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Wednesday, 10 February 2010 13:47
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To the Editor: Downtown BG supports tax hike maxx 2009-10-30 06:20:34 It's not how 'little' the tax amount is, it's how all of the 'little' taxes add up to LARGE SCALE THEFT of my HARD EARNED MONEY! Can anyone tell me exactly what percentage of my paycheck is a fair amount to be forced to give?? ( This should be an easy to answer question, but I'm sure the only answers I'll get will be arrogant personal attacks )
To the Editor: Election offers Eastwood voters a great opportunity Tell the truth 2009-10-30 08:01:46 Steve, that is what we are doing is overcoming the factless claims and scare tactics of we need this school now. This board has been wanting to build a new school for a long time. Most people in the district do not have the money. If people like yourself are so hellbent on a new school, start a foundation and pull your money together. The wealthy in the district got out of paying the 1% income tax with dividend income, etc, being exempt. Time to pony up. Vote NO.
To the Editor: Weston man backs 3 for board jminard 2009-10-30 10:52:58 Very well written and the truth never sounded so good. These folks will receive my vote on November 3rd.
Otsego candidates divided on issues OTres 2009-10-30 11:17:35 It is very obvious which candidates believe in providing the voters the rights as to how their money should be spent. It is very clear that a vote for Garmenn,Gase and Wynn will continue the business as usual. The elitist attitudes clearly show through the rhetoric of doing what is best for the children. It is also clear that the decisions recently made by the board has driven many supporters of the school to the other side. Just because other views exist does not mean they are negative. The board and a few of the new candidates need to get a clue. In many cases where you have people cheerleading for the current board, you will also find the same individuals voting NO on issues when they get to the voting booth. The kids need to see that being frugal and offering counterpoints to the issues is still a right in this country.
To the Editor: BG man can't afford to give city a raise MrBG 2009-10-30 12:28:14 Sure, the city will cut spending if the levy doesn't pass. When they cut spending, you'll have to pay for yard waste and heavy brush disposal any bulk/ heavy trash disposal. The cost you will pay to dispose of brush around your house or property, coupled with the cost of taking a truck bed-full of heavy trash to the dump will cost far more than paying for this levy. Passing the TEMPORARY levy is much cheaper than voting no for these two services alone-- not to mention the fire department losing a person at the Pearl Street location and other services we take for granted. Cut back on one cup of coffee a month and you'll have the money to keep these services we have come accustomed to.
Perrysburg shopping for Kroger plan perrysburg resident 2009-10-30 14:28:18 With all the roadblocks the city administration puts in front of the businesses that want to do business here makes one wonder why they would want to come here. Can't wait to see N. Dixie Hwy turn into Airport Hwy with a traffic light every quarter mile.
To the Editor: Hold your ground on Issue 3: No means no Royal Flush 2009-10-30 14:31:31 "What we do with the fruits of our labors is still our decision." That is your quote Mr. Sebek.....I think I want to spend my at the new casino.....Our vote is our voice!
Student of the Month: Allison Hedges Tap Dance Mat 2009-10-30 14:56:38 Good job being student of the month! Keep up the good work.
To the Editor: BG man can't afford to give city a raise Vote yes 2009-10-30 15:12:00 The cost of the increase is very minimal. Residents in this city have become used to having the services that this city provides. The only thing this TEMPORARY increase will do is bring us in line with other cities similar in size. It will balance out. We will still have some of the lowest property tax rates around. don't believe me? Hop on the auditor's website and look what Perrysburg residents or Sylvania residents pay in property taxes. I do slightly agree with your opinion, but for another reason. We need to ask the city leadership how a city with a stable economy for the last 25 years has no rainy day fund? Income tax is down 5% and the city is in turmoil? These things are overlooked and do not add up.
To the Editor: Hold your ground on Issue 3: No means no useyourhead 2009-10-30 16:58:47 I'm saying ummm..... 6 to 1 it passes.
To the Editor: Downtown BG supports tax hike useyourhead 2009-10-30 17:11:40 I think the answer is .2%. Bowling Green has had pretty low taxes, compared to other cities in Ohio. My opinion is we have a pretty damn good city. I apprecitate the services they offer and I use most of them. I know when times get tough and they ask for more money, it makes people say wtf have they been doing the past 20 years. I don't have the answer for that but that really isnt the issue right now. If we want to keep the services we use, then we have to vote yes. The past is the past and I hope the city has learned a lesson. Voting no on this temporary tax, in my opinion, hurts us in the long run.
Ohioans should thank their veterans by passing Issue 1 semperfi 2009-10-30 19:07:54 what about other vets from ww11,the korean war, vietnam war and the beruit and panama conflicts? we must be chopped liver.
