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Wednesday, 10 February 2010 13:27
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Portage gives up traffic light concerned citizen 2009-09-11 05:03:59 you foster your mouth is trash. the 90 hours a week was awhile ago where have you been driving through small towns to get ammo for us. you are a very angry man and i hope you can get your anger and open our eyes to the danger but enough of that. mr. dysard of odot said all the calls that were made were nothing to the one call made by sharp, so take all the credit you want but it clearly was not you. the audit is an automatic one done every 2 years in feb. so again you can take credit but it was not you AGAIN!!! after reading oldham is see what your problem is. you are not worth my time anymore you do not attend meeting so all of your info is hear say anyway bye!!
Latta wants to slow down health care legislation useyourhead 2009-09-11 07:41:27 Obama's words. My guiding principle is, and always has been, that consumers do better when there is choice and competition. Unfortunately, in 34 states, 75% of the insurance market is controlled by five or fewer companies. In Alabama, almost 90% is controlled by just one company. Without competition, the price of insurance goes up and the quality goes down.
Schools deal with hype around speech enough 2009-09-11 08:07:13 What does AJ need to keep up? AJ seems to bash someone and then critizes when someone doesn't show repsect to him and sinks to his level. I think manly because AJ hasn't been able to rise to a level of discussing anything based upon facts or correct information,just the basic you are wrong because I say so rhetoric. Funny how AJ can't use correct facts but name calling to make his point, must not be able to use his head. BTW David Dukes was an actor,David Duke is the KKK coward.
Schools deal with hype around speech brutus 2009-09-11 08:34:52 useyourhead, I was right in my 1st observation. Gutter Dweller. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Won't happen agsin.
To the Editor: BG council praised for opposing injustice brutus 2009-09-11 08:37:27 I was right the 1st time. Gutter dweller.
Conciliator sides with Perrysburg firefighters on wage negotiations useyourhead 2009-09-11 08:59:21 Congratulations Local 3331. We appreciate what you do for the citizens of Perrysburg.
To the Editor: Urges signing petition against BG ordinance bgone 2009-09-11 10:18:47 Do people actually think that gay/bi/lesbian/etc. people would "force" our children into homosexuality/etc.???? Come on...being a parent, I have no complaint about my children being around individuals that are gay/bi/etc. Because that is exactly the point, they are individuals, making their own decisions, and DO NOT try to "convert" straight people. If that was even possible, don't you think that those individuals who are embarrased about their homosexuality would just "convert" to being straight? from merriam-webster dictionary: Inflected Form(s): en·ticed; en·tic·ing : to attract artfully or adroitly or by arousing hope or desire The desire must already be there in entice. And they "artfully or adroitly"(which means skillfuly) do this to young children. Really.... I wish some of these people would make an attempt to learn about things that they are not informed about. Visit the link for information about student organizations for BGSU. Also, I'd like to say that those parents who are homophobic,and are extremely verbal about their oppinions, when your child relizes that their parents classify them as a "lesser" human being, they will be at higher risk for depression, and ultimately suicide. Imagine the ones you love keeping a secret like that, just to keep you loving them. Situations like this happen frequently. How as a parent, can you allow your children not live a life that makes them happy? Why should they hide their sexual orientation so the people around them will still care for them?
Latta wants to slow down health care legislation brutus 2009-09-11 11:04:46 Gee I thought you were against Fed. Gov, a states rights person. This would take the control from State insurance regulation to ah ah Federal. Since you are for Feds to take over why not just go with the single payer system then. Hey we agree on something. Gov run insurance. Alright useyourhead, I knew you would come around. Welcome aboard!
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols downthePike 2009-09-11 11:06:38 First the traffic light and now the police department - pretty soon someone will decide that it's just too expensive for Portage to exist. When my dad used to tell people he was from Portage, they would ask, "Where's that?" and he would say, "It's a suburb of Findlay." Maybe that's what it's coming to.
Schools deal with hype around speech brutus 2009-09-11 11:07:48 You are right enough, David Duke. My mistake.
Latta wants to slow down health care legislation useyourhead 2009-09-11 13:24:53 Please don't take my following remarks as snide. This is not directed at any one person. Having read many comments on this site, it is plain to see where people stand on this issue. Obama is calling for an bipartisan healthcare deal. People leave comments in here about both parties needing to get on board and how neither side is willing to do that, yet many people in here can't or won't open their minds. We ask people to do what we are not willing to do ourselves. If a republican says, allow people to purchase insurance across state lines, then they idiots. When a democrate says the same thing, they are a genius. I don't understand that. Enough with the republicant's and dumbocrats. It's just childish. I have been asked to support Obama because he is our president and the people voted for him. Shouldn't we show the same respect to Bob Latta? The people did vote for him as well.
