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Wednesday, 10 February 2010 13:49
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To the Editor: Health care bill criticized Tired 2009-11-04 21:22:28 RealChange, I happen to have health insurance and have a well paying job which I am thankful for. I also know several people that were looking to start their own business but can't leave there current job because they need their insurance benefits, that sure as hell doesn't sound like somebody sitting around asking for handouts.
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized General Custar 2009-11-04 23:10:19 Lifes tough. That doesn't mean the government needs to come in and save you. Maybe your friends need a little more sack. People do it every day. We are slowly becoming a weak, greedy country and its time we stood on our own two feet and shut some of this government down. People point to medicare as a successful program, they do it in ignorance. The government needs to change the laws that regulate the insurance industry and they can fix this without taking over the entire system. With government less is best.
To the Editor: Looking for a successful federal program General Custar 2009-11-04 23:19:52 Yeah quite the success at over $24,000 average cost to the government for cars that will never see the road again. As you can see by Brutus' comments its easy to see why we are in so much trouble. The companies that moved jobs overseas did so at for the shareholders, not the government. They did it because we are the most heavily taxed industrialized country with some of the highest labor costs. On top of that our assinine lack of a real energy policy forces us to pay ridiculous rates for electricity and natural gas. Once again if the government would get the hell out of the way and let our industry compete on a level playing field maybe those jobs would come back. It mu=ight be hard for Brutus yto understand but businesses sre in business to make money so when we make it hard for them to do it here they will go where it is easier.
To the Editor: Looking for a successful federal program Marlene 2009-11-05 00:29:13 Maybe if we had government-run health care like the countries the American companies flocked to (some with *government* help during the Reagan era!), some of these companies would never have left! "Custar" forgets what the conditions were like for workers before unionization -- unsafe working conditions, dangerous machinery, children working dangerous hours and losing education, etc. Read your history before spouting off and thinking this time where a Second Gilded Age has done *so* well for American workers, "Custar"!
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized brutus 2009-11-05 05:34:49 It's ironic you pick the name of General Custar. A guy who thought he was invincible, never thought anything would happen to him, thought he was sooo smart, even though he was at the bottom of his class at West point. Just like Custer, someday you'll wish the Gov was there to help you. He sured wished the Gov was there at Little Big Horn.
To the Editor: Looking for a successful federal program brutus 2009-11-05 05:46:18 Look Custar, it has already been established that Fox news is really not a news network, but a propogangda machine for the right wing. The old "we are the most heavily taxed industrialized country" is such an old myth I am surprized, actually I'm not, that low info people like yourself would still say that. If you would look it up you would know 70% of businesses pay less tax (15%) than you do. Of course that wouldn't go along with your Fox news figures. Little Big Horn.
Voters stir up school boards gargie 2009-11-05 06:40:22 Thankfully we have a vote, unfortunately people are ignorant about it's need to be protected. Passage of issue 2 is proof positive that people have no clue how easily it is given away. In a government like ours laws must be passed in order to eliminate freedom. Hitler had to do it, it was called the enabling act. Napoleon did it. He got the people to vote for the abolishment of voting, almost all who voted, voted for it. The promise to always look out for the good of the people by those who seek to be a law unto themselves always leads to pain and suffering. When the new farm board is guilty of what the Otsego board is accused of nothing can be done short of trouble. No new buildings are needed to teach such things that should be job one in schools of this country. Elections time and time again prove that if it is, few pass the course. Prosperity is a tough thing to live with!
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized Tired 2009-11-05 07:11:01 Who said anything about saving....General Custar? Read the posts! You are so ignorant it isn't funny....You weep for this country as stated in previous posts in other letters but don't give a damn about the people? And now we are a weak and greedy country? If there are more affordable choices for insurance than maybe people can make the leap and become independent.
BG council control hinges on Third Ward User 2009-11-05 08:16:14 Since when has BG City Council been so divided that "control" of it has ever been so important? One of the things I admire about our city council is its even-handed, non-partisan approach to issues. Regardless of party affiliation, our council members take time and consider the issues carefully and with the best interests of BG foremost in their minds. Hal Brown is trying to stir something up with the language he chose to use in reporting this story ("Control of Bowling Green City Council hinges on the outcome of the race"); his motives ought to be reviewed by the editorial staff at the Sentinel.
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized Funny 2009-11-05 09:19:12 I don't know about the rest of you but I worked my butt off to get the job I have to make sure I had decent health insurance. You call me a sheep because I don't want to pay for other people's laziness? Funny thing is that all sheep do is roam around and get fat while they are ATTENDED to. Sound familiar? It should because that is exactly what YOU want from the current be attended to and not do anything but roam and get fat. Now who is the sheep?
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized Tired 2009-11-05 10:48:11 You already pay for other people's "laziness"! Just like the original letter said, our country has become of country of ME ME ME!!! What happened to WE THE PEOPLE? A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link...I am not saying we should let people live of the government but something needs to be done to insure that all Americans have access to affordable health care!
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized brutus 2009-11-05 10:58:12 Funny, At least you said one true statement, "I don't know about the rest of you". So until you have walked in those shoes of a person who has worked hard all their life and by a medical disaster lose everything they have worked for then stfu. Are you sure there are no limits on your coverage? Check again.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard sobbb 2009-11-05 11:54:32 Sorry, you are still wrong. The coach makes only $5000 tocoach football.
Portage police patrols to cease and desist driver 2009-11-05 13:38:56 Good! All they did was set speed traps.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard ppppd 2009-11-05 15:31:40 To: Too much spent- You are out of touch and can't be helped. Go mess-up somebody elses school district. We had a nice one before all you nutty people got involved!
