:49:04 I would like to know how the BG Driver got into my personel files. Was it from the same person who told me that he cares for kids? Instead of being Joe the plummer, I guess I am Russ the bus driver. It is not anyone business if I am employed at the present time. Please do not worry yourselves with who I have contacted or not. Concerning me bring things to the media, use the education that you were provided somewhere on the face of the earth and realize that the Sunshine Law states that WTOL was welcome there. What about Mr. Harter saying I should not have brought this before the board? I am tired of this school district sweeping things under the carpet. This is why this district is having all the problem that we have. I have told the truth and will continue to tell the truth!! By the way, Mr BG DRIVER, were you the one that called and told us to get out of town and take my stupid child with me to a place I belong? My child can't speak for himself and so I am speaking for him. I pray that no one has to go through what my family has to in order for my child to live. Finally, to the precious little OHS Student; I know the truth about why you are writing. I have been told that you getting your pointers from one of your teachers. BTW, you and the teacher must be a supporter of the Supt.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Their MOM 2010-01-15 00:28:54 To Mr. Ewing and the other families involved: I am sorry the incidents have taken place. I am confident that the issue at hand is in the process of being resolved with the childrens best interest/safety taken into consideration. My heart goes out to you and your family during this difficult time. To GRANDMA: Leave my children out of this!!! There is no need for any others to be drug in this mess, including my children!!
Focus on local news still fresh after 30 years as editor Dee Pakulski 2010-01-15 01:36:02 Hi David, Congrats on 30 successful years with the Sentinel-Tribune! Thank you for your support of our local heroes by featuring so many of the Greatest Generation in your paper over the past couple of seasons since Honor Flight Northwest Ohio has been in existence. It's a pleasure to hear someone comment on how much they enjoy their job after so long with the same business. Here's to many more years of "going strong"! Dee
To the Editor: There has to be a supreme architect JB 2010-01-15 02:33:48 So this "supreme architect" is intelligent enough to precisely place Earth in the absoulte correct location in relation to the sun, what about the other seven planets? All practice runs?
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Otsego is us 2010-01-15 05:52:09 Why is it that school employees are only allowed to do their job when they agree with you Mr. Ewing? This is a teachable moment for all the students and teachers at Otsego, and no, I'm not one of them. How is it you feel the students at OHS don't have a right to voice their opinions, or even feel embarrassed about what was reported on the paper and on the news? And why is it that if you are for the schools you are a cheerleader, and if you against them you are a concerned citizen? We've seen the rise of the Otsego Schools. Now, let's watch the fall.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Past supporter 2010-01-15 08:01:37 Otsego school employees are their to teach and care for the children. If the students have all the facts maybe this could be a teachable moment ( but everyone including teachers have their bias on subjects). Tell your kids to close their eyes and imagine a child being strapped to a seat crying with their pants pulled off. Imagine that you tried countless times to get a unsafe bus situation fixed. Know imagine this child is yours. Can anyone here with children say during their life at one time or another you have not lost your temper to protect your child. The problem "otsego" is students are not parents and have not had to walk in those shoes yet. I hope they don't have to ever deal with the problems that some parents have to contend with daily. It may be more of a education to take a ride on that bus one day and observe and listen vs. talk
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids BG busdriver 2010-01-15 08:59:59 Mr. Ewing, All anyone has to do is talk to employees of the schools YOU mentioned, they don't need to talk to the Supt. No one has said your child does not deserve rights, You just seem to demand things, my children also have rights, there are ways to better handle this than running to the media, who does this help? not your child, it just puts you in a bad light.