Portage gives up traffic light Mark Foster 2009-09-11 18:03:20 General Custar, good luck but your city will be disbanded before you have the opportunity to come after any of my money. While I may not be solely responsibility for any of the ODOT trouble the more complaints they get the better it is for those of us wanting to see and end to all of your games. Sharp is the only council member with any decency or common sense, he should be applauded. And for General Custar, I can't wait until your light is gone and you don't have your lousy police force, it will be enjoyable to drive through your dumpy little town again.
Huntington Insurance honored for performance geno 2009-09-11 18:31:37 hello
Latta wants to slow down health care legislation brutus 2009-09-11 18:46:42 How about answering a few questions 1st. Did you know hospitals and health insurance used to be non-profits? Do you know that health insurance companies have a 30% administrative overhead and Medicare 3%? What purpose is there for insurance companies other than to collect premiums and pay providers? They provide no Healthcare. Would you rather have the extra 27% go to Healthcare or in someone's pocket? Most states, 48 is the number most often given doing research, already have tort reform and it has not dropped the price of insurance. Do you believe someone should make a profit by deciding to not cover something? Profit is fine for selling TV's, radios, refrigerators, cars etc. Not with someones life. If you have ideas on how to improve Healthcare we are all ears. But nobody wants to hear about health insurance companies making a profit. We are not a coomodity.
Portage gives up traffic light concerned citizen 2009-09-11 19:14:29 you are really showing your ignorance mark, oldham is the one who make the comment about getting your is not even a council member he is village administrator. and we in portage hop to never see or meet you in our "dumpy little town" people like you with closed minds have no place is a quiet little town like ours. until you can learn to read this sight stay off it.
To the Editor: Can we afford this Otsego project? Brad Anderson 2009-09-11 19:28:23 enough, the board didn't take the state mandates into account when they made thier decision. They were blinded by the "free" money that was offered without thinking about what it would cost to use this "free" money. And if you are making the arugement about 80 kids from Tontogany riding the bus to Haskins, I would love to check your numbers. If the new central elementary is built, over 80% of the students in the district will be bussed. There aren't enough busses now. What's the board going to do about that? I suggest that all voters in the Otsego School District do their homework and vote for new board members who will listen to them and do what is fiscally responsible for the district before the state takes over.
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols Haskonite 2009-09-11 20:35:43 IF ONLY HASKINS COULD DO THIS... WHAT A WASTE 3 CRUISERS AND A HIGH END BICYLE FOR A TOWN OF 650 PEOPLE WHAT A JOKE!
Portage gives up traffic light BettY Smetty Boopie 2009-09-12 03:51:44 HaHa people are so dumb!! It takes like five mintues to get threw the town of Portage. If you don't like the speed limits or the light GO AROUND PORTAGE!!!And the only reason everybody thinks its a damn speed trap is because they got a ticket.If you would do the speed limit you wouldn't get a ticket DUH! We only made money off your stupidness! The light has ben here for years whats the big deal now?!?! You people need to get a life.Somebody is going to get hurt because you don't want to sit and wait at a light for a minute?Your the losers!!!All kids that ride the school bus should be picked up on the side of town they live on so they don't have to cross a four lane majior highway.Even with a cross light,especially now that there is going to be no light, raised speed limits and less police duty. God Bless All :)
To the Editor: Can we afford this Otsego project? Togany Resident 2009-09-12 07:02:58 Concerning the "largest of the payroll for years" statement... it's only been within the past 6 or 7 years that Tontogany has collected any payroll tax from the school system. Just thought you might like to know.
Portage gives up traffic light oldham 2009-09-12 07:35:36 MY FINAL COMMENT ON THIS SUBJECT.... I HOPE NO ONE GETS INJURED OR WORSE AT THE INTERSECTION.
Portage gives up traffic light General Custar 2009-09-12 08:36:46 Mr Foster you are confused. The facts I pointed out in my last post were simply to show how for years Portage has preyed on traffic foolish enough to travel down 25. Any village that gets 90% of thier budget from the mayors court has no defense when it is accused of being a speed trap. When there is a cop on duty every single truck going through Portage gets pulled over. I got a ticket in Portage some eight years ago and had it moved to the BG minicipal court where the ticket was dismissed. Had I gone to the mayors court I'm pretty sure I would have been funding the village budget. When ohio changed the law reguarding mayors court it was specifically addressing Portage and a similar town down by Columbus. It's too bad ODOT compromised at all with Portage, if for no other reason than the attitude they show on here.
Latta wants to slow down health care legislation nursepez 2009-09-12 08:41:24 Mr Latta You choose the public option of government healthcare that is paid for by your constituents. Other leaders choose to purchase private healthcare, until the public option is available for all. Seems you have no problem with your plan, why can't "We The People" have the same option? If you do not like the legislation, that perhaps it is time to stop mucking up the process with declarations of slowing down, and get busy forming a solution that works for everyone. Julie Melendez MSN, CNP
Portage gives up traffic light Ponder on that 2009-09-12 09:38:29 This article should be named "Portage Light Taken Away." It was not given up....
