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Wednesday, 10 February 2010 14:01
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To the Editor: Its spirit makes BG a great small city gargie 2009-12-31 10:35:03 Amen to that. It's a real jewel.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Manson48 2009-12-31 10:40:59 Ewing197- Numbers 15:26 "And it shall be forgiven all the congregation of the children of Israel, and the stranger that sojourneth among them; seeing all the people were in ignorance." Romans 11:25 "For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel" Please tell me why it is that so many Christians here hold me in such contempt, for exalting a biblical principal they should have learned in Sunday school. I believe their salvation absolutely depends upon it. Ewing1972, those "things" I was refering to are varied and many. A worthy example is the Egyptian God: Amen- "The hidden one". The biblical references are absolutely indisputably addressed to this Egyptian God, and yet Christians around the globe pray to this "pagan" God daily. This ignorance is especially unforgivable to their own "jealous" God. Do I really need to say more on this "biblical" principal? JM Enough- "Why did the Sentinel print a letter that is so mean spirited in the first place?"- Probably for the same reason Bill O'Reilly's "mean spirited" editorial was published in another paper. Why does no one understand this impetus behind my letter? Geesh! JM
To the Editor: Caring city came through again gargie 2009-12-31 10:42:22 When I get back to BG from outside of it I often find myself giving a sye of relief and saying to myself, wish I didn't have to leave. It's a great town because of the people who not just live here, but call the place home.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas gargie 2009-12-31 10:58:32 Bill doesn'tg live here in BG if he did he might be a different person. I get ya, just think stuff like this is better suited for other places. Ever read old news papers? They were so pleasant and uplifting. Just think now more than evre BG needs that "medicine". We can argue over things like this just about everywhere else. Lets try and keep this one place a safe haven, our land of Goshen in Egypt. :)
To the Editor: BG man offers his opinion on celebrating Christmas Manson48 2009-12-31 10:59:10 Karen: A Christian, by the name of Bill O'Reilly, did to us atheists, exactly what I have been chastized here for. Ignorance is the only word that could ever describe this nonsense. It's obviously why the "holy" Judeo/Christian book mentions ignorance in no less than 27 scriptures. Read your book. Goodnight and Amen[Ra]. JM
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas brutus 2009-12-31 11:20:08 gargie, what universe are you living in? Not everyone is having as good of a time as you think. Some people need real medicine not some old newspaper. And for one who talks about the Constitution all the time you sure are willing to suppress someone else's right to free speech. Such a hypocrite. As I have repeatedly asked you before please read our Constitution and while you are at it read the bible, and not just the parts that go along with your way of thinking, and maybe you won't be so flip with other people.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Manson48 2009-12-31 11:31:10 Gargie, this online edition of the paper once had a forum for this purpose. I thought it was a great addition to the site. Out of respect for this paper, I will neither postulate, nor comment on why it is now defunct. JM
To the Editor: BG woman disappointed in holiday lights BGVOTER 2009-12-31 12:00:58 Barb, I'm sure if you went out and lead some type of campaign to raise the money to make some holiday lights that are awesome, the "people in charge" would let you. To say that doing so is beneath you shows what kind of person you are.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Someone who knows 2009-12-31 12:01:05 JM: The forum was ended because it got spammed with porn way too much. Even though you would like to think it was because of you.
To the Editor: Global market has helped U.S. brutus 2009-12-31 13:21:01 We all benefit? Really? I guess our companies that have closed and laid people off didn't get that memo.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Manson48 2009-12-31 13:25:42 Wow, I didn't know I felt that way. But, then again, you are quite literally, Someone who knows, so whenever I'm unsure of what I'm actually thinking, I'll just seek your counsel. Because I thought, I was actually thinking, it was simply because the paper's online readership was inadequate to support a forum at that time. Thanks for correcting my subjective cognitive process though. JM
Idaho's gamble pays off in win over Falcons Caseyj2222 2009-12-31 20:15:52 I watched the game on TV and in slow motion it's pretty clear that the last touchdown pass should have been ruled incomplete. It was trapped. I don't understand why the couches didn't ask for a review. I also don't understand why your paper didn't mention this.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas gargie 2010-01-01 15:12:22 All the more reason Brutus for a message that promotes a healthy attitude.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas rwewing1972 2010-01-02 21:49:11 Manson48; I totally believe that you are taking those verses out of context. I also argee with the others, it is time to go on. I will never agree with you or you agree with me. Let's move on.
BG man falls at City Tap BGVOTER 2010-01-03 18:56:22 probably got tossed down the stairs.