BGHS student cited for OVI BeeGee12 2010-01-15 09:23:42 sduds, I totally agree with your comment. In fact, it's funny that if you look back to the last times this particular kid has been in the Sentinel, you will see that very recently it has been for ahletic achievements and before that, academic achievements. If someone thought that those articles make this one a "public matter", they are very wrong. What the heck happened to the Blotter? The bottom line is that this was a lapse in judgment and no one is saying this individual was right. However, he IS taking responsibility for his actions. He lost his privlege to have a license, doesn't have a car, can't play on the basketball team, all of which I would consider pretty clear consequences. I think there is no question that the Sentinel crossed a line in publicizing such specific details of this incident. It's almost as if someone wanted to see him fall from his recent successes, most of which have been publicized in the Sentinel. The highter you go, the further you fall I guess. This individual was wrong, no doubt, but on some level, so was the person who decided to print this.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Jennifer M. Asmus 2010-01-15 09:30:42 First: Mr. and Mrs. Ewing who is your legal council? Second: The new board wants to be transparent? They already had it figured out who was going to be the President and Vice President without speaking to the other 2 board members before the meeting. This does not include minutes before the meeting. Third: Everyone has a process to go through when they have a grievance. Did you allow the system an adequate amount of time to rectify the situation? This also includes taking into account the holidays and people were traveling or out of town. Fourth: Jim Garber has done a great job with communication and running the school district. Fifth: I have worked on a daily basis with special needs children in Preschool thru elementary age. I now work at Otsego High School and work with students that have learning disabilities. I do understand how important it is for them to be treated the same. I am very much an advocate for these students but there is a process that everyone needs to follow. Again, sign your name and quit hiding. Jennifer M. Asmus Resident of Otsego School District
To the Editor: There has to be a supreme architect BG Mom 2010-01-15 10:07:43 I think the point Mr. Cavendish is trying to make is that so many things in the universe are so perfect, it kinda makes you wonder. The periodic table of the elements, two cells combining to create a most complex human being, our existence alone - things such as this have to allow the question to be asked. How can our world be so perfect and not have some architectural influence?
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids ohsgrad 2010-01-15 10:17:08 I graduated from Otesgo years ago and I live in the district and my children attend. I honestly don't know what I would have done in Mr. Ewing's or the other parents' place. It does appear the situation in the van was getting out of hand and unsafe for everyone. I have a feeling if the parents felt they were being at least listened to, they wouldn't have gotten so upset or reacted the way they did. It is a tough spot to be in. I don't think Mr. Ewing's work history is an issue or needed to be bought up. He appears to be a concerned parent and his work status doesn't negate that or imply he isn't a good dad. Also, this issue doesn't mean that All special needs kids in the district aren't having getting a good education and have their safety needs met. It appears that once Mr. Ewing's child acutally gets to Northwood he is in a good program that helps meet his needs. Not everyone is interested in jumping on the Harter,Garber hater bandwagon and it doesn't mean they dont care about kids or think Otesgo is perfect. In most cases it means they view Otsego as a district made up of students from all over, not just one town. I still haven't heard where the elites in the district reside? I do wonder if Mr. Ewing contacted the media after talking to someone at ODE about the issue of his child's IEP being modified and about his right to due process.
Sen. Mark Wagoner submits his resignation Kimberlie Morris 2010-01-15 10:33:02 I do not know Mr Wagoner. Nor do I have any reason to doubt his stated reasons for stepping out of the political field. I applaud him, if it is in fact to be there for his family and to provide for them. It is not my place to question his reasons, nor is it any of my business. Enjoy being home Mr Wagoner. I'm sure your wife and children will enjoy your being there.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids OTres 2010-01-15 11:16:33 Ms. Asmus I believe that the Ewings issue arose around the middle of December. An issue of this type knows no holiday if people truly care to get it taken care of. I also believe the proper channels were followed by the Ewings by presenting it to Mr. Garber. The elitist comment is meant to relate to whom Mr. Garber decides he will have a rational discussion or whom he will not. As a public official he needs to accommodate everyone. I have experienced first hand his rude and crude behavior if you do not agree with him and the cheerleaders, as evidenced at many school board meetings. clap, clap,clap. As for signing names, peoples children then become targets at school for intimidation, bullying by students and teachers unfortunately. As far as being transparent, everything was divulged at the meeting as to whom the new board president is. It did not happen behind closed doors. Fortunately the new board members may listen to the majority, the voters, and not the minority, the cheerleaders. clap, clap, clap
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Past supporter 2010-01-15 11:33:44 Ms. Asmus As the new President and Vice President received twice as many votes as the consolidated campus candidates, doesn't seem logical to have leadership that reflects the wishes of the majority of taxpayers and residence of this school district? I would assume since you past judgment on the special needs family you have all the details. Can you share with us all when the first problems started for the multiple families that had issue with the busing? How many times did Mr. Garber take to fix the problem? Can you give us examples of what actions took place to fix these problems? Thank you