Portage gives up traffic light Ponder on that 2009-09-12 09:42:36 Sorry about that. I wanted to make a point, not 4 times though ;)
Portage gives up traffic light John 2009-09-12 10:59:56 If people were sitting at the light with no traffic coming, then a detector should have been installed so the light would only change when there was traffic coming. DUH!
To the Editor: BG man responds to doctor's letter on gays Bob 2009-09-12 11:41:58 Russ, have you looked in the mirrow lately. You Look like a pretty boy to me. You could pass as a gay man, with your cute little shorts you wear and the short short hair cut your lookin cute there "Pretty Boy"
To the Editor: Who did judge, prosecutor protect? Us too 2009-09-12 14:42:14 If someone has been a victim or not is not the question. The fact is that very few do. And maybe it has to do with your name if you receive any type of services through the Wood County Prosecutors Office. I am glad that phantom16 and some of their family members and friends have received help. I know from our standpoint, my daughter was significantly victimized in Wood County and specialist agree how she was treated by the this office was worse then if they had done nothing at all. Prayers to all those who are hurting and the strength of those who are suppose to help to move on if they can not do so.
To the Editor: Who did judge, prosecutor protect? bgres 2009-09-12 15:08:42 To all of you that are complaining about the court system: remember that these are elected officials and they do the hiring of their subordinates!! Think and do research the next time an election comes up because the residents of Wood County are the ones who put these people in office! I for one am sick and tired of people posting negative comments about people and issues and not offering a single bit of what THEY are doing to change anything. Do you really think that if Wood Co. gets rid of Monica that things will get better?! Who do you think will handle victim's assistance then, Paul Dobson? Yeah right! How many victims do you people think that come through that court system on a weekly basis? Wake up! There is a lot more happening in this county than all you people realize. Some help is a heck of a lot better than no help. I find it interesting that no one cares about what happens in the court system until they have to deal with it themselves through being a "victim". This stuff happens everyday people!! If you want tougher penalties for theft, burglary, assault, rape, etc. then voice your opinion at an election and stop complaining when it only affects YOU!!
Portage gives up traffic light Mark Foster 2009-09-12 15:25:03 Keep it up folks and we'll see just how much crap your little town can get into. Since ODOT found that the 25mph zone has been improper since day one, and since tickets are public record, maybe somebody should go back and get copies of every ticket given in the 25mph zone over the last five years or so and contact all of those folks. I'm guessing that you would probably have several hundred people there that paid tickets and probably had their insurance adjusted upwards. Maybe they could all get together and take the village of portage to court and demand their money back. With ODOT officially saying that the 25mph should never have been there and is basically an un-inforcable speed these folks probably have a pretty good shot at getting their money back. Oh my god, can you imagine the fiscal emergency you'd be in then???
Portage gives up traffic light Ponder on that 2009-09-12 16:11:35 Dear Mark Foster. Just stop it already. Thanks.
To the Editor: Who did judge, prosecutor protect? Past Victim 2009-09-12 20:57:58 Dear bgres, It's not that people don't care about what happens in the court system until they have to deal with it by being a victim, it's because THEY DON'T KNOW how appalling it is until it happens to themselves. We assume that people inplace are qualified and competent to preform at their jobs. I can only wonder what psychological trauma the raped girls went through and then be more traumatized by unqualified victim's assistance. When you say "This stuff happens everyday people!!" shows how uncompassionate and hostile you are twards victims. You must be a sad type.
To the Editor: Can we afford this Otsego project? Bill DeWitt 2009-09-12 21:05:49 Mr. Anderson you have my vote this coming election.
To the Editor: Got insurance? centagthewho 2009-09-13 01:23:57 Wick. I have the same plan and it works much better than the private sector worked. We have seen the European ways and sensed that perhaps due to many more centuries of experience in matters of working together for the common good rather than advancement of individual interests they have developed public health and education systems that actually work. P.S. Since the European Union no longer any need to check your pockets at the border. Peace. m.e.
Familiar Face: Carl Murphy diane 2009-09-13 07:43:58 The Murphy Brothers, twins, Carl and Daryl were a local small business company that provided work (and pay) for many construction workers over the past 50+ years. My father and uncle were among those who worked for the Murphy Brothers over the early years and were always treated fairly and always paid fairly. Without that work and pay there would have been 9 children who would have not been fed and clothed adequately during those years. Thank you!!!
Latta wants to slow down health care legislation brutus 2009-09-13 08:23:53 Gee BoB who would have "thunk" that your Republican friends in Congress sabotaged Medicare by putting in Medicare Part D which was an unfunded giveaway to the Pharmaceutical companies. We were not even talking about Medicare funding until then. Republicans sabotaged Gov programs and then stand back and say look Gov doesn't work. Just as you are doing now Bob.
