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Brown's presence 'means a lot' to BG men's basketball team (03-02-12) PDF Print E-mail
Written by JACK CARLE Sentinel Sports Editor   
Friday, 02 March 2012 16:58
File photo. BGSU's Dee Brown shoots the ball earlier this season. (Photo: Enoch Wu/Sentinel-Tribune)
Even though he turned 22-years-old less than two months ago, Dee Brown is considered an 'old' basketball player.
The term 'old' is used as a positive for the Bowling Green senior, who recently became the 39th player to school history to score 1,000 points in his career.
Brown is wise in basketball years and plays an old-school game.
He's not flashy looking for high-flying dunks when a simple layup is worth the same amount of points.
He's not looking to make the highlight film pass when a bounce pass produces the same result.
You may not even notice him on the court because Brown doesn't dazzle you with his athleticism. But after the game, the stat sheet shows a double-figure scoring game with a couple of rebounds and assists thrown in as well.
"He's just a top-flight kid," Miami coach Charlie Coles said. "I call (him) 'tough' because I have coached against him for four years. When you coach those kids, you are in heaven. Give me those kids.
"He means a lot to their team."
Brown looks at being called old as a compliment.
"I take it as I'm just very fundamental, sound," Brown said. "I really don't play out of what I can do. I know my strengths, and I know my weaknesses. I just play how I know best.
"You're not going to knock down every shot ... I just try to play solid for my team and most importantly get the win."
Falcon head coach Louis Orr, himself an old-school basketball player, appreciates Brown's play and how much he has grown in his four years at BG.
"He's always been a good shooter. At times, he's a reluctant 3-point shooter, but he has become a very good catch-and-shoot guy," Orr said. "He's probably the best guy we have at the one-two dribble pull-up shot, the mid-range shot. He's good at coming off the screens and attacking the elbows.
"He has nice pace to his game," Orr continued. "He's a basketball player ... He just has a certain efficiency, a certain maturity to his game."
Brown's basketball knowledge comes from hard work in the gym after hours, watching games, and from Joe Dumars, a former standout with the Detroit Pistons and a member of the NBA Hall of Fame.
"I take pride in working on my game every day, and doing the right workouts," Brown said.
Dumars took Brown into his home during Brown's high school years at Detroit Country Day School and was his foster father.
"He taught me a lot of things," Brown said about Dumars. "There are just so many things he taught me off the basketball court. It's amazing how much stuff that he knows."
Teammate Scott Thomas, also a senior, knew very little about Brown before coming to BG. He has been inspired with Brown's hard work.
"He's been a great teammate. He's always in the gym. When you see somebody like that in the gym all the time, it makes you want to work even harder because you don't want your teammate to get ahead of you," Thomas said. "He's always been able to score the ball, now he can do more. He has made improvements in his overall game - defensively, passing the ball, he's taking charges.
"At first, he didn't want to take any charges. Now, he'll do what whatever it takes to win."
Brown said he comes in to shoot and work on his ball-handling skills after practice for about an hour, five times a week.
During the off-season, Brown is working out at least twice a day, taking the weekends off. He's also looking to play in pick-up games either with teammates or with friends.
"He's a worker and he has a vision of himself doing good things and he works at it ... He's a student of the game," Orr said.
Brown has expanded his role as a team leader this season, which was difficult for the soft-spoken senior.
"I really don't talk much, but this year, I really came out of my shell a little bit and became more vocal," Brown said. "It was tough at the start, but I am kind of used to it now."
Brown is set to graduate in May with a degree in sport management and a minor in entrepreneurship.
He would like to play professional basketball after college.

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