To the Editor: BG man can't afford to give city a raise semperfi 2009-10-30 19:21:29 who will ask for a raise next from the citizens of bowling green? they will all draw straws to find out who will be next. be very thankful that you all have a job to go to every day to pay your bills and do things you wanna do. think about the unemployed this day and age during this bad economy. worry every single day to keep the wolves from coming to your front door. i could write much more about this subject matter at hand but i have to go to the bread store to get something for my family to eat as i am an unemployed honorably discharged veteran and we all know how this country treats its vets. enough said..... p.s. oh, by the way i vote no on this issue. and like paul harvey used to always say' good day'
Protest: Casino is bad bet rhonda 2009-10-30 21:05:34 everyone that is opposing the casino bill probably already employed there are thousands of people unemployed not having any income at all issue 3 will bring jobs to the area and maybe i would be able to work again there is no jobs to get now that would provide JOBS
To the Editor: Hollenbaugh has great work ethic jedens 2009-10-31 01:13:00 What does the fact that Mr.Hollenbaugh's opponent is a student have to do with anything? Mr. Hollenbaugh's opponent, Councilman Jacob Redfern, is a strong candidate and his status as a student only makes him more suited for this position. As a resident of the First Ward for 3 years, I can say that I have never seen Mr. Hollenbaugh come through the University dorms where most of the constituents of the first ward reside. It seems to me that Mr. Hollenbaugh is out of touch with the student population and that is not what we are looking for in a councilman.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard enough 2009-10-31 09:30:19 The voters had a chance to support 3 elementary schools in a May election and said no. New members added to the board wont erase the fact that Otsego, like most districts, need more funds. I agree fresh faces are needed on the board but they dont mean no new levies will be on future ballots. Personally I only have heard of one of the candidates mentioned, Brad Anderson and wish him the best of luck. I think we also need to take a look at our local state representatives who are steering local districts towards larger debts with their unfunded mandates. The state can't afford to give achievements in some areas this year,but expect districts to find the funds for mandates, while taking away funding the state already provided. Look to Columbus and ask them why?
Ohioans should thank their veterans by passing Issue 1 useyourhead 2009-10-31 10:06:48 semperfi. I hope you would be included. Thank you for your service.
To the Editor: Eastwood leader answers questions raised in letter Tell the truth 2009-10-31 10:25:42 It always seems anytime someone poses a question or throws something different out there than the board and it's yes people attack the questioner. The people in the Eastwood district are composed of 1/3 yes people who do whatever the board says, 1/3 no people who will never vote for a levy and 1/3 of people who sometimes vote yes and sometimes vote no. The yes people want nothing to do with the other people until it's levy time and want their money to help fund things they want. Hopefully the 3rd in the middle have seen how people are attacked for questioning the figures, because they are questionable. The figures were arrived at by the 1/3 yes people. They would never make anything look bad let alone give an unbiased report. The growth estimate is a pipe dream and the figures given are the best case scenario. Like that is going to happen. And where is our alternative energy plans? The high school has ample space for a windmill. Why are we not talking solar panels? You want to build an energy outdated school and you expect the rest of the people think you have our best interests in mind? Yeah right.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard Past supporter 2009-10-31 10:37:49 The last levy in May the board only agreed to keep 3 buildings open for ONE MORE YEAR! The board says the operating levy and building levy are different issues when supporting their argument to spend more money. More board double talk
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard OTres 2009-10-31 13:43:12 To Eden, Your letter is on the target and hopefully people will vote to get their own voting rights back. When people use the excuse that the board was elected to make these decisions for us without our vote, it us a very sad day. Board members have a way of changing their minds after placed in the position and we are stuck to pay for their mistakes for years. We need to get the school board and the schools back to working for the people who fund it. Right now the board feels as though we work for them and the school. Give me your money and we will decide how to spend it. A little one sided Iwould say. Lisa Hatfield is right change can be good, change the whole damn board out and push for a different viewpoint. Elect Anderson, Snyder and Tolles.
To the Editor: Issue 2 offers balanced approach to livestock care Voter 2009-10-31 15:02:00 Issue two is wrong for two reasons. Most importantly we should not mess with the constitution for things that can best be addressed by legislation. Legislation is less likely to be won or lost based on money from special interests from outside Ohio. Secondly, this amendment to the constitution is to protect factory farms. Not people not animals not family farmers. Vote no on Issue 2.
Falcon hockey guaranteed tie, shootout to be decided khallberg 2009-10-31 16:31:27 BG should have forfeited the game for using an ineligible player in the shootout, a clear violation of NCAA rules!
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard Hmmm 2009-10-31 21:42:06 My Grandpa used to tell me "there is nothing wrong with those schools, I went to ones just like them". He would be 90. He did go to THOSE schools. Why can't people understand that we need to take care of our kids. Provide a better place to learn. You want to tell me the teachers are most important, Ok. If you were a quality teacher and had your choice, where would you teach? A trailer?! A 100 yr old school with questionable heating and air capabilities?! Lets just talk about the buildings. You can remodel an old farm house and it still would not be as efficient as a new home built today. Why pour money into buildings that are 100 years old to get another 20 years from them, when we can put that money toward a new one that could last the next 100 years (and we get state $ to help). Don't throw money away. No matter what, any plan will cost taxpayers money. The three anti-tax canidates will learn it takes tax money to run a school. Spend it wisely.
To the Editor: BG man can't afford to give city a raise Hmmm 2009-10-31 21:56:16 Mr SemperFi, If you are unemployed, I guess you dont have to worry about paying an INCOME tax. This tax is not for raises. Do you know that .75 of that 1.92 tax collected goes to water and sewer? That is a large chunk, but it keeps your bills lower. I myself don't live in BG, so I don't get a vote. I do however work in BG and will have to pay the tax. You reap the benifits! I would rather you vote no, but I have to say "You are a fool not to vote yes".