To the Editor: Its spirit makes BG a great small city Manson48 2010-01-04 21:59:52 Gargie, I believe it's very important to remember that Bowling Green is so much more than just downtown. Downtown Bowling Green is just a small part of the business community that strives to support this fine community. There are merchants in Bowling Green that actually resent the unfair advantage of internal focus the Downtown merchants and their landlords enjoy. Downtown Bowling Green's politics often reminds me of the ole English monarchists before the enlightenment choked the arrogance from their pureblood lungs. The misguided noble's sense of entitlement was quite ugly and based in absolute foolishness. That arrogance ultimately cost them nearly everything. A happy ending to a very dark time. JM
BG man falls at City Tap BGTownie 2010-01-04 22:05:02 I know him. Most likely a bad combination of alcohol and gravity.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Bunker 2010-01-04 22:28:30 J Miller, I notice that you were so insulted by Bill O'Reilly's comments that you waited 3 WEEKS to write yor letter to the editor. Did you even read the article or watch the show? I didn't, until you mentioned it. The article was written on 12-3-09, and YouTube had the video posted on 12-5-09. Your letter was dated 12-23-09. You, sir, are still a liar! The O'Reilly / atheist problem was mostly that the group "Freedom From Religion" was paying for ads that say "Yes, Virginia, there is no god" in Nevada, and a group called "American Humanist Association" was running bus ads that said "No god? No problem! Be good for goodness sake!". He said atheists must be jealous of Christmas, and that's why they run the ads of "NO GOD" during Christmas and not during Halloween or Presidents Day. The chosing of christmas time for the atheist ads, and also your LTE, are the same - to stir the pot and cause maximum disharmony. Nothing more, nothing less. It is also the same reason that the Panty Bomber chose Christmas to strike and not Halloween or Presidents Day - maximum disharmony and to stir the pot. I'm glad to see that when you lit your underwear on fire, the good citizens of Wood County are here to snuff your wick. Thanks for helping us unite, Miller! That "amen" stuff is getting old real quick. A real one-trick pony! "Amen" now is a prayer to a pagan god like "gay" means the same thing it did in the 1940's. In old-speak, we could say "Mr. Miller had a gay time, then exclaimed 'AMEN! after writing his LTE." and just be writing about you having a great time and praying to RA. I wouldn't say it, though. Now on to the Constitution! While Mr. J Miller has the right of freedom of speech, HE HAS NO RIGHT TO BE HEARD! That is, if the editor decided not to print his letter, or radio / TV to broadcast it, he has no grievance. If my comments are too inflamatory, they can erase them. There is nothing I can do about it. Just because someone says it doesn't mean you have to listen to them, or give them an audience. I. myself, would have printed the LTE for several reasons. Citizens need to see who the kooks are. If I hear of a suspect wanted for defacing church property (No, I don't think he actually would), and they are described as looking disheveled and talking about about amen-ra and the zionist conspiracy, I would immediately think of Mr. Miller on Jackson street and call the police! His letter also helps by uniting good christians and jews against a bigot. It probably confirms what his neighbors could have told you / suspected. Thanks again for your courage to show your prejudice, Mr. Miller, and happy holidays! Bunker = not a christian, not a jew, but a true believer!
To the Editor: BG woman disappointed in holiday lights Barb Sartain 2010-01-04 23:35:38 I said nothing in my comments about it being "beneath me" to volunteer to stand on a twelve foot ladder (I'm 62) to do someone elses job. My original letter only stated that this town could have done a better job of holiday decorating. The lack of care that was put into hanging holiday lights has nothing to do with money. And you attacking my character because of my disappointment shows what kind of person you are.
Checks written in BG on closed account Bunker 2010-01-04 23:52:31 With the "Chevy Nova" and Bow-Tie tat on his neck, I would check the local trailer park or "learn to read" class!
To the Editor: Its spirit makes BG a great small city Marlene 2010-01-05 09:41:02 JM -- A city's downtown is the city heart. You go to Toledo, and except for the games at Fifth Third Field and at the new Lucas County Arena, after 5pm you'd think it was a ghost town. Now I do agree that the BG Chamber of Commerce and Downtown BG should be doing whatever it can to bring stores to Woodland Mall, so residents can go there instead of driving to Findlay, Perrysburg, and Toledo. I also agree with Ms. Ruland that BG doesn't need restaurants like Olive Garden, TGIFriday, Applebees, etc. because we already have great places here in town like DiBenedettos, Easy Street, and Sam B's! So what if you have a park and walk a couple of blocks?
Poor Portage faced with more bills PortageWorkerBGresident 2010-01-05 10:36:11 How about DISSOLVING the village administration??? It is completely unnecessary. Those buffoons provide NO quantifiable services to ANYONE. The residents will NOT benefit from an income tax. Folks who work (like myself) in Portage WILL NOT reap any benefits from BEING TAXED. We will campaign AGAINST your stupid tax. Remember the old slogan "no taxation without representation" that the United States was founded upon? I am anxiously awaiting the demise of the corrupt "leadership" of a village that doesn't need it at all.
Discrimination charge against county sheriff dismissed after 2 years AdanG2 2010-01-05 11:01:36 Of course it was going to be dismissed. You are in Wood County!!!! Why do you think its called the black swamp
Poor Portage faced with more bills habib 2010-01-05 15:19:23 Sounds like they are a bunch of bottom feeders!
Full-service coin shop caters to collectors and investors Ino 2010-01-05 17:40:39 I can not believe that our local Bowling Green Sentinel would recommend this buisness. John Schulte is an Ex-con, ex-felon and a local con man. Anyone that has delt with him knows that he boarders on insane.He has stolen thousands of dollars from our old and needy.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas brutus 2010-01-05 18:53:24 Bunker=wackadoo
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Manson48 2010-01-05 21:08:14 Bunker, you sir, are losing it. For your information, I read O'Reilly's editorial in a paper my wife had purchased quite some time before that. If you don't believe me ask her, you should know where she works, since you seem to know everything else. As for Amen, it is a fact. It doesn't matter how you twist things, you can not change that fact. You see bunker, those folks that study this sort of thing, rely on the vast database of studies in linguistics. Many people have didicated their lives to understanding the languages of the ancient tribes. Part of this is understanding the derivations and the origins of words. Amen was purely Egyptian, as was Moses, which meant "Son of". There simply was no other meaning for the word Amen, which meant "the hidden one". The Hebrews made many mistakes because they did not understand the Egyptian language. Pharoah, for example, was the palace and not the ruler. This is the frustration the scholars face with the uneducated theists, who, like you, only wish to distort truth. I'll be more than happy to provide you with my sources on this undisputed scholarly fact. However, you don't care about truth Bunker. You only wish to instill hate, as is so perfectly clear by your latest piece of diatribic sloth. What's your point Bunker? Why are you here? JM
Poor Portage faced with more bills Ben S. Shaw 2010-01-05 21:15:53 What a bunch of tools?! You are going to pay a part-time employee sick pay that he doesn't earn, because he is part-time?! Ha! You should go back and then pay all of your past employees their sick time too! Talk about opening up a can of worms! You have a pretty smart solicitor! What funraisers are you talking about? e used to have a good day with the mini-tractor pull, but didn't what to pay the $500 dollars for insursnce!!
