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Written by Sentinel-Tribune Staff   
Tuesday, 07 May 2013 10:20
King's Daughters & Sons
The April 15 meeting was held at First United Methodist Church with 22  members and one guest present.  Hostesses Joyce Stearns and Suzanne Avery served refreshments from a Spring-themed table.
Amber Wolfram, bereavement counselor with Bridge Hospice, spoke about hospice.  The history of hospice goes back to caring for the dying at monasteries and nunneries.  Modern history begins in London in 1948. Interest in having such a program in the U.S. began to build and with Dr. Kuebler-Ross book on Death & Dying, it grew.  Locally, a hospice program was developed in Findlay in 1983. In 1990, Wood County was added and renamed Bridge (bridging the counties) and additional counties have been added. Home health care was added in 1996. Wolfram emphasized the importance of volunteers. Bereavement  services are available to loved ones after the death of a client.
Suzanne Avery presented devotions and President Emmy Hann presided at the business meeting.
The party at Woodhaven in February was successful. As a result of the sudden cancellation of the March meeting due to weather, it was decided that in the event the public schools are closed due to weather, our meeting will be cancelled.
The spring conference was held April 27 in Bucyrus. Diane Wolter reported for the nominating committee.  Helen Lorenzen will be the new vice president/program chairperson with the other officers all continuing.
The fall convention will be held Oct. 12 in Bowling Green.
Quilt square cutting is to be May 23 at 9:30.
The next meeting will be a luncheon on May 20. Judy Wilbarger will be taking reservations.