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard OTres 2009-11-01 04:57:55 To Hmmm, The candidates are smart enough to know you need tax money to run schools. The question is what we can afford and how we can achieve affordabilty. The board is blinded by its extreme agenda and its need to eliminate the voter to get what it wants. This is like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum. The board was asked many times to try a tempered plan and they refused vehemently by not listening to people at board meetings trying to present ideas. People have been asked what is your plan and then told to sit down and shut up in the meetings. I understand a Lisa Hatfield called people stupid rabble rousers in a public board meeting. Had the gallery told the board member they were an idiot, Jamie Harter would have shut the meeting down and told the public comment session was shut down. Mr. Harter did not even ask Lisa to retract or apologize for the comment. My point is they don't want to hear any other proposals unless it is a cheerleading session or applause for only their agenda. Last I looked most of the board members live in older homes and they should be ashamed they have not provided a brand new state of the art facility for their family to live in. It is all about affordability and a plan to get there with honest collaboration with the people paying for it.
To the Editor: Eastwood leader answers questions raised in letter ESD resident 2009-11-01 06:23:09 Tell the Truth - -your moniker is anything but "tell the truth". You are a bitter, hateful person who trusts no one - especially those who support education. Have you ever been in school administration?? Have you ever been in any type of financial position that deals with state and federal funds?? Can you even operate a calculator?? You are a bitter, bitter person who wallows in negativity and skeptical notions that does not see any good in helping children. Shameful!! I challnege you to show up at a board meeting and spew the same accusations you have here. I can bet that will never happen. Your only method of attack is faceless, factless claims made on-line. Do us all a favor and take your negative, spiteful comments elswhere.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard J C Anderson 2009-11-01 07:36:28 Eden - Congratulations on learning a valuable lesson during your social studies classes while attending Otsego schools! The concern here is taxpayers having a vote on how to spend school district tax money wisely whether it is for neighborhood schools or a new elementary school on a central campus. School board members are elected to represent the voters, not to ignore them or their concerns. The school board must also live within the budget just like the voters do. It is time for new people on Otsego's School Board to represent the local voters!
To the Editor: Eastwood leader answers questions raised in letter Eastwood School Supporter 2009-11-01 09:38:40 Very well put ESD resident!!! Tell the Truth -- accept the challenge and speak your mind at the next board meeting!!! I am willing to bet you will remain unknown!!!
To the Editor: Eastwood leader answers questions raised in letter Tell the truth 2009-11-01 10:48:04 Typical Eastwood clique. Attack, Attack, Attack. Those who disagree are not welcomed at school board meetings. And those who don't have the "fall in line" mentality are ridiculed. You both make my point about who is behind this, something the voters turned down last year. You want a new school pool your money together, don't try to jam it down the rest of our throats.
To the Editor: Downtown BG supports tax hike maxx 2009-11-01 12:13:37 I'm not talking about the percentage of my check for just the b.g. city tax, I'm talking about ALL the taxes combined. Sure, it's only a 'little bit', but when you add up all the 'little bits', it becomes a big freakin' chunk. And everyone always wants their pet cause to be the one to receive funding at the expense of someone else's. These taxes that are supposedly 'temporary' ALWAYS become permanent. Can anyone show me the documentation of all the 'temporary' taxes passed in the last 30 years that didn't get 'renewed' or rolled into another increase under the guise of "you're already paying this"?
Ohio's ag director urges support for Issue 2 Vickie 2009-11-01 19:03:56 In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, the ODA Director may already adopt rules to provide for related FOOD SAFETY and the WELFARE OF LIVESTOCK. That being the case, why didn't our legislators give Mr. Boggs the resources to do what is already supposed to be his job instead of proposing an amendment to our state constitution to set up another state board with unlimited power? Also, if the Director has been ineffective in adopting these rules to date, why should we think he would be any more effective as the Chairman of this Board?
Schoolhouse visit leaves fond memories Hydroponics 2009-11-02 00:46:45 Nice article!
To the Editor: Watch out for $20 late fee due to delays in state cashing license tag renewal checks Brad 2009-11-02 06:58:13 ... and they want to control healthcare?!
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Tell the truth 2009-11-02 07:05:10 Be careful Steve or you will be branded as bitter, negative, skeptical, shameful, faceless, factless, and spiteful by the Eastwood clique. How dare you say you think you already pay enough. How dare you think that we should vote against this. Un American I tell you! Fall in line like the rest of the mindless clique.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Eastwood Parent 2009-11-02 08:10:58 Ha, Ha, Ha!!! Hey, Tell the Truth is on here again bashing schools and supporting the Schulte brothers!! I'm shocked!! Tell the Truth also likes to pull out anything but THE FACTS (same as the Schulte's) as the reason to vote no. Tell the Truth also will NEVER show up in public to state their "claims" - probably because Tell ther Truth has absolutely no backbone. Tell the Truth feels everyone is "out to get them" - the "clique's", the "rich people", the "liars" and uses all of it as an excuse. Oh well, 3 no votes..... You know what - here's a sugestion - if you or the Schulte's hate the school district that much - MOVE!! No one is forcing you to live here, but you seem determined to "fix" the schools to your liking. I'm sure you have a wealth of experience in doing that. Thank goodness we vote tomorrow - but then what will Tell the Truth do with their time?? As you said - pitiful. P.S. - Schulte's remark about "useless smartboards" sums up what little he knows about education.