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Bunker 2010-01-06 02:55:41 brutus - I've never been called a "wackadoo" before, but the word makes me laugh! You should go into comedy, you big silly! John Miller aka Manson48 - I didn't say that your lies are about the origin of the word "amen" or that the bible has origins that include egypt. Your lies and deception are that you are "providing information" and not attacking religion. You try to tear down christians by saying that they are ignorant of the bible because they don't know the origin of a word? It's the "I know more about your religion than you, because I studied it, and your god is fake" vomit that everyone hates. It's comments of yours like: " Israel is, and has always proven to be, the antagonist in the Fertile Crescent. However, the Zionists claim to be God's chosen people and thereby are funded and protected by the Christians at every bloody masacre they invoke. One day the truth shall resurface, as it did just before World War II, and the world will know that the Old Testament was written in Egypt by Egyptians and the New Testament was written in Egypt by the Greeks. World War III, unlike World War II, will not save the Jews, nor their plagerisms. JM" that show your true colors and hatred of religion different than yours that make people dispise you. Our country was founded on religion and morality, and you need to try to tear it down due to, like Bill O'Reilly said, JEALOUSY! If god gave us our rights, and you want to stomp on the rights, you had better prove that religion is hogwash first, huh? If you want to perform infanticide (abortions), and GOD gives us the right to life, you have to convince people that the baby isn't "life", or that there is no god to endow such a right. That is the ignorance of atheism, and why NONE of our founding fathers were atheists. If you don't believe that you have rights given to you by god, then they must be provided by man (or gov't), thus man can take them away. Mao and Karl Marx are atheists, so they had no problem denying people the basic rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (property). "No god? No problem! Be Karl Marx for goodness sake" should be the atheist ad! Cool? I, sir, still think the timing of your letter is a little suspect. You look down on christians, and most likely timed your LTE for the christmas release. I would ask your wife, but she has more than enough work on her hands cleaning up your tinfoil hats. I am here because you put the stick in my cage. You want to bully those who actually have faith in their religion, and I'm here to push back. You want to attack the traditions of our forefathers and install secularism to erode the morality of our nation. You snipe at GWB for saying that god talks to him, but fail to see that an atheist president wouldn't see you as having god given rights. Keep up the great work of linking the name "John Miller" and "Idiot" for future generations to see!
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Bunker 2010-01-06 02:58:07 Wow was that long! I should be writing features!
To the Editor: Its spirit makes BG a great small city Teri 2010-01-06 07:05:29 Bowling Green does not offer a good choice of eating places. If you want fast food, pizza or loud sports bars, you are in the right place. There are no places to get a good, reasonably priced steak or a good buffet. That's why most people go to Findlay, Toledo or Perrysburg. Right now the only eateries in Bowling Green that are worth going to are BG Cafe and Big Boy.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas fedup 2010-01-06 09:26:35 Wow. Bunker, you should be writing comic books! You, sir are an idiot. By the way, the United States was NOT founded on religion. It was founded on secular democracy. Dumbass. The American forefathers DID NOT have the christmas "traditions" that are being talked about here. They were Masons. Moron. You post your drool here more than anyone else, yet you are on NO WAY representative of our community. Your Jealousy argument is stupid. Your atheism argument is stupid and shallow. Your abortion argument is stupid, shallow, and revealing of your backwards logic. Bite it. Your defense of christianity is making christians look stupid. You suck.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas brutus 2010-01-06 11:54:00 Why anyone would give credence to anything Bill O'Reilly says is beyond me.
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter enough 2010-01-06 15:01:51 People who responded to Mr. Miller were also speaking their minds. Some don't use God or Christ's birthday as a chance to fearmonger or try and show off how "pious and truly Christian" they think they are. Instead they smear the word of God for their own glory not his. Challenging Mr. Miller's view wasn't unchristian,it was logical and human. My guess is Mr. Miller didn't consider that anyone has a different opinion and thought he would earn praise. Regardless his intent and yours was only to create discord and intolerance among those who love God. Many people are tired of the bullies who think only they have the answers and have the right to judge others.
To the Editor: Letter writer apologizes enough 2010-01-06 15:12:37 I turned off Bill O' Reilly and Glenn Beck long ago. They are only interested in ratings and selling their wares. Those guys dont have a rally to hate as much as a rally to the bank with all the money they rake in by people who tune in to see what shocking spin is on tap for the day. O'Reilly and Beck aren't stupid, they know what will sell and who to sell it too. People like you tuned in. When more tune them out,their wares will change. They are the new snake oil salesmen of the day.
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter Anna Larson 2010-01-06 15:34:51 In reference to the person that made the very first comment but did not leave a name??? I see that as a christain you have applied much judging in your comment. You have shoulderd together me and Mr Miller intention, As a women of God my "only" intent is and was to be an example of Jesus, As directed by God. I was insulted by the actions of those that protray themselves as christains. It is my responsibility as well as yours to show love, not unkindness as we represent the Lord. I can pretty much bet that Mr Miller was completely aware that others would have a view of thier own. Once again you placed judgement.Those that you speak of that are "tired of bullies" I assume by your outward anger includes you. As a person of God then you are then aware that you are required to handle such matters as Jesus would. My feeling is that those that became ugly and abusive does not serve God with love but for self serving motives. Anna Larson Miami
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter gargie 2010-01-06 16:53:19 True enough but wouldn't the adice also apply in this LTE. :) Good advice!
To the Editor: Letter writer apologizes gargie 2010-01-06 17:12:09 Often it takes someone to rattle a cage for people to ask themselves questions that need answers. Thanks for the rattling. The book "Ben Hur" is the product of such rattling. :) My objection was due in part to something I struggled with earlier in life. Something I knew wasn't needed was enjoyed by some very sweet people. For me to get rid of what wasn't needed I'd of had to hurt them, that would've been worse than keeping what wasn't needed. A lot of sweet people enjoy the Christmas season, we could be fine without it but they'd suffer needlessly. Those people make our town a sweeter place to live, selfishly I don't want to lose that. :)
To the Editor: Other side of Jerusalem journey story presented gargie 2010-01-06 17:38:29 I've only ever talked to one person who grew up in the area. A new perceptive of the conflict and a new desire for getting history told from more than the Christan/American-European side is what I came away with. There's enough blame to go around. Cruelty isn't foreign to either side. The way it was explained to me was they weren't as much blowing themselves up for the "glory" to come, but to escape the persecution they lived under. Says something doesn't it. I don't believe Palestinians are allowed to vote for those Israel's that rule them.