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Past supporter 2010-01-15 11:33:45 Ms. Asmus As the new President and Vice President received twice as many votes as the consolidated campus candidates, doesn't seem logical to have leadership that reflects the wishes of the majority of taxpayers and residence of this school district? I would assume since you past judgment on the special needs family you have all the details. Can you share with us all when the first problems started for the multiple families that had issue with the busing? How many times did Mr. Garber take to fix the problem? Can you give us examples of what actions took place to fix these problems? Thank you
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Jennifer M. Asmus 2010-01-15 12:04:25 As I can see my questions truly were not answered and since I am not on the school board and do not follow the daily going's on within the school district I can not provide you with the information you are asking. I never did pass judgment on any family. I directed my questions to certain individuals and if you are them then please identify yourself and if you are not them then please do not pass judgment on me. Jennifer M. Asmus Resident of Otsego School District
Health board rejects contract report Watching Carefully 2010-01-15 12:40:32 The economy is still in a recession and most money-savy business operations are forgoing employee pay raises. I believe the county Commissioners even decided not to implement pay raises this year. What makes your seemingly pathetic organization so different? Sounds to me as if your employees are in the game to line their own pockets during a serious time of community need when they should really be thankful that they're still employed. Out to serve the people? I think not.
BGHS student cited for OVI Amazed 2010-01-15 12:56:03 BeeGee 12 You make several VERY Important Points: 1. This Young Adult appears to be Intelligent, as shown by his Academic Success 2. This Young Adult also appears to be an Accomplished Athletic YET: This Student and others, (with Intelligence and Knowledge of the Risk that they would lose their Privilege to Participate in Athletics), STILL Chose to "Party" with "Friends" and then get into a car and drive, Risking not only his life, but the lives of others in the car and anyone in their path? Is this a onetime incident? Unfortunately, (sduds) is also right that this has happened numerous other times, with teens in our community, and that is a Real Concern. The question we should maybe be asking is: Why are our Teens making such Poor Choices? Why, when they have so much to loose, do they make such Bad Decisions? The youth who attended this "Party" only needed to recall an incident, a few days earlier, when another Student Athletic and Honor Student made a similar decision and lost their ability to participate in Athletics at BGHS? We have a problem in our community and it needs to be addressed by Teens, Parents, School and the Community to Protect our Youth! The Parent and/or Relative that allowed this "Party" to take place on their watch and in their home, needs to be Held Accountable for this Incident. Please, Lets get our Heads out of the Sand and Address this problem before something more tragic happens.
BGHS student cited for OVI abby 2010-01-15 15:23:39 Amazed, I agree that the partying does need to stop, however, I don't remember seeing the headlines on the other student athlete who made a poor decision. By the way, do you have a teenager?
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Just wondering 2010-01-15 15:56:18 I'm just curious - did the parents discuss this incident and their concerns with Ms. Potter prior to the Board meeting? It seems this would have been the logical first step since it began as a transportation issue. If a satisfactory result was not achieved at that level, then a meeting request with the superintendent involved would be next. Why would you begin with the Board?
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids OTres 2010-01-15 16:52:33 Just wondering, It was my belief that both paths you suggested had been done without result. They did not start with the board. Why do people want to confuse the issues, when some of us know exactly how people get treated, when questioning Mr Garber's position, excuse me he works for the taxpayers.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Jennifer M. Asmus 2010-01-15 17:47:42 I agree with Just Wondering....I am a substitute bus driver for the Otsego School District. As I stated before there is a correct way to reach an end result. The first step should have been to speak with the driver, if they were not satisfied then to his/her supervisor which is Mrs. Potter. After those actions if they did not receive the satisfaction that they would like then they should go to the superintendent and last then the school board. There is no confusion on any part. It is quite simple if you would like to solve a problem you have to do it in order and not skip from point A to C. And again, please do not speak for "people" in this district and knowing how all of us are treated and if you truly are concerned then sign your name. Don't hide behind OTres which may lead others to think you possibly could be the Treasurer of Otsego School District. Jennifer M. Asmus Resident of Otsego School District
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Jennifer M. Asmus 2010-01-15 18:02:19 Correction: The first step should have been to speak with the bus driver. If the parents were not satisfied with the discussion then they should contact the drivers supervisor which in this case is Mrs. Potter.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Just wondering 2010-01-15 18:31:02 To OTres - I am trying not to confuse the issue. I was simply asking if appropriate steps had been taken before bringing this to the Board. I don't believe we should "pick and choose" what rules we want to follow to reach the end result. I do believe there are usually many sides to every story.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Blue Bell 2010-01-15 19:20:29 Hey Russ, WHAT ABOUT THE BLUEBIRD????