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized useyourhead 2009-11-05 19:53:26 Great letter Cindy. Congress wants to force Americans to purchase health insurance, I wonder what else they will force us to buy later.
To the Editor: Looking for a successful federal program useyourhead 2009-11-05 20:00:22 Mr Chapman had made some very valid points.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard Another Nutty Person 2009-11-05 21:22:52 Education-Funding Philosophies: Optimist: The glass is half full Pessimist: The glass is half empty Teacher Unionists: Our glass is always empty
To the Editor: Issue 2 offers balanced approach to livestock care sick of factory farms 2009-11-06 00:31:17 Issue 2 was a power-grab by big agricultural firms to control their own regulation and side-step any real regulation. The board to be formed will NOT contain any family farmers (which are NOT defined in the bill). It will be stocked with factory farm puppets who are appointed by Strickland (read: give him enough money). It was put to voters on a false pretense. even the wording was misleading. Ohioans have been duped by industry again.
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized working poor without insurance 2009-11-06 00:37:45 Funny. YOU are the sheep. It is a stupid animal. I have worked my tail off all of my life and I still putt overtime while going to school full time. I can't afford insurance. So the next time you accuse anyone of being lazy, check yourself. A sheep is an animal that follows without question. Go back to your FOX news you selfish jingo bastard. You and your ignorant kind are the worst thing to happen to this part of the world. Ever met anyone who was denied coverage or couldn't afford it even though they worked hard? I guess not. Go back under your rock and keep watching Glen Beck and his sheep followers on your idiot box. Fool
Burglary suspect sought in BG bgnetKelly 2009-11-06 02:27:08 I would like to correct your story as this is my coworker and I was with her. The man entered the home around 3:20 a.m. The police did not chase the man they were unable to even find him but the did apprehend another suspect who apparently was getting ready to break into his ex-girlfriends house and was currently on parolle for breaking and entering. Hope this helps.
Portage police patrols to cease and desist Sam 2009-11-06 05:31:01 The 1930 sesus lists Portage as having 533 resisents. Two doctors, two churches, two broceries and about a dozen other small businesses. It was a vibrant, thrving village. After WWII things started to decline until it got to where it is today. Nothing left in the village except the stop light. Oh My!
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard What The? 2009-11-06 06:29:50 I found this you nutty persons: A Scotia-Glenville teacher can expect to earn total lifetime compensation of $3.29 million from a 30-year career (in 2003 dollars). That's an average of $109,800 per year worked, or $67.44 an hour. Let's compare that to a private sector worker with the same salary who pays the average 28% of health insurance costs (compared to S-G's 13%), has no pension plan (as many don't) and works the same 30 years. The private sector worker has total lifetime compensation of $2.33 million, or 29% less than the teacher. The annual average is $77,700 per year. Considering that teachers work an average of 44 hours a week for 37 weeks while workers in the private sector work 40 hours a week for 48 weeks (excluding vacations and holidays), the private sector worker earns $40.47 an hour, or 40% less per hour than a teacher.
Schools get tough on bullying Marlene 2009-11-06 06:53:53 Here's hoping the program protects *every* child being bullied. The program need to crack down on the "that's so gay" putdown as well. Another program which works very well is Blue Eye/Brown Eyes. It helps teach about prejudice and should be mandatory in every schoolroom across the country.
Flighrt 93 park groundbreaking Saturday Conspiracy 2009-11-06 07:01:00 I find this very hard to believe that the terrorists actually crashed the plane after the passengers tried to take it over. Nobody saw any of the crash material which leads to a very interesting questions... What happened? This is what they tell us to make us feel better. Considering that plane was noticed after the two others had already crashed into the towers, we (U.S.) just saw this as a missle in the air heading for our nations capital. We can all think of what happens when a missle is heading into our territory and our defense systems get called into action. I need to say no more. The flight 93 movie is propoganda to try and make us believe that this is what happened. I am not saying that the passengers didn't try and take the plane over. I am just saying that the terrorists would simply just not crash into a field in the middle of nowhere. They were on a mission of destruction and would have atleast destroyed something on their way down, not crash into a plain old field. This is just way to hard to believe. Come on people, just use your heads a little bit and think about what is at hand. Don't believe all this B&## S*%! our government is feeding you.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard ppppd 2009-11-06 07:07:28 Anther Nutty Person, I bet there sure are alot of Otsego teachers getting rich! You should be glad there are people out there willing to take $50,000 dollars for 5-6 years of education. They could be doing much better in this world. As far as the the $5,000 coaches, you would not even think of doing their job for that kind of money. You would also not last five minutes in a classroom. My guess you have always been a teacher hater!
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized Funny 2009-11-06 11:15:06 LOL. That's all I can do is laugh at your ignorance.
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized Not Funny 2009-11-06 11:53:43 Boy you sure made your point there FUNNY! You can't even back up your talk with facts, because like "working poor" said when you watch FOX you don't get facts....Just opinions and we all know what they say about opinions....and some are bigger than others!!! Go ahead and listen to Beck and Limbaugh, neither have journalism degrees, both dropped out of college and both are former drug users! How can you so called "Conservatives" follow somebody like that when you think you are supposed to be the "moral compass" of this country!
Portage police patrols to cease and desist PortageWorkerBGresident 2009-11-06 14:30:25 Portage is a backwater that should never exist as a government entity. The uneducated rent-a-cops should go back to being janitors. The "village" administration should go back to drooling and manual self-gratification instead of pretending to be important. Portage has nothing to offer except 90 seconds of your time staring at a red light. It should be a stop sign: less use of energy. To the residents: I have NOTHING against you and I hope your rural residential area remains quiet and pastoral and a safe place to raise your kids. You don't need a police department. You don't need extra taxes. You also don't need witless buffoons representing your community.