Perrysburg faces deficit gargie 2010-01-06 17:49:37 I just don't understand. As a homeowner my realestate tax's (high) are based on property values. How can Pburg not be realizing a boom in tax revenue to go along with all that farm ground that now is home to millions and millions of dollars of buildings? Where is all that money?
To the Editor: Other side of Jerusalem journey story presented brutus 2010-01-06 17:51:32 Heart be still. There is something I actually agree with gargie on. Alleluia.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Anna Larson 2010-01-06 20:08:54 To Bunker...I am confused by you and your words. You claim on one hand to be a believer, and then you go on to use profanity, name calling and degrading comments... our job is to plant seeds for the Lord, to be his example. You astonish me with your attitude and lack of Godliness towards Mr. Miller. If people truly know where they stand with God, and thier love for him is for the right reason, then no one can rock your boat. Doesn't God say to be slow to anger, to do unto others, to forgive...??? If you stood as a very more example to me as A person that Loves God, how then do you think you portrayed Christ like love towards someone that put questions infront of you? I live in Miami Florida. I see comments here stating BG is such a wonderful place and that these comments are starting to be a problem. The truth is that your neighbors are just showing thier true colors...!!!
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter Anna Larson 2010-01-06 20:13:56 Thanks Gargie !!!
Perrysburg faces deficit sivicman 2010-01-06 20:24:23 If you ran your business the way these school districts ran theirs you would be out of business, mean while people that live in mobile homes and apartments will keep voting yes for school levies so you will never have to worry about the district closing their doors.
N. Baltimore police plan for K-9 unit Tom Butters 2010-01-06 22:29:59 That is great North Baltimore is getting a K-9 unit. Atleast they will have one inteligent officer, and no doubt the K-9 will be in better shape than any of them !
Poor Portage faced with more bills Tom Butters 2010-01-06 22:34:30 I hope the officers that were "layed off" don't mind an IOU for payment of the sick time they earned. Maybe each one of them can take a piece of a cruiser with them as payment. Or maybe the wonderful mayor has an idea how to pay them ?
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter Bunker 2010-01-07 01:18:32 THIS IS A COMMENT POSTED BY JOHN MILLER ON 12-18-09!! "Israel is, and has always proven to be, the antagonist in the Fertile Crescent. However, the Zionists claim to be God's chosen people and thereby are funded and protected by the Christians at every bloody masacre they invoke. One day the truth shall resurface, as it did just before World War II, and the world will know that the Old Testament was written in Egypt by Egyptians and the New Testament was written in Egypt by the Greeks. World War III, unlike World War II, will not save the Jews, nor their plagerisms. JM" THAT WAS A COMMENT POSTED BY JOHN MILLER aka MANSON48 ON 12-18-09! It was in response to a LTE called Concerned About Iran on this site. Check it out before they delete it!
Bill Clinton to raise $ in Perrysburg downthePike 2010-01-07 01:52:23 "I did NOT have sexual relations with that young woman." He's a fine one to be helping a fund raiser for anything. I wouldn't walk across the street to see him. Perrysburg, who invited him and WHAT is wrong with you people?!?
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Bunker 2010-01-07 03:08:29 fedup - I guess that I COULD write comic books, but you would just scribble on them with your crayons! So, masons can't be christians? From what I understand it just means that you don't have to SAY you are a christian. Kind of like Clinton's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy for the military. You don't have to say one way or another. None of them were atheists. So what were they, muslims? Jews? Rastafarians? But definately not christians! They said that we are endowed by our creator with the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. All meant "creator" as god (and, get this, god as god!) and not our parents. They said that "we hold these truths to be self-evident" which means that EVERYONE should be able to see this is true, unless they are scribbling their "colors" on comic books. Many of them wanted religion and morality taught in schools. They didn't want the federal government involved in setting up a "national religion", but gave that right to the states, etc.. (if they wanted, 1st & 10th amd, BOR). You may want to read the Constitution before you comment. Being the intelligent and traveled scholar that you are, you may want to try "Curious George visits the National Archives". My kids love that one! The "traditions" I refer to are not of our founding fathers and christmas, it is our connection to the past and what we all know as right. It is our belief and trust in god, and the oppression of gods right for all people is wrong (life, liberty, you know), that led us to fight ALL of our wars in the USA. John Miller wanted to break down people's beliefs and faith in tradition and religion, damn the consequences! Nothing less, and used christmas for maximum effect. He attacks jews for the same reason. Your facts to back up your arguement against abortion and life, jealousy, and atheism is pure genius! That, plus the proof that I make christians look stupid? I know who's gonna be the captain of the debate team when he's "growed up"! Maybe even the cashier at Rallys! Just don't burn my fries, loser. I warned you I punch back! Bunker = Not a christian. Not a jew. Not even a wackadoo! Then again, maybe our founding father's were not, either....
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Bunker 2010-01-07 04:00:06 Anna Larson - I am a true believer in god. I do not believe in Jesus, Mohammed, Harry Potter, Xenu, Satan, Easter Bunny, or budda. I don't care if you do, either. I don't need to tear down someone else's beliefs to confirm what I know is true. Mr. Millers delusions and insecurities make him lash out against christians during christmas, and searched for a reason to try to blame. His best candidate was a 3 week old Bill O'Reilly opinion piece. Mr. John Miller had been posting anti christian and anti jew comments for weeks before that as MANSON48. John Miller is an atheist and not bound by god or a moral code that you want to saddle us with. Using morality against an atheist is like using the truth against a liberal - neither is bound with the rules. Miller would just keep pecking away at the crust of tradition, and instead of letting the scarecrow do it's job, you'd give him your corn, too. I believe that people like him need to be stood up to. First he attacked the jews. Then he attacked the christians.... sounds kinda familiar, huh? Bunker = Still not a christian!
