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Wednesday, 10 February 2010 13:58
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To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized gewel420 2009-12-12 08:02:06 I know! I know! Can't read, can't write, must be an Otsego Knight! HAHAHAHAHAHA Keep swirling the toilet Otsego!!!!!
Creates light/music display Stephie 2009-12-12 08:48:42 Hey - That was so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could do that! your cuz stephie
To the Editor: To life, liberty and the pursuit of accuracy Bunker 2009-12-12 12:04:26 I didn't see anywhere in Deb Marsh's letter that said that the forementioned quote was from the Constitution. She just stated that most people couldn't identify what document it was from. Most citizens probably haven't read the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or any of the other important founding documents. That's why so many idiots quote the Constitution for the separation of church and state when it's not in there. It's sad when we know more about the Constitution and the limits of government than our president and congressional democrats.
To the Editor: To life, liberty and the pursuit of accuracy gargie 2009-12-12 16:09:13 Glad so many are becoming interested in the subject. Keep it up!
Creates light/music display Stephie 2009-12-12 19:51:48 Hi Drake! I just can't stop watching this video - it is just so cool! I am showing all my friends! Mom & Brianna posted it on their Facebook page. You will be the #1 video at the paper! Love, Your Cousin, Stephie
To the Editor: To life, liberty and the pursuit of accuracy Manson48 2009-12-13 14:56:04 Bunker speaks like a true conservative. No wonder nothing but garbled rhetoric ever came from the Bush administration. What's commonly referred to as the "Seperation of Church and State Clause", is, in fact, in the constitution. And for good cause. The conservative evangelists would have us all praying to their imaginary friend, rather than demand anything of our government. We can no longer afford to consider the opinions of those that hear invisible voices, that they claim on national television, tell them to declare war wherever there's oil. We need to return to what we know of those deists who founded this great country. JM
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized anonymous 2009-12-13 16:37:55 Andrea if you bothered to bring your kid to the other games he would of been playing, and this would of never happened.
Creates light/music display Hannah 2009-12-13 16:52:11 hi Drake this is Steph's friend ! I think it is way cool that you are 12 and doing all that
To the Editor: To life, liberty and the pursuit of accuracy brutus 2009-12-13 17:14:46 Bunker said: "It's sad when we know more about the Constitution and the limits of government than our president and congressional democrats". Our President happens to be a Constitutional Law Professor. Just minor details.
To the Editor: To life, liberty and the pursuit of accuracy brutus 2009-12-13 17:21:09 gargie and Deb, It was 9 years ago Saturday that the worst trampling of our Constitution and States rights took place. That was the day the Supreme Court trampled our rights as citizens of the United States and crowned George W. Bush. Never before have our rights been so trampled.
To the Editor: To life, liberty and the pursuit of accuracy gargie 2009-12-13 18:11:00 Brutus we have hundreds of years of history. When you make comments like above you just prove your not interested in what's best. You people act like Bush ran the whole country. Your music to a Politicians ears.
To the Editor: To life, liberty and the pursuit of accuracy brutus 2009-12-13 18:29:13 gargie, are you an adult? If so where did you get I was talking about Bush's 8 years as President? I was talking about the Supreme Court trampling States rights and The Constitution. If you are not an adult I understand then. If you don't know what I mean let me know and I'll explain the Constitution to you.
Otsego takes step to build school Irratated 2009-12-13 19:54:10 It is unbelievable to me as to the level you people will go to make a quality school look bad. It is a quality school despite the fact of poor quality buildings. All you see is dollar signs and I understand it is a difficult time. I question how many of you have actually stepped into the current buildings. Yes community schools are nice but overcrowded, leaky, 100 year-old buildings are not the answer. If we spent as much on students as we did on prisoners we would not have this debate but unfortunately that is not the case. Let’s show the kids that we do care about them and provide them with a proper building for education.
Creates light/music display Mari 2009-12-13 20:15:33 Looking at your display , makes mine seem so " ordinary " You did an awesome job . You and your parents should be very proud . Way to go ! Mari
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized let it go 2009-12-13 20:31:41 Please quit the personal attacks!!!!!! We need this to be over.
Holiday sounds Amy 2009-12-13 21:04:44 Awesome picture Dad - We are proud of you!
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized anonymous 2009-12-13 22:10:49 Andrea, Heidi, you two need to get with Sara and kiss and make up. then see where things go from there. just feel it out.
