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Written by By KAREN NADLER COTA Sentinel Lifestyles Editor   
Thursday, 21 August 2008

Cindy Patterson with her burritos. (Photo: J.D. Pooley/Sentinel-Tribune)
Cindy Patterson of rural Perrysburg is a "fair-ly" successful cook.
At this year's Wood County Fair, in fact, she won best of show in the Beef Day competition at Home and Garden World with her dried beef spread, in the cold appetizer category. Beef Day features both hot and cold entries in the categories of appetizers, entrees, sandwiches and soup, with the main ingredient in each recipe being beef.
Two years ago Patterson's peach pie took best of show at the Pemberville Fair, and this year both her peach and sugar-free apple pies placed in the Pemberville baking competition.
Because she herself is diabetic, she likes to serve sugar-free desserts and for her pie fillings she uses tapioca "to hold it together, instead of corn starch."
"I've been exhibiting for about four or five years at the Pemberville Fair, and at the Wood County Fair quite a few years," even dating back to her youth as a 4-H exhibitor with the Dowling Stitch and Stir Club.
"Now I'm an adviser for the Gold Medal 4-H Club and my 14-year-old twins are members."
Patterson enjoys teaching her favorite cooking and baking techniques to the twins, whom she and her husband adopted in 2003.
The recipe she is sharing with Cook's Corner readers today also features beef: her long-popular beef burritos.
"I just made up the recipe years ago, when I was 18 or 19 years old," Patterson recalls. "I'd bring it to family reunions and they'd just dig in. I'd put it in a big lasagna pan or roaster and it would all be gone."

That makes a person feel good, especially when "they're not that hard to make."
Her preference is to use canned beef when making the burritos "because it's easy, and it's good and moist." The brand doesn't seem to matter.
For some of the other ingredients in the burritos, however, she does have brand preferences.
"I like Pace salsa, or my own homemade salsa! And for the shredded cheese, I like to use the 'fancy' (variety) rather than the wider strips."
This was the first year that her family lived at the county fair all during fair week and Patterson made sure to serve her beef burritos for dinner one night.
The dried beef spread that won her best-of-show honors is also something that she just dreamed up on her own. While it works well with crackers, Patterson likes to put it on cocktail rye or, as she did for the fair judging, on miniature bagels. "The judges just loved it that way."
Patterson was born and raised on the Reitz Road farm where she still resides. "I live in the home place; it was my great-grandparents' house."
Family ties are important to her, as is showing love through her cooking.
"My daddy used to tell me I could take anything - it didn't matter what - and make it into something."

Beef burritos

Body: 1 28-oz. can of beef or 2 lbs. shredded beef
3 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
2 1/2 cups salsa, mild or to taste
1 pkg. flour tortilla shells
8 slices of Velveeta cheese
2-3 Tablespoons taco seasoning

Mix meat, 1 1/2 cups of salsa and taco seasoning together in bowl.
Place tortilla shell on plate and then layer slice of Velveeta cheese, meat mixture and top with tablespoon or so of the shredded cheese. Then fold sides to middle and roll open end over and put folded side down in baking pan. Top with leftover meat, rest of shredded cheese and salsa.
Bake at 350 degrees F. for approximately 30-45 minutes.

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