BG basks in art, music and great weather amblueslover 2009-09-13 08:38:28 This is an outstanding festival for music and art The art is on Main street which makes it very easy to see for those people in wheel chiars and scooters There is also fantastic food at the festival and the many restaurants in Bowling Green There is something for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Portage gives up traffic light ex portage resident 2009-09-13 15:19:23 I haven't lived in portage for many years however from everything I have read in the paper it sounds like I left just in time. From reading all of the coverage, it is abundantly clear that the maturity of the public servants is lacking and that is partially to blame for their towns state of affairs. How is it that a town can reduce their police force hours in effort to save money yet the chief still has a full schedule? Then when the folks in charge finally reduce the head guys hours they then turn around the next meeting and re-enstate them?? What is going on?? Now a state auditor comes in and gives them financials and there are still questions. It sounds like the directions were given on what to do and how but these people are just too slow to do it. With regards to whomever the person was that called or did not call about the light, kudos to you! Sounds like you did the right thing in attempting to legalize the town and my hat goes off to you. There is nothing right about an illegal attempt to make money in any setting. How would you feel if Bowling Green was doing this. GROW UP AND TAKE IT LIKE ADULTS!!
Cricket alive and well in BG Richard Kenyon 2009-09-13 20:48:00 Thankyou for putting the artical in your newspaper. I would like to know how to get in contact with the organizers to find out how many games they have left to play this year. Secondly do they have practise sessions and when. I am from England and played the game at school and after formed my own team mostly from school boys that played in our local park. I then played with a mens team before coming here 14 years ago. I would like to play again if not this year then next year.
Portage gives up traffic light I LoVe Portage! 2009-09-13 22:05:28 My goodness. When the speed limit was twenty five mph you complained because you got tickets and it was to slow. Now that it will be raised to thirty five mph people will still get tickets and complain about it being to slow and a speed trap. No matter what the speed limit is people will always go over it, get a ticket and throw a fit about it. Any excuse to get out of a ticket i guess!! GOD BLESS ALL :)
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols Randy 2009-09-14 06:38:51 For a 24Hr coverage its about 259,200 a year. So that means villages with thier little budgets are only paying for a 1/4 of a day coverage or less.
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols Mark Foster 2009-09-14 07:24:55 it'll be nice to kiss this speed trap good bye!!
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols outa_stater 2009-09-14 14:36:57 If Portage is not a speed trap, then I'm a purple pig in a tutu. About a year ago, I was pulled over while driving my passenger car (with my out of state plates) and written up for a non-moving violation. I can't even remember what it was other than a local ordinance--all I know is that it shows up on my state's online driving record as "Miscellaneous Offense". My state doesn't even have a category under which to list the offense! The fine was $150, no points, not reported to insurance. Since I wasn't from the area, I had little choice but to mail the fine in. Thanks to the BG court's web site, I calculated what speed one could do and get an approximately equivalent fine: going 50mph in a 25 zone = $160. I'm not sure what local ordinance I violated was, but I am quite certain that it was not anywhere near as dangerous as doubling up the speed limit.
Latta wants to slow down health care legislation brutus 2009-09-14 14:46:22 And oh by the way Bob don't think your slur against Democrats went un-noticed. "Democrat Congressional leadership". It is either Democratic or Democrats. This slur was done back in the 50's to insult Democrats. You should apologize Bob.
Obama warns Wall Street not to block tighter regulations brutus 2009-09-14 17:58:29 I am surprised the Sent- Tribune did not have anything about the Klan rally in D C over the weekend. The only things missing were the white sheets, horses and burning crosses.
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols Cletus Van Damm 2009-09-14 17:58:59 Portage and it's police dept. are about as dirty as you can get, I drive through that crappy town twice a day. One night coming home from work I was pulled over and issued a citation because one head light WASNT AS BRIGHT AS THE OTHER???????? WHAT THE HELL??? For every cop that writes a ticket for something like that one should become unemployed because there obvisousley isn't enough real crime. Again, My headlight was not out, it just WASN'T AS BRIGHT AS THE OTHER!!!!
To the Editor: Who did judge, prosecutor protect? K.Carpenter 2009-09-14 19:42:39 I agree. It's that we don't know how bad it actually is until we experience it ourselves. Did you know Paul Dobson condones his prosecutors lying to judges? OK. Maybe that's too strong, but when this was brought to his attention his reply was that he "didn't see anything wrong with what she did." By the way, does anyone know what the definition of a "thorough investigation" is in Wood County? I've been asking, and no one seems to want to answer it. What is the penalty for lying in a sworn statement to a deputy? Even with pictures to prove this lie, nothing has been done. I am continuing to collect data, and intend to publish it all when elections come around again. The judges, lawyers and prosecutors are all in bed together (figuratively). If they don't treat every defendant and/or victim like they would their own child, shame on them. Why should "making the prosecutor mad" have anything to do with how a case is handled? What would that have to do with a 'justice system'?