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter Bunker 2010-01-07 04:43:42 Anna Larson - Read the comment I posted above. Is that the ideology that you don't want criticized? Is it a greater crime against god to "not judge" someone, or to fail to point out evil where you see it? You may be afraid to look it in the eye when you see it, but not everyone is. You can't make a deal with the devil and expect a fair trade. If you would, (as it seems), you are a fool. As per your letter, I started to think about it... The letter and it's responses made it all the way down to Florida, home of the dunce Charlie Crist. Miami, in particular. I am so worried about our community getting a black eye in Miami, and know everyone else was to. That is, until I remembered the Miami/Dade County 2000 election fiasco in Florida! You want to worry about how we look after the great job you did in understanding how to vote and check your ballots? Incredible!! It's gotta be the sun! If I lived in Miami, I'd wear a bag on my head to protect it from the sun, and to hide the fact I live in Miami. You worry about your yard, I'll take care of mine. Bunker = Not a christian! Votes properly!
To the Editor: Good Samaritan thanked for aiding children rinmem10 2010-01-07 07:21:46 Warms my heart that people were willing to assist and that this letter writer made the effort to reach out to thank them. Both fine examples of Christianity, as opposed to the usual piety, condescension, name-calling, and condemnation. Thank you all.
To the Editor: Good Samaritan thanked for aiding children Marlene 2010-01-07 07:32:25 Um, don't assume the person who stopped was Christian. Had *I* came upon the accident, I would've stopped as well, and I'm an atheist!
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter fedup 2010-01-07 08:35:20 Bunker = Not intelligent! Writes badly!
Perrysburg faces deficit the truth 2010-01-07 10:12:22 Property tax millage collects a static amount of money-schools get no additional money from new houses, everyone elses taxes go down when new housing is built so the tax dollars collected stay constant. Do people really think people in apartments do not pay property taxes as part of their rent?? They do but they don't get the tax deductions for them like the owners of the apartments do. People really need to get their facts straight about school taxes before they criticize them. If your business had to ask permission to change prices or have the government mandate what they had to offer, you would be complaining about your business as well.
To the Editor: BG woman disappointed in holiday lights Anna Larson 2010-01-07 10:42:51 Hey Barb, I have an idea for ya, why don't you take the homeless, and less fortunate children to see that tree with the so called miserable lights... I bet they would see that tree completely different then you do!!! As there eyes have seen more ugliness then you will probably ever endure. What message are you sending your grandaughter, And remember as it seems the entire world has forgotten...Christmas is about Jesus Birthday!!! Not spectactular lights on trees for the like of you to enjoy...I have asked God to open your soul to see the true meaning of Jesus Birthday, Maybe thats why the tree looked so ugly, maybe it wasn't the tree, but the eye's that have somehow become ungrateful... X Anna Miami
To the Editor: Merry Christmas to 'Grinchy' writer Anna Larson 2010-01-07 10:52:46 Melanie...It seems that the world has forgotten what Christmas is about. It is not about "FUN" it is not about lights, tree's, Decorations...It is about Jesus Birthday... I am so sad as to the way you view the birth of our Savior. Christmas is the about the birth of Jesus and ultimaley the beautiful gift of Eternity that Jesus died for. Maybe if we would all remember that no one would have time for anger because we would be on our knees being thankful, instead of worrying about "FUN"... Meant with love...:-) Anna Miami
To the Editor: Bradner chief played Santa to boy, 10, left out of gift program Resident 2010-01-07 10:55:14 What a wonderful man! Very kind and thoughtful person! With all of the negative statements, it is nice to see this!
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter Anna Larson 2010-01-07 11:09:24 Bunker. Over 30 yr ago I lived in Bowling Green. Living in Miami is very difficult, I myself do not vote, as in my soul God and politic's don't mix, I have great sorrow for the condition of Miami as I do for our entire world. No one or no city is untouched by sorrow on this planet. I loved BG I went though different parts of your newspaper just out of interest for the beautiful little City. I am confused as why you feel the need to blame people for things that they have no control over. If I could cotrol the politicians in Miami and how they construct the voting prosess trust me I would sent them to have a conversation with God. In addition try to remember we have so much confession here as so many do not speak english.To say that factor creates chaos would be an understatement. When you judge Miami you need to see the entire picture. I am a white women in a hispanic oriented city. I "am" the minority... But remember God loves all his children. He is racist, and only he is the one who can place judgement. If you love God, you will pray for John Miller, you pray for our botched voting. Ugliness is a cancer that grows, nothing good comes from it. Maybe if instead of geting ugly and throwing nasty words,you could say a prayer for those that offend you!!! Because when you attack back you only stand infront of the Lord the same way as those that angered you... Prayers are sent your way...:-) Anna Miami
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter Anna Larson 2010-01-07 11:11:55 Bunker... Type'o mistake on my part... GOD IS NOT "RACIST"... Sorry
Charlotte Fisher Dana Greenwell 2010-01-07 14:41:43 I had a chance to take care of Charlotte in 08, she was a lovely lady and she taught me how to do crafts, She even made my children crafts as well. She will be missed. My prayers are with her family, god bless them all, Sincerely Dana Greenwell
Frances Hofner cheryl badgley 2010-01-07 14:57:01 Bill, I am sorry to hear of you mom's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Charlie Reco Equipment
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter brutus 2010-01-07 16:02:25 Was that a Freudian slip Anna?
Perrysburg faces deficit sivicman 2010-01-07 16:31:51 the truth - you must work for the schools. Even if the landlord increases the rent, nowhere do they pay the increased amount a homeowner has to pay when a levy is passed. The burden is always on the homeowner to pick up the tab. I know people that work for different school districts and they tell me you wouldn't believe the amount of financial mismanagement that goes on. School districts never have to worry about money cause they'll just keep putting the levies back on the ballot until it passes.
Frances Hofner Faye Gwilt 2010-01-07 19:33:05 Larry, So sorry to hear of your Mom's are in my thoughts and prayers Sincerely, Faye aka "wide load"
ENGAGEMENT: Fleitz & Kuechenmeister John Jones 2010-01-07 22:01:48 Elizabeth, I thought your father was still living. So sorry. Good luck.