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized Andrea 2009-12-14 11:47:18 First off I didnt start this little pecking back and forth. Second I NEVER said anything bad about anyone on here! As for me not taking my son to every game is none of ur buisness! I to have someone I tend to that is ill alot so keep ur big mouth shut! As for Sarah, I DID NOT say anything. I dont control others and for her or you to put stuff about our kids was WRONG! To that poor lil coach who miss treated many kids and me being the ONLY 1 with the never to step up to you please stop playing the "victim" card here. You contradicted your story over and over! As for me calling the "wig thrower" names I NEVER said anything untill she threw her wig at me and threatend me. I laughed and said your crazy!! I thank John for coaching, I told him that the 1st day even offered to have GR kids practic in GR so cant say I didnt offer! As for Carry writing the 1st letter it was not her! There really is a Tracy. I'm thankful 4 her and gained a new friend! Now that we all said our peace lets act like adults and leave the kids out of it! I am ashamed for my part but I NEVER swore at anyone!!!!! Lets move on and become a stronger community! GOD BLESS
Creates light/music display RDensic 2009-12-14 13:12:08 Nice work Drake!! There are about a dozen of us in the area who do synchronized shows... but I think you have us all beat on youth by at least 20-30 years! (Some more like 40-50 years.) Keep on pluggin away, and remember the light-head creed... "If I could just have a few more lights..." Bob Densic Rossford
Portage police expense criticized habib 2009-12-14 15:02:37 I had to laugh at the purchase of an $18,000 dollar mower, is that really necessary? Is there that much grass in your little piddly town? Is that why they are writing so many tickets? Your town is fiscally irresponsible and will soon not exist due to your negligence. Maybe you should cry to Obama and his administration will bail you out with taxpayer money.
Portage police expense criticized lucifer66643511 2009-12-14 16:49:36 I think that Tammi is only saying what the people of portage expect a person who is representing them to say.
Portage police expense criticized cynthia 2009-12-14 18:14:55 For heavens sake, enough already! Shut the police department down! We've been hearing about this forever. The Portage Police department ending is like the Tv series "Lost" - it's never going to end!!!!!
Portage police expense criticized oldham 2009-12-14 19:14:27 I'm thinking "The Andy Griffen Show " Mayberry RFD
To the Editor: How much do we really want government out of our lives? drdew 2009-12-14 19:46:08 Joyce your words are entertaining. But the fact is that any government run program gets so loaded down with bureaucracy and pork that it is no longer viable. For instance with no competition the USPS cant even make a profit. Please speak to anyone that is on government health care already (ie. Medicare, social security, workers comp., or as in my case the VA). The care/coverage is substandard to that through the private sector. I have sleep apnea and the VA told me the clinic is booked until July and that I should try calling again in 6 months. We as Americans should be proud of our capitalistic society. Competition fuels the medical advances that we share with the world as well as the standard of living we have come to know. Beyond all the rhetoric, medical care is not a constitutional right. Please share with us exactly what part of the constitution gives the government this power. There is no part of the constitution that adresses this issue. We have however provisions for changes. If proponents wish then they should pass a constitutional amendment for this, but they know there is not enough support to pass it through this way and a constituional convetion has never even been done. Our Government is here to serve us, the more areas of our life they control the less freedom we have.
Otsego takes step to build school OHSparent 2009-12-14 20:55:38 I have stepped into all of the current schools. They are overcrowded because one isn't being used. They are not leaky as lots and lots of money were spent on them in the last few years. They are older but still have lots of life left in them. Community schools are necessary. If this building plan does indeed go through, it will be more expensive than keeping the local schools. Trust that. The current buildings are not poor quality. This is a classic case of trying to be something you are not. Otsego is a huge, lightly populated, rural school district. Let it be that and quit trying to impress yourselves. Otsego routinely receives high ratings. Building a gigantic elementary will put an end to that as our children are bussed for over an hour a day, at least, and ripped from the buildings they know.
Karen Swartz Jim Ingham 2009-12-14 21:22:29 Bob, Karrie and Kris, You have my deepest sympathy. Karen was a great person who dedicated her working life to kids. She helped me so much in my first principal's job at Rossford. She always cared. I'll always cherish my years of being with the Swartz family from fishing in the pond to the great sausage parties in the depths of winter to the great school year ending parties. Sincerely, Jim Ingham
To the Editor: How much do we really want government out of our lives? Bunker 2009-12-14 21:23:51 Joyce, you are obviously confused. I guess that wanting more government in your life and socialism I "assume" you must want: 1 - the government to tell you how many children you can have 2 - the government to allocate/ration your food 3 - the government to allocate/ration your electricity 4 - the government to decide where you can live 5 - the government to take your property 6 - the government to stamp out your freedom of speach 7 - the government to take all guns 8 - the government to make you house soldiers 9 - the government to tell you what religion to follow 10 - and what about the military, then? The Constitution lays out for you what the federal government can and can not do to you AS A CITIZEN. Requiring people to carry health insurance, as a federal law, is unconstitutional. There is a large difference in wanting NO government as compared to limited government. You must be talking about the anarchists...