To the Editor: Eastwood leader answers questions raised in letter E-resident 2009-11-02 08:23:32 ....and you are not attacking?? You attack the character and integrity of the schools and other fellow residents - but I guess that must be different in your eyes. Also, this is not being "jammed down your throat" - that why we are VOTING on it!! Geez!! Tell you what, you vote no, I'll vote yes, we'll let others do the same and see what happens. That's probably not good enough though - Tell the Truth also wants a pound of flesh from the school and wants everyone to stop picking on him!!! WAH!!!!!
Otsego candidates divided on issues Jim Vollmar 2009-11-02 08:26:28 The Sentinel Tribune article by Marie Thomas was well written and appropriate by giving voters the comments and opinions by the school board candidates. The voting electorate should easily determine the winning candidates by reading this article. The school board has had NUMEROUS open meetings to allow the citizens of the district to ask questions with effective responses as well as involve an open debate on all issues. Mr. Garber, Superintentent has effectively answered questions in meetings and in his weekly newsletter. How can this district not support building a new high tech elementary school on a central campus with 55% of the construction funds from the state? -- with a zero interest loan on the remaining cost and with no burden of additional RE taxes to the voter. Realistically we are not financially able to build THREE elementary schools. I strongly believe Daren Garmenn summarized the reasons why voters should vote for school board candidates that want to continue to improve the facilities and the learning capabilities of our students. Vote for Garmenn, Gase and Wynn.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Tell the Truth 2009-11-02 08:37:48 Let's see, I am bashing schools but you fail to show where, I have no facts, really, no just not your "facts". There is actually only a small group that wants the new school as shown in previous elections. So Eastwood parent you are in the minority, how about you packing up and go. And you are probably on taxpayer time writing this. Hypocrite. Keep on attacking, you just prove my point more and more about the clique.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard patriot 2009-11-02 09:27:40 When you vote, ask yourselves if the candidates you vote for have the children as their first priority, or if their main priority is their town.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Tell the truth 2009-11-02 09:35:08 It is good to see that other people in the district or in other districts can see how vicious and intimidating the Eastwood clique is. And if I did not have kids in the district Eastwood parent you would be the 1st to know who I was. But seeing past experiences of other kids whose parents were vocal against levies, I don't want my kids intimidated by staff or teachers. So Eastwood voters you can vote NO in the privacy of a voting booth and not worry about repercussions for your kids.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard Curious 2009-11-02 10:17:12 I find it comical that people throw this "think of the children" argument into the mix. I believe everyone is thinking of the children, when there isn't enough money to run a business what happens? It shuts down, even if it has shiny new doors and state of the art equipment. I believe that people need to realize that deficit spending is not a wise way to run a school district, what will happen to the centralized campus when the district can't afford to pay the bills. I do not believe anyone is saying No to having the debate, instead saying no to just blindly following a group of elected officials that seem to all favor one way. There is nothing wrong with looking at a school like a business, because in all actuality it is just that, a school's revenue must exceed its expenses to stay open and to educate the children properly. This economy has taught us all a lesson, or at least it should, and that lesson being, we can't all get what we want, but we all can get what we can afford. Oh yeah and I know for sure one of the main people against the centralized campus is thinking of his grandson, along with his village.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood observer 2009-11-02 10:25:06 Wow, it's a good thing that we vote tomorrow - maybe after that Tell the Truth can finally get some professional help for their paranoia.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Same Thing At Otsego 2009-11-02 10:28:59 Sounds alot like the Otsego Board and its stormtroopers. If the board can't get what it wants by voting it in they can always go around the voters like Otsego did. May God help you all!
To the Editor: Hold your ground on Issue 3: No means no Goldenhorse 2009-11-02 12:33:03 A NO vote on gambling is the only way a caring Ohioan will vote on this. I don't want casinos and all the crime and prostitution that would come along with them. Ohio will not receive all the money they're promising...what a deception that is. Take a look at Michigan's economy...the casinos aren't saving them!!
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard Smart vote 2009-11-02 12:38:45 Maybe the board members all think the same way because they have been immersed in this issue for years and understand what the true solution is.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard OTres 2009-11-02 12:49:35 To Smart Vote, You must be a board member "Legends in their own minds" There are a number of solutions to any given issue or problem, the board has to remember they still need the taxpayer to pay the bills and allow a voice to be heard once in a while. It amazes me that they will not accept responsibility for the current mood of the voters in the district. There is a reason why levies do not pass, they need to find it.
To the Editor: Eastwood leader answers questions raised in letter Tell the truth 2009-11-02 12:56:11 We voted no on this project last year. You people are the ones whining and wanted it on the ballot again. Excuse me but when did I attack the schools? Just another yes person who can't handle a different view. And who is the one crying? Look in the mirror.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard Curious 2009-11-02 13:30:51 SmartVote, Well that is an excellent minute way of thinking, and one that my education tells me is flawed. If only we wouldn't let emotions dictate answers it would be as easy as you say. But in the thought process of Business, Science, and Education, we think of multiple possibilities and apply them to the problem to see which one truly fits best. After seeing which one fits best then you see if it is affordable to complete with the funds available. If not you go back to the drawing board again. To me this process is rather simplistic but hey who am I, I went to a 100 year old school that didn't have the breaking technology or air conditioning, and was taught by nuns wierd how I survived with my degree and a good job.
Eastwood appears headed for football playoffs galiongirl 2009-11-02 13:39:05 To all Eastwood Eagle fans. You are more than welcomein Galion on Saturday night for the playoff game. Heise park Stadium is located right off of State Route 598, about 2 miles south of US 30. Great sports bar right around the corner all are welcome before and after the game.