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Tired 2010-01-07 22:57:06 "Using morality against an atheist is like using the truth against a liberal - neither is bound with the rules" - Bunker, you need to stop....Beck, Limbaugh, BUSH...they told (tell) the truth...WMDs, Iraq was involved in 9-11...Waterboarding...Illegal you really want to go there...Fox news gets caught using footage from a totally different rally...That's the TRUTH.... Tired = Still not listening to Bunker's bunk....
Frances Hofner Jane & Dave Creps 2010-01-08 11:48:05 Larry, You have our sympathy in the loss of your mom. She must have been a wonderful lady. You'll have to stop and see us soon. Miss you Dave and Jane
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas fedup 2010-01-08 13:04:55 Bunker, you are still obviously a complete moron. I REALLY got you riled up didn't I? You are a joke. Everyone on this forum is clearly flabbergasted with your idiocy. No one ever agrees with you. No one ever backs you up. You have NO GRASP on any truth. Your "true believer" shit is ridiculous. Go on...keep describing yourself in the 3rd person. First take Bill O'Reilly's cock out of your mouth so that you can speak clearly. Nevermind, It probably won't help. Punch back? Really? You missed sucka! Words with no substance are a joke, that's why everyone on this forum is fedup with you. Even the christians and conservatives that you try do defend are distancing themselves from your idiotic rhetoric. Go back to Rally's and pack on a few more pounds and sit behind your keyboard in your mommy's basement and pretend you are reaching out to a community that cares about you and your stupid way of thinking, wackadoo loser.
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter Manson48 2010-01-08 13:33:23 Bunker, I am not the least bit ashamed of my post in regards to the Zionists. If you were actually educated, you would know that even the majority of Jews hold the Zionist fraction in contempt. But you're not educated, you're are a psuedo propagandist and filled with anger and hate. I stand by my words and to the authorities that uphold them. To anyone interested I am always happy to offer those authorities. One such authority is Ariel Sharon. His words, to his own people, read much like the anti-semite of pre-war Europe. There comes a time when the truth speaks for itself. JM
To the Editor: Other side of Jerusalem journey story presented Manson48 2010-01-08 13:42:13 Israel was created as a direct result of the Jewish militia's terrorism of Britian. This is uncontroverted because the militia published a pamphlet claiming responsibiliy for the acts of terrorism and promising more. They also went on to defend terrorism and the terrorist's cause. Now they spew lies about Palestinian terrorism in order to massacre innocent families for the land. These are the ways of the Zionists and why the majority of Jews condemn them. Read the words of the Jews that live in Israel among the Zionists and then we call have intelligent converse on the matter JM
Portage halts patrols - at least for now Tom Butters 2010-01-08 15:48:25 Maybe the Mayor can make his wife town Constable. You know keep it in the family. The down side is would his wife have to arrest him for unpaid court fines?
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter Anna Larson 2010-01-08 16:40:30 Nope!!! Not A "FREUDIAN SlIP" Just a human mistake... But you know that, It's just important for some people to be hateful... I am sorry for you that it makes you feel better to berate others!!! Have a great weekend... :-)
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter Anna Larson 2010-01-08 16:43:39 You know I am not feeling the love from people in BG, as I did when I lived thrre years ago, It appears some people just want to be nasty just for fun... Is this a sign of how life is in BG now? Or is it just a handful of people, it seems that no one wants to have a conversation without being rude to each other...
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter brutus 2010-01-08 19:30:17 You know Anna I was just joking, but what happened to your Christian understanding?
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter Anna Larson 2010-01-08 21:24:02 Well brutus, My Christain understanding is still in place,:-) I said have a great weekend right? I don't know what I was suppose to be so understanding about??? As a christain you can state facts and I wasn't mean to you, I never would have thought someone would make a joke about something so serious... I guess I am missing something!!!
Smog rules cloud county Marlene 2010-01-09 06:39:26 I agree with Mr. Blaha on this, especially in the fact that we have no real heavy industry which would violate EPA guidelines. The only reason why Wood County's being "punished" is because parts of the county abut where Oregon has their refineries. Why should N. Baltimore, Bloomdale, Bairdstown, Pemberville, et al be forced to adopt the stricter standards just because they live in Wood County? Where's our elected officials on this? Why is Bob Latta signing BS letters advocating discrimination and bigotry instead of working with his GOP buddies Randy Gardner and Mark Wagoner?
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter brutus 2010-01-09 08:36:53 "But you know that, It's just important for some people to be hateful... I am sorry for you that it makes you feel better to berate others". I guess I forgot to say "have a great weekend" in my other post. Have a great weekend and may God bless you Anna.
To the Editor: Critics of letter criticized for attacking writer of letter Anna Larson 2010-01-09 10:39:04 Thanks brutus!!!! Everyday is a blessing to me brutus 9 months ago I was physically hit by a car traveling 45mph, 9 broken bones and 2 fractures. a large cut in my head. My entire right leg is pins and plates. My son & grandson was on thier way to pick me up and as they pulled up I was being put in the lifeflight helicopter, Not only did God let me live but has done so many amazing things since. Sometimes our most difficult times in life are our most precious gifts.It has been pure hell to go though but because of what I have gained I wouldn't trade this experiance... Take care and live life with best intentions :-)
Walbridge hopes to profit from aggregation Bill 2010-01-09 14:55:02 I guess Walbridge Council wants to continue to reward poor attendance. Mrs. Jacobsen has the second poorest attendance in the Village second only to the Mayor..Who is in charge when these two are off doing whatever?