Portage police expense criticized Ben S. Shaw 2009-12-14 21:47:05 Forget about the mower, what about the $50 thousand dollar dump truck that the village bought with a snow plow and Portage contracts D & D Landscaping to plow their streets!! Ha!! There are many more finacially unsound decisions that were made by the Portage Circus Side Show!! I'm glad to see that they are allowing to have their so-called police department sucking them dry like a lamprey attached to a trout (sarcasm)! May be Portage Council and Toledo Coucil should swap places; no one would know any difference!!
Praise band reborn as Exit 179 DW 2009-12-14 22:23:42 Nice picture. Wish you all the best Saturday.
To the Editor: How much do we really want government out of our lives? brutus 2009-12-14 22:50:31 Sorry boys, the Promote the General Welfare clause covers it. Now go back to sleep.
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized anonymous 2009-12-14 23:29:03 This is too funny!
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized student 2009-12-14 23:32:27 Andrea you need to drop this and move on with your life.Quit starting crap with everybody.
Stories travel from Ellis Island to Admiral Byrd Kathleen Jeffreys 2009-12-15 05:42:33 This is a beautiful story. The McMurray family were my neighbors in Maumee, Ohio. I have wonderful memories of those growing up years. I recently reconnected with Mrs. McMurray after 50 years and what a blessing it was for me. She is an amazing lady with much charm and wit.
Otsego takes step to build school prokid 2009-12-15 06:07:27 If elementary buildings in the towns are so important, where is Tontogany's elementary school? Maybe that should be our focus. Reopen Weston and build a new elementary in Tontogany. If it's necessary for all the taxpayers to foot the bills for the elementaries in the other three towns, there should be one in Tontogany too, right? And if it's so important to keep the kids in the towns, the country kids should be able to attend the school their neighbor kids do. That means my neighbors to the right and to the left of me shouldn't be attending one elemenary and mine attending another, and the ones around the corner attend a third. Or do these 'town rules' only pertain to the town kids and not the rest of the taxpayers and their children? Why are your children more important than mine?
Portage police expense criticized the grey hair 2009-12-15 07:53:08 BLAME IT ON LIBERAL DUMBACRATES !!
Davis searching for his 'new season' Marian Davis 2009-12-15 08:17:27 Thats our son and we are proud of him and his service to God and whomever He puts in his path! Nancy is right on. God does have a plan for him and Mary and a new season in their lives! Proverbs 3:5,6 is so true! Love 3John:4 also and know he is in God`s hands ! Thanks Steve! God bless, Mom and Dad
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized otsego~junior* 2009-12-15 10:38:05 ok obviously me and otsegostudent123 are at school while were doing this because our teacher is letting us do this because its a bunch of crap. obviously the kid didnt wanna play or he woulda made a big deal about it, not his the parent. she obviously needs to grow up and stop acting like a little kid about it. and the students in this school do not make its reputation bad. its obviously the parents cause everytime something happens a parent makes a big deal about it and it ends up in the news and then everybody knows about it. other schools have bad students but they're never in the news because they all have money behind them to throw everything under the rug, and because the parents dont lose it over nothing. so maybe if the parents would help out there child's school instead of bashing it all the time maybe things would change for us students. its embarrasing going here because of all this childish stuff going on. its completely ridiculous and people just need to grow up!
To the Editor: Salvation Army helps people in need, regardless of faith User 2009-12-15 10:46:38 There is no sexual litmus test for *receiving* kettle funds. I have never heard of an example of someone being denied assistance because of whom they choose to sleep with. If you give your money locally, you can ask and know where and how those funds are spent. Here in Wood County, money received in the kettle drives help pay utility bills for people who are struggling. Kettle funds stay here and help people here, period.
Otsego sets school payment plan Haskins Resident 2009-12-15 12:10:29 Seems to me like they are in a real hurry to start this project before the new members are sworn in. Makes me extremely happy that I am putting my son in private school. Never thought I would until all this started. Unfortunately I think this may be the beginning of the the end for the school district. This is ridiculous. So let the hate talk start and the supporters of this project start their attacks on me and users like OTres and Energy Guy. God I hate the taste of the Kool Aid. But I think I'm being forced to drink it.
Otsego sets school payment plan past supporter 2009-12-15 12:41:12 I see no money set a side for the extra energy cost for the new facility. The need for more buses and gas??. They saved nothing in closing Weston this is all smoke and mirrors. I hear nothing of the teachers who need to be hired for all day Kindergarten. Mr. Harter Thanked Mr. Garmenn for his service on the board. He refuses to admit the reason he was not voted back into office. The majority of people do not want a central campus. I am glad they have 400K set aside for the payment as they will get no more money from the taxpayer.