Ruth Miller Mary & Harold 2009-11-06 16:55:15 Marcie, We are so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. Harold told me Ann called with a message but he was confused about the details. You sure are getting hammered right now. So many emotions to sort through in such a short time. We plan to come Monday if health allows. Please know you are in our prayers. We send our condolences upon the loss of your mother, and also join you in celebrating God's protection of Missy and your new granddaughter. May the LORD comfort you and all of your family with strength and peace. Love, Hugs, Praise and Prayers!
Bowling Green's Holiday Parade alive and well moonblazer 2009-11-06 17:05:50 has anyone asked crazy george to be in the parade this year ???
Portage police patrols to cease and desist concernedcitizen 2009-11-06 19:57:12 do you people really get off cutting down our officers. they are there to enforce the laws that are made by the state. to become an officer you have to have an education in law enforcement. you must take marksmanship training. the phrase rent-a cop is for high school kids that volunteer to help at busy situations. and for being a janitor i don't know what that means so you must not either. you are correct about the village idiot i mean administrator he does pretend very well. we have four witless buffoons running the town right but thank god three of them will be gone in two months.
Bowling Green's Holiday Parade alive and well downthePike 2009-11-06 21:39:09 It looks like "crazy George" is already IN the parade, but if not, someone should definitely invite him. Anyone who can entertain and smile that well would be a nice addition.
BG to change route for bicycle proposal downthePike 2009-11-06 21:42:29 Just a comment about the "bullets" used in your articles: they look like Chinese characters and don't really stand out, which is the point of a buller, after all. Try something dark and solid; they would work better.
Portage police patrols to cease and desist PortageWorkerBGresident 2009-11-07 11:31:32 Yes, I DO get off cutting down "your" rent-a-cops. They are not there to do anything but pull over any vehicle possible to make an income for the idiotic village administration. They are providing no services that the sheriff or any real "concerned citizen" could not handle by themselves. If those clowns have an education, it must be the cracker-jack-box version! You said "enforce the laws made by the state". That is a laughable joke. Are you seriously that much of a mindless robot that you cow-tow to authority in such a patronizing way? Any slob can take marksmanship training, that DOES NOT make them a professional. The phrase "rent-a-cop" is for useless baton rattlers of the suburbs that self-stimulate their authority trip during random petty traffic stops. Those unqualified pawns you call "officers" were called on duty whenever I-75 was closed and detoured down US 25 so that they could get more cash to support their village leaders. In a city they would be put to work doing what they are qualified for: cleaning toilets...maybe. To their credit they are probably more qualified to clean toilets than the prosecutors and judge wannabes that worked for Portage. Everyone is laughing now.
Familiar Face: Vy Tinnsley Gary 2009-11-07 13:03:55 Very pleasant person, congratulations!
Wayne man world's longest-surviving heart valve replacement recipient Colleen Schroeder 2009-11-07 16:52:47 Very interesting article. My mother had open heart surgery (mitral valve replacement) in 1969. Amazingly, she had the surgery at St. Vincent's in Cleveland and Dr. Kay was her surgeon too. It's a small world! I'm so glad that Bob has done so well with his multiple replacements. It must have been a scary time for his family in 1960.
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized brutus 2009-11-08 09:18:36 useyourhead, Hopefully they, the Gov, will force you and Cindy to buy some common sense since it is obvious neither one of you were born with any.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard For real 2009-11-08 15:02:02 Brake---- to stop. This is their school district and always was.....think again....they have been here from the start. No-----they married a teacher and have numerous family members in the profession. Simple-----they have an opinion and expressed it and backed the numbers with public information..... And they call you the haters? Ummmmm really????
Landmark health bill passes House on close vote brutus 2009-11-08 18:17:12 It's a start.
Hospital: Ft. Hood shooting suspect awake, talking downthePike 2009-11-09 11:51:33 It still amazes me beyond belief that an off-duty policewoman managed to get to the area where the shooting was happening and then, being shot herself, she managed to shoot the gunman and bring him down. ON A MILITARY BASE FULL OF SOLDIERS WHO ARE TRAINED TO ACT AND TO TAKE CONTROL OF THIS TYPE OF SITUATION. I am also amazed that a young soldier called her civilian father to tell him what was going on. Regardless of the situation, she is a soldier first and could have jeopardized national security. She should have been in contact with her C.O. NOT her dad. This whole thing never should have happened, but I am shocked at how it ended. SOLDIERS should have been able to take care of this situation on a military base. Where was their training?
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized Manson48 2009-11-09 15:39:00 Cindy, please tell us who this "God" is we should thank for our freedom? Is he the same "Egyptian" God: Amen, that the Christian folks pray to everyday? How can we lend creedence to the rhetoric of those people that show such ignorance on even the simplest of historic facts. No Cindy, until you have educated yourself in the fundamentals of life's mysteries, we will not entertain your thoughts on the complex issues that concern our society. JM
Vintage car trip got sidetracked J A Deiter 2009-11-09 18:56:56 Awesome story!!! Karen did a fantastic job.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard More Nutty Persons 2009-11-09 19:49:39 Missouri Supreme Court ruled that teachers have collective bargaining rights. However, the court did not rule on the issue whether one union must represent all teachers in a district. While this practice of exclusive bargaining is fairly common in Missouri and nationally, the school board in Springfield wants teachers to decide first whether they even want to be represented by one union. Currently the NEA local represents about 950 teachers, the Teachers' Association local represents about 450, and the remainder of teachers have opted not to have labor union representation. The Springfield NEA has filed a lawsuit seeking exclusive bargaining rights. That's right EXCLUSIVE rights. Sounds like Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters. I think the NEA is flawed as was the Teamsters and must be removed for the good of Otsego and all schools.