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids GR RESIDENT 2010-01-15 19:26:57 I like the Bluebird suggestion. Think of all the money it will save the district, and no need to build new school just use the train cars as classrooms. What do you think new board members?
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids O.G. 2010-01-15 19:42:15 While I do not have any children attending Otsego, or any relative with children attending Otsego, I do live in the school district. I can say personally that it is true that Mr. Garber comes across as not caring and to some degree dismissive to those who oppose him on any issue. While my only direct dealings with him were during the school boards meetings to discus how they were going to save money by centralzing the elementaries into one campus. It is no surprise that there is so much division between the towns that make up the district, the past school board and Mr. Garber did nothing to help that situation. Only time will tell what the current board with its new faces will do to try and get the villages that form Otsego to come together. The people of Weston should rest assured that Haskins and Grand Rapids will be losing their schools also and their residents are equally upset about it. On to the topic of this discussion thread. There are many things I have read here where it is clear to me people are taking cheap shots at each other, this is all very sad. While I do not know any of you personally I would like to simply point out what rights all of you have. The right to each have your own opinion right wrong or in between, this is not the best forum for this however. The right to attend the school boards meetings, they are open to the public and are required to be as stated under the Ohio Sunshine Law since they are an elected body. The right to express your concerns and ask questions about what the school district or board is doing to reconcile what you feel is wrong in the district. If they raise their voices to you or are disrespectful remember that when they are up for re-election, but also respect that they are entitled to their opinions even if they do not agree with yours. The right to seek restitution from the school district in a court of law if that is the course of action you choose to proceed with. While this will be at a cost to you unless you win it is your right to pursue it if you wish. Things to keep in mind regarding Mr. Garber: He is an employee of the school district and serves under the school board, this means the school board can choose to demand his resignation if they feel he is not performing his job adequately. He acts as an advisor to the board on business matters and it is their decision on what action to take upon his recomendations, this does not mean they have to do what he recomends. I do not believe that the reason Otsego moved forward with the central campus plans were based on Mr. Garber's desire for a central campus. Remember he is their employee and was directed to look into the options and make his presentations to them and the voters so there was input on the choices and they could make an informed decision. Even I am not happy about the central campus since I do not reside in Tontogony which will benefit the most from this new elementary school. I do not know the Ewings, I do not know what it is like to have a child with special needs who has to ride a bus, I do not know what it is like to transport a child with special needs or work with them as a teacher or aid. I can only imagine that if I were a parent I would be extremely upset if my child were dropped off missing their clothes regardless of the weather, even an appology from the bus drive would be hard to accept. From my point of view the issues here are between the parents of the effected children and the school board and its superintendant. While the news is one way to get attention to the situation these personal attacks in the comment area only serve to widen the divide between residents of Otsego Schools. I understand why some employees of the school district especially Mrs. Asmus felt compelled to submit her comment but this unfortunately is just adding fuel to the fire at this point. Maybe the parents that are concerned about how their children are being transported should as a group arrange to meet with Mr. Garber and the school board president to have a calm discussion about how these situations can be advoided in the future. As for the Sentinel, why don't they cover the shake up in some of the other local government bodies a bit more. I hear Haskins has a fresh set of idiots on council. Signed O. G.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids knights74 2010-01-15 19:49:04 OHSgrad I think the reason someone question employment was the attitude of The Ewings, They were rude and making demands, they say they are so well educated her with a masters degree, he with well he sure knew everything. I have a special needs child it does not keep me from working, to pay taxes to help pay for the services my child gets. Just like any other parent. You can't grandstand at a board meeting and think everyone is going to pat you on the back. It is tough being a parent with any kids. I'm not sure what the Ewings want or expect from the school, they have the power to drive their son to school. I drive my special needs child everyday. not because I feel he is unsafe with school transportation. I just feel better about it.