Otsego sets school payment plan SentMyKids2BG 2009-12-15 12:50:49 I would like to know where are the (some but not all) teachers that were on sideline giving the ol rah rah rah for central campus. I believe they finally realized that the schoolboard was using them and don't give a rip about them. We lost a lot of good teachers and students to other schools and we may never get them back.
To the Editor: How much do we really want government out of our lives? Manson48 2009-12-15 13:02:44 useyourhead, While our government has not demanded that we buy goods or services from independant producers as residents, they do as drivers. Interestingly, insurance is also the goods they require of us as drivers. While the notion may be practicle, it is lacking in principle. Our government should not force us to purchase any product that it alone does not supply to us. JM
Owens may up tuition student 2009-12-15 13:33:52 I see now how you plan to pay for your lawsuits. We(students) didnt cause hike in tuition was enough.
Otsego sets school payment plan patriot 2009-12-15 14:11:01 YOU'LL ALL STILL BE PAYING TAXES IN OUR SCHOOL DISTRICT. PAY TAXES AND TUITION--FUNNY!
Otsego sets school payment plan Haskins Resident 2009-12-15 14:14:02 I'm happy to see that others now see that this current board is nothing but liars and users. Garber can be put in there too. He needs to be fired. Last time that I knew was that the Superintendent worked for the people, not telling them what was going to happen. Yet they continue on in a big hurry to get their agenda through before change occurs. Change that they know will slow down if not stop this central campus idea.
Otsego sets school payment plan Haskins Resident 2009-12-15 14:19:23 In addition I am not going to vote for another levy as long as Garber is there. I think that there is a majority of voters that would probably agree. Especially if this centralized campus happens. So if the levy's don't pass then eventually the district goes to the state. Besides I want to send my child where the focus of education comes from the teachers, not a "state of the art building". The teachers are the ones who teach not bricks and steel.
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized Glen 2009-12-15 15:04:53 Everyone needs to STOP this!Otsego has always had a "bad" name! Its not about Otsego its about parents acting out and now Otsego student are putting in there miss spelt comments. (Hmm maybe we better look into the teacher thats allowing students to post during school hours) Lets see what the superintendent thinks about it. I dont think there was anything nasty said by the wig thrower or Andrea. It was other adults and students who can make uneducated comments and not even post your name. Lets drop it ok. If we all STOP adding comments (me to) we'll all look better! If I read correctly the 2 women have apologized and have moved on. Otsego jr. high comment proof read kido befor you post things.What happend to respect thy elders??
Otsego sets school payment plan patriot 2009-12-15 15:24:44 Haskins Resident, if you're so happy to be sending your son to a private school, why are you so worked up? Get over it! Your tuition money is paying for your private school's building.
Owens may up tuition linda stamfprd 2009-12-15 16:39:15 I am ashamed that I attended that school. What a shame. You are a community college, not a state university.
Otsego sets school payment plan Haskins Resident 2009-12-15 17:37:31 Because the current board is spending our tax dollars irresponsibly. My tuition money will not only pay for the building but teachers as well amongst other things. Its sad to watch this board destroy a school system. Not only are they doing it to the system they are also doing it to the Villages of Weston, Grand Rapids, and Haskins. Those schools mean quite a bit to the villages and the board doesn't care what they think. Like it or not, just like churches, the local elementary in those villages is a cornerstone. Nothing is more relieving knowing that when my child goes to school they are within a mile of my house. I also think, for security reasons, putting all of the smaller children in the same campus as the older kids is a horrible idea. Right now with the way they are set up if something were to happen at one school it is easier to lock down the others. Not too mention that the other schools are several miles away. School violence is not going away and the thought that it won't happen here is small minded. Why do you think the state prison system keeps prisoners is several locations, not just one big "campus". The smaller groups are easier to control, and in the event of an emergency, lock the buildings down. So when everyone supporting the issue were screaming, "Think about the children!" I am. That's why I am so worked up. So, patriot, if you want to sit back and let whatever coming, happen, than you aren't living up to your screen name. History shows that this country was formed by patriots who questioned the situation at hand.
Anne Sheeks Tink 2009-12-15 18:08:58 This was a very good and loving woman. We were all better to have her in our lives and I will miss her.
Portage police expense criticized Tom Butters 2009-12-15 21:06:37 I would like to thank Tammi and Doug for the common sense they bring to the Village of Portage Council. These two council people voted on reducing hours for the Police Chief (highest paid officer on the department). But the Mayor and his pet, (wife), felt it would be better to increase the hours of the Police Chief, causing the village to eliminate the whole department due to lack of money. But common sense is not a strong point when it comes to the Mayor and his wife.
Owens may up tuition Tom Butters 2009-12-15 21:10:39 How much of a raise in tuition will it take to cover the lawsuits?
Otsego sets school payment plan just me 2009-12-15 21:16:52 The sky s falling! The sky is faing! The sky is falling!
