Will donations flow with a new hockey coach?
Written by Hal Brown/Sentinel-Tribune   
Wednesday, 01 July 2009 15:06
For months I've heard countless Bowling Green State University hockey 'experts' say that the reason no big money has stepped up to support the program is because of the coach — Scott Paluch.
Tuesday morning Paluch took himself out of the picture, taking a new job with USA Hockey.
If those BGSU hockey 'experts' were right, the checks ought to start showing up in the next few weeks.
But it won't be that easy.
Even a casual BGSU hockey fan knows the program has been a step-child when it comes to adequate funding for at least the last dozen years.
Getting the program on solid ground is going to take millions of dollars. Athletics Director Greg Christopher has said it will take $10 million to $15 million to endow the hockey program.
Getting the Ice Arena on solid ground is going to take millions more dollars. At one point the figure was $8 million - $4 million from BGSU and $4 million from outside supporters.
If the needed money materializes, that still won't put fans back in the stands. It will be up to new coach Dennis Williams to start to straighten out problems with the win-loss column.
It's time for a new fund-raising "thermometer sign" on campus.
It's time to do more than complain, point fingers or find a new excuse.
Time is running short.
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