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized bigred 2009-11-10 05:42:51 As a Christian, I'm shocked that my fellow Christians are arguing against helping those less well off. God commands us to help the lesser of us. While you may argue that YOU have earned your job and money, those are both gifts from God and he would abhor YOU hoarding the gifts He has bestowed upon you. Quit idolizing the graven images of the almighty dollar and help your fellow man. Now a few facts: the public option covers less than 2% of Americans (hardly a government takeover). The bill is revenue neutral, it will REDUCE the deficit over the next ten years. If you have insurance right now, you get to keep it. Eighty percent of small businesses are exempt. It's hard to find anything to hate about this bill, unless you are just plain greedy or hate the political party in power.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard bigred 2009-11-10 06:16:58 Let's stop talking about wealthy districts and how much their teacher's make. An Otsego teacher starts out at $31,500. As you gain experience and more education, you make more. Seems fair. Let's not extrapolate their salaries over 12 months, they are unpaid for 3 months of the year. That is why many teachers early in their careers have second jobs. I look forward to new members on the board. Instead of making statements that hold no consequences, they will now have to make decisions w/ long-term effects. The realities of actual governing tend to temper the most boisterous of community members.
BG faces next must-win brian 2009-11-10 08:02:17 Quite ridiculous its not on tv. what's the point of the random mid-week game if not to put it on tv?
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized General Custar 2009-11-10 09:19:16 brutus your ignorance is showing. I didn't choose to use the name of General Custer, rather it is a play on words lost in the ignorance of people holding their hands out. You might get a clue if you knew what you were talking about. Congrats on the destructive victory your side got in congress friday. Hopefully the in senate intelligence will prevail.
Portage police patrols to cease and desist concernedcitizen 2009-11-10 10:57:06 obviously you know nothing about the police and their training so it would do no good to try again to explain it. but a rent a cop is a student such as penta county student in training to become an officer and they are called to work the Apple Butter Fest to direct traffic or things like that. THAT IS A RENT-A-COP! if you lived in Portage you would know that if you called the sheriffs office to have them come it has been up to an hour wait for them. where you get your info is so miss guided, Our Magistrate is a trained Judge that comes from Bowling Green and has to be tested by the state board every year. that does not sound like a wannabe to me. you must not have lived in a small town where people care about each other. we were there when Mrs. Bassett was killed on 25 and when the young Hall boy was killed by a car and i hope it is not you next to have an accident when the semis hall butt through our town when there is noone to watch their speed because the sheriff will not sit and keep an eye on them. enjoy your happy but mis-guided life.
Portage police patrols to cease and desist PortageWorkerBGresident 2009-11-10 14:00:01 Actually my father, cousin, and uncle are all police officers. My brother-in-law is a police TRAINER. I am extensively familiar with police training. (Do you own a copy if Ohio Police Officer's Manual? - I doubt the Portage wannabe cops do.) My father retired from Toledo Police Department. (A REAL police officer). I'm not sure I want to bother with you since you don't know how to spell. Eg: "miss guided" and "mis-guided". A "rent-a-cop" is derisive POLICE slang for a security guard or a cop in a small town who has nothing to protect except the speed limit. YOU obviously have NO IDEA what you are talking about. It is up to an hour wait ANYWHERE in the county for the sheriff. Especially on low-priority calls. Portage should have no special privilege. "Magistrate" does not equal "Judge". It is a different title, with a different pay scale in the state of Ohio. So your rent-a-judge deserves as much respect as your rent-a-cops. She obviously could not get a job elsewhere (like Toledo) regardless of state testing. I have seen her kangaroo clown court proceedings. It is a joke. Question: when those accidents happened where did the EMS come from??? If I'm in an accident, I don't care about cops, I care about the ambulance. Oh, by the way, the sheriff DOES pull over traffic on US 25 right in your area. I have seen it multiple times, yes the Wood County Sheriff deputies. Do your homework, fool! Sounds like you WANT your silly corrupt mayor and administration. Most folks would call THAT misguided! (note spelling)
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized working poor without insurance 2009-11-10 14:13:33 Intelligence will never prevail in the company of the likes of "General Custer", Yeah, I got the pun. It's kind of lame, actually. Oh: good job on the "your side" thing. Very divisive. It shows how deeply you are capable of thinking. There is only right and wrong, eh? Liberal/Conservative, Republican/Democrat, left-wing, right-wing. Oh how bloody cliche'! Grow up. As far as showing ignorance: quit wearing it openly around your neck, it will only strangle you, just like your pre-programmed irrational fear of an imaginary "socialism". Government takeover? Seriously? Please turn off the TV! Hold on to your greedy jingoistic reality while you can. It is melting away across the globe.
Portage police patrols to cease and desist concernedcitizen 2009-11-10 16:00:57 as if you are so perfect i will no longer bother with you and yes my father served 35 years in the air force security police and and then a police officer for Lima, my brother also a policeman in lima two nephews in columbus as city police and another brother is a state patrolman. yes i have a copy of the Ohio Police Officers Manual and so do all of the officers in Portage. My brother teaches at Penta for the RENT-A-COPS and that is what they are. Until you know what a real cop is you should bite your tongue. i think lima counts as a real town.. and one of our officers is a retired TOLEDO police officer. so my spelling is not perfect put by views are my views and you do not have to agree with them but if you do not live in our town then you really do not know all of what goes on. oh by the way i am head of security for a large corperation and you do need "police Training" for this job. the police call was not low-priority it was a domestic violence at the neighbors and the woman was transported before the police even got there. until you live in our town where i have been for 41 years and know the way "WE" feel and you should about know respect with all of your officers in your family big town small town a peace officer is a peace officer my final word!