Otsego sets school payment plan Grand Rapids Resident 2009-12-15 21:33:13 They keep talking about the money they are "saving" with a central campus. Well what about the money they were going to "save" with a new high school. One that turned out to cost more to run. They never mention the extra things they will need to purchase and operate buses for one, to make this central campus work. They talk about this money that is set aside and fail to mention the current budget issues facing the district. So I feel sorry for anyone who believes that this central campus is a good idea, and anyone who actually believes money will be saved and everything will be well with the district. Because these people obviously went to a school for how it looks on the outside, and not the quality of the education on the inside. And here is hoping my kids won't need to attend the district much longer.
Otsego sets school payment plan Haskins Resident 2009-12-15 21:33:31 Thank you for justifying the small minded mentality just me.
Former Otsego QB shot, dies after robbery MF 2009-12-16 01:22:31 Although I can't speak to the hero's taste in jewelry, at least he was not auctioning off heirloom rings on eBay for drug money:
Otsego sets school payment plan Energy Guy 2009-12-16 06:22:14 As I said before , from the start of the new building in 2007 till the completion of another new building along with remodeling the old high school you could add as much as 500,000 dollars in additional operating cost. Garber continues to ignore that cost increase, which could prove fatal to the operation of the Otsego District, since there is absolutly no chance of a levy passing.(Garmenn couldn't pull over 75 votes from the Weston area and there are not enough votes to count in the Tontogany area)One nice thng if this goes through the outlying voters can get a property tax reduction and Tontogany voters can carry the load with increased property taxes,-- that idea is kind of cool---I am glad to see others understand the numbers being used to show re-payment are really suspect. You may want to ask how the pi fund got over four hundred thousand in it when it only generates about 200,000 thousand per year, no costs from that fund in two years? And money left over from OSFC for Grand Rapids--hey we never got any money from them to begin with,how do we have any left from somethng we never got? And where is the interest from those dollars? And those Weston "Savings" maybe we should close the whole show and end up making money--nice idea,I could use some extra funds!Actually I wish the new board success as it tries to clean up this mess, and it could start by getting a new head guy!
To the Editor: How much do we really want government out of our lives? useyourhead 2009-12-16 08:44:36 Manson, if I dont own a car, I dont have to have car insurance. If I own a home, I have to pay property tax, if I dont own a home, I dont have to pay property tax. If I dont buy health ins. I have to pay for NOT having health ins.. I didnt think this issue was going to be an arguable one. This is the first time our govt. required us to purchase something as a condition of being a citizen. If I read your post wrong, sorry, but it sounds like you are defending the govt. requiring citizens to purchase something to be a citizen.
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized Tired 2009-12-16 10:12:57 Hey there Glen...What is "Miss Spelt"? How about misspelled? And since it is a person's comments it would be "their". It is "me too" and kido is spelled KIDDO. You should take some of your own advice.
To the Editor: Constitution grants citizens, not foreigners, rights Tired 2009-12-16 10:33:09 So David....Having a Doctor present during a waterboarding session makes it OK to break the Geneva Convention Rules? How would you feel if it was one of our soldiers that was tortured but a doctor was present? What kind of asinine rationale is that?
To the Editor: Constitution grants citizens, not foreigners, rights brutus 2009-12-16 11:01:58 David said: "The fact is, gay marriage is not a federal issue anyway, it is a state's right issue; and for many people a religious matter that is rooted in a document they hold more dearly to than the Constitution - the Bible; by the way, our "creator" is quoted as the source of our rights, so to try to undermine and change those rights would undermine the integrity of the document she researched itself". That's the problem, when it comes to civil rights and most other Governmental issues, you are using the wrong document. The bible is for your home and church, the Constitution is for the law of the land. Stop confusing the two.
To the Editor: Area man opposes Copenhagen Treaty brutus 2009-12-16 11:20:55 Tim "Glenn Beck" Hoffman read the truth. Global Warming - the science I know science is something you wingnuts have a hard time digesting.
To the Editor: How much do we really want government out of our lives? brutus 2009-12-16 11:33:43 So if we don't require you to have health insurance, who is going to pay for your sorry arse if you have a medical emergency costing millions of dollars? Medicare for all.
To the Editor: Concerned about Iran brutus 2009-12-16 11:36:42 Israel, India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons. So they are already in the Middle East.
Facebook frenzy feeds social needs Ed Miller 2009-12-16 12:06:00 It's really stretching it to say that Facebook has been "a boon for family life." Overall, the proliferation of screen time, of which Facebook is just one small part, has been destructive to family life. I'm so glad to see that you're getting out more and going to the library, Montana. --Your doting father
Daymark knitters aid Cocoon Shelter, Cherry St. Mission & Briar Hill Samantha 2009-12-16 12:11:00 Way to go DayMark knitters! :)
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized Jeff H. 2009-12-16 12:48:54 Where were the refs during this? This is increbidle that a referee would allow this to happen. Was they're proper secuerity at the school? Was any of this caght on tape? I hope none of this hurt any scouting chances for these kids. Scholarships are at stake, PEOPLE!