To the Editor: Letter writer apologizes Manson48 2010-01-09 18:51:37 To "enough", for the record I do not "tune in" to either Beck or O'Reilly. As I stated in another comment here, it was pure happenstance that I came across O'Reilly's editorial in a newspaper my wife had purchased a week or so previous to my reading it. To Gargie, I agree that Christmas is a fairly harmless holiday that serves more good than bad, and we should respect all those that celebrate it in the manner of their choosing. To our eldest citizens the holiday carries a deeper more religious symbolism and they especially deserve the right to enjoy what few religious overtones remain untarnished by the plastic commercialism that has all but swallowed up the holiday. JM
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Manson48 2010-01-09 20:22:54 I believe the more fitting question is why does this paper allow comments like those that Bunker posts? Of course the answer is free speech, even to those morons who copy and paste comments from one post to another as though they've found some archaic treasure from the lost Alexandria library buried beneath the Vatican. Bunker, believe it or not, these online Sentinel readers can find and read my comments to other letters published here all on their own. They do not need your assistance to do what your mommy obviously does for you. Maybe you could perfect your copy/paste craft with a job at Fox's fact finding department. Take your bible, it's all you'll need to defend the neocon's ideology and destruction of the American dream. Bunker, by your own admission, you're not a Christian, not a Jew, and absolutely not an intelligent humanoid, so exactly what are you and why? You have single-handidly destroyed any hope for the intelligent design argument. So exactly what the hell are you and why are we stuck with your disgusting presence? What did mankind ever do to deserve such eternal torture to our precious brain cells? JM
To the Editor: Letter writer missed joy and meaning of Christmas Manson48 2010-01-09 22:29:00 Bunker, according to your theory, I apparently sat around anxiously waiting for several years until Bill O'Reilly finally wrote an editorial about how atheists are jealous of Christmas and that editorial just happened to come out right before Christmas, so that I could respond to the editorial with a letter to the editor in Bowling Green's Sentinel Tribune, and sabotage Christams, because I am ridiculously delusional and insecure. Naturally I set the stage by posting anti-semite sentiment for 3 weeks prior to writing my letter. Of course this brilliant theory is hardly original and merely echoes O'Reilly's accusation against the American Humanist Association in his editorial. Now Bunker's theory goes further, delving into quantum vortexes bound strictly by a matrix consisting of matter, anti-matter, super-matter, super/duper-matter, super/triquantum-matter, and super/duper/espee/ala/doscious-matter. Bunker your theory is absolutely brilliant and I really wish I would have thought of it, rather than just simply getting pissed off by O'Reilly's stupidity and writing a letter to the editor because of it. Darn it! JM
Poor Portage faced with more bills Ben S. Shaw 2010-01-10 19:46:53 Tom, I wouldn't take an IOU from the Mayor, because his tax man will tell him to pay it next year!!
Portage halts patrols - at least for now Ben S. Shaw 2010-01-10 19:53:39 If the mayor hired his wife, then he could change her hours from 10 hours per week to 40 hours per week just like they did with their ex-chief!
To the Editor: Its spirit makes BG a great small city Manson48 2010-01-11 17:18:05 It amazes me that so many accept the teachings of those that suggest we should deny to ourselves the few advantages that this capitalistic democracy offers us. The conservative clan, in their defense of capitalism, incessantly sound off about the benefits capitalism's competition encourages like: better pricing, more choices, and improved service. Yet otherwise intelligent folks, like Marlene above, are led to believe, more than not by the same conservatives, that we should deny ourselves these same: choices, prices and service, in order to show our loyal support to a handful of local merchants. All is fair in love war and business. Walmart, Kmart, Krogers, Foodtown, Staples, and any and/or all of the so-called box stores are not the enemy. The mindset of the local merchants, especially those that have the delusion of nobility, is quite simply self serving. For the consumer, price, service, and choice, are what should always be most important. The consumer should never feel obligated to support the so-called local merchant, he should only be burdened with considering what is best for him. He has worked hard for his money, paid his taxes, and now comes the time for him to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Capitalism works on the principle of the survival of the fittest. Suggesting the consumer has a duty or an obligation to the local merchant, defies this principal, and is, in fact, a branch of socialism/communism. The conservative tries to have his cake and eat it too, with this incongruent dualality of ideology. I would love to have an Outback Steakhouse, an Olive Garden and many other retail establishments in Bowling Green. While the residents of Bowling Green, could and perhaps should, consider any possible detrimental aspects of these shops moving into Bowling Green, the impact on any local establishments should never be a part of those considerations. Competition is, after all, the crucial aspect of what makes capitalism what it is. If the local merchants can not survive, then so be it. As a consumer, the concern, outside of the safety of our community, should always be what is best for the consumer. We've been brainwashed in this cockeyed notion that we, as consumers, owe some kind of loyalty to the local merchant. This notion is anti-capitalistic in nature, and serves only the merchant, along with promoting a lazy self-serving attitude within the merchant. The retail merchant does not deserve the welfare of the city or state either. Simply because the retail merchant does not "create" any large percentage of jobs, he merely offers an establishment for them. Job creation is and always has been reserved for the producers of the community. Manufacturers, sevice providers, and farmers create the jobs, the retail merchant merely satisfies the demand created by those jobs. When the job creators fall into a slump the retail merchants simply follow. They can never, with any consistency, or for any length of time, fill in for the job creators. As a general rule, the retail merchant will almost immediately show a decrease in jobs directly behind the producers. The retail merchants serve merely as a by product of the producers job creation and for this reason should never assumme any loyalty on the part of the consumer. This backward mentality has proven to be largely detrimental to many communities. The community's loyalty and welfare should always be directed toward its producers first and foremost. Anything else is at the expence of the community and will eventually show up on its books. JM
Walbridge hopes to profit from aggregation Jack 2010-01-11 20:18:35 Bill, I agree. Does anyone that has attended a walbridge council meeting believe that Mrs. Jacobsen is capable of running the village?
To the Editor: Other side of Jerusalem journey story presented gargie 2010-01-12 11:12:13 That is not the way it was told to me. Britain was not the only country backing statehood and "the militia" was hardly a threat to Britain or its allies which backed it. It was the establishing of an ally in that area by the allies that was the force behind it and the added persecution in Germany was a bonus to sway public O. The way in which it was accomplished is terrible if what was told to me is true. "The persecution in Germany was allowed when it could've been stopped in order to bring about the end result" is what I was told among other things I don't care to repeat. It was only one side of the story though. I have read it else where as it was told to me. It is hatred that fuels the fire now and plenty of it on both sides.