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Shari Ewing 2010-01-15 19:54:19 Ms. Asmus, I will begin by unashamedly telling you my name: Shari Ewing, mother of Isaac Ewing. I will also tell you that I hold a masters in special education from Ohio State University, and I have taught special ed. The only reason I stopped teaching was when I was 18 weeks pregnant with my son Isaac, and my water broke. Is this giving you enough information? I have now sat on both sides of the table when it comes to IFSP's and IEP's. Trust me, even with all of the constant changes, I think there are pages of WHOSE IDEA IS IT ANYWAY? that I have memorized. The day my son came home naked from the waist down, I could have simply called the authorities. It was in our plans. But we followed the proper steps. All we received was double talk and lies, and one terrible Christmas break. We began transporting our son ourselves, and as you should well know, state law provides monies (33 thousand plus change back in fiscal year 07) for transportation of special needs children. We should be reimbursed for the long time trip we made twice a day. AFter receiving inadequate help (I guess you were not among the cheerleaders Monday night, or you would have heard the entire story), we have now turned to county, state and federal means to get Isaac the proper transportation he needs. His education is wonderful...just unfortunately not at Otsego where he should be. Also, because of comments made on some of these e-mails, as well as vulgar and life-threatening phone calls received at our home (thankfully not by our children), charges are being filed. Is that following proper protocol acceptable to you? Shari Ewing stay at home mother to Isaac, Emma and Ronnie
BGHS student cited for OVI bgfem 2010-01-15 20:05:54 BG 12, This young man has not taking responsibility for his actions. What you listed are consequences that go with the action he chose to do. Taking responsibility goes above and beyond any imposed consequences.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids m.h. 2010-01-15 20:21:56 You don't have to live at Williamsburg on the River or Grand Rapids to serve on the School Board. I believe the control finally has shifted back to where it belongs, to the hard working, blue colar people of the Otsego District *(The Majority). Sorry Grand Rapids and Williamsburg on the the High Seas, you just don't carry enough votes to put your people on the board. Please remember that the voting in of the three new board members was tempted fate by Ms. Hatfield and her Big Mouth at a board meeting; getting up on her high horse and challenging those people to run for the board. Instead of patting herself on the back, she should have slapped herself on the mouth and not gone off on her tangent. Finally, we have people on the board who will listen to the will (majority) of the voters and bring some much needed commonsense to it!
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Jennifer M. Asmus 2010-01-15 20:43:40 Mrs. Ewing, Thank you for the reply. My first question still was not answered. Who is your legal council?
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Shari Ewing 2010-01-15 21:05:26 Ms. Asmus: Due to current legal actions, it must suffice to say that our legal counsel is from Columbus and the STate of Ohio. Enough said. Did you want my age and weight?
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Jennifer M. Asmus 2010-01-15 21:24:18 Mrs. Ewing, It must be obvious that I was not at the board meeting because of the questions I am asking. I'm looking for the facts and only the facts. Race, religion, gender, height, weight, handicapped or not is not part of the equation here for my questions. I'm not being smug or condescending. I have a family member that is severely handicapped and have been on both sides of the fence. If you want the people educated about what happened then the facts have to be told. If I did hear correctly from someone who did attend the meeting it was stated by you or your husband that you may sue the school district. If in fact this is so I think it is only fair that I, as a tax payer know where my money is going to be spent and why. I can only say that all I asked for were the facts and nothing more and did not accuse nor pass judgement on your or your family. Jennifer M. Asmus
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids nowigetit 2010-01-15 22:17:11 Asmus says it all. That's why there's been a change in voting. "I'm special. I don't have to do what others do." If only others were treated as you are. All because of your name. There are other names. This is just one. Want to bring otsego together? Treat all the same. Make all feel special and appreciated. Stop making it an invitation only club. The best way may be one school. Then all will be visible in one place.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Really Confused 2010-01-15 22:47:04 How will the Bluebird ever make it to Weston? It hasn't been able to cross the bridge into Grand Rapids for years.