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols oldham 2009-09-15 04:56:06 MR. VAN DAMM, GIVE ME APPROXIMATE DATE OF OFFENSE, I AGREE, THAT KIND OF STUFF STINKS.
To the Editor: Who did judge, prosecutor protect? Past Victim 2009-09-15 07:01:10 K. Carpenter, Thanks for putting a name out there. I'm so afraid of repercussions I keep it to myself. HELP! How can I get in touch with you about this mess?
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols Cletus Van Damm 2009-09-15 09:58:57 I voicing my incident to try and get something done, just an example of why so many people are not very supportive of Portage and its police. My incident was about 1.5yrs ago, so its' been awhile, but I just really could not believe that I was pulled over for that, things like that are what give your town a bad name.
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols cletus van damm 2009-09-15 10:00:14 It was meant to say I am not voicing my incident.....
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols oldham 2009-09-15 11:19:46 IMO,one tail light out or, one brake light out or, one headlight dim ( poor ground ), you should be given a warning to get it fixed, by any of the officers. be consistant. now if you were speeding too,forget the warning.
3 of 4 Ohio voters support phone ban while driving RDensic 2009-09-15 11:21:13 There already are state laws on driving while distracted or other actions that impede a drivers ability to safey and adequately control their vehicle. Why not enforce those? We've all seen people on cell phones nearly causing accidents but we've also seen people on cell phones driving just fine. Punish those who disregard public safety, not those who are responsible.
County park directors table pay scale AdanG2 2009-09-15 12:34:54 I will never vote for it again. Too many hands in the pot.
Clunkers spur August retail sales brutus 2009-09-15 16:04:07 You mean the Cash for Clunkers worked? Oh my righties what happened with all your naysaying? These righties hope our country fails.
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols Cletus Van Damm 2009-09-15 17:43:41 Amazing, how could anyone think that one head light being a bit dimmer than the other would justify being pulled over? Again, for every cop that has that much time on their hands one should loose his job.
Picture this - Photo Gang to shoot Black Swamp Arts Festival Johann 2009-09-15 18:34:43 Looking forward to seeing some of the photos!
To the Editor: Blue Bird Train back on the right track upset 2009-09-15 21:59:12 I've lived in GR all my life and have seen how Chad has governed the town all these years. Until someone takes a stand like this young lady did, Chad Hoffman and Mayor Judy Keifer will continue to kill our town. We the tax payers of Grand Rapids, do not support Chad Hoffman or Mayor Judy Keifer and it is a shame that this matter has gone on like this for all these years. We support the Blue Bird and bringing it back to Grand Rapids, in partnership with Waterville. I for one will voice my opinion anywhere that it will be heard and I will welcome any others that will have the courage to stand up for what is right against what is wrong. I am thankful to the editor to publish this editorial and I hope that somehow this all stops soon.
Portage moves toward dissolving police department General Custar 2009-09-15 23:13:54 Wow! Portage sure has fallen on hard times since most of the money from the mayors court no longer goes to the village. Wish I could say I felt bad about this but I just can't do it.
Portage moves toward dissolving police department concernedcitizen 2009-09-16 04:57:25 you need to pay attention when you come to the meeting (if you came) the revenue from the police department has need supported the village in over ten years again they are there to protect not make money
Portage moves toward dissolving police department Mark Foster 2009-09-16 04:57:37 OMG I feel soooo sorry for you guys! No light, no rent-a-cops, increased speed limits, you guys are getting everything you deserve!! I'm going to miss laughing at your officer in the summer who always wears his faggy little bike shorts LOL
Portage moves toward dissolving police department entertained 2009-09-16 06:41:54 Seriously Mark? How crude. It's fine if you don't respect Portage, but don't ever expect anyone to respect you. Juvenile.
To the Editor: Writer defends prosecutor, judge Past Victim 2009-09-16 07:00:01 That's because your family has lots of money!!!!!!!!!!
To the Editor: Did Latta watch the same speech the rest of us did? W.E. 2009-09-16 07:09:20 Thank you Elizabeth for calling out Mr. Latta! If we are to move forward on this reform we must focus on energies on the truth and not allow our representative to miscast the debate and foster confusion. Nicely done.
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols fed up 2009-09-16 08:31:46 It's amazing to me how many people believe that those "little" things like brake lights, or headlights. As many of you forget when you signed for your license you also agreed to abide by the law set forth by the State of Ohio. The State charges our law enforcement with ENFORCING the law. Many criminals have been caught during a stop over a "little" thing. Timothy McVeigh for example. And of you think that more police should lose their jobs then I wonder who you will call when someone is hurting a family member of yours or breaking into your house. Many forget that.