To the Editor: Hold your ground on Issue 3: No means no BGVOTER 2009-11-02 13:58:03 Crime and prostitution? Really because that already doesn't exist in Toledo? People who gamble are going to gamble, it doesn't matter if its at the ohio casino, on there computer or 45 minutes away in Detroit. At least if they gamble a tthe local casino, the money will stay in Ohio and benefit schools and police.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Tell the truth 2009-11-02 14:01:31 Is your neck sore observer from nodding your head yes?
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard caring person 2009-11-02 14:07:19 How can anyone possibly learn anything if they are not in a new building? Sarcasm
Ohioans should thank their veterans by passing Issue 1 Marine Mom 2009-11-02 14:26:16 Semperfi. thank you for your service. Please know that Ohio did provide additional compensation for WWI, WWII, Korea & Veitnam. Issue 1 brings Persian Gulf vets into the plan.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard justcurious 2009-11-02 14:46:13 I just wonder what kind of a situation this school distict would be in if any of the numerous levies over the last 40 years had been passed in Weston and Grand Rapids. It's been a compounding problem ever since 1970 when the distict closed the buildings due to lack of money.Building issues are not a new problem either. Studies were done 30 years ago and it was recommended at that time something needed to be done.
To the Editor: BG man can't afford to give city a raise Bgres 2009-11-02 15:02:51 Mr. Bruns you obviously have not been paying attention this past year. The City of Bowling Green has already made large cuts. These cuts were made to where you as a citizen have not been directly affected and that is why you do not see or hear about them. If you vote no then that is your choice but remember this, the next time you visit McDonalds and order your meal for lunch the amount of money that you are spending for that lunch is more than it will cost you per month by a long shot. Do you think that $4 dollars (give or take a few pennies) a month is worth losing basic services that the citizens of BG are used to? My guess is that if this proposal fails you and others like you will be the first to complain when the city fails to provide you a service that was cut. Also, garden waste, brush disposal and heavy pick up are not the only things that will be affected if this proposal does not pass. Frankly, I am very disappointed with the Sentinel and the City of BG for not getting the verbage of this proposal out to the citizens to show them just how it will affect them if it does not pass.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Vote Yes 2009-11-02 15:36:15 You don't want to hear it's for our children? Why not? Schools are for our children and giving them the best SHOULD be about them. I also care about the future of all the kids in the Eastwood District and hope they can get the best possible. This isn't too much money for me to pay for the kids to get an even better education. If someone can't afford to have another tax than I don't blame them for voting no. Everyone has to make these decisions based on their own situation. However, just because Steve thinks the district is using cheap and sneaky tactics doesn't make it true. The same applies to my statement or anyone else's. You make up your own mind based on what you choose to believe. Hopefully those decisions our based on fact.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard Curious 2009-11-02 16:22:30 I wonder if the decision makers would have been smart enough to not give such gracious raises (maybe give them 1% less over those 30 years), and instead set up an accrual that could have helped them along those 30 years with those improvements. I always forget that everyone in the holy kingdom of Tontogany votes yes and lets not forget Haskins, they seem to have 100% yes vote, and oh yeah the Farmers (that don't want to pay more millage on their land or any taxes on their income) they always vote yes as well, but if we want to play the parts of spoiled children and say all of our problems someone else caused then lets keep playing the blame game. How about we act like civilized adults and not look away from the cause of this problem, poor accounting, even worse management, and lack of planning. But if you want to blame people of different cities that is fine, but I do remember this old saying about people in glass houses.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood master of the obvious 2009-11-02 16:49:25 I don't know if I missed something or not but Mr. Schulte has mentioned that he doesn't understand what the leadership of the district doesn't understand in the fact that, in his words, "no means no". What he doesn't mention is that the other time that this was on the ballot the millage was considerably higher than the amount right now. With the zero interest bonds, the state paying 47% of the cost of the project and the fact that it would just be a K-5 building, it would have been more irresponsible of the district to not put this to a vote of the people with this much lower millage and just let people decide if it is a good deal or not. I don't understand why people are so angry about having the choice to say yes or no. Make your choice and let the chips fall where they may. Just remember that this is probably the last opportunity that the district will have to let the state of Ohio fund part of the project so if this goes down whatever building issues in the future would have to be totally funded by the residents of the district. There will be future issues/problems with the aging elementary buidlings that we have. That is a fact that no one on the opposing side has any options for that I have heard so far.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Tell the truth 2009-11-02 17:01:09 So tell us genius, I mean master, what has changed in the financial status of the people in the district since last year? We have more people unemployed, more people on the verge of foreclosure and a dismal outlook for the economy. Wages for those working will not go up in the near future. People will not be moving into the district, in fact more will be moving out.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood master of the obvious 2009-11-02 17:10:45 Again, I will stand by what I said earlier, everyone has the choice to vote yes or no based upon their financial circumstances. My point was that when someone else (the state of Ohio) is willing to foot some of the bill, it would be more irresponsible to not at least put it to the vote of the people to decide if it is a good idea or not. That is why we have the democratic process isn't it?
