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Written by By DAVID DUPONT Arts & Entertainment Editor   
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 12:36
Ralph Kinsey at 2009 Black Swamp Arts Festival (Photo by David Dupont/Sentinel-Tribune)
Kelly Wicks, proprietor of Grounds for Thought in Bowling Green, used to set signs out around the coffeeshop when he was hosting concerts.
The signs asked customers to be quiet because the session was being was recorded.
Actually that wasn't the case, it was just the most effective way of getting people to keep the volume of their conversations down.
On March 18 though those signs will be for real.
The Kinsey Report, an Gary, Indiana-based blues band that has played well received shows both at the shop and at the Black Swamp Arts Festival, will be back at Grounds for a concert. That show will be recorded, and then released as a limited edition vinyl record.
The free show will run from 8 to 11 p.m. at the shop, 174 S. Main St., Bowling Green.
The recording session is a natural outgrowth of the shows Wicks has been hosting at the shop, which he owns with his wife Laura, for the past five years. It also reflects his own interest in vinyl recordings - he sells used LPs at the shop.
Wicks had been pondering the project for awhile. He has many of the players he needed in place - Cole Christensen a local writer who works with him on the Black Swamp Festival's performing arts committee is set to do the notes; Dan Stutzman who has created all the posters for events at Grounds will do the album design; and Alex Hann, the sound engineer for the coffeeshop shows, is set to do the engineering. The 500 records will be pressed at a plant in Nashville, Tenn.
The Kinseys are the right group. They've drawn good crowds locally, Wicks said, and they're easy to work with - "they're just good guys from Indiana." Professionals who first started working with their father Lester "Big Daddy" Kinsey in the 1970s, they hit the stage and "they're ready to go."
When approached about the project, the Kinseys asked straight up about how many records Wicks had produced. "Exactly zero," was Wicks' answer.
But they were game.
Jay Reil, the band's booking agent, said Wicks seems always to have different ideas about how to promote his shop and the festival. The product will be something different on the market.
"There's not a lot out there," he said, though some purists still favor that format over digital forms.
The arrangement with the band is simple, Wicks said. The band will get half the records for sale at their shows and the shop will get half.
People will be able to order a copy, which will sell for $20, the night of the show. The band will return to Bowling Green for a record release party at the Black Swamp Festival on Sept. 11. The LPs will be on sale then as well. The LP will be supplemented with the music in digital form, either a download or a CD, but that will only be available by purchasing the vinyl.
Kenneth Kinsey, who pays bass in the band, said the brothers, Donald plays guitar and Ralph plays drums, were game because "Number 1 Kelly's a good guy, a fan of the music."
The band members also loved their experiences in Bowling Green.
"We loved the festival. It's good thing going in Bowling Green," he said.
The festival had a good variety of music, he said, and "it was well put together from a musician's standpoint."
The back stage atmosphere was relaxed, with no drama. "When you have a production like that it's easy for the band to put on their best performance."
The LP gives the Kinseys a chance to record some cover tunes that they include in their shows but haven't recorded as well as updated versions of some favorites from older recordings.
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