To the Editor: Blue Bird Train back on the right track ashamed native of Grand Rapids 2009-09-16 08:42:20 For those of you that don't believe that Chad Hoffman said those things to that young lady, you are not being truthful! A few years back I owned a business in GR for 12 long years and personally experienced Chad's remarks and mind games. You don't have to walk far to hear a story about how Chad Hoffman bullied or lied. And he gets away with it because the residents won't take a stand because of the aftermath. The residents of GR are ashamed for how people that are just coming into the community are being treated and especially for those that want to better the community by bring new businesses and life to this wonderful place we've called home for so long. Take a stand and stand beside those that have the courage to go up against wrong.
Key U.S. senator unveils health plan proposal brutus 2009-09-16 08:59:36 Baucus is a clown. Take your bill Max to a toilet paper company.
Portage moves toward dissolving police department noonespecial 2009-09-16 09:05:10 Mark, I'm guessing from your comment that you have a lot of misdirected rage or latent homosexual tendencies which prevent you from joining in the debate in a meaningful way. Listen to Entertained and think before you comment on policy and local administration which affects an already faltering local economy.
To the Editor: Did Latta watch the same speech the rest of us did? brutus 2009-09-16 09:17:30 Seeing how Bob has never worked a real job in his life, he probably doesn't know that companies change insurance for employee's just about every year. Whether it be a different insurance company, or a reduction in benefits, or a rise in co-pays and deductibles, or an increase in the amount an employee has to pay. We can't keep what we have now, thats the problem. Bob still acts like a frat boy playing pranks on the people. Grow up Bob!
To the Editor: Positives cited about Canadian health care brutus 2009-09-16 09:29:54 People here in the US think all these medical facilities are everywhere. People have to go out of state for liver cancer treatment, out of state for certain asthma treatments and more. Yeah if you have money you can go to these facilities otherwise you get what you get with what is available locally. Unless you are in the top 10% it is a no brainer on what needs to happen with our healthcare system.
To the Editor: We need to re-think how health care is delivered brutus 2009-09-16 09:42:21 Gee sounds simple and reasonable to me. People who are trying to protect the insurance companies need to think about this. What do insurance companies really do? All they are is companies collecting premiums and paying providers, nothing more. They provide no Healthcare. Their administrative costs are 30% compared to Medicare which is around 3%. Why wouldn't we want that extra 27% going towards Healthcare and not some fatcats pocket? And why would we not want to subsidise those who are smart enough and qualified enough who want to go to Medical school but can't afford it? Gee helping people who want to take care of people, what a radical idea!
Cheryl Weber uknown 2009-09-16 09:52:30 hii cheryl was my step-dads aunt.. ! i only met her once and she was a very nice women.. my prayers go out to my Terry and the whole weber familyy.! I will miss cheryl everyday! please keep the whole weber family in your prayers!
Portage moves toward dissolving police department A SAD STORY 2009-09-16 10:14:57 Mark Foster, you are an absolute pig. General Custar, grow up. I feel sorry that ODOT has put Portage through such choas. And I would have thought that the Auditors would be smart enough to see that BRUCE SHEPHARD IS TRYING TO BRING DOWN THE TOWN OF PORTAGE! HE SAID IT HIMSELF AND HE IS NOW FOLLOWING THROUGH, ONE STEP AT A TIME! HE IS IN CHARGE OF THE NUMBERS AND OH, SUPRISE, NOW THE POLICE IS LOSING MONEY?!
BGSU eyes 3.5 percent tuition hike Well well... 2009-09-16 10:25:53 Isn't that nice? Lets increase the tuition? Lets see.... Carol Cartwright has not taken a pay cut herself, employees have been let go, and yes, isn't it amazing how green the grass still is? Its a pain walking on campus with sprinklers running....
Ekoostik hookah continues to stay relevant Hookah_Schwa 2009-09-16 11:21:19 This group never fails at having a fantastic show. No matter what type of musical genre you listen to, you can always find a guitar, bass, keyboard, or drum lick that strikes your soul down deep. These guys surely know how to have a GREAT time and bring it to those around them. While you may see a lot of patchwork and grass roots style fans accompanying the band, good vibes and good times radiate everywhere. I have been seeing this band for over 10+ years now and after 100+ shows, they cease to amaze me. I encourage anyone who has a love for any type of music to go and see this amazing band! You won't be disappointed!