Facebook frenzy feeds social needs J 2009-12-16 15:06:52 So let me get this straight, on Facebook, you have to be careful what things you post, or what access different people have? Seriously, isn't that obvious and no different than what we call "real life"!? Let's not forget that people who post inappropriate things be they illegal or bullying or just something you're parents might find out are just going to get caught that much sooner...and there's evidence of their transgression. By all means, be careful, show others how to be careful, but don't forget that bad will happen on these sites just as they happen at work or at school...
Otsego sets school payment plan They Still Don't Get It 2009-12-16 15:44:33 I would like real reporting from Mr. Thomas not just the one sided crap we have seen here and other topics time and time again. See what's on the other side of the coin. That what real reporter would do. Mr. Miller should change things up and have her do sports or something. If was not for this comments section no one would ever know of the vast number of fokes that despise what the board is doing. For that I thank Mr. Miller.
Facebook frenzy feeds social needs Montana Miller 2009-12-16 16:01:09 This article includes many short quotes that were taken from longer explanations, and are somewhat out of context. The "boon for family life" comment was made in the context of a discussion of how family members who are separated by generations, geography, and busy lives are using Facebook as a way of easily keeping in close contact, sharing their lives and their photos on an everyday basis with loved ones who are far away. These connections truly can bring great comfort and joy. Ed, you fail to recognize that in the proliferation of screen time, Facebook is no longer just one small part. Facebook is increasingly a huge part of how people spend time online, and Facebook--the topic of discussion here--CAN be a positive thing for family relationships, especially with extended family. If you paid more attention to my Facebook profile, by the way, you'd know more about how much I get out and where I go.
Otsego sets school payment plan U of M 2009-12-16 17:57:25 Garber and Harter should be tarred & feathered and ridden out of town! Yes it would be refreshing to see an unbiased article telling the other side of this story, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
To the Editor: Area man opposes Copenhagen Treaty BGSUScienceStudent 2009-12-16 18:43:54 Tim Hoffman is maliciously ill-informed or simply lying. It is a FACT that CO2 is harmful. Look into any Biology or Chemistry textbook instead of listening to the corporate media. Here, I will open mine: "Concentrations of CO2 have increased from about 280 ppm (that's parts-per-million to you, Tim) in the pre-industrial 18th century to 379 ppm in 2005. At the current rate of increase, by 2100 concentration will reach 700 ppm. At that time average global temperatures will be about 1-6C warmer. This is comparable to the warming that ended the last ice age." (from Biology by Brooker, Widmaier, Graham, & Stilling) brutus: thank you for that informative link. It explains the situation much better that I can on this forum. Tim Hoffman: you are a fool to think that US and major world economies are not culpable for the environmental destruction that is happening all around us. The major economies benefited directly from the industrial revolution which has been a DIRECT CAUSE of the rise in global greenhouse gases. This IS a scientific fact regardless of what climate-change deniers are afraid to see with their own eyes. You are concerned with US manufacturing and employment?!?! Manufacturing is already on the decline because Global corporations exploit cheap labor pools in other countries. Unemployed folks can be put to productive work (environmental cleanup? wind turbine construction? solar grid installation?) in a different system, yet entrenched capitalism does not allow for this. This is the very same system that benefited from industrial pollution which is a very stark reality, thank you very much. The US is the only remaining superpower (for now) and absolutely MUST take the lead on stopping climate change. The delegates in Copenhagen are only interested in propping up their failing economies and very little effective result is likely to come of the negotiations. So don't worry Tim! Your protectionist government is doing everything possible to prevent an effective climate treaty at the COP15. In reality we absolutely MUST restructure all segments of our global industry. Republicans crap their pants at the idea of that mostly because the pollution industry pays for them to get "elected." Conservative protectionist interests worldwide are only interested in short term economic gain, meanwhile environmental degradation threatens ALL of the economies in the slightly longer term. Industrial manufacturing as an economic base is a model that must be disregarded if we are to continue human life for more than another 200 years. I am sick of deniers pretending to have "scientific information" when any college freshmen is presented with the real factual data. Hell, most grade school kids get it.
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized anonymoud 2009-12-16 19:08:48 Hey tired, you forgot that Glen didn't put the last e in before. He put befor.
