GOBA visit spurs memories
Written by By HAROLD BROWN/Sentinel City Editor   
Tuesday, 23 June 2009 21:19
The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure is a great event for those who are looking into putting a little (or a lot) of effort into a vacation.
I'm not participating this year, but since 1988 I have ridden two dozen week-long rides in three states - Ohio, Indiana and Iowa. I enjoyed those rides but in recent years have been trying to see National Parks, mostly out West. With more vacation time I would probably spend a week back on the bike.
The first GOBA in 1989 drew 1,200 participants. The ride started and ended in Yellow Springs in southwest Ohio. Even that first year GOBA was a hit with families. Several BG cyclists took part. A few of us had previously been to Iowa for the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, which in those days had about 10,000 riders.
The smaller Ohio ride was a lot less intense, but we kept going back to Iowa as well.
Riders in this year's GOBA are getting a look at the flatest terrain in the state and so far, haven't been battered by the headwinds that often 'grace' Northwest Ohio.
For a real workout, a repeat of GOBA III in South Central Ohio, would be the opposite ride. GOBA has also changed from seven different stops to five stops with two lay-over days.
Those who like hills can also try the Touring Ride In Rural Indiana, which is organized by the Bloomington Bicycle Club. Less than 500 participate and overnights at are Indiana State Parks, many of which have excellent lodges for those who want a break from the tent.
Many states have multi-day rides -- even North Dakota.
The best thing to happen to bicycling locally has been the Slippery Elm Trail. It's nice not to have to deal with traffic all of the time.
One tip for anyone who rides a bicycle -- wear a helmet. Medical science has come a long way but brain transplants aren't anywhere on the horizon.
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