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols outa_stater 2009-09-16 11:21:33 In response to fed up: I agree with your basic principle--the state is charged with enforcing laws and to do so, we have peace officers. Those officers are charged with enforcing laws that are REAL and ACTUAL. While I'm not 100% on this one, I'm guessing the state of Ohio doesn't have a law prohibiting one headlight from being brighter than the other (unless you're speaking about high beams, but it doesn't sound like that was the issue). I agree that equipment violations should result in a traffic stop, but no citation in the vast majority of instances. As for my instance, I wasn't stopped for any sort of equipment violation. If I would have been, my online driving record would have listed "Equipment Violation" (I know because a friend got one). I'm assuming that for actual offenses, the record gets much more specific. I'll reiterate: my offense is listed as "Miscellaneous Offense". Finally, if I need to call for help due to criminal activity and I live in a small town, I'd be perfectly happy calling the local sheriff's department. It's been my experience that they respond quite rapidly in emergencies.
To the Editor: We need new approach to health care brutus 2009-09-16 11:28:16 This is mostly about who collects the premiums and pays the providers. Do we want 30% going to administrative costs or a little over 3%? Do we want pre-existing conditions to be a thing of the past or do we want insurance companies refusing to cover people? Do we care about our fellow women and men or do we care about making the CEO's rich by denying coverage? Do we want caps on coverage or do we want people to get the care they need? It is the biggest MORAL issue of our time.
Portage moves toward dissolving police department concernedcitizen 2009-09-16 11:33:51 THANK YOU, a sad story. i am glad someone else can see what is going on. i was at the meeting where bruce said he was going to take the village down! and now he is. along with his council friends,mrs sharp said her husband only get 2.10 an hour well thats if he worked 197 hrs a month. does anyone ever see him work? he is a good boss to joe but other that spending money that is all he does. as for foster you are a sad person.
To the Editor: Did Latta watch the same speech the rest of us did? oldham 2009-09-16 13:10:25 i am a republician, just right of center and i am VERY disappointed in bob latta.
BGSU eyes 3.5 percent tuition hike AdanG2 2009-09-16 14:00:36 Its funny how things don't really matter. BGSU has been going downhill for years. i'm ashamed to say I graduated from there.
Portage moves toward dissolving police department mark foster 2009-09-16 15:20:15 GO BRUCE SHEPHARD! IF YOU NEED ANYTHING JUST ASK!
Portage moves toward dissolving police department Portage resident 2009-09-16 15:44:10 Portage will survive, we will be here long after mark foster is gone.
Portage moves toward dissolving police department mark foster 2009-09-16 17:44:52 Yup, the town might be there but the crummy light and rent a cops won't be :)
Conciliator sides with Perrysburg firefighters on wage negotiations nburtscher 2009-09-16 20:44:45 Yes it was a victory for Local 3331. However, the citizens in the outskirts of the city should look at a 2002 study that showed how inadequate the fire department (not the firefighters) really is. The city paid for a study in 2002 that showed the city's fire department is inadequate and should have at least 3 stations with a 4th being built soon. Yet the city council REFUSES to place a second fire station in the budget. A second fire station has been needed since 1969, that’s right 1969 per the 1969 Fire Chief’s Report. In the 1990's the city acquired land for the station on Roachton Road. Yep you guessed it. That’s where the new street division is being built. Mr. Larry Dillin has even been so kind to donate land within the boundaries of Levis Commons for a fire station and still nothing. The citizens in the southern and western ends of Perrysburg are not receiving the service they should. A second fire station should have been built long ago and cannot wait any longer. Shame on City Council. They have placed parks and grass mowing in front of safety for the citizens of Perrysburg. Enough is enough! Ask to see a copy of the study yourself!
To the Editor: Who did judge, prosecutor protect? bgres 2009-09-17 01:28:50 I'm a "sad type" because I stated that people are victim's of crime everyday in this county?! What?! Don't read too far into the text Past Victim. I simply stated that if you are unhappy with the way things are done in this court system to go out and vote on election day and elect someone who YOU feel will do better for you and the county. Stop crying about how people aren't doing their job in this county and do something about it. Did you ever stop to think that maybe there is more than just one case going on at a time? Get a clue.
Portage moves toward dissolving police department oldham 2009-09-17 05:00:50 TRUST ME. WE'RE NOT DONE YET. IT'S NOT OVER 'TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS!!
Portage moves toward dissolving police department Sam 2009-09-17 07:29:48 I was raised in Portage in the 30s. Then we had a Mayor, Counncil, and Marshal. Everything worked fine. The only job the Marshal had was to collect all the kids who hap tipped over outhouses on Halloween and put them back in place. Three stroes and a barber shop burned down. The owner of the tavern hired someone to torch her place. The County Sheriff investigated and the arsonist spent time in jail.One Mayor held traffice court and the State Patrol brought viollators in. He made bug bucks until he was tossed out of office. The village has a town admistrator? What does he do and how much are the bureaucrats in the village being paid. We skinny dipped in the Portage quarry, went barefoot, except on Sundays when we went to church, and every body helped everybody else out. After WWII they purchased a fire truck and used volunteers to man it. The were norted for at least saving the lot. The mayor married copules who were students at BGSU. He also owned a grocery. Alas, what are these people doing to my Village.