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year lariker 2009-11-10 18:51:37 I'd like to congratulate all of the Otsetgo players on their SLL All League nominations, but I certainly hope that there is a typo. Chelsea Bollenbacher played outside hitter all year and she is listed as 2nd team middle blocker!? How can there be a SLL placement of two player in a positions they never played. Both Holzwart and Bollenbacher are listed as making the SSL team in positions they never played during the season.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Barbie Valentine 2009-11-10 19:00:56 The Otsego coach should demand a retraction for the obvious misprint in regards to player Chelsea Bollenbacher. Chelsea is an outside hitter not a middle blocker and is factually proven by coach Jones's own record keeping stats as well as documented in many other sports articles containing information on Chelsea's performances as an outside hitter. This is an embarrassing mistake that underminds the enormous effort and success Chelsea Bollenbacher has had this season. Barbie Valentine
Portage police patrols to cease and desist PortageWorkerBGresident 2009-11-10 19:51:24 ...and they are all useless pigs serving a fascist police state is my final word. I have no respect for you or your small town pig family at all. Or your small town for that matter. That was the whole point of this article. Corruption and overpaid rent-a-pigs. In actuality I could care less what a "real" pig is anyhow regardless of who in my family joined them. The job is to protect property over people. I'm not sure I believe that many in your family are cops, but it explains why you worship them so much. The goons hired by Portage were clowns any way you look at it. Besides: they will NO LONGER EXIST! Hence the reason for this article! Hence my continuing schadenfreude!
Portage police patrols to cease and desist PortageWorkerBGresident 2009-11-10 20:12:33 Hey wait! I just realized I was arguing with a security guard for a corporation! Guess what that is? A RENT-A-COP!!! Damn, no wonder you were so sensitive about the term! You will never respond to a REAL crime, you will only be protecting corporate property. Nice hollow life.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year otsego fan 2009-11-10 22:04:06 Congrats to all the league honors. I am a fan of Otsego Knights and have watched the team all season. Chelsea was an outstanding outside hitter for the Knights and sadly did not get the recognitition that she deserved. Coach Jones should be ashamed of herself for not getting the stats correct for the nominations which she constantly kept herself during every game instead of coaching.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Julie Fitch 2009-11-11 08:00:21 Not to take any glory away from those who have been honored - but, was I watching different games? It's a shame that politics and Otsego's Cheryl Jones' own agenda got in the way here. Is there any investigation underway?
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year L. Fitch 2009-11-11 08:40:05 "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to decieve" -Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Athletic Supporter 2009-11-11 08:49:49 The negative backlash of Cheryl Jones' placement nominations will leave a lasting impression on the entire Otsego volleyball team. Is that what she meant by "one team one dream"? Or it is a nightmare.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Otsego volleyball fan 2009-11-11 08:55:55 First, I want to congradulate the Otsego volleyball team for a great year. All the girls worked hard as a TEAM to get as far as they did. Second, my concern is that Chelsea Bollenbacher got second team SLL as a middle blocker and she played in the position of outside hitter. What is happening here? Please clarify for me Coach Jones.
To the Editor: Gets absentee ballot too late to vote Marlene 2009-11-11 09:16:05 I'm an election official, John, and there are ways you can speed up the process. First, all you need to do is get two copies of the Federal Post Card Application form, and send it to the BOE, one for the primary, and another for the general election on January 1st. This way you'll get your ballots earlier. Furthermore, there's a provision for overseas voters, that as long as you send your ballot and be postmarked the day before election day, and it arrives within ten days after the election, it will be counted. Do those things, John and you should be getting your ballots before election day!
To the Editor: Health care for illegal aliens never a part of any reform bill brutus 2009-11-11 09:31:25 Our congressman Bob Latta should be explaining this to the people instead of out partying with the "teabaggers".
To the Editor: Latta should work in bipartisan way brutus 2009-11-11 09:34:00 Bob is an official "teabagger". He is right of the Republican party.
To the Editor: H1N1 flu vaccine distribution: an example of things to come? patriot 2009-11-11 09:45:21 So we're not just hearing the terrible stories, I took my child to a recent clinic in Rossford and there was no wait. The people working had it running very efficiently. My child also received her regular flu shot at our family doctor.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year ME30 2009-11-11 10:12:41 Athletes should be focused on developing their talents, not worrying about a coach that has a hidden agenda. Congratulations to those who received these honors. As to those who have been gipped, hopefully justice will be served for the serious inaccuracies in the nominations.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year An OHS Volleyball Fan 2009-11-11 10:57:41 I have had the privilege of watching a very talented and determined Otsego Volleyball Team this season. Their efforts on and off the court are to be commended. They have been a joy to watch and I would assume a joy to coach. It troubles me to think that team positions could be manipulated to obtain a desired outcome. It is my hope that this will be investigated.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year past otsego volleyball player 2009-11-11 11:15:40 Congrats to all of the SLL honors for the otsego volleyball players!! I am a very devoted fan and attended almost every match played by otsego. From my knowledge by reading the newspaper article, Chelsea Bollenbacher was NOT a middle blocker and Ashley H. was NOT an outside hitter??? CLEARLY CherYL Jones made a mistake or was this intential???!!! Or maybe a FLUKE???? It is a shame that Chelsea ONCE AGAIN will not get recognized for her OUTSTANDING achievments during this volleyball season! Being a past player, Jone's actions do not surprise me, just another MIND GAME that the players have to suffer through and, i guess, have to deal with.....HOW IS THIS COACH AND TEACHER GETTING AWAY WITH THIS YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR??!!!! PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP THE FUTURE VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS!!!!!