To the Editor: There has to be a supreme architect JB 2010-01-15 23:32:27 Saying the sun has been around for millons of years while also referencing the Bible and a "supreme architect" is contradictory. My question is, if there is in fact some "architectural influence" that is responsible for our existence, how does someone explain other objects in the universe? Why create other planets, moons, stars, etc. if Earth is already "perfect"?
Health board rejects contract report Marlene 2010-01-16 05:05:46 I'd watch those words, buster! The WCHD is the agency who makes sure the restaurant you get your food from is doing it in a sanitary manner. The same thing goes for the food booths at the fairs and festivals. They also are in charge of the various flu shot programs, as well as other programs to keep not only BG citizens healthy but an entire county, spread over a wide area!
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Jennifer M. Asmus 2010-01-16 08:52:27 To nowigetit: My maiden name was Turkal and I was born and raised in several different area's due to my fathers job. I graduated from Eastwood High School. If you go back to the high school and/or any of the towns of that school district and ask who I am some people may know me and some may not. I am not upset nor hurt if they do not recognize my "last" name. I do not expect nor would want people to think I am "special" because of my last name. I feel that I am recognized now within different communities because of my involvement in our school district as a teachers aide, track coach,substitute bus driver, volunteer EMT, and a supporter of our school district. I have worked in 3 different buildings in our district and so I have been blessed to get to know many students. I like the students because of who they are and not because of a "last" name. The students that I have worked with and continue to work with come from many different backgrounds. Again, I love my job and work with these students because they are very special young people and I like them irregardless of their "last" name. It is my accomplishments that make me unique. I was born a Turkal and I definitely reflect the way I was brought up and not whom I married. I take pride in who I am, my family, my community and my district. I do not have to agree with all of them but I will support the person who needs the support when the facts are given, finger pointing and name calling is done. And I still find it quite interesting that I sign my name and get a finger pointed at when not to many others have signed their name on this blog. Would they write this in a newspaper and sign their name. I would because of who and what I am not because of my "last" name. Jennifer M. Asmus
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids knight74 2010-01-16 11:35:08 If legal actions are in place why the secret, to who is your legal counsel ? I find it hard to believe it is the State of Ohio. if it is shouldn't that be public record?? Taxpayer vs. Taxpayer ? I wonder. Mrs. Asmus you will never get a straight answere.
Paul Windisch honored amazed 2010-01-16 11:41:17 Paul Windisch has Served Our Community for many years. In addition to his many years of service via his Banking Career, Paul has provided much needed leadership to Bowling Green Schools as a Board of Education Member and President. Paul has also served on Numerous Community Boards and has donated thousands of hours of Community Service to Bowling Green and its Citizens. Bowling Green and its Citizens will be FOREVER GRATFUL for ALL Paul has done to make Bowling Green a Better Place to Live and Raise Our Families. I Tip My Hat and say THANKYOU to Mr. Windisch!!!!!!