To the Editor: How can health care bill not be an improvement? useyourhead 2009-12-16 19:24:12 Those very few sections you pointed out would be a great benefit no doubt. I don't think there is a single person out there that doesn't want that. Looking at the bill as a whole, is what is being disputed. Just last night, 30 Dems voted no on Prescription Drug Imports. That provision would pave the way for market access to cheaper prescription drugs, by relaxing restrictions on imports from Canada and other highly-developed countries. Really makes a person wonder if our govt. really has us in mind or just the idea of health care reform.
To the Editor: Concerned about Iran yep 2009-12-16 19:33:53 ...and Israel is DEFINITELY an extremist country. I bet they are the next ones to use nukes.
Otsego sets school payment plan westonres 2009-12-16 19:37:59 "Also at the meeting, board President James Harter recognized the contributions of board members Daren Garmenn, who did not win re-election; and Lisa Hatfield and Kurt Dickey, who chose not to run for re-election in November." Thanks for screwing the heck out of our school district. Your legacy will no doubt live forever in the hearts of the citizens. Come on, Dave - how about an article on what the the community thinks about this instead of Marie's one-sided propaganda?
To the Editor: How much do we really want government out of our lives? useyourhead 2009-12-16 19:51:28 The government has never required people to buy any good or service as a condition of lawful residence in the United States. If this gets passed, I wonder what the next requirement will be ? This is an issue we all should fear. brutus, if there is a health care bill that gets passed, who is going to pay for the people that dont have a job or only gets the "minimum" plan required ? I'm pretty sure the "minimum" plan will not cover an emergency costing millions of dollars. I love the " emergency costing millions of dollars "example. Sounds kinda " right wingish ". hahaha
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized Tired 2009-12-16 21:11:30 and the "E" in Happened.
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized George 2009-12-16 23:50:53 Psssst....anonymoud, did you mean anonymous?
Weighing in on wind receive69 2009-12-17 04:51:33 These sound like a great idea, however, the original wind turbines were the idea of former BG Utilities director Stockberger, for the City to invest in. We were told the turbines could power about 700 homes. How many of the homes are being powered by these turbines?.....Not many because Bowling Green only gets a small portion of the energy produced by these turbines. Woodville, Elmore, etc. gets a nice cut of the energy produced.
To the Editor: How can health care bill not be an improvement? brutus 2009-12-17 07:50:09 Just curious useyourhead why you didn't mention the 17 Repubs who voted against this? And we wouldn't even had been voting on it if it weren't for the Repubs putting the restriction in place back in 2005. I know minor details.
Facebook frenzy feeds social needs gbnbg 2009-12-17 08:18:44 I also use facebook to keep up with friends and family and to see what everyone is up to and also Occasionally post, but never anything that would give a clue to my private life, I cannot believe just the people in my friend list who tell when they are away from home or going out of town for a few days, leaving there home or even family members vulnerable to bad people. Post for fun not for trouble!!!!!!!
To the Editor: How can health care bill not be an improvement? useyourhead 2009-12-17 09:16:31 I mentioned the 30 dems. that voted againts this because that's about all I hear from you and a few others. How the dems. are the ONLY ones that are for meaningful health care reform. I notice you didn't mention the 23 repubs. that voted for it. Again, really makes a person wonder if our govt. really has us in mind or just the idea of health care reform.
To the Editor: How can health care bill not be an improvement? brutus 2009-12-17 13:26:02 Drug re-importation is not meaningful health care reform. We should be able to buy our drugs here as cheaply as other countries. There have been no plans or anything meaningful that has come from your side. And I didn't bring up the vote or who voted for what, you did. Therefore it wasn't up to me to say who voted for it.
Otsego sets school payment plan toml 2009-12-17 14:36:28 I salute Mr. Garber and the current Otsego Board for having the foresight to see the big picture and the ability to look at what is best for the future of Otsego students and the community at large. They are able to receive $20 million+ in facility needs for a $4 million local investment. They would be negligent and incompetent if they didn't pursue it.
O'Donnell's 'Christmas soup' hints at flavor of chicken Florentine 1 of Your Fans 2009-12-17 14:45:37 From days of old, sampling the cooking by Mr. O'Donnell is something so sadly missed. This soup sounds delicious and will be one I try over the holidays! He really should share his fabulous white chocolate raspberry cheesecake!!!! (or any of his other great recipes!)
To the Editor: Bradner's spending is questioned Tom Butters 2009-12-17 15:07:07 I am not sure I understand this letter to the editor. The Police, who do a good, ask for a raise and are told no. So is that how the village spends its money? I will agree that more money should be spent on the "Shop with a Cop" program. Atleast the Chief should receive positive recognition for asking. Considering the village is spending $6,000 on moving trees at the park.
Otsego sets school payment plan Grand rapids resident 2009-12-17 17:23:29 tomi, you are not seeing the big picture. Otsego can't keep up with its operating budget now. then they are going to add $4million in straight debt for a school nobody wants, and the operating expense of this school is going to be higher that what the current ones are. So if they can't pay for what they have now. how are they going to pay for this additional debt?