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard To Much Spent 2009-11-02 18:02:23 It's the teachers union that is bring down the schools. With a school budget of over 20 million and have 90% go to its members that doesn't leave much to operate any buildings new or old. That's what has brought down the big three. The board needs to by pass the union like they did the voters and maybe we could have the needed funds to make ends meet.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard Hmmm 2009-11-02 20:53:42 First of all, if you have ever been close to a teacher, you know they are not overpaid. The whole statement by To Much is obsurd. Next, I wonder how many board meetings you nay sayers have been to? OTres, Curious, Enough? Have you made half? I would be willing to bet the majority are arm chair quarterbacks. YOu want to sharp shoot what the people who are really involved with the kids are trying to do. It makes me sick. I am tired of hearing whining, crying, pissing and moaning from poeple who don't have time to get involved. Most of the whiners that I have heard from over the last year have not spent more than 2 minutes in a school over the last year ( unless it was a sports event ). I have not been to meetings, but I also am not sharp shooting the people that teach or provide the foundation for my kids to learn. I am sick trying to explain it, and your ignorance will eventually bite us all in the backside.
8 US troops killed in fierce Afghan fighting Hydroponics 2009-11-02 22:10:18 Make peace!
Legal concerns, protests may stop Ohio parade downthePike 2009-11-02 22:46:00 We are in a sorry state when we start being ashamed to keep Christ in Christmas and to openly celebrate our religious holidays. What next? Will we start calling them "observances" because "holi" stands for HOLY? Christ said that if we were ashamed of Him, then He would be ashamed of us before His Father. I, for one, don't want to bring that upon myself.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard OTres 2009-11-03 05:22:00 To Hmmm, I would like to comment to your latest spewing of verbal attacks on the taxpayers looking for fiscal and financial transparency by the Otsego Board of Education, as it appears as though you are drinking the Kool Aid they are serving. I have attended 90% of the board meetings over the past year and have tried to voice a possible solution for the taxpayers to vote on, only to be limited by the board due to the fact anyones alternate plans do not agree with the all knowing legends of the board. We the people do not work for the board or the school, they work for us, and when they do not want to cooperate or consider other solutions for the task at hand, get rid of them. If I were to act in the manner the board has, while working for the company that I work for, I would have been fired long ago. The elitist attitudes have to go and that is our right. You are right, get involved and you may see the issues at hand as many have, only to be criticized for attempting to offer the alternatives. My level of involvement was voting yes for the levies in the past. Our level of involvement should not be judged on whether we drink the Kool Aid or we don't. We need to teach our children financial responsibility and to think outside the box. So take your pissing whining elsewhere.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Tell the truth 2009-11-03 05:50:44 Structurally our buildings are sound. I have offered before ideas about green energy such as solar and wind. We have ample space for a windmill. Why have we not discussed this with Pemberville and Luckey as to a joint venture with Government subsidies? And with solar heat we could heat our buildings with a heat pump as backup. I for one would rather see us do this than build another building that will be energy outdated from the start.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Eastwood Supporter 2009-11-03 07:59:19 Tell the truth...Yes, more people are unemployed right now and the economy is not the greatest...but it is not going to stay like this forever!!! My family is in the situation of having one unemployed. We lost a huge income to the family, but we have managed to make it....sacrificing non-essential items. Even with our situation, we are strong supporters of this levy. We need to look beyond the next few days and weeks -- this is for the long term!!
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Citizen L 2009-11-03 08:28:15 Too bad all of our public doesn't understand what the laws are that will effect our district whether we pass the levy or not. We will still have to spend a lot of money to bring the elementaries and other schools up to code. Why not use that money for a new school? Have you been in our elementaries? Do you have children in school anymore? So much bitterness in what I am reading. It is sad that our community acts like this. Grow up and get do what's right. Exercise your right to vote and get over yourself.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Tell the truth 2009-11-03 09:30:20 I know, I know Citizen L, you are the only one that knows anything. So which structures do you think are more sound, the junior high and high school or the elementary schools in Pemberville, Luckey or Webster? Which buildings would you rather be in if a tornado came through? The only bitterness comes from the people who want the new school. Read the posts. Oh and do what's right huh. What's right to you or me? All the rude, snide, and callous statements come from people like yourself.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard To Much Spent 2009-11-03 10:15:30 Well put OTres! When a football coach makes over $70,000 a year that's to much in my book and that's just the pay check not all the hidden cost. I say brake the union before it brakes us.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Eastwood Supporter 2009-11-03 10:20:49 Apparently Tell the Truth thinks all remarks are directed to him/her!! Just go exercise your right to vote.... assuming you are a registered voter!!
To the Editor: Wants change in Lake Twp. mmiller 2009-11-03 10:58:36 People of lake township, Keep in mind that the above person making this comment has asked to clean up the property. The main part of the property is a eyesore. Alice expects that the family be left alone and that the township should hire a zoning inspector to turn there head on people that make the township look like a dump.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Supporter 2009-11-03 11:58:26 As all of you can tell by now, Tell the Truth is not only paranoid, schizophrenic, but is given to dillusions that they are the only "expert" in the district when it comes to matters of building construction, finance, technology, sociology and all that is wrong with the world. They also do not have a clue, or even any suggestion of how to correct any percieved problems. Must be quite a cross to bear to be so all-knowing. As has been suggested, show up at even one public meeting and state your case. You never will because you have none!! C'mon you chicken.............
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Tell the truth 2009-11-03 12:16:59 Supporter, so childlike. You have the mentality of a 5 year old. Name calling, really childlike and you want people to think and act like you? I have made suggestions and am I naive enough to believe all my suggestions would be taken up on? No. But you and the rest of the yes people don't want to hear different ideas as proven here. You mock, ridicule, and basically trash anyone elses ideas. Oh and make yourself available.