To the Editor: H1N1 flu vaccine distribution: an example of things to come? enough 2009-11-11 12:39:09 I'm not sure how much quicker the health department was expected to go? By your count 600 were in line,that's a lot. Also I'm not sure why you assume you wouldn't have had to take time off work or waited forever at the doctor's office to get the vaccine? How many days would you have had to wait to even get an appointment,my guess is you'd have waited a lot longer than 3 hours to be seen.Seems like you are reaching for something to complain about. The bottom line appears that after waiting in line like everyone else, you got what you wanted and had no complaints about the service. Also, there were other times set up for pregnant women and special clinics geared towards them. By the way you had the choice to stay home and not get the vaccine.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year otsego Fan for Years 2009-11-11 12:46:42 Where do you start with a coach like Coach Jones.. I have been watching her for years, and have had daughters play for her. She plays mind games to the girls, and will play favorites. To the girls that played this years you as a team where Wonderful, to bad your coach had her nose in that stupid stat book and get out of the OLD way of coaching. There where a lot of games that you where out coached big time, (Otsego's first game against Eastwood) WOW. Please Jones! for the Future of Otsego Volleyball. RETIRE!!! You can go out with a great year.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year must be a mistake. 2009-11-11 13:00:27 I want to say GREAT job on the volleyball girls at Otsego High school. I would like to Know if the SLL nominating group got all the correct stats. There must be a mistake in Coach Jones own stats. Totally confused on who played where. I went to almost ALL the Otsego games this year and the last 8 years and What I read in the article above wasn't what I saw. After 26 years of coaching you need to STEP DOWN as a coach Miss Jones, and be happy you lasted this long. I really hope your happy with yourself.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Your word 2009-11-11 13:53:58 For years Coach Jones has been preaching how your word is the most important thing that you own. So what does it mean if you lie about what people really deserve? Chelsea had hardly played middle at all this year and should be noticed for the hard work she put in as an outside hitter. Coach Jones you had a GREAT year...go out with a bang and just be done.
To the Editor: H1N1 flu vaccine distribution: an example of things to come? brutus 2009-11-11 13:54:54 Gee Jennifer, Why aren't you demanding why the private companies that manufacture the vaccine did not make enough? The Gov doesn't make it, they order it. And they ordered more than enough but the private companies did not come though. OK you can go back to listening to Rush and Fox news now.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year devoted fan 2009-11-11 14:54:04 Is anybody actually surprised by coach jones actions anymore??? I hope this is the final straw and the school board will put a stop to jones! How many complaints about one individual does it take to get them out of the school system?
To the Editor: Latta should work in bipartisan way LattaIsNotForThePeople 2009-11-11 15:55:05 Dr. Banister, please make a more informed vote next time. Latta is not interested in the well being of his constituency. He in purely interested in bringing money to the corporations that helped fool people into voting for him. While we had few, if any viable choices during the election, a vote for the Republican party was a vote for the entrenched establishment that is NOT interested in improvement above the status quo. This is the same status quo that has damaged the global markets and profited from war and the insurance industry. Go ahead and contact his office and amp up the pressure. I encourage that. I doubt he will change his position.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year L.Riker 2009-11-11 16:08:15 First off, congratulations to the Otsego volleyball team, you guys did a phenomenal job coming out and playing for yourselves. YOU were the ones that pushed yourselves and taught yourselves how to be better volleyball players, and the outcome of your season didn't come from the help of any coach. I am in complete agreeance with every other post to this story; Chelsea Bollenbacher should have been on First Team All SLL. It was very clearly shown in previous articles, clips on the news and the stats from every game that this girl was a tremendous help on the court. I don't think matches with 21 kills and multiple others that high are any sort of fluke. You earned your spot on that team Chelsea! Not taking anything away from Ashley Holzwart, she did a a great job this season as well! Again, Congratulations Otsego volleyball on a great season, and putting up with everything you've had to deal with the past four years! Logan Riker
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Citizen 2009-11-11 16:22:06 Wow...Someone finally speaks out and lets people know what's going on. Her whole plan was premeditated to make things work her way for that SLL meeting. Just ask someone who was there. Manipulation, mind games with players and students...when does it all stop? If you are not her out. This didn't just effect her players, but those players from another school who actually played those positions.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year from another team player 2009-11-11 16:22:56 I am a volleyball player from another team and had to play Otsego twice this year. Wow what a team. After we played them our coach said to us, they are a good team but they could be better if they got out the 90's and played real volleyball. I played front row and had to block Bernthisels and Bollenbacher Kills. I don't remember any Blocks from the middle from Bollenbacher. She has a awesome outside hit. I will miss the games against 2 Very good hitters. I hope they get to go to a college and play like they should. Bernthisel was the best player this year in the SLL and Bollenbacher got ripped off (2nd team) no way. Is your coach blind. Good luck in the future you 2.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Renee Jo Ellis 2009-11-11 18:23:23 Well, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS to the Women's Otsego Varsity Volleyball Team. You, Senior young ladies, have been a pleasure to watch grow and mature, not only as individual young ladies off the court, but as a cohesive unit on the court. It was with great disappointment that I read that two players, Chelsea Bollenbacher and Ashley Holzwart, were nominated and, dare I say recognized, for positions that they clearly did not play all year. Chelsea Bollenbacher should have been nominated as an outside hitter, and Ashley Holzwart should have been nominated as a middle blocker. It appears that perhaps it is time for high school players to be nominated by opposing coaches in order to avoid the appearance of favoritism and impropriety, as well as ensure, that ALL high school players are judged on their accurate position of their chosen sport.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Sports Fan 2009-11-12 07:29:25 Congratulations to ALL the players - what a fantastic year you have all had!!! Kudos!! What a sad disappointment, however, that the players can't get the true recognition they deserve. Chelsea Bollenbacher - middle blocker ??? I don't think so. Come on coach - give credit where credit is due! These kids played their hearts out for the team, the school, the league and YOU! How unfair to individually minimize the efforts, successes and triumphs of these athletes! Something stinks in the Otsego coaching office!