BG woman transforms T-shirts into treasured quilts RW 2010-01-12 11:47:38 I would love to know where I can get directions on doing this project. I have a lot of t-shirts that I'd like to preserve in a quilt. Does anyone have a website, or something that I can look at? Thanks!
Francis Heinze Dan&Mary Sue( Heinze) Leck 2010-01-12 12:17:52 We are so very sorry for your loss, Uncle Boots was a funny man I remember him from 1st if not more family picnics, he also was as Dan puts it the lawnmower man and he respected him a great deal he was always good to him when he would stop by to look for parts or even a mower.I will miss him but i have some good memories of Uncle Boots.Please if you need anything please let us know we'll do what we can to help. God Bless and may each day get just a little easier for you Sincerly and with great sympathy Dan and Mary Sue(heinze)Leck
BGHS student cited for OVI BGVOTER 2010-01-12 13:02:12 I may be wrong, But I did not think newspapers were allowed to print the names of younger offenders?
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids toml 2010-01-12 13:17:04 It is really difficult today to find high quality school leaders-Jim Garber is in the high quality category. Regardless of how you feel about the facility issue one must not allow that to cloud the quality of your school leaders. Isolated problems can and will be corrected I am certain. Obviously at least one special needs parent sees the benefits of Otsego's current administration. Prior to January 1 Mr. Garber was carrying out what he thought was best for Otsego with the 5-0 support of that Board. If the Board has changed I am sure other things will transpire that reflect the new Board's philosophy over time. In the meantime don't allow personal issues to deteriorate a very good school system.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Russ Ewing 2010-01-12 18:35:48 We were also glad to see one parent in support of the current administration. That's the first parent we've heard from in a positive light, and she also happens to be a teacher keeping her eyes on her job. As my wife said to her last night during the meeting, God bless her for never having a problem. But walk a mile, or even just a few steps in our shoes. Please keep your eyes on the paper for other views. Mr. Garber has not shown ANY concern whatsoever in response to our son's situation. Please tell me how you would feel opening the door of a van to see your crying, heavily breathing asthmatic, autistic son naked from the waist down in the bitter cold. The responses we have received have been crude, lies, yelling, name-calling, and more. That does not equal a quality administration to us. We know it's a good school system. We have a son and daughter in the lower grades that are receiving exactly what they need as typical children. Hopefully my youngest son's situation will not change, because doctors are preparing a diagnosis of a strain (one of the thousands upon thousands of strains)of autism. Sad to say my oldest son can live in this school system, but he has to be trucked to Northwood's Lark Elementary for the phenomenal education he is receiving. That would not have happened if Weston Elementary had not been closed, because the MH services he is now receiving were offered there. True, Mr. Garber carries out what he thinks is best for Otsego...unfortunately, it is not always what is best for the students involved. Everyone should have met the Mr. Garber that confronted my wife and me after the meeting last night. His words were not the words of a quality educator. I am POSITIVE that the new board will let their philosophy be known soon. In fact, my wife and I were urged by two board members to be at last night's meeting, and to make the exact presentation we made. We had and continue to have their full support. We are now being accused of innumerable things, the least of which are just being in it for the money, not caring because we talked about our son's situation....etc. First of all, we could care less about money. It is our children that we are thinking about...Isaac, Emma, and Ronnie. We will do anything in the world for them. And if our actions help another child and family, so be it. Secondly, our son is autistic and extremely intelligent, but he cannot always express himself the way that he wants to, or needs to. I understand another autistic, Albert Einstein, was the same way. For now, and for as long as he needs us, we will be his voice to anyone and everyone. NOTHING will stop that. Thanks to all who are seeing the truth for what it is, and are expressing their support to the four families involved. Your words mean more than you can know. To TomL, we apologize if our situation has ruined your day. But it is not meant to deteriorate a very good school system. It is meant to improve and renew a good school system. If you can't see that because of the feelings you have simply for a superintendent (never once did you mention the students), God help you. Russ Ewing
BGHS student cited for OVI sduds 2010-01-12 18:46:34 I couldn't agree more - since when is it permissible to print minor's names in newspaper? Even if it is permissible, it's reprehensible. How does that serve the best interest of the community, not to mention the teenager and his family? In addition, I find it interesting that all details were laid out for the entire town to read, but didn't mention if anyone was hurt.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Haskins Resident 2010-01-12 19:03:23 I wholeheartedly support the Ewings. It is incredibly sad that due to the previous school board and the current superintendent that the special needs children are being shipped to the far reaches of Wood County in order to get the education that they require. The building issue does come in to play. As explained, if Weston wasn't closed then their child would not be sent to Northwood.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Teri 2010-01-12 19:07:51 One parent thinks everything is OK? Multiple parents express concerns? This is the norm for Otsego, one person always is right and speaks for all. If the Superintendent cared so much for the children, he would have made sure that Kindergarteners weren't transported so far from their home schools. I believe it should have gone one step farther and the resignation of James Harter should have been asked for. I feel so bad for all the children, especially the Special Needs children. This should never happen.
BGHS student cited for OVI amanda haas 2010-01-12 22:32:36 wowww.. lammeee
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids patriot 2010-01-12 23:38:31 I feel terrible for the little boy. When do the parents take responsibilty? The bus driver didn't know about the boy's condition? Why didn't the parents let him know? I'm a parent and I talk to the teachers, the bus drivers, any adult that may, at some point in the day come in contact with my children. The views of those against the central campus are narrow and simple. It IS about the kids. It is NOT about your town and what it stands to lose. And, believe it or not, the kids at Otsego do not have the world's longest bus rides. Multiple parents express concerns? Yes, this is true. The people against the central campus are definitely the loudest. I support the central campus and Mr. Garber. It IS better for the kids, and Mr. Garber has done an outstanding job.
Shake up at Otsego Superintendent accused of not caring about kids Otsego Resident 2010-01-12 23:44:52 Is this new and improved board actually going to accomplish anything or will they just waste time attempting to negate everything the last board did? They are off on the right foot by electing people with no experience to fill both president and vice president positions. This may be a long and sad 4 years for the Otsego School District.