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Resident and parent 2009-11-03 12:20:37 As a resident of the Eastwood district and someone who put both of their children through this school, I am a supporter of the district as a good educational experience for students. I have been an active parent for many years and I do love this school. I am grateful my kids graduated from here. I have been involved in fundraisers, classroom parties, supported the athletic program and any other little thing I could do. However...there is a lot of truth to the opponent's view of the new k-5 building. While I admittedly do not know every single mathematical detail of our finances in this district, I do know that from my own perspective of things many people cannot afford to take on this new adventure. I am one of them. I have paid my taxes, school fees, paid to get into athletic events, donated time, money and items to many different causes for this school. Yes, this was my choice and it still is as long as I live here. That is what the polls are for as well. To make a choice. But to say that the elementaries are not structurally sound enough for these kids? They are not getting the best education they can get unless they have a new building? Then someone explain how our district continues to get excellent ratings? How does our district continue to put out so many excellent students who go on to much better things? How does our district maintain some of the best teachers around? It isn't because of a new's because we have people who give a care about the students, the school and the people who do spend their time and money for the school. I can personally attest to and honestly say from my years here that those buildings could have been kept up over the years with proper maintenance and care. I have been an employee of this district and I have personally witnessed some waste (like any business has), I have witnessed good deeds and more recently have seen some of the changes for the good of the district. There is work to be done. It will never never does. I do not agree with the superintendent going into classrooms to "politic" to the students. They are very intelligent kids..they can get that information for themselves. I do not agree with a new building under the conditions the district has proposed. Perhaps if they would consider a different location to put up the new building, I would definitely consider passing that idea. If I knew for sure that the money would be well spent and placed properly, I would definitely consider that as well. And before anyone decides to jump on me by saying the same thing they did to other opposers to this levy, I HAVE made my voice heard before. I HAVE attended board meetings. I HAVE spoken with administration and supervisors. Would you like to know what I was told? Sit down, be quiet, you don't know what you're talking can't possibly understand the situation, you're not involved with the tactical running of this district or here's the best one yet...your idea just won't work. Tell The're right. This district needs to make some changes. All of the people writing in're right right too. This district does need our support. Make the right have the power. Vote and make yourself be heard! I just did!
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Eastwood 2009-11-03 13:23:43 Well said!! The last post from Resident and Parent is the most thorough and well written of all. It looks at both sides of this and also offers genuine thoughts on the good and bad things in this district - and believe me, there is both good and bad. Even after the vote is done, there is still work to be accomplished - on both sides. I think it's a fitting summary.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard oldc 2009-11-03 19:49:25 Nice try. An Otsego Football coach makes about $5000.
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard weary 2009-11-03 20:28:25 To the person worried about the football coaches pay. Where in the world did you come up with that figure???? Your ignorance showed in not only that comment but also in your word choice...I do believe you mean BREAK the union not BRAKE the union. You are yet another person to find a reason not to support Otsego Schools.If you used that kind of time and energy to better our schools what a great place Otsego would be. Hats off to yet another uninformed person!
To the Editor: No means no, man tells Eastwood Tell the truth 2009-11-04 06:34:26 Once again the voters have spoken on this issue. Although I would have liked to have seen Bostdorff and Helm voted out, we did get 1 new voice in Sherri. I would have liked to have seen Mark elected also, just to give a different perspective. But now it is time to focus on a different direction. And Roger a school is not a business, but a learning center so view it as such. And now is the time to focus on our buildings and possibly do some of the things that I and others have suggested.
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized brutus 2009-11-04 08:36:06 National health insurance would bode well for you Cindy. That way you wouldn't run out of meds and post some ridiculous letter. Your family needs to do an intervention.
To the Editor: Looking for a successful federal program brutus 2009-11-04 08:42:30 Oh and the private companies did so well? They just about bankrupted our country. How much bailout money went to SS, Medicare, Medicaid. Let me tell you, None.
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized Tired 2009-11-04 08:43:15 Sarah Palin must have said it was a good idea.....because you know she is the authority on all things government, Dontcha Know?
To the Editor: Man opposes his employer beign annexed to Portage Mark Foster 2009-11-04 08:47:04 Well said, this little dump wants everyone else to pay for their inability to manage its funds. How far could the mayors 800.00 go towards a few extra speed traps? The only thing stopping these idiots is a lone hold out, whomever this guy is needs everyones support because now that want an ad hoc committee to pressure him into annexing. What was councilman Maas quote "times a waistin on annexation"? Amazing how him and his dumpy little car dealership think they're entitled to YOUR money! You folks along that row need to fight this, these clowns have no shame and don't deserve any penny!!!!
BG income tax issue defeated Rocekt 1 2009-11-04 08:48:15 Why don’t we ask BG council and the Mayor to not take salaries? As they are public servants they should be serving not for the money but to work for the community. We would save on their salaries and also the City's part of their retirement pick up. This is an easy savings right out of the gate.
To the Editor: Looking for a successful federal program Whatever, Brutus... 2009-11-04 10:50:55 Yeah, you keep on defending the government, becasue it has done sooooooooooooooooooo much for all of us amirite!?!?! And you know why "SS, Medicare, Medicaid" never got any bailout money? They are CONSTANTLY BAILED OUT!!! Federal programs never have to worry about staying out of the red, unlike those "private companies..." How is that "Hope and Change" working out for you?