To the Editor: Flag football flap criticized anonymous 2009-12-17 17:26:32 Yes I did. :)
Portage police expense criticized sicntird 2009-12-17 20:48:05 Thank you Tami for having a voice and not just blowing smoke up everyone's rear ends. There is a severe lack of maturity and intelligence in Portage and it is nice to finally see an article that is more representative of the people of Portage and not just some ramblings of a village idiot!
To the Editor: How can health care bill not be an improvement? useyourhead 2009-12-17 22:15:26 My side ??? I am for health care reform. Just not the dribble that has been presented thus far. And the vast majority has been from the dems. Look at what they are willing to "settle for" in the past few days. Passing a bill for the sake of passing a bill. Even all of your news sources are saying the same thing. The Dems went for a home run when they didn't have the bats to do it. Sometimes a double or a triple can win the game. They blew it.
To the Editor: Constitution grants citizens, not foreigners, rights Manson48 2009-12-17 23:56:53 The bible simply has absolutely no place in today's politics. The "book", as it is so commonly referred to,(The word bible simply means book) is nothing more than a compilation of some very ancient philosophical works, the most of which originated in Egypt. These ancient Egyptian sacred writings, have been continually doctored, beyond any recognition, by the Jews, Greeks, and Romans, along with a host of other nomadic tribes. While those Deists, who founded this country, may have mentioned a "creator" in their preamble to "The Declaration of Independence", the name of that creator remains a complete mystery. In ancient Egypt his name was Amen, and later became Amen-Ra. The same God Christians, Jews and Muslims pray to daily.- "We ask this in the name of our lord, Amen". And to think these same ignorant folks want to run our government. History is important to those of us who desire to avoid the mistakes of our ancestors. So put down your bible, and pick up a real history book or two. Who knows, you may even figure out who that God is, you've been praying to for so long. JM
To the Editor: Constitution grants citizens, not foreigners, rights gargie 2009-12-18 08:05:52 Manson, you cannot deny that the bible played a crucial role in the formation of our government and therefore if our constitution is to be interpreted as our founders intended, must play a role in today's politics. IMO, the bible will play a role one way or the other. If it does carry the weight it claims and I believe it does, disregarding it will only lead to times so tough many will eventually come to their senses and return to it. Just remember as violently to one side the pendulum swings it will swing back just as violently. Rip the bible out of public life and it will come back just as violrntly. If you doubt that look at world history from the time of Christ till the end of the Inquisition.
Otsego sets school payment plan toml 2009-12-18 08:40:00 Grand rapids resident, Mr.Garber clearly points out in the article the method of repayment through teaching staff reductions and the savings of closing three separate school buildings. This method of reorganization within elementary grade levels has worked in many other districts and will also work in Otsego. In addition, the annual maintenance savings of trying to keep three old buildings in operation from year to year alone will provide money in the general fund to assist with these payments. Let's not forget the elimination of a principal's position at a savings of $110,000 every year. Most voters would be thrilled to see a reduction of an administrator! Essentially you will take current money already available in the budget through savings and turn it into new elementary facilities. The value of the new facility will also be more than 5 times what the district invested to build the facility. It is such a great deal the district didn't even have to ask the voters for tax money to build it. It is difficult for me to see where the problem is!
To the Editor: Constitution grants citizens, not foreigners, rights Tired 2009-12-18 08:49:12 The bible didn't play that big of a role....Read...please...nobody is saying that the bible needs to be ripped out of public life, if you so choose to wear your religion on your sleeve in public you are allowed, that is the great thing about the USA. READ THIS, copy and paste the is quite the opposite of what you are saying....about the bible.
Otsego takes step to build school No more money if they consolidate 2009-12-18 10:17:29 ProKid When you are older you will have the chance to build or buy a home where you want (Great thing about America). Most people who bought homes in the current villages looked at school locations in making this decision. The board is well aware from the last election that the majority in this school district want to keep the schools in their villages.It has been pointed out to them that a consolidated campus cost more to operate (see energy guy FACTS).This is all about a hand full of people trying to ignore the wishes of the majority in this district. You will understand how dangerous this is when you are older and it is your life savings been messed with (property values). People in Tonatagany new when they bought their homes that no elementary school existed in that village. Your arguement does not hold water and if you think it does I challenge you to buy a home across the street from a school that is being closed (put your money where your mouth is).
To the Editor: Constitution grants citizens, not foreigners, rights brutus 2009-12-18 10:43:48 gargie, will you please read the Constitution so you can make an informed comment about it. The 1st amendment says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". If a congressperson brings his or her religious beliefs into law making then they are making their religion the establish belief. Would you be OK with a Muslim bringing their religious belief into law?