To the Editor: H1N1 flu vaccine distribution: an example of things to come? enough 2009-11-12 08:51:29 It wasn't that the companies didn't make enough. The problem appears to have been that for whatever unknown reasons there was a problem with the some of the vaccine batches and so a lot had to be thrown out. The problem appears to have been corrected. Normally people who go to a doctor not only have to pay a copay,but for the vaccine itself. It isn't free or only $10 bucks like at the health department but much much more. A lot of insurance companies dont pay for vaccines at all and so even with insurance you are left to wait in a line like everyone else.
Young fan suspended for Cincy Bengals haircut tom butters 2009-11-12 09:17:29 Maybe the principle was a Browns fan.
Carney offers 'simply' wonderful recipe - plus challenging bonus ibgrampax 2009-11-12 14:12:18 I have had both Karlas cucumber salad and the salsa and can verify that they are both great! I'm so lucky that, as her sister, I get to have them all the time! Susan Paxton
To the Editor: Gets absentee ballot too late to vote John Harden 2009-11-12 14:31:10 Thanks for the comments Marlene, but I find it difficult to believe that if I send the application forms on 1 January, I will be guaranteed to get my ballot on time....secondly, if I dont recieve it on time, how can I mail it to be postmarked the day before the election if I don't get it until after the election? I wrote to suggest that the BOE step into the times. Other counties across the states use computer voting......why cant Wood County?
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Meghan Bressler 2009-11-12 17:05:40 Congrats to the Otsego volleyball team! You guys were truely an unbelievably good team. Autumn Berry you totally deserved this, you were an inspiration to me as a setter and I'm sure many others. You worked extremely hard for this and it shouldn't be taken away from you by these comments people have made. I'm not taking anything away from Chelsea Bollenbacher for she was a truely amazing player but I don't believe this has to do with favorites. Autumn Berry was very deserving of this honor as well as Chelsea was. It just happens that they both got nominated and both couldn't get first place.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Former Jones Pawn 2009-11-12 17:51:52 The point is not that Autumn Berry did not deserve it. She is a phenomenal player. The point is that all of the senior girls were phenomenal and for the coach to change their positions to suit her own needs is just wrong. Let the league decide who the player of the year/first-team/second-team was. Once the coach starts messing with the positions, she is messing with their future as college volleyball players, if they choose to continue. I'm sure Chelsea would be much happier if she had recieved Second-team for a position that she had actually played.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year View from the bleachers 2009-11-12 17:56:11 Meghan, I certainly don't think anyone is trying to say Autumn was not deserving of player of the year honors. The issue really doesn't involve Autumn at all. The Otsego coach did not allow her players to be recognized at the positions they excelled at throughout the season, that being Chelsea as an outside hitter rather than a middle blocker.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Meghan Bressler 2009-11-12 18:13:19 I guess I just thought since the article is in fact about Autumn, the comments under this article should be focused on the positives such as how proud we all are that she was named player of the SLL. Not the negatives of everything else.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year getagrip 2009-11-12 21:13:57 I saw Otsego play this year maybe 5 or 6 times. These hitter's wouldn't have received any recognition if it weren't for their setter putting the ball exactly where they needed it to be. So the comment of Bernthisel being the best player in the league is not even close to being true. Berry hands down deserved the award. Her skills, dedication, and work ethic were obvious. Besides, Bernthisel was not half the leader that Berry was and all of you know it! After going over the SLL picks in the article, Bollenbacher should thank Ms. Jones for putting her as middle blocker. At outside hitter, she would have been lucky to get honorable mention due to better players in that position. Regardless of that true fact, she started in the middle front position where she blocked middle, therefore, was a starting middle hitter. Bashing a wonderful coach with great credentials is not going to get any of you anywhere or change anything. If the girls are as good as you all say they are, they should have been able to play through anything and not blame everything on the coach. If they all deserved 1st TEam they would have put the BS and selfeshness behind them, won the league outright, and could State Champions on Saturday. Clearly, Otsego players and parents are much more worried about individual stats, accomplishments, and awards than winning games and being a team. Ms. Jones, you are an amazing person and coach, do not let these people bring you down, and continue to make a great name for yourself! :)
To the Editor: Navy frogmen risked their lives 'so others may live' ConcernedCitizen 2009-11-13 02:02:55 Thank you for your service Mr. Hayden
Trip was unforgettable for local vet Thankstovets 2009-11-13 02:09:51 Thank you Sir for everything you have done for this nation. I can only imagine the things you have been witness to. Honor Flight is a great organization that is long overdue.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year otsego former player 2009-11-13 05:05:17 To getagrip-Coach Jones did not allow the other coaches the CHANCE to vote on the players for their positions. She manipulated the nominations for who SHE thought should win 1st team, 2nd team, SLL player of the year. No one is saying Autumn did not deserve a chance at the honors she received but when Coach does not give her much competition in the nominations, it is wrong....And for Chelsea Bollenbacher -all the stats and articles and 99% of the spectators in the entire northwest ohio area would disagree with your observations YOU must have never played for Coach Jones on her volleyball team. This whole situation started after a great season and TEAMwork. SHE created this when SHE decided to disgrace the Otsego team by not letting the girls get their rightful nominations. In the end, Coach Jones not only embarrassed the otsego volleyball team, she has hurt many children's pride. But as always, I'm sure she does't think she did anything wrong.......Hopefully something changes in the volleyball future for the children.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Meghan Bressler 2009-11-13 05:23:24 I completely agree with getagrip. I have also played for Miss. Jones for two years and she was on of the best coaches I have ever had. She has her own way of coaching and it led my team and I to many victories. I thank you Miss. Jones for being such an inspiring coach!