Voters stir up school boards otsegoresident 2009-11-04 11:37:24 I hope Otsego voters don't regret what they've elected. I also hope the new school board looks at things from a DISTRICT standpoint and not from Weston versus Haskins which is what has happened lately.
To the Editor: Looking for a successful federal program brutus 2009-11-04 12:13:37 Better than those companies that screwed their workers and went to China.
To the Editor: Man opposes his employer beign annexed to Portage Gargie 2009-11-04 12:58:15 You make some very good points Kevin. Sounds like they've found another type of trap to catch people in. How can they be so close to B.G. and not learned how to run a successful town.
Voters stir up school boards Toganyresident 2009-11-04 14:06:13 Is there a reason why Mark Tolles didn't go to a council meeting in Tontogany?
To the Editor: Man opposes his employer beign annexed to Portage Tom Butters 2009-11-04 15:20:00 Everyone is on the same page. The Mayor is unqualified to run a town. No matter how much money you give to poorly run towns it will always have problems. The latest brain storm by this town is to have a Police Dept. that is all volunteer, or auxiliary. Meaning they can go out and write those B.S. tickets and not pay the officers. However, they will need to provide gas, vehicle maint., auto insurance, and workers comp. Thats a great idea guys !
BG income tax issue defeated Really? 2009-11-04 15:24:03 If you knew that "we had a hard fight all the way" then why didn't the city "fight" for the proposal? There was literally nothing done to promote and/or rally for this proposal. The question I want answered is simply this: This city has lost an approximate 5 percent of income tax revenue; why are we in such poor economic shape? GM did not pull a factory out of this city. Why you ask? Because this city administration spends every dime of OUR tax dollars each year. There is no emergency or rainy day fund. If the city can't manage funds and budget for a potential loss of 5 percent revenue in a year and still maintain the services promised, then I vote that the state needs to step in and take control of this city's finances. Why are the citizens of this city not demanding answers of where all of THEIR money has gone?! Where is the accountability for the actions that put this city in this mess? I understand that there is a financial crisis but how in the world does this city not plan for an emergency and have back up funds?! The services that will be lost and the possible jobs and families that will be severed rest solely on this city administration's and council's hands. Shame on you all.
To the Editor: Man opposes his employer beign annexed to Portage Ben S. Shaw 2009-11-04 15:40:39 That's what I have been saying all along!! Portage, the Mayor, the council and the Chief smells of corruption!! Portage wants everyone around the area to pay for the mess they themselves had created and not offer anything in return! If you don't fall in-line, then you will be made by force! Sounds like a hitler-esk managed town to me. Join us or be done away with!! I thought this was a free country where you are free to make up your own minds without threat of force, but I guess I was wrong about that too!! Portage is just grasping at straws. It's like rats trying to stay a float on a sinking ship, right before the end and then try to jump ship!!
Voters stir up school boards Togany 2009-11-04 16:04:49 Is there a reason Mr. Tolles should have gone to a Tongogany council meeting?
Atheists, agnostics convene in Seattle onknown 2009-11-04 16:08:04 This cracks me up. Hey lets gather together to tell the world we believe in... well, nothing.
Falcon hockey staying positive Pizza Man 2009-11-04 16:21:46 This team plays like a car wreck on dough
Voters stir up school boards OTres 2009-11-04 17:16:56 To Otsegoresident, I believe that your attempt to turn Haskins against Weston is worthless, based on the votes from the precincts. I would say this time the majority has spoken. It would appear that when people are allowed to vote certain people still do not want to believe elitist attitudes were the problem to begin with.
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized RealChange 2009-11-04 17:49:02 Very well said Cindy!! You will notice that some here tend to post constantly on this blog--it's a good indicator that they are the ones who have nothing better to do while waiting and hoping for their next handout from the government.
Falcon hockey staying positive Dirk 2009-11-04 18:44:19 How many games has Pizza Man attended to support the team? Judging by his name, I'm guessing not too many. With the addition of defenseman Shea and the performance of the team in their last three games, there is no reason we can't sweep in Big Rapids. GO BG!!
To the Editor: Otsego voters have chance to make their voice heard To Much Spent 2009-11-04 18:48:12 What area teachers are paid by Toledo Blade staff writer by Ignazio Messina, November 27, 2006. See for yourself what Otsego and area teachers are paid as of 2006. At that time the current annual salary with a bachelors and 27 years of experience was $56,893 for 9 months out of 12. Doing the math makes it $6321 per month or $75,857 per year. Add the $5,000 for coaching comes to $80,857. So yes I was wrong at $70,000. Does that make you happy!
To the Editor: Health care bill criticized working poor without insurance 2009-11-04 20:31:13 I'm glad you jingos can sit and be comfortable in your "freedom" while millions of others around you perish from lack of adequate healthcare. Your selfish lack of care for your neighbor is the thing that is un-american. Your distracted and paranoid fear of socialism is a running joke. The United States is becoming the laughingstock of the world because of the selfish ignorance of people who think healthcare needs to be "for profit". When the comfortable well-to-do folks accuse the poor of a "gimme gimme" mentality it smacks of hypocritical obfuscation of their own self-righteous guilt. Go ahead and keep watching Glenn Beck and Fox news you stupid sheep! Your exploitative system of comfort is falling apart all around you! baa! baa!