Garage sale 'courtesies'
Written by Hal Brown/Sentinel-Tribune   
Friday, 05 June 2009 14:54
To some long-time readers of the Sentinel-Tribune, the "Brown's Bench" title of this blog might be familiar.
It was my column when I was sports editor from 1973 to 1980.
The range of topics will be wider but I suspect sports will creep in from time to time.
Expect city government, bicycling, gardening and about any other topic to be fodder for comments.

The garage sale season seemed to explode over the Memorial Day weekend.
There's no shortage of folks hoping to unload their extra stuff and make a few bucks. And no lack of people looking to stretch a buck and maybe pick up a bargain or two.
But too many garage sale devotees seem to lose all common sense when it comes to parking and other rules of the road.
Parking on both sides of the street, ignoring fire hydrants, blocking traffic, opening doors into traffic and parking in neighboring yards were among the problems I noticed that weekend.
That was just in my neighborhood.
I'm sure many think that because they only intend to stay a few minutes, ignoring the traffic rules is OK.
Take a little time. Park legally and respectfully.
You should and would expect the same from those attending a garage sale in your neighborhood.
I hope you find something you can't get along without!
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