Portage moves toward dissolving police department HopeMuse 2009-09-17 08:44:53 Apparently the state/auditor's office isn't really here to help the Village out of fiscal emergency - NOTHING anyone came up with was good enough. Whatever was suggested was met with "that won't help you recover." Just eliminating the police department and mayor's court wasn't good enough. The additional cuts proposed by the mayor weren't good enough. Only adding the idea to tax village residents more seemed to make any difference. It seems that the state is only interested in not having to redistribute $ to little insignificant towns and villages and keep whatever they can to bail out the state budget. Maybe eliminating small towns and villages is part of the state's financial recovery plan and raising taxes will cover the rest.
To the Editor: We need new approach to health care useyourhead 2009-09-17 12:02:59 brutus, you sound like a broken record. This is your 3rd post saying the same thing. hahaha I think you forgot to mention the 45 billion dollars a year Obama plans to cut from medicares fraud waste and abuse. Hey, at least the administrative costs are only 3%. hahaha
To the Editor: We need new approach to health care enough 2009-09-17 12:45:16 useyourhead,do you ever for something else instead on ramming it against something? I agree with the author that we do need to have a reasoned discussion involving everyone. We need to be honest and make decisions based upon facts and what we can afford to pay for. I agree with brutus it is a moral issue. I encounter people who work hard, and don't have health insurance for their families and yet "make" to much get any assistance. I encounter people who don't work and yet have health care provided. It might not be the greatest, but it is better than nothing and if they get really sick dont risk losing anything at all. It is unfair. Just as unfair as people not realizing it is an a true problem. My guess is people who don't see the problem aren't effected by it and actually have good coverage or like useyourhead, is so brain damaged from all the head banging they aren't in touch with reality anyway.
To the Editor: We need new approach to health care useyourhead 2009-09-17 13:16:01 My last statement was all facts. How many times have you said ENOUGH!!!! on people make derogative statements towards others and yet you call me brain damaged. I think you need to take a good look in front of a mirror. What do you say about people make statements on only the positive side of a health care plan and deny there are negatives? I guess that is alright though.
Petitions filed in BG brutus 2009-09-17 13:24:22 That's OK about 1/2 the signatures are invalid anyways. I doubt if there are 805 registered bigots in BG.
To the Editor: Did Latta watch the same speech the rest of us did? useyourhead 2009-09-17 13:31:13 "If you misrepresent what's in this plan, we will call you out." Obama was correct when he said his plan wouldn’t insure illegal immigrants; the House bill expressly forbids giving subsidies to those who are in the country illegally. Conservative critics complain that the bill lacks an enforcement mechanism, but that hardly makes the president a liar. The president said “no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions.” But the House bill would permit a “public option” to cover all abortions, and would also permit federal subsidies to be used to purchase private insurance that covers all abortions. The president repeated his promise that his plan won’t add “one dime” to the federal deficit. But legislation offered so far would add hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit over the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Obama said his plan won’t “require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have.” It’s true that there’s no requirement, but experts say the legislation could induce employers to switch coverage for millions of workers.
Portage moves toward dissolving police department concernedcitizen 2009-09-17 14:18:52 as with you sam i grew up in portage in the 60's where everyone knew everyone. you could sit at the post office and watch the cars go by there was an ice cream parlor. the roundtable resturant, ernesthousen gas station, carls barber shop, shinews hardware, god is love gift shop, and we all took care of each other. then you have people from bg move here because there were no taxes and they got APPOINTED to council, not elected. they have run our village into the ground. they do not care they are not from here and they do not know the meaning of people in a small town. when they sell their homes they will be gone but the lifetimers wil stay on but for what sorry to say. i love my town and i hate to see what is happening to it i hope we can save it.
Towns turn to sheriff's office for patrols hate_portage 2009-09-17 14:56:48 I live about two miles away from Portage. What a stupid, little, boring, and worthless town. I see your idiot cops almost every day, pulling people over. Why don't you try to attract some businesses to generate your town some tax revenue instead of stealing money from out of state drivers who don't know about your ridiculous speed trap. I hardly ever see any people trying to cross the street, you can't tell me that's why you have the cop and the light. It's all about stealing money from unsuspecting drivers. Good riddance. Oh, and you can tell the cops I got rid of my winter clunker, so they can quit pulling out and following me looking for a violation, even though there were none. Jerks.
To the Editor: We need new approach to health care brutus 2009-09-17 16:39:47 useyourhead, I see your back from the Klan rally in DC. And some things never change, no ideas, just whine and cry like a baby. Never any input just criticism.
To the Editor: We need new approach to health care useyourhead 2009-09-17 16:43:49 Insults and half truths. Same ole brutus. hahahaha