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Serious Logic 2009-11-13 05:27:40 Wow - talk about sour grapes! Regardless of the negative comments, this team worked hard and all the seniors were outstanding. How could a coach coach with these personalities? There seems to be alot of relatives spewing here - people with their own agendas and long-standing dislike for a teacher/coach/friend who loves the sport and the kids. Congrats to Autumn and all of those who earned honors and to Coach Jones for a great season.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year .... 2009-11-13 05:33:30 okay first of all....these comments dont focus on autumn and what she did or didnt deserve. yes she is an amazing player and no one is trying to take away from that..second of all bernthisel DOES lead on the court. she is the one that got people fired up. as for autumns sets, it depends on the back row as well. Bernthisel is also a great player and she was deserving for player of the year, i dont know what games you were watching. you knew more than 75% of the time that baley was gonna get the kill. As for Cheksea Bollenbacher, she may have started middle but she went directly outside. SO therefore she was not a middle hitter. In my opinion other coaches should put up the nominations for the postions not the teams own coach. That would make it the most fare. And if this is not about individual then why was berry the only captin...oh thats right cause that is what Jones wanted. So you can sit there and try to call coach Jones a good coach but obviously she cant be or there wouldnt be so many complaints about her. Open your eyes and she her for what she truely is. In my eyes she should step down as head coach.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Open Your Eyes People 2009-11-13 08:06:46 You all do not know volleyball and the type of offense that they ran. Their offense was obvious and there were three middle hitters and Bollenbacher was one of them! Basically, all of you Bollenbacher fans are upset that Holzwart got the honor over her when Holzwart did play outside. Holzwart is much more consistent and deserving anyway and Bollenbacher wouldn't have beat out Hoodlebrink for first team! So it would have been Holzwart and Hoodlebrink. Just like Bollenbacher couldn't beat out Stainbrook from Gibsonburg. Bernthisel is not a leader just because she got a kill and all of the girls got excited from it. I would love to see the actual league votes, I bet Bernthisel didn't even get 1st team outright for middle hitter by getting all of the coaches top votes. If that would be the case, she shouldn't be nominated for player of the year, anyway. We all know that hands down Berry probably received the highest vote from the coaches at the setting position, therefore deserved it. I understand you are not taking it away or saying she didn't deserve it, but saying Bernthisel is the best player in the league would be a slap in Berry's face if she read this! What would be the point of having other coaches nominate? They only see the girls play twice so you would have been lucky to get all of the honors due to the opposing coach paying attention to, THEIR OWN TEAM! There was one game that I saw this year that Bollenbacher stood out and that was Eastwood. As far as Jones stepping down as a coach, LOL, you all know that she should not do that. She has had a great career including a State Championship. Not many people can say they have one. This team could have if it weren't for all of you people putting stupid stuff in the players minds and teaching them how to be selfish. A coach is not in the gym to be their friend, it is to teach them the game and facts of life, I am sure it was not playing favorites, it is evident that she respected those who respected her. You have all made it obvious that Bernthisel and Bollenbacher are the selfish ones or you all wouldn't be on here bashing a coach that did her job! If they do not get employee of the month at their job in the future, will you all write letters to their boss. Good luck and my have times changed!
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year a sentinal reader 2009-11-13 09:00:40 I have not watched one Otsego game this year but followed the team in Tribune because my daughter played with a couple of girls on travel teams in the past. I was really surprised to see that Chelsea only got second team! Just based on the stats that were printed in the paper. Almost every game that I recall, she either had the most kills or was in the top three. I am not taking anything away from all those that received honors, but this seems really out of whack to me!! How does someone that leads the team in kills get second team? Just go back and read all the articles in the Tribune and see what I'm talking about.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year getagrip 2009-11-13 09:19:41 Volleyball is not just about kills. Bollenbacher played 3 rotations on the floor. These other players who received the honors played all the way around. I am sure you all will say she should have, but she definately was not quick enough or smart enough. Not to mention, the other players in the league are 2 or 3 year starters coming into this season, where I am pretty sure she was not and did not deserve to be! I am sure Coach Jones went into the league meeting with great intentions and praised each individual EQUALLY, you all are too ignorant and want to think otherwise! I remember Bollenbacher blocking and hitting right side at times, look everyone there is not a spot to get league votes there, I wish you would have put her in that spot after reading all of this Coach Jones! Keep your head held high!
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Lauren Fitch 2009-11-13 09:25:10 You know what? The post above is now slapping Baley and Chelsea in the face, so you're no better than the people you're critizing. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see any games this year of what I hear was an amazing season. If there is an issue here, it is with Ms. Jones. So if you're going to make a comment, keep the focus where it belongs- she's an adult; she can defend herself. Please do not start bashing any of these great young women in order to make your point. Bales: you're awesome and I wish I could have been home to see you play! Don't let anyone's comments affect you or your friends.
Otsego's Berry named SLL player of the year Lauren Fitch 2009-11-13 09:26:42 Oh man...two people posted as I was writing this so I'm not referring to the post above but I think you all get my point. Craziness.