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Shari Ewing 2010-01-16 11:51:06 Ms. Asmus: I am very sorry that someone is attacking you because of your last name. My husband and I have many dear, dear friends with that same last name, and would never do that to you or them. But I had to add this comment: It upset you when someone attacked you in this venue just because of your last name. It upsets me because last week my family has received accusations, vulgar comments, and death threats, simply because we tried to protect our 9 year old son. Some people, including the man himself, say we attacked Mr. Garber. If those attackers truly knew the steps we had been through, only to be accused of lying, etc., they would be amazed, and their heads would be spinning. Put briefly, now you know a little of what we feel. Our legal counsel comes from the State of Ohio Legal Rights Society. I realize your accusations are to get a name, but I doubt if you know her, so why should it even be any of your business? Knight74, your accusations make me wonder if you are wondering if Mark Tolles has anything to do with this. He has been our lawyer in past situations, and our friend always, but he is NOT representing now. SURPRISE! A straight answer! Shari Ewing
Health board rejects contract report Trekon 2010-01-16 14:43:10 Watching Carefully, it seems your careful eye has missed much of the works that the Wood County Health Department performs. You have also missed what has gone on with the bank bail outs using taxpayers dollars and the large bonuses the managing end of these institutions have taken. However, let's stick to the local issue with the Health Department employees. Are you aware Watching Carefully, that in past years management at the Health Department has gotten the same percentage wage increase negotiated by the union for its members? Thats okay. However, do you know in the past 2 years that managemnt has asked for and received wage increases over and beyond what the employees have received? It seems you understand that we are a business that relies on tax dollars whether in the form of levy money or other Gov't aid by grants or state allocated funds. We also generate money from license fees from food inspections, septic inspections, pool inspections and other state mandate programs. These fees barely cover the cost of the employees going out and doing the inspection. This fee is collected one time per year and the number of inspections that are required could be endless if the intial inspection does not meet the state requiremnts for that program. Do you know the endless hours that the nursing staff puts in helping clients over and beyond the call of duty? Do you understand during these hard economic times that the Health Department is the lifesaver for many individuals and families for their medical care? Are you aware that there are nurses that go out to homes as well as Home Health Aids that assist the elderly with medical and personal hygiene needs? Have you been watching carefully to see this department working along with many other agencies in providing a safe and healthy environment for this county? Not only have we been providing flu clinics to distribute the H1N1 vaccine but also helping find homes and shelter for the homeless. The Health Department also provides assistance for landlords and tenants, resolving issues which affect both parties. Yes, these are hard economic times and if you know any of the employees at the Wood County Health Department they would gladly accept a wage freeze until things turn around. But your careful eye cannot see what is going on within the negotiation process and business affairs of this organization. The employees cover up the sagging morale within the department with smiling faces and dedicated work ethic to the public on a daily basis. This job of negotating a contract has been the daunting task of our delegates who have been in the gloomy trenches for over 6 months. They have put in endless hours, just to secure what we have had in the past. The Union sponsor, the SEIU, has added to this struggle with the lack of leadership and dilegence to its members. However,without the union we would daily fear for our jobs. To do justice to the job, members have dedicated themselve to do for the public. Have you seen the number of managers that have left the department? Your eye surely has seen the job postings in the Want ads. At one time this department was a united team, different jobs, different pay levels but equal in every other aspect to provide the best service possible. A separation has been taking place over the past couple of years between the employees, managers and Board of Health. As I mentioned before, you do not see this for it has become an internal struggle. But the Union gives the employees a sense of security in the fact we cannot be fired for some petty issue. Remember, we are not a company that has a production line and our pay is not based on quotas and or bonuses if we exceed those quotas. We provide safe environments, care and compassion and if you have seen our works, you know it is priceless. My last observation to you Carefully Watching,is to watch the newspaper over the next several months to a year and see if the Wood County Managemnt askes for a monitary raise over and beyond what the fact finder felt was approriate for the employees. Be mindful, our business is providing services to the public and there is no one person more or less deserving then the other. I hope you stay in good health and do not have to lower yourself to our pathetic services.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids bob 2010-01-16 16:03:37 To the Ewings - I am so sorry you are having to deal with all this negativity and nastiness when you are already undoubtedly in much pain, having to see your son treated that way. Please know that there are many of us out here who understand what you must be going through and who support you. I think it is hard for people to even imagine the kind of treatment you have described so they assume you cannot be right. I realize fully that what you describe is not that uncommon and school systems with little money make decisions that do not put the interests of children first.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids knight74 2010-01-16 17:18:58 Ohio Legal Rights Society is NOT THE STATE OF OHIO as said in comment 56. Taxpayers business if it involves Otsego Schools.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Disgusted 2010-01-16 19:06:49 I am not here to cast stones, pass judgment, or defend either side of this situation.. But I will say one thing for sure.. I am truly disgusted that AN OTSEGO/COUNTY EMPLOYEE is on this website bantering in one direction or another. I think you need to take a deep breath Mrs. Asmus and realize how UNPROFESSIONAL you are acting! I can't believe that the board of education, Mr. Garber, or Mrs. Potter would appreciate one of their own getting involved fanning the flames of this situation! I realize you are entitled to your thoughts and opinions but consider the potential outcomes of your words/actions.